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  1. Hello The_Don. In Russia gifts give for New year and on 7th of January.

    In Russia Christmas celebrate on 7th of January.

  2. I had to pay $11.37

    1. Anie8706


      yeah I had to pay like 20 bucks last year, was funny.

    2. bigchief


      All year? Good deal!

  3. Good to hear Langkow coming back.

  4. Louis, it's sad to say, but there isn't a better option right now. Who would you rather have in office? He's the lesser of evils

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Baalzamon


      Don's right. I mean, Ignatief? come on. Layton? almost worse. Duceppe??

    3. Anie8706


      Holy watermeloning crap 44 comments!!!!

    4. Louis23


      Dude, I'm not saying anything about my country. I love Canada, and I know what's happening out there in China, don't worry. I'm just saying, Harper or no Harper, Canada's always been like that. No PM will ever change the country totally so that policeman come to your home to kidnapp you. I meant to say, as a global life, there are things who can still improve. I'm not comparing anything to China. Harper didn't build how Canada is today.. that wasn't my point

  5. I don't think it's right to speculate that his career is over at this point. It could very easily not be ture and it's not very respectful to speculate this his career is over at this point.

    1. Bane


      For once I agree with Don. I have to go wash myself in bleach now...

  6. nevermind, it's back to normal, just a glitch. I looked good though!

    1. FlmsFnWindsor


      What chu talkin' bout Willis?

  7. Is the sites background just white for everyone else?

  8. LOL at your reputation - poor Don. I know you got the Hockey knowledge. Keep it real

  9. Your 'negative' reputation is more likely based from being a Canucks fan than actual bad posts or the like...

  10. Yeah, I would have to agree with you on that. I have noticed on many occasions that any Flames fan could make some of your type of comments and nobody would neg-vote it.

    I guess you have to factor in that many of the people posting these days are bummed out the team sucks now. It makes sense to lash out at the guy with the current top team in the league. That is why I hate you also. :P

  11. It's sad when you look at some of the posts that got me minuses. Most of the time it's "OMG Canuckz fan must minuzz!!!"

  12. -35!! lol

    Don, you've become quite the heel. I find your posts amusing at least, keep up the dirty work.

  13. Portia, you seem to forget what happened when Daniel was out for 18 games last year. Henrik went on a tear. Statement = False.

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