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  1. 89Again

    UFA 2021

    Sure feels like it
  2. 89Again

    UFA 2021

    I was impressed with him in the playoffs but also on a great team. Again, ok with this one and if it doesn’t workout he likely is someone teams will want for a cup run.
  3. Hated when we played Zadorov, I like that we got him. We need this size and toughness and a third rounder is fine in my books also good for some of the younger Russians we have. Good step forward for BT.
  4. Maybe if he had the C he would calm that down? I agree its an issue but when you get chopped as much as he does, I also understand his frustration.
  5. Weird draft for all, I kind of like the way the Flames went as goalies are a gamble and we have Wolf and Parsons. Just disappointed that we didn’t pull off something like the the Reinhart deal. I remain very worried about the future of Johnny H.
  6. Tkachuk I don’t think falls in the diplomatic sphere does he? I also think he’s a bit young. Backlund does but he’s hot and cold and not sure he’s the sharpest knife in the drawer, I wouldn’t want that in a Captain. I could be wrong on the intelligence meter. You really have to understand the players and the room to make a C choice just intrigued why johnny is never mentioned.
  7. Why is Johnny not thrown out as a C option? I have my doubts that he wants to resign but the Flames did believe in him and put him on the map. If he would resign for 3-5 why does he not make a good C? He has high compete and he strikes me as a pretty level headed individual. I also think Elias is another good option for many reasons?
  8. Not big on size but this looks like a skilled kid. I was looking for a move up but this seems pretty solid just worried we end up with another Fox scenario!.
  9. With Seattle at no. 2 this could be interesting. Maybe there was a side deal on Gio and maybe BT has caught a rabbit?
  10. Lets hope today is a great day - am I correct that Johnny’s NTC starts in five days. We likely are going to learn much in the next week - some excitement!
  11. Its all good, this is good respectful debate not a problem at all. Francis, I agree is trying to make a name for himself, I have been a bit frustrated with him as well but I will withhold judgement until I see what happens with Johnny…. If he signs an extension I will be impressed but I have my doubts. There is no doubt that this is the biggest story out there so he needs to be involved. The Tkachuk thing really was not necessary right now so if there is no basis he is totally offside.
  12. I heard what he said, there are some good points ($cap hit) etc, I included them above but its how he presents it and its how he has himself in the need to explain and his very poor job of presenting it. He knows everyone is fed up with him, he’s defensive……
  13. How has the performance of the team been during his tenure? He has been there quite a while. It’s my view that other deals could have been done to prevent the loss of these players in this manner. What we got for many of these players appears good but it’s my view many were mismanaged and many were heart players who showed up in the playoffs, I’m not sure we are retaining those sort of guys. He seems a shrewd businessman when it comes to the deal but I’m not sure he understands the game at ice level. Again just my view, it’s easy to sit back and call out guys but I have been asking for more size and Canadian/ CHL content on the team. Now that Sutter is there he seems to be saying the same. We need a motivator on the bench who understands which players want to win and gets the most out of them. I believe Sutter is a great choice and I don’t believe he was a BT choice, the others were poor. We don’t need a country club we need guys who work to win at any and all cost - Gio wasn’t drafted and went to Russia, he knows what it takes, big mistake losing him this way. Just my opinion.
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