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  1. Bennett 71% on the dot with a full game at center. I know, its Ottawa but best % today as far as I can see. I often think we struggle at draws, is there something to this?
  2. We have 2 decent lines. For me Lucic lets the third line down. i think Bennett and Dube do well, Bennett is getting better on draws and they had chances with Looch. Looch is fine some of the time but I would be trying someone else in Looch’s spot. I would also be trying Bennett on the second PP unit. Ryan back gives us some options if they keep Gawdin around. Ward needs to get past his Bruin days, stop favouring Looch to better the team. Looch has done better than expected, he has earned his spot but lets get real.
  3. Was Richie that bad? I thought he did ok and is a big tough body?
  4. These lines look good, go figure this is what most of thought they should start the season with.
  5. He’s had a decent year for sure but I question the PP.
  6. Great smart effort by Baklund, Bread just good, always Bennett very dumb, always
  7. Totally agree, he really struggled that period. Then he shoots with nobody anywhere near the net and in the air?
  8. Not sure, cant get much worse. We just need a place holder until they can hire a real coach.
  9. Wow, that was bad. I didn’t think they could bet worse. We will here a-lot about 3 in 4
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