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  1. Yeah. That makes me less comfortable with BT. Has he been better than past GMs? Maybe, but how has he really done? Perhaps inheriting the roster and building around it is part of the deals he had to make to build a competitive team.
  2. I don’t know if it is necessarily cherry picking. The Flames have been historically horrible at making those trades. I, for some reason, have more faith in BT making the deal. I don’t know if the Flames will need another rebuild once their contracts are up. I feel BT has done a bad job of trading away picks. They’ve found decent players throughout the rounds, but not game breakers. That ability is reserved in the first round and rare for later ones. Gaudreau and others are an anomaly.
  3. I agree, it’s a GM thing, and a bit of overpriced signings.
  4. I think I am going to miss Hathaway. He was one of my favourites. Even though he’s not Tkachuk, he is somehow able to get under the opponent’s skin and draws penalties. I wonder how many goals resulted in the pp’s he drew. He is not someone who can create offence off of his stick on his own, but was able to chip in when others help push the play. I just wonder if DSP can do that with someone like Ryan. But I am not holding my breath. I just think that I prefer that offence comes regularly from the top 3. I want it from the 4th, but anything from them is a bonus. That was not the case last year for the Flames. Then again, the 3rd line was basically a 4th line. So really Ryan was a 3rd line C. Jankos line couldn’t figure it out. So so we will see. an argument I’ve read a lot on here is that a Hathaway is a dime a dozen, easily replaced. I don’t agree. And you’re right, I am curious who will kill penalties.
  5. Yup, you have to see whether Kylington was able to take a step this year before he is a regular. I liked some things I saw, but he hasn’t been consistent enough to take the bull by the horns. He needs to be more sure of himself and maybe that comes with age? he needs an Andersson rookie type season to show he’s ready .
  6. I don’t necessarily see it as a Marner thing. I see it as top players as a whole, pricing good support players off of a team. It isn’t Marner, it’s the four Lou is talking about.
  7. I agree. Although I could see the point of Ryan being a center. But that still needs guys to play beside him.
  8. I agree. I didn’t like that the line was broken up last year. But i I think this is what happens when stars start demanding the big bucks. You can’t afford players like Frolik and Brodie. This is just the start as Gaudreau is going to want more. Monahan will follow suit. Luckily that’s a few years away. Right now we’ve got off easy, but the paying bottom 6 players is going to have to stop soon, which is another reason someone like Frolik has to go. I dont want to trade him. He seemed an obvious choice due to the coach and agent. I want him. This is why I am upset with BT. His foresight was off and now the team has to pay for it. Buyouts plus Neal has killed the team this year. Even if Neal panned out we would still be in this situation. I think as a GM you can’t count on the Cap going up and using it as an excuse when it doesn’t to justify being in this situation.
  9. Will Backlund suffer that much? I see only a minimal drop
  10. Not to mention teachers or daycare/ preschool workers and those working with at risk youth. As a teacher we put in 12-14 hour days prepping, teaching, marking and then finish prepping. Right now I am at 55,000/yr and boy one year in most of their careers is still a hundred times more than I will in my career. It would take me around 18 more years to earn 1,000,000. There are thousands of people earning less and still have high rent.
  11. What happens when he is one of the players that rolled over and died in the playoffs. He was one of those players that didn’t come to play.
  12. I don’t think the cap will get spread throughout evenly. It has gone ever moreso to the stars. As it goes up, they’re going to keep expecting the same percentage of the cap and forget the little guy, unless you’re a Canadian team trying to lure a UFA, and overpay the way they typically have, minus the Jets.
  13. Gio was also very young and possibly not quite ready. If I remember correctly, Sutter also wanted him to go. Gio got better because of it, and he came back to sign in Calgary. If he wasn’t happy with the Flames, I think he was free to try other teams.
  14. 10.8 per year. whet does that make Tkachuk? Do we wait until the cap space is available so not to limit what we can get in a trade?
  15. I dunno! My bet is it keeps them mediocre long term. We will see if they can sign players to support them.
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