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  1. for me, I think this says it. I don’t point to the Jets series at all as a measuring stick for this team as I feel like it will definitely shine them in a greater light. And I felt that Francis did a little of that in the article. There were positives in the Stars series but just not close enough to getting them over the hump and I think it is way too easy to point to the Stars making it to the Finals and say the Flames were beating the stars away from doing the same. in a typical year will the Stars have that easy of a ride to the Finals? A lot of things fell into place for them, much like they did for the Flames in the Jets series where key injuries made it easier. Albeit, injuries Happen in the playoffs. Sure, the Stars could’ve been beaten, but the Flames failed to play up to that level in order to beat them. They relied on good goaltending for the better part of the series and then like last year, the game that they look good in, the goaltending Satoshi Nakamoto the bed. I point to possibly one period of hockey where the Flames played like a team. I mean every line was going in that one period, which I believe a team needs to put together full games in order to win their way to the Cup Finals and give themselves a chance at a championship. I don’t think it’s often that a team can make it with only one line going throughout the whole playoffs. You can only get away with it so often, but eventually it bites you in the butt. they have the players, but for whatever reason, it’s either the wrong mix, or they just can’t put together a full effort for most of a game. Until they can play with effort consistently, I can’t see them as a contender. I think the talent is close to being there, but they’ve shown they’re not willing.
  2. I still think my eye test of most of the season says he wasn't himself. Sure, he's the type that can go through motions and still look ok-good. To me I believe he is himself when he is dominant, and that's just not what I saw aside from a handful of games. I saw a sheepish player who couldn't get out of his head. For so long it was, can Johnny get it going, and I just don't think he actually did. He had a game here and there yes, but that isn't getting going for me. He looked like a glimpse of himself. It's like I said before, I get that the numbers don't support what I say, they just wouldn't with this kid. He can look like garbage but still get points. especially on the PP, which a lot of his points came from. Doing not a lot at 5vs5 tells me that he's not all there. But give him some extra room and he can look ok-good even when he's off.
  3. i think ward did that with line 1 because they were either just ok in the regular season or hot Satoshi Nakamoto. They didn’t look good all year. Sure they started getting points but either didn’t look good doing it or almost approaching looking normal. I was always hoping that a goal might get them going or light a fire under them. Gaudreau had some shifts where he looked like the best he could be, but there weren’t many shifts like that. When he’s like that though, he can be deadly. How many games did he play like that? I would say 5 all season and maybe a few periods in the regular season. I think it’s why most of us have expected a trade to happen.
  4. I could see it being somewhat not being the C or being his game. I just feel that: 1. the coach creates plays/style and players play to it and react. The coaches should be able to find different things he can do or a different style of play for the line to utilize him better. It isn’t beer league. Find ways for him to use his line mates more often and it opens things up for him. Other teams can’t concentrate on just him. It was what they did with Lindholm at the start of the year but somehow went away from using all three players effectively. 2. if he had a C that was more mobile or could go in deep to chase a puck he’d have extra options. I think there is a communication issue somewhere. Maybe the coaches have too much respect for his ability and give him a green light to do what he wants. I personally think it is hurting his game and all he needs to do is change things up a lot more so it has other teams guessing.
  5. ya, but he also didn’t look good in most of Ward’s games. He barely looked himself most of the season. He is able to get points and look terrible at the same time, so to me it just looks like he was closer to himself in the second half of the year. But I still don’t think so. I think he looked better than the first third, but it took the Buddy as his line mate to get going, then he went back to looking like he didn’t care again, but still got points. For me, it’s his engagement. He can get points without looking like he’s trying. I get what you’re saying, that it is easy to point to a start of a decline or downslope, but I think he only looked close to himself in a small handful of games this year. Which to me points to getting back to 80-90 points if he can re-engages. How much of that is systems? Hard to tell. It could be that he just didn’t buy in. But to me it was deeper than that, his mind was elsewhere. Even in the 2nd half and playoffs he didn’t look all there. Was it lack of confidence? for me, you can point to stats and I know you watch the games, but for me, he just didn’t look all there. He will get points, even in bad games.
  6. It seems like it defeats the purpose. It’s not really a reverse jersey because it was already this colour scheme, so it seems more retro.
  7. the thing is, I don’t think just because we beat Dallas that we go to the finals. You can’t say that that’s how it works. The flames would still need to do the work to beat the other teams. It’s like saying if we didn’t trade a draft pick that we’d for sure draft the same player. I don’t know if beating Dallas means they’d have figured it out. Johnny looked better but still not fully himself. Plus they’d still have to win the 4th game. They’d still have to win game 7. maybe they get their legs to keep moving but Dallas would too. would the Flames have the same opponents on the way to the cup? I don’t remember if they changed it so the highest seeds play the lowest in each round or if they made a locked brackets, road to the Cup.
