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  1. what about Tkachuk and Andersson for Thomas and Parayko? Hanifin, Parayko Valamaki, Tanev Zadorov, Gudbranson Stone
  2. I hope that guys like him, Zary and Pelletier can play in the AHL this year. It’ll be good to see them grow together as a part of the next wave of players. I wonder if that’s what hurts guys like Shinkuruk or some of our other prospects, that they don’t have similar talent to push them and to play with. Baertschi could have used a few years to marinate but we announced he was the next Iginla and gave him keys to the city after 3 goals. He became entitled and it hindered his development. But I wonder if we didn’t give him that 3 game stint and allowed him to grow, what would have been. But in my view, we need to have that depth in the farm of talent to build others up. It must be hard to develop when you’re one of the only decent players on the team. but with Zary, Pelletier, Ruzicka, and Phillips, pospocil will have the opportunities to grow and play with like-talented players. So hope this means our pool is improving. Be nice if they can grow together…
  3. It is too bad that his contract is what it is. He’s been decent as a bottom 4 or 5 player. If he was paid accordingly then he’d be considered serviceable. I just wonder if his usage is determined by his salary. But he’s a guy you know will try. So it’s what the coaches like.
  4. Dube can play RW, but can’t he not be placed on the LW depth too? He’s just had to go RW otherwise he’d not have a spot to play?
  5. I would do that! I actually have never viewed him as a winner anyway. He hasn’t stepped up when it matters most. He talks a good hockey speak but wasn’t willing to actually walk his talk last year. He hasn’t dragged anyone into the game since the Frolik days.
  6. I dunno. I think it rarely works to spend that high on players. In my view, the only times it has worked was Crosby and maybe Ovechkin. I guess you can now toss Tampa in there. But 10+ contacts seem to hurt a team more than it helps. And to have a few, it really straps the team.
  7. but does that mean that Ottawa Tkachuk is worth 9+ or 10+? I don’t even know if he’s worth 8 yet and maybe he is that. How much would the cap have risen if it didn’t flatten out? I don’t know if I like the players anymore lol. It’s all money and not really about hockey.
  8. I thought Thomas was a C? Monahan has been crappy and if he’s not scoring, does nothing. Will he score again? Maybe. Was he injured the year before too? Lindholm Thomas Backlund I guess you’re moving Lindholm to RW after your suggestion.
  9. i guess now we are gonna say we should never draft Americans. But ya, I really agree with this. It sounds like he’s ready to be a bit of a deal. He’s already stated it’s a family business.
  10. Voynov gonna serve Martinez?
  11. send them monahan in the deal and they send us a first or a prospect…?
  12. ok, he says, “Enough is a enough, guys have To dig in right from the start.” just like how he dug in? Or maybe he dug in and nobody else went along so he decided not to play anymore last year?
  13. In Lewis of your comment, We Muzzin talk about this anymore.
  14. I can agree with that if the team gave an honest effort almost every game. I get games have ebbs and flows but when they hardly show up it’s tough to watch. And I think this is my biggest Problem With this group so far. And I mean The core because they’re the most common denominator.
  15. ya, I am not sure. i think with Valamaki he had a bit of a developmental break and we are seeing it, due to his injuries. Hoping those injuries are past him and he gets back to developing.
  16. In both scenarios, they kind of go hand in hand. You can’t say tank is not a guarantee then flaunt a drafting record, and then say we will end up like the Oilers. That’s being hypocritical. Because if you believe that the drafting is good, then drafting will be good in a rebuild situation too. but in the end, I don’t have faith that we will ever find that player with depth picks. It is possible. But how often have we found an Aho, Datsyuk, point, Benn, Josi, or Kucherov. We have done it once in Johnny. We got two very good first rounders in Monahan and Tkachuk. Still no elites. Gaudreau is the best pick of any depth picks we’ve had since Theo. We are drafting better, sure! But we aren’t drafting difference makers when it counts, yet. Maybe we have and they’re just not getting to the opportunity to do that yet. Some too young when we were there, or just not the right mix. Maybe That’s because the team building isn’t complete yet?
  17. imagine if the league went on league placement and we would have made the playoffs only twice in that scenario. but I agree with you. We will always be in the mix to the end.
