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  1. In regards to Johnny I think the biggest thing is this year he's starting to experience the most adversity he's seen and is always second guessing himself, I think if a lot of the pressure starts to lift off of him he'll return to form, you can see it he's trying too much and second guessing himself this year compared to the last couple years.
  2. Whoops! Forgot to mention the Bonuses, my only question is why this is only coming to light just before the Season is set to start and not during Free Agency, etc...
  3. This is all due to SOB not being a Compliance Buyout at the time in 2014. https://www.capfriendly.com/articles/37/shane-obrien-buyout-update Pretty sure this is news to us as Armchair GM's but not Treliving and Co., they would have better access to their information since they're the ones who made the deals and such. Unless they use CapFriendly or GeneralFanager... *EDIT* Plus 7 Players reaching their Bonuses last year as TD was happy to point out!
  4. Well what are ya gonna do, "It is what it is" But in all seriousness I'm gonna go shower now, that statement made me feel dirty.... Looking forward to the season to start, this is killing me not having anything new of substance to talk about with you guys! Extremely curious to see how Gulutzan operates.
  5. Should've been, and in a perfect world probably would have been. 2/4~4.5 I think everyone would've been ecstatic but I think sometimes it costs to get the guy you want. I'm curious to see if this is a good or bad signing, but to me it's a signing that I'm willing to see how it shakes out with the hopes it's still a slam dunk signing. I'm looking forward to the discussions through the year!
  6. It's definitely the first time actually have players in the positions they're used to playing in. Hopefully, while Brouwer holds down a RW position for some decent depth finally one of our up-and-comers develops to take the reigns.
  7. Maybe no one better was available, or cost way too much which wouldn't surprise me, like I said probably 1/1 too much but I think it's decent value considering our needs, if this makes us better in the next 4 years it should make us more desirable to come to as well. Lots of different possibilites, it's not an albatross like the Looch. 7 years.... ^ Just beat me Kehatch
  8. I have a feeling this is exactly what will happen since it makes sense, Bollig in the minors and then Smid on LTIR, I need some educating but doesn't Smid have to be counted against the cap before the season starts and then he can go LTIR? Also since Bollig is on a 1-way does he have to start up on the Flames before he can be sent down? The only other thing I hope to see happen is Wideman traded, only problem is his NMC and someone wanting to trade for him he probably needs to play a bit to get teams interested again.
  9. I would rather these relatively short contracts and at least he fills a definite need, probably 1 year and 1$ million too much but what do you expect with all the suitors, UFA really is the worst to fill spots but a necessary evil sometimes. Had seen something like this: Gaudreau - Monahan - Brouwer Tkachuk - Bennett - Chiasson Stajan - Backlund - Frolik Ferland - Bouma - Hathaway Which may not be too crazy, see how it goes first 10. This is all dependant on how Chiasson rebounds and how Tkachuk performs during dev camp and his potential 10 game cup of coffee. at the end of the day this gives us more options to try out and hopefully something sticks compared to last year with the revolving door.
  10. Seems very strange the B's didn't qualify him, I thought he looked like a decent player. To be fair though the B's have really looked "odd" through 2-years now.... lots of questionable decisions.
  11. I thought this was their direction last year since it was Brad Trelivings first year have full reign, I thought their size guys they picked all have a good combination of Speed and Skill; Andersson is "bigger" but has some really stellar potential skills and is a talented Dman although I think he's working on his footspeed, Kylington isn't "Big" but he has incredible potential and the most talented skater. Karnaukhov is really raw but could turn out to be a good bet as a strong power forward (although I thought he was a winger not centerman). Mangiapane is of the Low Risk super skilled player that you need to take chances on late in the draft. Bruce... Well we'll see, it seems he's made some strides this year compared to the past years, Big Defenceman but not sure what else he has as I've never seen him play, but a 7th round so why not.
  12. Sorry guys I take partial blame for the Grant injury....
  13. Crap... so pretty much his season is done and we probably won't get to see him until next season, that is depending how the team looks post TDL.
  14. I had done some contract Analysis using General Fanager - Calgary Flames just to look at a possible scenario and what i think would be realistic given our situation. Any criticisms are welcome as I made a couple assumptions, and could have been reading some of the Cap stats incorrectly. *note* I don't like ever being capped out, a rainy day fund is smart to have for those "Just In case" scenarios. Assuming: Gaudreau = $8 @ 8 Monahan = $6 @ 6 (Barkov Contract) Ramo or Hiller = $4 @ 1 Jones = $2 ($2.5) @ 2 Total = +$20M Subtract Hudler and either one of Hiller or Ramo (whichever wasn't signed) is roughly ~ $8 Final = ~$12M Russel is better than Wideman so if you could move Wides and sign Russell at $4 @ 4 (I'd much rather $2.5 @ 2), that'd be $1.25 in savings. I don't think Wideman will be traded this year but can only hope. Gio's contract kicks in at the end of the year and that's another extra $2.23M against the cap. Doing some calculations and we would have about ~$66M total on the cap IF we assume Wideman was gone and none of our RFA's were signed, these include Colborne, Jooris, & Granlund, also Nakladal is UFA so unless you don't want to retain him he will cost some too. I would like to see if Colborne could garner a return, I would trade Ramo and try to re-sign Hiller just because I think we will get some return on Ramo as opposed to Hiller. This was in response to a question about keeping Russell at $4@ 4 IF Wideman was for sure gone July 1st, now I have no problem keeping Russel at $2.5 @ 2/3 but if he wants more I say move him given the amount of interest in the market. I honestly think the extra cap room will be extremely useful for contract negotiations.
  15. Agreed with everything, but the bolded would be more of the coaches prerogative, BT hopefully (which I get the feeling he does) knows this team well enough to see the holes and understands what we have coming up the pipelines, we need open roster spots at least just a couple which in turn should return us some picks to replenish the farm with. This year is as good as a year we'll get to begin pushing transition, expiring contracts of replaceable players, I would retain Jones on a reasonable one or two year contract given our lack of RW depth but Russell, Hudler & one of Hiller or Ramo I would like to see traded. If possible any of Wideman, Engelland, and/or Smid too but those are harder to move I think. I know there is skepticism with Ortio but I think if you can trade one of the two G's you do it to give Ortio a sense of confidence in him as well, Ramo is more likely to return over Hiller but if Hiller is willing to stay a year or two I'd trade Ramo just because he will garner a better return.