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  1. Until next year - cheers, enjoy the summer!
  2. Brodie GVA 4 Backlund GVA 3 Anderson GVA 3 Bennett & Monahan +1
  3. Smith played mostly great but the team looked the same as they did last year, totally dependent on him. Putting Rittich in may have woken them up - who knows. I have like BP’s calls this year so cant slam him. The Avs and Grubauer were immpressive.
  4. Yup - that’s why he was so motivated for this series!
  5. Rittich earned a game - they let him down.
  6. Embarrassing The Backlund era must end.
  7. Dennis Wideman's 20-game suspension upheld by Gary Bettman who noted that the Flames will never win a playoff round as long as I am commissioner!
  8. Decision made - get rid of Backlund! You cant win if your scared! Johnny is no Stlouis in the playoffs, actually he has shown nothing in the playoffs the refs were one sided without Smitty this is embarrassing Peters has shown nothing in the playoffs. Maki was great - why did we play Fantenberg Neal cant skate, Brodie is a few bricks short of a load
  9. You don’t think this is fixed - absolutely!!!! Canadians need to realize this!!
  10. Sit Neal - see him cherry picking on the last goal - bun
  11. The NHL wants the AVs to win - we just have to keep going but we need to slow it down - we can’t skate with the Mackinnon line we need to tie them up in the neutral zone and try to stop the speed
  12. Lindholm luck on the goal but looking brutal - him and Backlund are winning no puck battles - NO HEART
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