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  1. I think that’s what you get when you don’t play a guy in the position you want to develop him in.
  2. I would say even 20 games isn’t enough. I like the idea of putting him in the position to succeed. Would it be good to put someone there next year to do the same thing? Experiment with someone like Dube or Bennett with Tkachuk and Lindholm. I think Bennett has it in him to skate around one player. It’s when he tries to go through everyone. But if he has guys to pass to, he was willing to use his line mates this year as a C. I just don’t think they were the greatest with the puck. but maybe Dube can be that guy, though he maybe more of an NHL winger than a center.
  3. I also think that’s reps. Your game can’t get to second-nature if you don’t get the reps in. Lindholm proves it with this team, that they can tend to be quick to give up on scenarios by saying if you’re going to play him at C then play him long enough to get comfortable there. I still don’t think they stuck it out long enough, but it’s like some say, you can’t wait around for it to develop. But I really think you gotta live and die with the wrinkles in a players game if you want to develop them at a position. For me it’s knowing you’ll get back out there if you make a mistake. If a player sits it becomes a thinking game and you can’t think in hockey.
  4. I see what you mean. Me as a player suck on my own, but I can help guys with skill due to hard work and hockey sense. But without a guy who can play I got nothing lol. A guy once said, I never think you’d be in a position you should be, but you turn and look and I’d be there. I guess I like workers because in the end it seems guys who put the work in can get rewarded. It’s a fine line between enough skill and not enough and fit sometimes.
  5. the thing is though, Eric Staal was boardering on elite when he was young, but injuries maybe changed that. Or are you thinking Jordán Stall? one thing the team lacks are guys who have drive when things get tough. We have Mangiapane, (hopefully) Dube, Bennett and Lucic. Ryan maybe that to a certain extent. Tkachuk is young. I feel the Canuck playoff series might be an aberration and stacked some stats for some. The Canucks were a bad team then, but maybe they had some decent stats verse the Ducks.
  6. it is why I think it took them by surprise or possible the way the team ended the season the belief just wasn’t there, I think it one or the other, but the team didn’t play the second half the same way as the first. We know when Johnny’s line isn’t going the team can tend to struggle in the long run. i believe they did get outworked but also they weren’t working before the playoffs began already anyway. The Ryan line kept them afloat and they were winning games I felt they shouldn’t have down the stretch. On record they were the 2nd best team in the league but by the eye test, my eyes saw they were dysfunctional since the ASB even if the record was good. You could say it was complacency since they were so far ahead then sure, I will accept that argument too. But that’s been a trend with the team too. They’d go on a streak and get complacent. You can also say it is believing the hype... They’re better as an underdog or against teams that are deemed as “good.”
  7. For me the LW/RW debate has some merit but the fact that RW is so scarce in the NHL I don’t think you’re gonna have it any other way but have some LHS play the RW. Personally I’d prefer it if it was a player with high hockey IQ as I think they’d transition better. some say all Gaudreau needs is another puck carrier, I kind of think that Lindholm is no slouch at doing that so.... for me, if we are confident signing Hall, Hall would be entering the closest to a competitive roster on paper he’s ever played on. Getting rid of some players who coast when it gets hard could be a good thing. Not saying it is necessarily Johnny... my bet is if the Flames want to trade Johnny for low Cap players they have to Go with a buffalo. Any team that wants him will have to trade cap for cap. Are those teams Jersey, Buffalo? id keep looking at the Rangers or the Islanders. The rangers seem to have prospect depth to pull it off if futures work. I Didn’t look at their cap. I can see Gaudreau switching wings to play with Panarin. Or the other way around. They’d want a player to push them over the edge for the cup. Maybe Carolina could be that team?
  8. They should play beer league inter squad playoffs against each other. Have a prize for the winning team, even just a trophy or have the losing team take out the winner for a dinner. it’s probably harder for pros to get up for something like that, but if we had Michael Jordan‘S mentality it would work. Play a full 5-7 game series. Put the 1st and 4th line on one team and the 2nd and 3rd on the other. Play the extras for the third lines. Have ten minute periods. It might get them moving for game situations. we aren’t pros but playing for pride is a great motivator.
  9. that could be part of the plan though. Trade for Hall for a playoff run, sign him and then trade him.
  10. I wonder how much injuring McDavid last year should’ve played into the decision... also that makes me wonder, Gio hasn’t been the same player since injuring him.
  11. to be fair I think it was because the whole Avs team were skating at full speed and the Flames weren’t. And I think it’s possible the skating hindered offence too. If you’re on the heals so much the transition game becomes nil. The Flames finally looked almost normal in Game 5 yet was the one they lost by the widest margin. That series shows that the Flames really need to play a full team game.
  12. but for me it is why I think he should’ve been in the AHL at the very least all of last season but this year too. I feel the same about Dube. He’s good enough for the NHL but I’d Have tried to develop him more by playing TOP6 more. I feel like younger players with that kind of talent should be in situations to get more touches with the puck to develop, plus be allowed to develop a two-way game but try to keep the offensive side. I fear the flames tend to coach that Out of their repertoire.
  13. but I think this is what annoys me about some of the development choices the Flames make. Over the last two seasons Kylington has been mostly up with the team but not getting much needed games in, in situations that would help develop his all-round game, to play a lot of minutes. There have been a few players like that.
  14. I think Virtanen could be the reason Boesser is available. He’s a cheaper player and he’s somewhat redeemed himself. I think he was a buy low candidate last year or the year before. Although he has a lot to prove, if he can be consistent, he seems to have figured it out. I think he was a player that thought it was going to be handed to him but took a few years to realize he needed to change and do more and assert himself to get better in other parts of the game and be in shape. as much as it could be a good fit, I think the ship has sailed. I think even Eriksson had a bit of a turnaround this year. if theFlames could pull it off I think it could be a good try. But I also think they’d ask for more than a Kylington or Jankowski.
  15. where were the leafs when we had a few we wanted to rid a few years back?
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