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  1. it is definitely worse when they don’t call one on them and the very same shift and very next play we got one. It’s total BS. it is why I think a penalty should just be a penalty no matter what time of the game. Teams will eventually adapt and play cleaner.
  2. But that was a penalty. Brodie took his hand off of his stick and then held the guy in a grade A scoring chance. That’s always going to be a penalty (on the Flames).
  3. We got a point, not fully deserved but a decent team effort overall.
  4. Satoshi Nakamoto! A penalty! gotta get a big kill here!
  5. Great comeback though! Go Flames go! Let’s complete it!
  6. to be fair, this kind of comebacks aren’t sustainable and not a recipe for success. This isn’t necessarily the playoffs, but it’s a lot harder to comeback in the playoffs.
  7. I think the quality of chances are heavily slanted in our end of the ice, but l agree, we aren’t getting completely outplayed. There just hadn’t been great chances by the Flames and Binnington looks poised, just having to rely on his mechanics. Our chances aren’t that dangerous.
  8. the Blues look like a team, and by the sounds of it everything you expect if you’re a contender/champion. I keep expecting more from the Flames, and I see why when we see a team play like the Blues.
  9. I don’t get why Binnington would have been in the ECHL last year. His mechanics seem very spot on.
  10. right now not much is really working against them. we are slaying with them but that’s about it. They’re really showing a very good team. They were supposed to be good last year, so it is reminiscent of when the kings won their first cup. The Blues look good. We just haven’t had many chances.
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