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  1. I agree! I think that’s why the flow ends after the 2nd line. Backlund isn’t scoring but not for the lack of chances. He just has to learn to hit the net or not shoot it to the mid section of the goalie. He’s snake bitten this season and it makes it seem like he’s playing bad. So once they get going again and we can form a 2nd or 3rd line then I think the offence will flow better. i like your choices. Mac and Travel, well everyone seems to have good ideas as well. But they need to stick to something for a few games. i think Ryan is too weak to be a 3rd line C.
  2. I can’t say I don’t agree. A few feel Ryan has done a lot. Some of us feel like he hasn’t done enough to warrant his ice time. If anything I feel like Ryan is getting the Brouwer treatment. He plays the system well and is in the spots the coach wants, but I haven’t seen much more than getting knocked off the puck. He’s a bit smaller and it shows. Maybe the team is still getting the system down. I think there Is lot of clogging up happening and it happens a lot with Ryan. i can see some good in Hanifin but think he can be managed when he’s not playing up to snuff. Smith better come out and be on his game or I will lose full faith in BP. I still see a lot of possession, but we get a few more passes, but often kept to the outside. I still think we need to get ugly and dirty goals. The team is too pretty. The D knows if they outwait the passing the Flames do, the Flames pass their way out of a quality scoring chance. Or they shoot it wide.
  3. Mid he could play with Crosby. All he has to do is skate and Crosby can bank it off of him. Not that he’ll play with him. Crosby isn’t too shabby a player though.
  4. Could he not fit the system? Or is it the group of players?
  5. I think that it is Backlund’s lack of finish. He’s getting chances but not showing for them. It makes the rest of his game invisible. You no longer see the good things, and to them not scoring therefore anchors Tkachuk. It’s not like they’re getting severely hemmed in trying to stop the other team’s best. It would be one thing if they spend the whole time in their own zone. now if Backlund finishes on a few of his should’ve been goals, their numbers would be better. i also see how they feel it could make the flames deeper to separate them. But my idea isn’t because Backlund is holding him back as much as I think Tkachuk can help create a new pair to even out the disparity in scoring. Gaudreau’s line getting 60% of the goals. Pairs: Gaudreau & Monahan Tkachuk & Lindholm Bennett or Frolik & Backlund Dube & Jankowski we we know Gaudreau and Monahan will do their thing. we need a line that is close to as dangerous. Putting Tkachuk with Lindholm could possibly do that. If you want Lindholm as a winger then put a C in between him and Tkachuk.
  6. Yup, a bunch of community centres were refurbished in Vancouver and a few are state of the art facilities. A brand new one was built as well. They’re all extremely well used now too. I am not a home owner so I don’t feel the land tax as much. Rent has sky rocketed though. It feels like it is everywhere, so go figure. There would have been plenty of construction jobs and those new incomes affect local business. Trickle down that isn’t going to happen now.
  7. Is Pulijarvi able to go to the minors? i think this was the problem we had with Bennett. They burned a year, he had a decent year, and then needed to develop and had unrealistic expectations placed on him where he should’ve learned the C game in the minors. There is only so much learning a player can get in the NHL. What I mean is, the NHL is not meant to be a developmental league. Players need a certain minimum skill in order to stay up. Bennett has always been on the cusp so they kept him up. Plus it isn’t customary to do that. I guess it it could be easier to place Pulijarvi in the minors if on a different team. Edmonton is at a place of no return as they burnt the proverbial minors bridge much like the Flames did with Bennett.
  8. Thats where they gotta find a way because in the playoffs almost every goalie is a hot goalie. Jankowski should’ve went top shelf. I think that’s where this team has it’s problems. We have three snipers but only two are dialed in. The depth scoring isn’t pulling its weight. And when Tkachuk scores it seems he’s on the Monahan/Gaudreau line. Just saying they gotta start shooting it to where it has a better chance of going in. I see a few good chances but it’s not enough. On goalies like that you gotta get ugly.
  9. At least Lazar plays more physical.
  10. The thing about last night is, I don’t think we got enough bodies to the net - only a few times. We don’t make it tough on the goalies where they have to battle through to find the puck. Also, on many of the break-ins they have one too many passes and then it’s an easy save. I think a shot in some of those situations can cause havoc. Monahan and Lindholm are snipers and can bury rebounds. I just feel like the team needs to find other ways to create offence and that could be to simplify the game more. not trying to take away too much of that creativity, but there are times they end up without a quality scoring chance on what should be a high danger one. Maybe they still mark it as high danger, and that’s why I feel like we haven’t had that many some games.
  11. I like your lines, but I don’t like Ryan for some reason. Maybe he’ll start scoring. Id try Czarnik there though.
  12. Thats exactly what I mean. It shows why they’re not scoring. I feel like they getting chances. Some quality. Miller was big. But I just think the Flames do not do a good job of finding ways to score or ways to score ugly goals. someone posted earlier that they’re not getting bodies to the net. They did once last night and the screen helped Hamonic score. But I i wanna see some ugly goals. There are a lot of break ins with a few extra passes and the quality of chance decreases. I wanna see a shot and then get rebounds.
  13. They still only scored 4 goals, have to finish otherwise it’s still only 4 goals . I am not saying we played bad. This game could’ve been a wash. They deserved to win 2 of the 3, but the fact they can’t get depth scoring is problematic. Monahan got one, but shutting down that line is starting to look like what other teams are doing in order to get the chance to win. playing from behind a lot isn’t a good sign either. It’s going to get harder as the season goes on if that trend continues. I am mot saying I don’t like how they’re playing. They have to find more ways of getting goals. Sometimes being too pretty isn’t working. Jones didn’t have to make many tough saves. Didn’t play bad, but didn’t really make it that hard on them at the same time.
  14. I think the team was pushed around a lot and a lot of that were boarder line cross checks. But still, pushed around.
  15. Very true, but you know that’s not a recipe for success. Not a usual thing. Didn’t play a good game, but not a bad game, and definitely didn’t deserve a win. Oh well, 4 goals goals in the last 3 games. I am not surprised they went 1-2-0. Smith played ok. If he can play that way for the most part, it’ll be good in the long run.