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  1. A place in BC and I think Ford said Ontario was going to start making them... but that could be future use? I get why we depend on trade to run the economy as a lot of items would cost too much to make here in Canada, but it really shows that when there are items that are required in emergency, trade isn't feasible, N95s. My bet is they have a few exhibition games to get guys up to speed. Then they should re-do the schedule so that everyone plays the same max games. The Canadiens have played 71 games. Would they all play up to 75 games, so that everyone has a clear point total and legit reason for being in the playoffs? So there are possibly 11 games for some, and 12 or 13 for others. Is a condensed schedule harmful for the players? Although 10 games would get them up to speed and have playoff intensity by about game 2 or 3 of the playoffs. I worry about the Flames though, they're generally slow starters after long breaks. Although with the Playoffs near, they may see the urgency.
  2. robrob74


    I wonder though if it is the medical team or the trainers that deserve the credit. The flames have typically been a fairly healthy team most years. Or is it playing style?
  3. robrob74


    my elbow has been out for nearly three months from painting interior walls lol. Maybe it speaks more to my athleticism at my age... but the reps of pushing a roller and I can’t bend my arm very well. But only I’m certain motions.
  4. robrob74


    Was it the same catching arm? New ones are stiff? and it gets taking getting use to? I've not had new goalie equipment before. But I could see, with a baseball mitt, how the difference between a well worn one and a new one. But I guess that he'd have someone to break it in for him? Or is that a personal thing?
  5. robrob74


