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  1. you could do Gio, Dumba Hanifin, Anderson we need a near stud to round out top4 and Anderson would do that for me. then hope next year you can do: Gio, Dumba Valamaki, Anderson Kylington, xxxx Or Hanifin but use a Hanifin in a deal? Then Valamaki and Anderson as a succession plan is in motion.
  2. yup! I noticed that too on a lot of the breakout. I think they’re holding it too long and don’t make the first safe play. I don’t know if the players aren’t where they’re supposed to be when they breakout. But it’s like the D make that one extra move that allows opponents to hone in on them super fast and then they’re forced to make a bad play. I noticed that over the last few years when teams would try against us. But it didn’t happen enough for it to be a thing. Every team gets hemmed in once in awhile. it just happens a lot more now. As for the goaltending and team play, it’s great to have a goalie allow you to ride some of the downs, but when the downs are too frequent then that is a problem. I can see what you mean by the winning by five giving a false sense of security. I think last year things were so easy, and it was how I saw it, too easy, and players easily got into the notion that they’re winning so nothing is wrong. Yet coaches throughout the year wanted to hone the play on a few occasions.
  3. yup, I hope they can figure it out. It is good they’re getting points and staying afloat. It’s good to eeek out wins you’re not supposed to sometimes, but when a lot of wins aren’t necessarily earned there’s reason for concern. I hear a lot of that. I wanna hear, “that was a well deserved victory” more often than I have heard it.
  4. oh, I am thinking someone to use on the 3rd pair, someone like Stone but slightly better. I think the leafs already have that, they need a Top4. We need a 5/6.
  5. I agree too, but then what if they can move Lindholm to the wing? could you go? Gaudreau, Monahan, Kapanen Tkachuk, Backlund, Lindholm Lucic, Ryan, Dube Rinaldo, Bennett/Jankowski , Reider either Jankowski or Bennett used in trade for the 3rd pair D. if it is Bennett, we get a 2nd rounder involved???
  6. If they were willing to do Hamonic for Kapanen I would do it! are there any heavy D out there we could replace a Hammy with in a different trade? Someone more mobile than Stone. the reality is: Gio, Brods Hanny, Andy Kylly, new guy
  7. ya, I felt the same for Price in Montreal . it was not a 31 save shutout kind of game.
  8. Watched the last 8 min and OT/SO. I got to catch a few BSD’s!!! Amazing! Where would we be without him? sounds like a better effort after listening to a horrible first ten minutes.
  9. I just find that it is a problem if the first unit can’t score the second had very little chance to. It isn’t enough in my mind, especially since we are only 20th, I think I counted right, in the whole league. 6th and 20th is a huge disparity, a huge drop. I think it could be a big reason we aren’t in 1st, although the team play isn’t great either.
  10. that’s why I think it is a good idea to just keep the top two lines together for the PPs. The top two players on each line are very good players and will be able to do more with the man advantage, and Dube, Mangiapane, and Backlund, all have good skill so they’d catch on and make good on those separate lines. just a hunch. I do think that being 6th for a line is really good though. But they must be pretty inconsistent because it doesn’t feel like they score very often on the PP.
  11. I think make both units good and if the chips are down in the third and you need some goals, you need to overload, do it! But by having the two possibly very good ones, we may not need to overload when you’re trailing?
  12. robrob74


    I think he deserves more kudos than he’s been given. He had basically kept the Flames in it most of the season. He’s had a few rough games lately, but he’s been really good and mostly the only spark on a team where the team has looked bad two-thirds of the time.
  13. I just think that you can put a higher end player on the 2nd unit and still have the same effectiveness using one of our supposed high end offensive D on the first unit. I think a guy like Anderson has a lot more to give in that respect and should be used more often, if not on the first, but every time on the second unit. But I think he has high end abilities to keep the puck alive, has a knack of getting it on net and when we have an empty net, he does a great job of getting us a chance to score with the extra man. I just don’t think you’re missing as much as you are suggesting by putting all eggs in one basket. If there was more talent on the second unit, wouldn’t it score more and thus getting the team‘a average up? That’s the hope. i also don’t think that the 2nd unit gets enough zone time. By the time the first unit does a full change the second unit has about 40 seconds to work with and a sloppy zone entry will cut that by 15-20 seconds less as well. I don’t feel the comparisons are very equal, but still not saying they’re even close talent-wise, but really saying more talent is needed on the second unit to make the team overall better on the PP. I would go Gaudreau, Monahan, Dube Giordano, Anderson Tkachuk, Lindholm, Mangiapane Hanifin, Ryan I would keep the two lines together but change the forward maybe on the right side? I feel if they’re already so good offensively then the extra guy should benefit both.
  14. I think the team is a mess. Guys aren’t being used properly. The PP is a joke in comparison to where it should be with the guys who play on it. Plus I think they've overloaded the talent which takes away from what the 2nd unit could be. The PK has been ok, but like our team has been, it can be picked apart and scored on by higher skilled teams and players. id like to see a change. It could be players too. I was optimistic in receiving a high end pick when it looked like we could be falling out. We need one more high end top 6 forward and a high end D. can we consider Gio a stud? He’s great, but is he really a guy who absolutely shuts other team’s bests down? He did win the Norris, so his D game us great, but is it Pronger, Chara, or Lidstrom or any other D like that? To me it’s not like he completely shuts the door on other teams. Not to take away from him though... just saying maybe another player on the first pair with high ability is needed, especially as a successor. i just don’t know how much a coach can fix. We know when the team plays they can play, but it’s the fact they don’t get up for most games that make it difficult. It’s what leads me to believe that’s what they are because it is the norm.
  15. what about the hits Kassian made throughout the game. He was skating full stride to try lay guys out. it was basically hit for hit... then Tkachuk got the last hit.
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