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  1. yup! But you also have to discuss the difference in both. Dube had time to develop in junior and then the AHL. He then got to play with players consistently for the most part, I mean not jumping around from line to line. Bennett is more of a center than a winger and it showed. He only had a bit of success on the wing with Backlund in his first year with the Flames. People always say he had opportunities, but never was he left to marinate with a line of quality players long enough to make something worthy of it. in contrast, both Dube and Mangiapane has done more with their development with the Flames because they’ve kept them consistent in their developing years. Mang and Dube got to play with guys like Ryan for longer periods and very rarely jumped around. I think Bennett would still be here if he and Dube were kept together this year, and I think they would have had some success. Now who would play with them? Maybe Mange would have been good? for me, I think it would have been best to just keep Bennett reeled into one role and let him thrive in it and expand in it.
  2. What a horrible deal. I get that he was trending up, but to handcuff yourself that badly is terrible.
  3. maybe it is time for the injured guys to sit finally. We might have some emergency recalls up our sleeves?
  4. i just looked and best case is 1 point out. Hey! If they play it out that way they can always tell the fans we were that close to a playoff spot.
  5. I get that, but they weren't willing to try it before either. It's like what a lot of others have said, they weren't willing to put him in that position in the first place, and it's what we ended up with due to not doing it. I get that Backs was "the better center." Monahan as well. I have always said that Bennett was a casualty of timing. He never got the chances Monahan got to start his career to grow with someone and I was one of the only ones on here arguing that he'd have had a similar trajectory had he had the opportunity. It's all mute points because it's a what if scenario, or could have been... It's why I suggested he needed to be dealt either last season or the year before, because he'd never get that opportunity in Calgary. I've always thought he was a better C and have said many times, he will get dealt and have success elsewhere. Maybe you're right, he doesn't maintain it next year and it's all for nothing. I will say, probably a quarter to a half of the goals scored by his line have looked somewhat lucky in Florida. The one thing I will say though is, they need to be in those positions to get lucky, and not a lot of our guys were going to those positions to get those bounces the last few years.
  6. What is his injury and can he heal and be 100% of what he was or what his potential was going to be prior to the injury? If not then you might have a better version of Patrick? I don't know what his injuries are... I assume the team taking him on would be willing to allow him to heal up. And much like Travel has said, the team would be empty if we traded for him, thus end up having high picks in the next few years afterwards. Is that enough? Would we be giving up Zary and Pellitier in the deal? Load up on some D this draft. Get the high enders next two and then be good in 2-3 years. I don't think Eichel wants that. Someone that high end must want to compete right away.
  7. the problem is, there is always going to be that hole until BT is able to fix it. And maybe that Benny line would have flourished and we wouldn’t know because for whatever reason not one Flames coach was willing to try it. They’ve tried him on wing but not as a C with guys who can skate.
  8. I have a different definition of playing well I guess. I don’t think they played well with Ward as the coach most of the time last year. They got results, a few more wins than losses, and aside from the first seven he won they weren’t really that special last year. They also got lucky that the Jets ended up with a lot of injuries. Also, I don’t think Tkachuk would have changed the results. Maybe, but I’ve never really seen him as a game breaker that some have. He’s like most on the team, if others aren’t going, he’s easy to shut down too. if he is such a difference maker, why didn’t he do anything against the Avs and get this team going then? I guess he did have 3 points in the 5 games against the Avs when no one looked good. But from my viewpoint, he doesn’t carry the team like some suggest. To me, the Flames looked like they were playing tentative safe hockey with Ward. They didn’t dictate games, but they got wins. I want my teams to play the part and not just look the part on the stats sheet after the games are all done. coaching had a bit to do with Dallas, but in all actuality, and maybe you’re not just referring to the goalie pull in the last game, the Flames were lucky to be in the situation where they could have won a game more. coaching had some, but as we know now, coaching isn’t why this team has sucked, and it’s the players. Even Tkachuk.
  9. I don't know if it is that way. Do they actually fold when the going gets tough, or can they actually keep up? God knows they can't get the puck out for the life of them when the pressure gets on. Is that them not willing to play or is that them not able to play? For me, the team was already not playing well at the All-Star Break that year, and maybe even before then. I would say the whole season, because I hated the way they played most games. I couldn't stand how they would sit back or come out flat almost every night. I like a good comeback story, but in the end, it's not a recipe for success. It's good to be a good 3rd period team, but if you're using it to make comebacks it gets tough. You can't play that way in the playoffs. What I don't get is, why is it a problem that Hamilton would go to an art gallery instead of party with the boys? To me, it looks like the problem is with the other guys in the room when that's the case. Was it actually Hamilton? or was it the Room? Right now, it's beginning to look like the room. I'd like to think there are quiet guys in every room. But I do agree, that the build of the team and the targets are all off. I like art, I have been good in the dressing room, but then there was one room that talked a lot about doing Coke and partying with their buddies. I didn't fit in with that room at all. They were all Doosh Dads with party lives.
  10. After responding to something TD has said in the NHL thread about the NYR management, thinking deeper the team is really starting to feel like the Arizona Coyotes. They've had some good players in the past, much like the Flames, Doan, and others along the years, but failed to build around them. We now have Maloney and BT leading the way here and it is looking eerily similar. Do they have enough vision to push this team forward and improve? Can they add to what they're building now, or are we in a holding pattern? I think the team is in a holding pattern and there isn't a player that can push them up towards the top. Are they willing to make some tough decisions, or willing to find replacements? I just don't think that 1-for-1 can improve this team enough. Farm members aren't going to do it either!
  11. I am beginning to feel like the Arizona Coyotes. There is talent on the team, but never able to really get a true vision putting it all together. The Coyotes have been in perpetual mediocrity, and it happened on Maloney's watch, it has continued after... and now we are seeing it happen here.
  12. I find it funny that they just can't see the long term investment on a proper rebuild. If you do a proper rebuild, you end up in the playoffs every year. Maybe you don't get into the later rounds every year, but you end up going 2nd or 3rd round once in awhile, they get that money when they good deeper. The odds of it happening gets higher with better players. Now, if you think we are going to be a Buffalo or Edmonton, I think we are almost already them, minus the higher picks. Although, Bennett was a top4 pick. But in saying that, then I think it means you don't believe in the Flames scouting or development if you fear that you can't build around high picks, or develop them. We HAVE hit on a few players in rounds past the 1st, but have we hit on enough, and have we lacked 1st round talent to put in the bigger positions? Mang is a good player, and he has great numbers, but is he a game breaker? Gaudreau has plateau'd, is he a game breaker anymore? Or is it just simply not building around him properly? Tkachuk, is he injured or has silencing him silenced his whole game? Dube, îs he going to get to 2nd liner material, or is he just going to be a perennial 3rd liner? If so, is his size a detriment, like our other gamers? There has been something off with this team, and it has been since 2019, and quite possibly when Tkachuk got his contract...
  13. I wish that the ownership could get a feel for their fanbase. I'd say the majority of fans would like some form of big change on the roster. Management built the team and the players don't play up to snuff. It's a catch-22 as responsibility seems to lie on both. I don't actually know if the team was ever really that good. We've always seen that when the games get tough (when other teams actually play or try), that the Flames just can't keep up or take the pressure. Now that tells me it's the team that has been assembled more than the presonnel. If you can't defend or counterattack when a team pressures, the team isn't a good team.
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