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  1. Guess he is going to pad his numbers next year then look to get 8 for a longer term
  2. Guess he wants to reunite with Krueger
  3. Hearing tsn saying Boston offering Hall big money short contract
  4. Hearing Hoffman could be going to the Oilers
  5. Good night all let's hope we have more good picks in the up coming rounds
  6. Lot of Calgary born boys going in the draft
  7. Do we trade for the third time and get more picks😃
  8. Well see you all next season it's been a blast the high's the low's and out of the playoffs again everyone stay safe
  9. Next year boy's it was a blast can't get one never mind 4
  10. It broke his jaw he's gone for the rest of the playoff and the Philly player has a meeting with the nhl
  11. From the best period in the playoffs to the worst period
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