  18. couldn’t you add the Carolina Hurricanes? the islanders got an elite C where the Flames could have drafted him. Albeit we got a near elite Offensive D in the process. But we didn’t keep him and moved him for two very good players… the supporting cast some have talked about in the other thread and maybe you in this one. Your model requires even better drafting and scouting and having players other teams want to trade for when we need to trade. sure we have drafted half or more of our roster, but we haven’t really drafted players that get us good return on trades and so BT is forced to use draft capital to fix things. It’s a chicken or the egg situation and for me, it all comes down to drafting. Like others said. The higher percentage is in the top of the draft in a good draft year. Sometimes you end up with Bennett, or even Yakupov. The oilers could have been better with players they drafted but didn’t get good value on Hall, probably not on Eberle either… so those arguments are mute points if you believe in your system, which clearly you do if you’re advocating that the high picks aren’t needed. It definitely helps and it just means those teams are so poorly run. Do you think Yzerman would screw it up if he was in those team’s shoes? the other side to the argument that we could be those teams. I would counter that we are nearly those teams since we are consistent in these conversations. I don’t see us as much better than the Oilers or the Sabres or a lot of these bottom feeders. Just because we are like the Minnesota Wild doesn’t make us that much better. We are a middling team with a fan base that expects more than a playoffs every other year and first round exits.
  19. ok, so then stop limiting our picks to the safe ones. We pick LW or LSCenter almost every time. Valamaki would be the outlier. We shoot for decent centers. Are we scouting the European leagues well enough when we miss out on a Kuznetsov or Kucherov or others like Pastranak? I get the pastranak was the Bennett draft, but if due diligence was done, maybe you trade into the later round to snag the pick, if you’re that high on a guy… pie in the sky what if. But you said it yourself, we missed out on Point and yet he played very close to Calgary so we should have known better. And they eyed Kucherov but gambled that he would be a later pick and chose Wotherspoon instead… imagine, they almost gambled an extra round on Johnny and if we lost out on him where would we be now? Maybe better maybe worse. I mean maybe it means a few more years of losing because he was the catalyst of the offence on the team since Hudler left.
  20. good on you for being optimistic. It’s a fact the Flames try as hard as possible when they’re out of it though. They always win a few at the end when other teams have given up. and you said earlier, if they just beat Ottawa. There’s a fact in there, they didn’t win a lot of games against them. So you can’t say if, especially if you’re going to call me out on ifs…
  21. I mean, we have 4 good to very good 2nd pairing defensemen. They'll have to play defence by committee, but I would like to give them a chance, since you know, being negative usually, I have a bit of optimism in the main 4 with hoping Valamaki can get there in the future to make it 5 good 2nd pairing D... If Hanifin and Tanev end up together, then that makes a very good pair. Or maybe you go back to Hanifin and Ras, but then have to play Tanev with Valamaki. Then you have Zadorov with Gudbransen. Yikes... There's a mix to be had there though... Play with them. Hanifin, Tanev Zadorov, Andersson Valamaki, Gudbranson. Stone
  22. But they also ended a season playing the Canucks who have already given up on their season, and thus won some meaningless games. If the Canucks didn't catch Covid, then how are those games that they had to postpone played if they were played on their original dates? And if the Canucks try in the last few games, are we still only 4 wins away, or is it 5+? For me, this is why I don't look at the standings when the last bunch of games are meaningless and so it's easier to just come to play. They have to get up for the meaningful games, which this team has failed to do 3 seasons in a row, albeit a couple of odd shortened ones.
  23. this was my problem for the past 2-3 drafts. We went years before drafting Valamaki and then the same since drafting him. We needed to continue to draft all positions because running the risk of not having players come in to replace aging ones is too high. It means you have no plan. I was upset trading down because I wanted a D or RW. The rest of that draft we saw RHS players go picks just after ours. But it was all good after we took a flyer on an offensive skating D who can’t play defensive hockey. I’ve heard that one before in Kylington. But it’s a good high reward move if he pans out, but I just don’t see it happening. but we didn’t plan for the future before and paid for it, and it looks like we aren’t planning for the future again. I might need to jump ship and route for a team that knows how to build… because the Flames really makes me feel like I am constantly hitting my head against a brick wall wondering what they’re doing or waiting for them to do something of note.
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