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  1. Backlund currently +30!!! That’s impressive
  2. Everyone likes to see a deal and sticking to your pre-negotiation parameters is often not easy. You cant get emotional about business. BRAVO to BT. We still have a great young team amd can look at options in the summer - BRAVO. Backlund still shoots for stats but is playing well Ryan is finding chemistry and confidence Bennett and Jankowski get better every game We have great defensive depth - Fatenberg is a solid add Smitty is back lookin good and Big Save Dave is great Neal was even lookin better My only concern is playoff toughness - we have a shot
  3. Its nice to see him get the credit he deserves- many people on these boards were slamming him and he has shown how wrong they are. Great in traffic, great at going to the net, great on the boards, tough and a great teammate. Scoring has not been what we wanted to date but he has also not had linemates and ice time. We must have a guy like Mr Bennett on the team he desrves more credit because he has and is persevering.
  4. Severe cheap shot by Backstrom at the end of game could have done some serious damage. He must be straightened out until he retires for that one. Interference on Jankowski in the corner on the winning goal. Once again horrible officiating! No matter, with Rittich we win that one.
  5. BP needs to use his third and forth line more. He got a bit one dimensional last night and will drain the top 4 if he keeps this up. Jankowski had 4 shots on limited ice time. I would also consider bringing Lazar and Quine up and getting them some chances. At least we salvaged a point.
  6. I liked giving Bennett some time on the 2nd line but Frolik does need to be playing and 3M does click. I like the Bennett Jankowski Neal line but agree that they need ice time together and in my view Neal is the weak link. Bennett is creating chances when he is on the ice but he gets limited playing time. He needs to use his vision to set up plays and he needs to keep the hard work in the corners. He should stop worrying about scoring. It would be interesting to see points by minutes played. Bennett is getting progressively better defensively and I think with a stronger right wing, he and Jankowski could press the 2nd line for playing time. Both he and Jankowski are continually improving. They want to play Neal because they are paying him but.... he looks slow, shots poor and he doesn’t play tough and doesn’t take draws. What is he bringing? Lets face the facts. Bennett and Hathaway are the only tough guys on the team, they are rare in that they can play and are tough we cant lose guys like this particularly when it comes to playoff time. I keep waiting for Neal to impress me but its must not happening. The team is playing great and BP needs to be given credit. If there are question marks its Neal, Backlund as the 2nd line center and a lack of toughness. Lets just keep our fingers crossed that Rittich keeps up his play.
  7. How about Karlsson in the corner hacking and wacking even after the play is long gone. Ref had to be standing there watching the entire thing. The Refs should get the suspension!! They must have an agenda to keep games close or an agenda to help US teams win. I have never seen a goalie right out spear a guy and no penalty. What a mess - our CEO needs to say something!!
  8. Refs lost control because they refused to call the Sharks for slashing, kneeing etc Sharks lost it because.... well they lost it Flames win!!!
  9. Flames have had a good start to the season but this game shows inexperience and a lack of professionalism in my view. They still had work to do but obviously are already on vacation. BP again has to take some blame here. Neal and Ryan need to sit down and again we need to seriously start questioning Backlund as a seecond line center. A very poor effort by a team who does not know what it takes to be great.
  10. Few choice decisions by BP last night. A decent outing but should have been ours
  11. Just watched more of the third. The second line drew penalties and had several scoring chances and Bennett was integral to all. I thought he was one of the better players on the ice. Alao thought Brodie played well.
  12. I didnt get to see the game last night bu saw these comments and decided to take a look today. I’m a Bennett fan but have been disappointed with the lack of point production in recent games. He started well on the 2nd line but given his skills I dont understand why the point production is falling off. These comments in my view were based on a couple of neutral zone giveaways where agreed he should have been better but he was trying to gain the red line and they didnt result in a quality chance against. He did save a likely goal as a result of a Ryan turnover and the goal against was again the result of a Ryan turnover. In my view Ryan was brutal and that is likely why Peters pulled him of the line . Bennett also had a good breakout pass to Ryan and created pressure in the first period. In the 2nd he got a shot at center and the line created alot of pressure. Ryan was bad, Neal was bad, Janko had better learn to keep his head up. Anderson had several give aways and yet Bennett is getting called out. I don’t see it. I still question Backlund’s offensive ability. As a second line center. In general the team looked flat likely a result of the recent games. Gio was massively missed. Finally - get rid of Peluso. He got rocked and then let Lucic kick his butt. He looked brutal out there. Just a different view, still frustrated with Bennett’s lack of points.
  13. Completely agree very impressed with Kylington even if I don’t understand how to pronounce his name!
  14. TJ Brodie tied for the league lead in plus minus +16!! Credit where credit is due.
  15. Super smart shot by Hanifin thanks Hammer, Thanks Ritter, Thanks Benny