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  1. what about Tkachuk for Thomas and Parayko?
  2. A positive about the Lucic deal is whenever we play Edm its like we only pay him 2.58 m a year.
  3. redfire11

    UFA 2021

    Wondering what it would cost to try Bobby Ryan for 1 year?
  4. I would pass on Eichel. I am not sure now his injury will fully heal.
  5. redfire11

    UFA 2021

    I thought Pitts would have jumped on the Reaves deal. Hopefully that leaves them trading for Lucic
  6. you forgot to include Edm in the turtle derby
  7. I feel Fox at a 3rd round 66th OA (that wasn't going to sign here) was worth (at the time) getting that deal done. There were not any teams at that time willing to give up a single 2nd to get Fox.
  8. maybe yakupov at 750k might be a steal. His bad attitude has most likely been brought down to earth.
  9. I wonder about a trade with the Wild to Wild 12th overall to Cgy 21st and 25th overall
  10. I wonder how cheap Laine would go for after his horrible last season. Maybe Sutter could turn him around???
  11. to buf: Mony, JG, Lucic, edm 3rd rnd pick to Cal: Eichel, Skinner
  12. Trots has turned that Franchise around. Thats what a good coach does and listening to that coach is what a good GM does.
  13. I see in Skinners future a sore hip or shoulder, or an allergic reaction to his equipment. Buffalo could trade skinner and a high draft pick to one of TBL, Det, or Chicago who are masters at utilizing LTIR.
  14. 1)Lucic 2)Ryan 3)Stone 4)Backland 5) Bennett 6) Gaudreau 7)Riddich
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