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  1. ya, I felt like the EG signing is just a waste of Cap space. Is there not a better nearly 2M player to go after? Why not spend his cap and the rest on something we actually need? It’s good the few that are looking for spots came in hungry. Good to know! how will they fair when the rosters get trimmed and the nhl regulars are on the other squads? I feared that Lewis might be getting up there. The role he plays can be hard on the body. But it’s early. Some vets take a few to get the wheels moving, which oddly enough they get the room to take that time… I guess the experience makes that earned?
  2. my only issue with Monny now is that he is such a team player that he plays through it. I am actually quite tired of it. Is he the best option at whatever % he’s at health wise? But there is the issue, the depth isn’t there to offset his injuries. He’s had many! maybe not a problem because they’re not recurring, but they are a problem because he waits it out before off-season and doesn’t allow him to work on his game…
  3. funny thing is, we already have a chip on us almost at all times! It’s in your phone and on your computer and any device used for the internet. WTF people! The Jim Carey Riddler has us! We are already being monitored! I made a joke I got fat and all of my clothing store ads gave me big and tall models for their clothes. Said I was going deaf and I got hearing aid ads…. Cognito mode!!!
  4. it could be good to have that need, but I also remember during that last negotiation, didn’t he start a bit slow that year? A bit of a distraction for him. Maybe I am thinking the Tkachuk contract signing, as he started slow then too, i think miffed Tkachuk got more…
  5. I think he’d have advocated to draft Point at the time, or was that Tmac? But regardless, I think it was Con-man who said he thought the Flames had Point in their backyard and a scout told him teams should be getting him right away. So, there’s that! We could use another freshen up in the scouting ranks.
  6. protect them with Mangiapane! ok, I guess you can play them with Zadorov and Gudbranson… but then, they’re on the backend. Who will protect them from the other wing?
  7. I get that they have the previous chemistry, I just think that they’ve been stopped in the past as well. How will they fair 5vs5 is the big question mark for me. On the PP, I can see them getting points. If they can start scoring at even strength again and start maintaining zone time, that is what we need to see. They’ve not been a good 5 on 5 line for more than the year Of Monahan’s injury.
  8. if Peeps, JJ, TMac, and I are popular… ok, There might be a few more… maybe we are the cool kids in here? I just want a competitive team. It’s hard watching a team play for a few minutes then suddenly look like they’ve forgotten how to play, or look like they don’t know how and then suddenly when behind the eight ball they now know they need to play. Games are not fun to watch when there isn’t an honest effort, or big gaffes occur too often. I can watch a bad team play if they actually try. I’m a Flames fan, that’s true to all of us. After the Cup win, and the slow death of that team and moving on, seeing them at least try was good enough for me. Did I want them to win? Yes, but I was proud that they never said die… I know I said that game 7 of Tampa was my favourite game, not for the first 40, but how they fought and tried for that last 20, I was nearly in tears with how they attacked. Wished they did that earlier, but if not for the Khabiboulin it might have been a different outcome.
  9. i think they expected too much of Dube last year. Even if he played with Backlund last year, I think it was a better spot to develop him. It was only his 2nd year in the NHL and some people wanna make like he’s a disappointment. He’s still developing and they moved away from the trend they went with Mangiapane’s development. Even though Backlund was the 2nd line centre when Mange played there, they still insulated him with a veteran player who is good at making guys better… I think last year could’ve been a year to keep Dube on the 3rd line. Try Mange with Monahan’s line… and kept Tkachuk with Backlund. But it is what it is, I just think the expectations of Dube would have been tempered by playing him 3rd line and we’d all be praising him for his development.
  10. i can understand your take but if you mean walking all over us by us standing around, I think the team stood around too much. I think the only skaters were Giordano, Tanev and Lindholm. And that was the problem, everyone else, especially last year, was coasting.
  11. i don’t agree at all. When we did try we were at least a bit competitive. I feel they always started from behind and felt their way through the game, almost lulling the other team to sleep thinking they had games in the bag and then bam, they wake up and became possession players. Of course that was the years before, even in the second overall season. I don’t think there was much effort last year and if there was they’d play and then give up after a good ten minutes stretch.
  12. They said that parsons had to isolate due to coming from the states. You’d think players would know this and come earlier if they don’t wanna miss parts of camp. Kylington learned that last year so he came earlier this year…
  13. what about Tkachuk and Andersson for Thomas and Parayko? Hanifin, Parayko Valamaki, Tanev Zadorov, Gudbranson Stone
  14. I hope that guys like him, Zary and Pelletier can play in the AHL this year. It’ll be good to see them grow together as a part of the next wave of players. I wonder if that’s what hurts guys like Shinkuruk or some of our other prospects, that they don’t have similar talent to push them and to play with. Baertschi could have used a few years to marinate but we announced he was the next Iginla and gave him keys to the city after 3 goals. He became entitled and it hindered his development. But I wonder if we didn’t give him that 3 game stint and allowed him to grow, what would have been. But in my view, we need to have that depth in the farm of talent to build others up. It must be hard to develop when you’re one of the only decent players on the team. but with Zary, Pelletier, Ruzicka, and Phillips, pospocil will have the opportunities to grow and play with like-talented players. So hope this means our pool is improving. Be nice if they can grow together…
  15. It is too bad that his contract is what it is. He’s been decent as a bottom 4 or 5 player. If he was paid accordingly then he’d be considered serviceable. I just wonder if his usage is determined by his salary. But he’s a guy you know will try. So it’s what the coaches like.
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