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  1. That could be the biggest problem. We made the playoffs, and next year after we have hype and miss. Then make then miss, then make, then...? But every time this team has gained any hype it’s too big to handle. I’d say it’s the wrong kind of swagger. You want swagger, but when we get it, we turn to pond hockey. Next year could very well be a down year.
  2. It feels like we are starting to move away from what happened in the playoffs and now wanting to blame our preferred scapegoat. We all have different players we aren’t happy with.
  3. The thing about us is we see things through a biased lens. We have our minds made up about certain players. I have always felt that Monahan wasn’t this great #1C and needs a Gaudreau or Hudler to perform or he doesn’t do much else. Travel isnt the biggest Bennett fan so he doesn’t see the intangibles he brings that others don’t. But I think you can’t win if you don’t have enough players that do the things Bennett does. We have two F players and a D or two who do that. Others do, but they’re small so they just bounce off of the other team.
  4. I think the Flames team in 04 was better than any Flames team since then, only because they came to play. They ended up trading in some of them, not signing but replacing them for more skilled guys and the compete level dropped. The will to win is seemingly beating out the skill!
  5. Actually, the Flames did that with Reinhart when they traded him to the Nucks, to help steal a win or two away from Edm, allowing the Flames to win the league. Although the Canucks almost knocked em out, it was a move to help the Flames win the div.
  6. A goal here or there could’ve made the difference and the Flames are paying him to score. Whether it’s him or the coach... momentum works in mysterious ways. There was a lot wrong with the team. It was on EVERYONE. Not enough players were “going” so I guess Peters couldn’t get an accurate read on who to play. His strength was reading the bench and getting the most out of what’s working.
  7. I thought the same. Competition over who gets which girl?
  8. That's exactly what I think! TO already calls when a goal has been missed. They should call too when a goal shouldn't be allowed.
  9. How big is he?
  10. Our team sure does a lot of buyouts. I get teams do it but we are perpetually having buyout money against the cap. How many any of us would give Stone his contract? Maybe one of us?
  11. I think it’s the consensus with anything other than Monahan and Gaudreau. It was tried, didn’t work so they moved on. It’s why I hate huge training camp rosters. I’d rather get more reps in to figure out line combos. Once the season starts wins are too valuable to try anything else. For me the very fact that the first line was so dominant was a problem because no other lines worked. I get the idea of keeping them together but it was at the expense of the depth. On paper we had great depth, but non of it fired on all cylinders at once. The third like worked a bit with Czarnik on it. The 3M line was off and on. The 4th line was stellar down the stretch. For me, not enough was tried. Once the first line got figured out, the team was toast.
  12. Phaneuf was a great prospect but he felt he didn’t need to develop anymore, so he plateaued very early. I seem to remember him thinking he didn’t need to work on his game and that the Flames should be happy with what he was. early talent and no drive.
  13. There was also our, “was it in?” In ‘04 where we could’ve scored if replays were an option then. And in those scenarios that you hist mentioned, the hand pass can’t be reviewed because there was no call on the ice. Sometimes i I also wonder in goal line scrums, sometimes the D put their hand on the puck and no calls, but that’s too far...
  14. It is getting kind of ridiculous the goals allowed or disallowed. I don’t think there should be a challenge at all. A team shouldn’t be penalized for an official’s blunder. What i think should happen is that whenever a goal is scored, the NHL head office should review it. They get a call as soon as one goes in, if there’s a discrepancy in any of the play whether it is offside, a hand pass or a high stick, kicked in among other possibilities, they can stop play with the horn and restart at the time of a goal, or pause it just in case. Hard to determine on some scenarios, I know, but a good goal should be a goal or a bad goal shouldn’t be counted. I get it’s tough because how do you determine how far to go? I also think of a goalie is interfered with a goal is disallowed and the player should be penalized for doing so. a lot to think about. But do we really need to be like the NFL?
  15. Hindsight is 20/20 but I would’ve gone after Bozak over Neal. Better bang for the buck.