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  1. Interesting read in the sun a couple days ago.
  2. Nenshi isn't the only problem in our city counsel. But! To unclog a plugged toilet you must first remove the biggest piece of #@%#.
  3. Central and Southern Alberta has the highest average sunlight hours per year in Canada. I still think another form of revenue for the Flames would be miniature HD cameras in the players helmets with an additional 60 placed around the boards or top of glass. Charge a fee per game so we can sit at home and switch between feeds. (not going to happen but it would be interesting)
  4. Maybe they can make a new arena with a solar paneled roof. Then get Notley to pay for the whole thing.
  5. Interesting line I hope it works.
  6. What I predict for opening day roster. v3 Gaudreau-Monahan-Ferland Tkachuk-Backlund-Frolik Versteeg-Bennett-Brouwer Jankowski/Hathaway-Stajan--Lazar Hamilton- Jankowski/Hathaway Gio-Hamilton Brodie-Hamonic Kulak-Stone Bartkowski/Wotherspoon What I would like to see for opening day roster. Gaudreau-Monahan-Ferland Jankowski-Backlund-Frolik Tkachuk-Bennett- Lazar Versteeg-Stajan-Brouwer Hathaway/Hamilton Gio-Hamilton Brodie-Hamonic Kulak-Stone Bartkowski/Wotherspoon
  7. Important mayor election this round. I really want Nenshi gone but on the other hand if he is unemployed how will he pay back the money he owes us.
  8. A center must understand the role of his wingers in the offensive zone. I have stated since the start of this thread that it would serve Janko well to play a wingers role beside Backlund and Frolik. He has proven he is a center at the AHL level and soon at the NHL level. I feel a time of adjustment of play to the NHL level would serve him well in the long run.
  9. CALGARY'S LINEUP FORWARDS Andrew Mangiapane - Mark Jankowski - Spencer Foo Brett Pollock - Dillon Dube - Matthew Phillips What an exciting top 6 we have to look forward to.
  10. More teams are being forced to utilize ELC players. Backlund (with Frolik) have been instrumental for the Flames with prospect development. This not only adds to his price tag but it also adds to his trade value. The teams interested in Backlund would be flush with young prospects and would most likely not trade their prospects to us for his services. That leaves picks or older players. Under these circumstances his value to the Flames at trade deadline is in Calgary. A 3 or 4 year 6 million deal is not unrealistic in terms of worth in my opinion.
  11. I think SB left a little on the table this negotiation. I don't see it as BT getting the "better" but more of a maturity in Sam. That being said you watch Sam grow his game fundamentally this year and expect a wild breakout next year. A potential payout 2020.
  12. "oooh OH oh oooh OH oh You gotta keepem seperated"
  13. Maybe consider 1 size up on the tighty whiteys
  14. As in any business an employee must impress their immediate boss. That boss then makes a case to upper management for raises and extensions. So realistically how much did Bennett impress or instill confidence to GG. On the offensive side Bennett took too many untimely penalties and his poor positional play reminded me of a kid on too much sugar. This did work on the PK and we saw GG use Bennett more this last year in that roll. So how much will GG go to bat for Bennett will be determined by where Bennett fits into the system GG is trying to install. We keep saying Bennett needs to play with this X or this Y player to succeed but I can guarantee GG will not compromise lines that have had success under his system to further the career of a single player. So ultimately Bennett needs to be negotiating with GG and his agent with BT.
  15. Tuch is a big strong right wing that plays a solid 200 ft game that hasn't found his scoring touch like "Ferland" plus with 2 years left on his elc. Clarkson has 3 years left on a 5.25 million a year contract. He is on LTIR and there is a high percent he won't play another NHL game. Now the gamble for Calgary: Does Brouwer live up to his contract? If not we are stuck with 4.5 m player on the 4th line. At least with Clarkson we know we have 5 mil to spend albeit LTIR. I think BT could manage a 5.25 m LTIR contract better that a 4.5 m bad contract. Shinkaruk 1 year elc should be a NHL player Tuch 2 year elc will be a NHL player. The gamble for Vegas: They have already won big time taking the Clarkson contract. Nick Suzuki, CBJ 2nd rnd 2019; WPG 3rd rnd 2019 and now they could add a known NHLer that could excel in their system and they already have a 5m LTIR contract to deal with. Shinkaruk fits into their system as a LW better than the Flames