  8. i think that we agree but my biggest issue is that most of the team just doesn’t compete with consistency, and it’s even worse in the playoffs. They become easy to shut down when it gets tougher to play. I love that they have the ability to play as well as they can, but can’t stand the fact that they don’t have the effort when it seems to matter the most. To me that doesn’t breed playoff success. So I see your points and do agree with the fact they have the skills and ability to put up points and enough wins to get to the playoffs. To me it is just the inconsistency or constant inability to get up for important regular season and playoff games. For whatever reasons they just haven’t been able to put it all together as a whole group, or can they become a team that pushes the envelope instead of waiting for it to happen? It’s like they wait until they see what teams are going to do. They seem to start 10 minutes late or get going in the third, etc. But I agree, they have as many players as any team that can score points. But for whatever reasons they just don’t do all go together.
  9. I don’t really care about how many goals more or how many players do what. I think it’s more how they play under pressure, how they play as a team. A lot of points can come in meaningless games too. We can win 6-1 then lose 4-2. You can pad stats and then look bad in other games. For me it’s not just that, it’s total team and team chemistry and total team effort: they also won a cup. You’d take that hint in the long run if the trade off is a cup. Easy to critique them now after they won it. they still have a deep team that will make the playoffs next year. I don’t think the flames are as close. Sure Dallas went to the Finals. The Flames weren’t going to beat them and I would say they probably still don’t with Tkachuk.
  10. For me, there isn’t enough compete on D. In the playoffs it was just Andersson. He can only do so much by himself. If he can continue to drag Hanifin’s game then that’s great. Hanifin is the type to just play by going through the motions. He does one thing terrible which is transition to defending, for a fast smooth skater he loses a step in his first instinct to step forward. He does nearly everything else good-ish but doesn’t seem to try to push limits. Makes it seem like he isn’t trying. He has the skill to push but the fact he doesn’t will always keep him as a #4. Gio tries to do too much in the playoffs. Brodie was good, so it’s tough to say if Tanev does enough to make up for him. The rest didn’t push the needle. other teams have slightly deeper D. Can Tanev and Valamaki push the Flames ahead? The Flames have been horrible at defending. Others will quote stats that prove that we were good at at it. But I would counter that once teams decide to push the Flames the team tends to crumble under pressure. I think it’s the pressure where the Flames are very subpar. to me, it’s also brain farts. the rest of the time they’re decent to good at moving the play up ice. So it’s the games within the game that they need to manage. I will get criticism for this, but it’s just what I’ve watched. I think having the puck is great but if you’re not doing anything with it then it’s a moot point. It makes stats look good. It looks like the Flames are doing better than they might be. I will admit when they look like they’re trying they look good. But complacency gets into their game too. So I can see why some have higher expectations or view the team in a better light.
  11. you’re comparing apples to oranges. Depending on what you like more, Tampa is that. They’re a better, deeper built team with a style of play that suits them. They have more higher end stars and people in the right spots. C, D, G... Monahan or Backlund isn’t the type to fully push as a #1 C. If you want to compare both teams the Flames are very TB light. The too line’s numbers during the regular season has been consistent sure, but their play had declined constantly in the 2nd half of the season. Sure it improved very little bit last year but was still only a small fraction of what they did at the start of the season the year before. But they’ve been bad in the playoffs nearly every year. you can’t get by in the playoffs by being a one line team. They’ve been a one line team for a long time. Maybe a part of that is not all players going at the same time. But it’s always only one line going at any time. The big year was mostly Gaudreau’s line, but had Backs line pinch in when that line wasn’t going in the first half. The 2nd half was Ryan’s line. sure the Gaudreau line not going to drop off the face of the earth but I don’t pin any hope on them making a real difference until they do something different. Whether that is changing the way they play or have a new look, or a new player with them, then I can’t see it changing in the playoffs. you therefore have to ask, I that ok? They help get you to the playoffs. Now do you have enough among the 3 other lines to push you forward? Lindholm hasn’t really looked good with them for a year and a half. I think it’s wasting his skills to play with them. The lines just aren’t built yet. They’re close, just not there yet. Maybe Mang and Dube will be enough growth within to push the play further. I would go Tkachuk, Backlund, Lindholm Gaudreau, Monahan, Dube Since Dube is better equipped to play RW than Mangiapane I put him there. I think he will leapfrog Mangiapane anyway.Maybe Leivo is Ferland enough to fill the hole, But I am not convinced To compare the Flames to the lightening isn’t really fair because they have a stud or two in each position throughout the lineup and I’d say their coach is a thousand times better than ours. But the Flames have promise, they just need to tweak a bit.