    Is that Head Coach or Goalie Coach? They seem to say that the Goalie Coach as a lot of the say in who plays. Hey, he's the guru. Who are we to question? Of course, that's not aimed at anyone but the organization, and coaching staff.
  6. I think you understand what I am trying to say. It gets misconstrued because I sound like I am contradicting myself. But I feel like this team is a bit of a contradiction and how you're explaining it is exactly how I feel. To me, they aren't a good team because they don't play like a good team. They have the ability to be a good team, but they don't play as a good team consistently. This team DOES have the talent to do more, but there is something missing. I don't know if it's a missing first liner, or what? But they're missing a leader in the forward ranks. Someone that pushes the group harder. They're still a team where you shut down one guy and you have a good chance of shutting down the rest. I get what you're saying about expectations. They talk like the expectations are there, but they don't work up to it. Maybe it has to do with the message from the top down, just make the playoffs. Playoffs are the expectation, but the mindset of a champion is not. I also don't expect a 100% effort 100% of the time. It is impossible. I just expect a give a Satoshi Nakamoto factor. I loved the Flames even before the Iginla days when they would fight to the bitter end. They at least tried. So for me, I can see the difference. I get that those teams weren't going to win it, but they fought to the bitter end.
  7. I can agree with this. The hard thing is the Bennett pick didn’t go well. That could be huge for us if he panned out. And we thought we were getting the better player, between him and Draisaitl. Bennett isn’t quite Yakupov. It he is close in terms of not meeting expectations. We thought we were getting a first overall. I get people don’t like criticism of our own team. You’re right, they have potential considering there’s no superstars. Honestly, the only thing holding Johnny back is himself. He can net 85+ points yearly if he had the drive. And I am being modest, thinking he could average 90 - 95. but that’s the biggest problem with the team, the desire to win, or to play ahead. They start slow and chase too much. I understand games are not 60 minute efforts. It is a cliche phrase. But there should be consistent effort when you’re a good team. Even if the played somewhere between 30-40 minute games I think they’d fair better and not chase. A part of exciting hockey is the challenge so I do expect the other team to have a say. But imagine how they’d be if they didn’t play just a bit to either mount a comeback or ten minutes and score a bunch to eek a win. I will give the team a good grade in the last 15 or so. They started to look like they’re trying to play as a team.
  8. there you go with stats again. Go read the game day threads for most of the season. Thing I am beginning to realize about a lot of Flames fans is just how homer they are. I thought Canuck fans were bad. We aren’t quite Oiler yet, but bordering on it.
  9. I am saying the further from experiencing and watching the games the stats begin to get misleading due to the fact they’re seen as stats. Their play has been Satoshi Nakamoto all season with a game here and there where they looked good and the stretch when Ward took over. So yes the stats say they have won but the play hasn’t been remotely playoff worthy. Worthy to get in, sure. Worthy of a possible sweep or 5 game exit. Yes. now that we get more distanced from the games we will only see the stats and not remember the play. Now we get to use the stats for arguing a point that the team isn’t half bad. But they’ve been terrible for over a full season now, and have timidly started to play, and still quite inconsistent. The team’s history and core tells me that this is what they are and I don’t believe a good team. A good team doesn’t take almost a year off.
  10. I understand you know that the team wasn’t very good regardless of the points. You pointed it out in a lot of gameplay threads. But I also want to point out that you’re getting into misleading here. Yes the stats say 9th best record but their play sure didn’t look that way. Stats get misleading the further away we get from the season.
  11. who says I am comparing them? All I said was that he was part of the deal and at the time was no slouch. It’s not like he was just a throw in is all I said. I did say at the time of the trade Lindholm was a defensive forward used in in trying to shut down. He got some points, and I remember others here thinking he’d maybe hit the 45-50 point mark as a career. Which we take. But to me the comparisons start with Hamilton to both Hanifin and Lindholm. It’s what top pair D go for, and maybe more sometimes. So who’s comparing Ferland to Lindholm? There is no way you can just say, Lindholm - Ferland and Hanifin - Hamilton. Mine is, Hamilton deserves a haul. So I felt that both players should have sufficed and Ferland could have been the equalizer if there had to be one. It’s why I say Fox needed to be a different deal.
  12. Lindholm wasn’t a top 3 player though. He was used as a defensive player and saw a jump when he played on the 1st line. Don’t forget Ferland. He was a top liner as well. It’s their fault for not being able to sign him. The asset is an asset and he had some worth. id argue Hamilton alone was worth both Hanifin and Lindholm from their usage and what they’ve done in their career up until that trade. Even Button thought the Flames were crazy to make that deal. He claimed Hanifin was a borderline Too4 upside and his lack of IQ will never put him too pair. At the time we trade a top scoring Dman for a defensive forward and a 3rd pair D with slight upside. I still think Fox should’ve been in a separate deal. Like what the Canes got for him. so he was never going to sign here, nor in Carolina, but Carolina still got a good deal for him considering.
  13. I think BT has done a good job in some ways but not in others. He has been better than most Flames GMs in the past, but like them in some ways there is a lack of foresight in some positions. Previously it was in most positions, but so far we see it in net and on D and the RW... A part of that is the organization lacked in those positions prior to BT being GM, but we can see the emphasis on C&LW. D has been here and there, but not enough. Andersson was a good pick. We got nothing for Fox (I seem to be the only one to have this point of view). Kylington is probably only ever going to be a bottom pair. Hopefully Valamaki isn’t injury prone. I guess he gets a pass considering he thought a part of the D was set? But we are approaching a succession plan for Giordano. The Possible loss of Brodie and Hamonic could hurt. But I suppose that they can play Gus and Forbs a few years to bridge?
  14. ya, plus BC numbers are probably low because they’re not testing anyone as they don’t want to use up all of the tests. So they’re saying stay home, ride out the symptoms if you have them. Who knows what the real numbers are?
  15. I read that scientists or medical people in Ontario has a worst case scenario that the country could be on self distancing for up to two years. but who knows. I wonder if they could just go on a tournament style playoffs with 21 teams. I guess it isn’t fair to give a bye to a team or two in that scenario. 16 teams do work best. what if they played a full league playoff. Use the regular season to rank the teams and the #1 team gets the bye, or plays Detroit. If it is for all of the marbles teams might not take underdogs lightly
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