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  1. I get what you’re saying, but isn’t the knock on him that he doesn’t stay healthy or hasn’t played something like more than 30 games in a regular season?
  2. How good is Mackey? If we could move on from both Giordano and Hanifin, I'd be okay with that. Valamaki Mackey Kylington Lose a bit the next few years and get decent draft picks. That's a really inexperienced D though... What if you can get Dumba + for Monahan? Valamaki, Dumba Mackey, Andersson Kylington, ? We draft a D this year? Button's vote on TSN seems to imply the Flames are going to need D.
  3. It's too bad that money makes the world go around because this virus has made it obvious that it's not as important than it is. Although, the need for it is even more prevalent. But it would be a great time to rebuild and be ready for an up and coming team when the stadium is built, and things are back to normal.
  4. this would be a great time to go rebuild. It looks like the Wild might be thinking rebuild as they retool. The Flames are middle or a bit more on the plus than negative side of things so it is a tough call. I dunno how many would do a pay per view or a channel price like center ice or something like that, to try make up the price? maybe the NHL gets super stringent on how many devices you can use with a membership.
  5. I think the idea is that Valamaki might get to that level quick, if he can just stay healthy. If they were able to bring a top pair D to replace Gio on the top pair then it goes: xxx Gio Valamaki even just taking Hanifin out maybe they can go: Gio Valamaki Kylington that allows the Flames to move money around for the right side.?
  6. the one thing I liked about Sutter was that he was really good at making adjustments and counteracting what other teams were doing. That’s what this team had lacked. it’s great to believe in your systems, but to die by it and not change up things that aren’t working is suicide.
  7. I don’t think it ends up being Backlund. I think it ends up Lindholm. unless they go: Tkachuk, Backlund, Lindholm Hall, Bennett, Gaudreau Dube, Ryan, Mangiapane Lucic, Gawain, Reider i don’t think I like that scenario. Hall, Lindholm, Tkachuk Gaudreau, Bennett, Dube Lucic, Backlund, Mangiapane Quine, Ryan, Reider
  8. Ya, it is looking like there aren't going to be many options. Or I could be wrong and there will be a lot. But I don't know if the Flames will be able to minus salary without taking any in. It looks like it would only be a 1 for 1 deal, even contracts. Although, it could be a time that the Flames could add a higher priced D, as a team could be willing to unload someone. I just don't think it's time to trade away all of the draft picks.
  9. The fact the Flames need to revamp the first pair, and Andersson emerging as a bonafide #3/4, that leaves Brodie out. But he’s a guy that can play up and eat minutes so I don’t mind him, but would like an upgrade.
  10. I kind of wish they’d just go Talbot. They know him. He looked good in the playoffs aside from 1 period. But I think if the team could clean up their game, even just playing out a period to the end at times could change a lot of outcomes.
  11. https://www.tsn.ca/lawsuit-alleges-nhl-junior-leagues-working-together-to-limit-players-opportunities-1.1525101 This is really interesting and relates to our discussions around the CHL allowing players to play AHL after the draft. I can see where it comes from, yet, the teams are investing in developing players to be (possibly) top players in the world. So it's a catch-22. First, they're investing in the plaintiff to improve, yet, in the adult years of his Juinior career he's not able to earn more. I wonder if it's a thing where players play JR from 16-18/19, and then go play AHL? The onus on NHL teams to develop would be even higher. I get it, they're making money off of these players. But will that be possible with Covid?
  12. the numbers say a different thing, like what Cross quoted about the D, but this is how I see it too. I feel that the team hasn’t really played as a full unit for years. I don’t know if that’s possible anymore. But aside from one period of hockey they haven’t gone on all cylinders. Some say it’s goaltending, but I think it’s the whole team going together, including the goalies.
  13. I would almost continue having Lindholm with Tkachuk. Go: Tkachuk, Lindholm, Dube Gaudreau, Bennett, Hall Monahan, Backlund, Mangiapane Lucic, Gawdin, Reider
  14. you could possibly throw Kylington into the deals for added D depth. Hanifin, Kylington, Ryan, Rittich for Kuemper, OEL? is that enough salary savings for them?
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