  12. I think it’s one thing to lose in the playoffs but compete, and another thing to lose and not compete at all. If the team played their hearts out and lost i would still be proud, regardless of the round, but the biggest difference is how they play. BT has built a team that is skilled, but a team that lacks full compete. You can only blame youth and playoff experience for so long. you guys might be right, having a small team might not be the problem as I see it is. But I think that one thing is a few of the guys tend to play different (smaller) against bigger teams. Some guys try to prove they can play up to it, thus taking them off their games, others cradle. They haven’t found the right mix yet, or the guys to allow players like Johnny to feel big enough. and it’s not like Mang and Dube didn’t try, but it’s bad when it’s just them, Benny and Lucic who try...
  13. i actually think that the big difference is having a competitive core, or a good mix of compete through the line up. The Flames haven’t had that at all as so far, every playoffs they’ve been in, especially recently, there have only been 3 or 4 guys pulling the weight. None of the first line has done that. I don’t think getting points is the same. The top guys are able to get points when playing bad, but in the process still aren’t being difference makers. They’re losing these series as a full team, but I think the first line or top lines need to set the tone or just look engaged, which they just don’t. That’s even with Tkachuk playing (against the Avs, and was pretty quiet in game 1 vs Stars).
  14. yup! I agree with the last half. The organization wants to win. Every organization does. But their bottom line is the playoffs. If they built “properly,” the team would be a perennial threat and the bottom line would raise to 2nd round, 3rd round or Cup finals. It would. We all debate that Buffalo, Edmonton and a few other organizations bottomed out but still can’t go further than us. But they also agree that we require an elite 2-way #1C, Norris level D that is better than Gio, and a #1G, plus other players that are slotted correct on each line. How do you get those almost always 3needs? By drafting high or getting lucky by drafting and developing them. I wonder if the gamble dropping in the draft twice will pay off. Is Zary better than Schneider who is projected to be a good Top4 2nd unit PP guy. Or is he better than Lapierre who we could’ve drafted at the 22 pick? I guess having extra pick(s) is worth it. For me, where are we going to get a Top4 D after Tanev’s deal ends. Is Andersson a Top2? I’d say the very least a very good Top4 on a cup contender. But someone like Schneider or whatever D that were left might have been a better long term investment. Zary could be a Backlund type and is stylistically compared to Horvat. What is the likelihood of him reaching that? His description reminds me a lot of Bennett. I guess a 3rd liner is also a decent spot to play, just not ideal in what is supposed to be a decent deep draft. reading Lapierre’s scouting report he sounds like a great talent but his injury history is concerning. I get shy they’d pass on him. The big Russian D sounds intriguing, scouting report says Makhamadullin could end up a very good, all-situations minutes D who’d slot as a #2-#3 D. Building a team from D out tells me a player like him would’ve been ideal as a transition from Giordano and possibly Hanifin. If Hanifin doesn’t start showing more improvements I feel like he is a poster boy for what this organization aspires to be, mediocre. He has the tools but seems like a player who goes with through the motions instead of seizing the moment and pushing the envelope. If he can’t push forward, Mak could’ve been the perfect succession plan for the future. Right now we have three Top 6C’s. We do need a succession plan to Backlund so I can see Zary as a good option there. talk of Lindholm going C tells me that they’re looking for the long term solution, plus they don’t see Bennett as that. what is more important, D or C? right now, we lack true impact in those words positions. A RW would have been nice too, as I don’t see one of those in the pipeline set to come to the team in 3-4 years either. Perreault might have been a good pick in the 22 spot too, as we will need a RHS/RW or C. We keep saying go BPA but when does handedness become a problem/priority? I think when the cost is higher, in trade, regardless of position. Regardless, looking at some of the scouting reports on picks made around the original 19th overall and afterwards, it looks like a half decent gamble, just a question now is whether they made the right pick. I just think long term need BT might be off the mark on this. If we keep Monahan and Lindholm as top6 C, where will Zary play? I guess the need is there as it is in 3-5 years until he gets there. It just looks to me like BT is ok with having holes in important positions, that includes the future top4 D. I guess he is banking on Mackey. For me, small isn’t a problem in today’s nhl, it is a problem when the majority of all of the top prospects and around a third or more of your whole team is. In a long playoff, it wears more on smaller bodies than bigger ones.
  15. would you do Monahan and a first or a second for Barzal? Barzal doesn’t score as many goals but it looks like he’s more of a true C where offence goes through him. He seems like a playmaker.
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