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  1. Beating the Wild was Par-Easy!
  2. Agent doing his job, looking after his client and only his client. I have a really hard time believing Schneider feels as strongly about it as his agent does.
  3. Nothing gets by you.
  4. FIVE, yes five solid posts last night. Not just sharp angle shots that hit the outside of the post and had no real chance of going in, they were 5 incredibly close shots. Not that it's an excuse for the horrendous couple turnovers that directly lead to Shark goals. But they had a chance to win a game in spite of that fact, which would have been better. Though the Canucks did the impossible. Patrick Marleau was held to a single goal. Crazy to think it was ever going to happen, I know. And it was a fluke at that.
  5. There have 4 extremely skilled and exciting young players who are all future studs. The problem is that the biggest of the bunch is Taylor Hall at 6'0 190, and he can't stay healthy. Their entire top 6 averages 5'11.5 and 183. Who's the deterant to stop people from running these kids night in and night out? Ben Eager? Darcy Hordichuk? Guys who can't kept themselves healthy?
  6. The Oilers are still a small and soft team that is going to have to deal with being pushed around on a nightly basis.
  7. Prove yourself NOT wrong.
  8. Not just rarely, but RARELY. I don't think it's that rare. That's just the well publicized ones that I remembered off the top of my head. How many players have been traded with NTC's without a hitch? Serious question.
  9. Dany Heatley? Mats Sundin? Lubomir Vishnovsky?
  10. Then Yakupov steals Fleury's sliding goal celly.
  11. Definitely. And then when everyone is healthy, at which point I don't see Schroeder sticking around necessarily, we could see a line-up like this: Sedin - Sedin - Kassian Booth - Kesler - Burrows Raymond - Higgins - Hansen Lapierre - Malhotra - Weise
  12. Interesting. Weise hasn't really earned 2nd line duties over anyone, but might as well give him a game or 2 to see what he can do in that role. If J-Schro sticks, and Kassian fits with the Sedins, I would like to see something like: Sedin - Sedin - Kassian Burrows - Schroeder - Higgins Hansen -Lapierre - Raymond/Weise Volpatti - Malhotra - Raymond/Weise
  13. Probably. It's the law of averages.
  14. 0.000000001% I guess it's technically possible for Luongo to go on like a 30 game shutout streak or something. Seriously though, the only way I see it happening is if several things happen: 1. Luongo doesn't get traded this year, greatly outplays Schneider, and leads the Canucks to a Stanley Cup victory 2. The Canucks, despite Schneider losing his starting job and sitting on the bench most of the season, get a very significant offer that would help the Canucks reload for another cup run 3. Luongo agrees to an amnesty buy-out then re-signing with the Canucks for an even better contract (3-4 years/$3-$4 million) while grooming Eddie Lack. I don't know how much romance there was to begin with.