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  1. So allowing teams and staff that are tested daily are monitored and housed in secure sterile accommodations, and are in peak physical condition is a risk to Canada? But allowing ( from China at just the Tor Int. Airport (today)) 6 flights a day without monitoring, without enforcing the 2 week stay at home quarantine, without testing arrivals, without contacting their canadian contacts is Less of a risk to Canada?
  2. I am not hoping to lose for a higher or highest pick. I would like to see us pick towards the end of the 1st round. A couple players come to mind. Tyson Foerster 6'1 RW William Wallinder 6"4 LHD
  3. Do the basic math https://videos.whatfinger.com/2020/06/26/journalist-lays-absolute-waste-to-ca-officials-for-excessive-lockdowns-this-is-a-smack-down-some-humor-thrown-in/?utm_source=whatfinger
  4. I wonder if Lucic would agree to change his nmc to a ntc for the expansion draft. There is no way Seattle picks him up if left exposed.
  5. I was thinking one way Seattle could help us with the refs and the Wideman curse. They could call themselves Seattle CHOP and have (Defund the Refs) in their logo.
  6. Thinking TBL Point and Cernak For Gaudreau and our 1st
  7. I call BS on the idea of trading Gaudreau to maximize return. He was nothing to acquire (4th round pick) He has been on a league and team friendly contract considering his output. He has had one season where he has missed and games due to injury (broken fingers) And some want to bring in Injury prone Hall (one full season) to replace him or a draft pick that we roll the dice on and hope that pick is close to producing what JG does. I say we roll with him next season and then ask HIM if he will extend or prefer to be traded.
  8. Mine is similar to Brewcrew but Bennett on LW and Harmonic is put back with Hanifin and which leaves RS Gust with brodie. Gaudreau-Monahan-Lindholm Tkachuk-Backlund-Mangiapane Lucic-Ryan-Dube Bennett-Jankowski-Rieder Giordano-Andersson Brodie-Gustafsson Hanifin-Hamonic Rittich starts Game 1 Talbot
  9. I came away watching this 11 min video thinking "who were the defense in front of him?" If the flames defense cleared the crease, tied up forwards, limited quality scoring chances like the russians did against Canada our goalie numbers would be in the top 5 in the league. So maybe instead of expecting a goalie to make us cup compliant we should be looking at the Russian coach running the D and bring him on as an assistant.
  10. I would offer Gaudreau an extension this year of 8M for 7 years with a MNTC. He is smart enough to understand his situation (undersized LWer). The Tkachuk long term contract is what will hurt this team. The Flames can forget about acquiring or drafting a player in the next 5 years that would put up his point total. If Gaudreau demands more than 8m then ya look for a trade but BT needs to make it a public offering and Gaudreau needs to accept or decline publicly that way the fan base accepts either consequence.
  11. Gaudreau is 11th in total points for the last 5 years. We will always lose in a trade if we move him. Sign him to a long term friendly extension and build a team with him NOT around him.
  12. Eichel would be the heartbeat of the team on Red Bull. For Eichel I would consider Tkachuk and Backland maybe a b prospect. Money works.
  13. Yup Too much time on my hands starting to see things!!
  14. BORN: Gavle, SWE DATE: July 28, 1997 HEIGHT: 5'11" WEIGHT: 185 lbs. SHOOTS: Right Interesting the picture they have of him he shoots left!! But the picture on elite prospects shows him shooting right. Maybe he shoots both ways and uses a no curve stick.
  15. prove it to me ( what I have read is Talbot wants to be a #1a and have read nothing about him leaving the Flames unless given that opportunity) If another team offers him a 1a position there is no way we could match that offer.
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