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  1. Another lapse at the end of a period, I’m always terrified in the last minute with these guys. 3 & 4 th lines looking decent. Shillington awake and fast.
  2. Bennett comes back from being sat and has a great game and is the second star. Then he starts the next game on the 4th line? Then they move him up with Ryan part way through the game and bingo, things start happening. I like that Bennett Ryan combo and feel they could play with Dube or others. I maintain that after having to become the tough guy on the team Bennett’s conditioning is too strength focused. He had a step in the last game and it made a difference. They were great with Mangi but he has earned his place higher. The problem here is Lucic. Its great we have him because I am not seeing as many cheap shots against the team this year but its a tough call where to play him. I know, the coaches are giving him a chance to get back in form and he is making an effort...... Janko has been sucked into the Backlund defensive centre vortex. I agree with the comment to put him on the wing for a while but his biggest knock is that he plays smaller than Johnny? I believe he has more skill but he needs to use his size better. Not sure how that happens but a move to wing with less responsibility And some banging on the boards may be good for him. I like Backlund on the wing for now, this was a great call by Wardo but his give aways and general lack of effort at times drives me nuts and he must be terrible on face offs because I only ever see him lose draws in our zone. Shillington’s stick is too short, he has a ton of skill and is fast fast but how many times have we seen that puck slip off the stick and head the other way? He scares me but I like him and that probably sums that up. Hamonic is the only tough D On the team. If we trade him and dont get toughness back Im worried. thumbs up for the Talbot/ Rittich combo.
  3. Frolik was a quality addition. He did everything better for longer than I expected but it is time to give new guys the ice time. This is a great move for everyone involved, its good business. 2 thumbs up and all the best to a guy who always showed a wonderful joy for the game!
  4. They should try sitting Backlund. Moving him out of centre worked, why not try all the way out?? Prove me wrong
  5. Totally missed it - pathetic! I think bread man has least ice time if any flame?
  6. If Lucic wasn’t playing we could actually have a game with no hits!
  7. One game they are moving him up to the top line and the next he’s back on the 4th. They asked him to work on his 2 way game (effectively becoming a Flames Backlund no offensive dud, the Flames way) and he gets to fifth on the team in +-. Now they sit him. When they needed someone to be tough he took it on and when they needed goals in the playoffs he gave them goals. What a disaster, there will be no hits tonight, the Nucks will shate with heads down - trade him for his sake and let the little team continue on in mediocrity!
  8. Agree - why is JH with Ryan and Lucic?? Would like to see Bennett on that line or the Bennett, Ryan Mangi line. It looked great earlier. Maybe move JH to the line with Tkachuk and Lindy Ward seems to be willing to experiment a bit now, why not try Bennett at Centre again. This looks like a opportunity to see if he can regain some form. If he doesn’t I see him and Backlund as move candidates; I would like to see Janko back in for PK and D work in general.
  9. Love to see Ryan take a big hit to win a battle on the boards. Good heart on that man!
  10. Good job Shilly - Welcome back Rittich!!
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