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  1. One of the reasons the 4th line might be effective is that they’re up against other team’s 4th lines. Slot them lower and they end up having a tougher time? Maybe?
  2. I feel like a lot of their guys needed a beating tonight
  3. I think we’re pretty lucky to be up 3-1. They’ve played it tight and have been outhitting us too. Period 2 & 3 has been there’s, in play, but not in score. I guess that’s what is more important. Thryve played the Flames tough all year.
  4. They look like they’ll be playing Montreal or Columbus. Price or Brabovsky can steal a series if they’re “on.” That’s a tall order considering both haven’t been fully on their game this year. Can Columbus be the scarier foe? They could have a deeper lineup. If they can play Washington in the conference finals that’d help. Would they play their own division in the 2nd round?
  5. The 4th is playing good. if they switched Ryan and Jankowski, could the 4th still play the level they have been? I feel Neal could use the extra skill and effort Ryan brings over what Jankowski is able to.
  6. I guess everyone hid the chance of going cold. And we won’t know what these guys will do in the playoffs as it’s their first go at it in their actual prime. Look at the Sharks. They have players who’ve performed in the playoffs but it shows how tough it is to win it all. They’ve been consistently considered contenders for awhile; off and on for years.
  7. Does he actually have full autonomy though? By the sounds of the Zucker no deal, it could be one that was ousted by our execs.
  8. Do we consider any of our players as game breakers? Someone who can bust a game wide open? Gaudreau? Monahan? I think as the season winds down it’s really looking like we gotta do it by committee.
  9. I love what he said in his first Fan interview, somewhere along the lines of, “hockey is hockey anywhere you play.” My guess is, get the puck, pass it up ice to the nearest outlet and go.
  10. Mid we remain a contender, high profile players may want to sign in Calgary though. Very rare but like Panarin in Chicago? Probably not though. It is the hope that players want a chance at a Cup.
  11. Its possible smith had the other attributes before. I am no pro goalie scout so I rely on eye test and how comfortable I feel just by their play. Smith seemed to have game in the first 30 games last year. Just a number I threw out, but after the injury he doesn’t seem to have it. I think something is hindering him that’s made him lose his confidence. I don’t know if it is just me but I think I can actually see him think out there. Rittich isnt always on, but he has been on more throughout games. His play feels better and it makes me comfortable when he’s in.
  12. The thing is, Rinne was told by his draft year coach that he was a sleeper, but was stuck behind another goalie who also ended up a starter in the NHL. Some teams have better luck than others. Tampa drafted Vasilevsky after having Bishop which might have been on his third team. i think it’s a silly argument because it could be that some teams draft goalies better. Rinne and Saros? Plus if a team already has a starter they’d walk away from someone who could possibly be one. Goalies are hard to develop. They need games.
  13. Score a few for me tonight Hearty!
  14. I love that Vancouver is ahead of Edmonton, they were expected to be front runner for younger brother Hughes.
  15. No, that specific trio. Not just anyone we use on the 4th.