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  1. Doc has been poor since he came back, I wonder if he is 100%
  2. Isn’t Vegas fast? Ronaldo can provide an injection of energy but everything has been working and Reider is fast, totally dont understand it.?
  3. Come on Loooch is the fastest guy out there tonight!!
  4. Disagree, Lehner came out of the blue to block it, in my view it was incidental contact as a result, there was no way he was going to have control of the puck. It fell to their feet and Backs knocked it in. Bottom line - any contact with the goalie on International Women’s day - its goalie interference.
  5. Gio, wake up and kick the puck to the corner! How bad can they get
  6. No mention of a Chucky trade on here please, the guy is simply the most entertaining Flame of all time!
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