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  1. Totally agree with this I also think an add on would be NO cap help from buy outs. More actual $ saving by the team. So if you screw up as a GM you live with it. If you screw up as a player you only get a small % of your salary and you live with it. LTIR is regulated and paid by the league.
  2. BT could be firm on 7 and Tkachuk 8m a season. Other teams would know this hence enticing Tkachuk to an Aho type offer. Aho got 8.4 with a huge chunk of it up front. Teams could see Calgary as vulnerable with cash up front with the Flame Org. putting out big $'s for the new arena. Show a kid 20m up front and they will be scrambling for a pen. I would take Aho at 8.4 all day long over Tkachuk at 7.5.
  3. I think the best scenario for signing Tkachuk would be matching an offer sheet of 7.5 to 7.75 mil. This would allow us to spend to our max of what we expect Tkachuk would get and also would pacify fans and current Flame players. This also would show going forward in negotiations with future RFA's that BT is not a TML Dubass.
  4. Hopefully there is no movement which would mean we would sign Tkachuk at a reasonable contract.
  5. So 7 other teams had a player or players with 95 points or more and none of those players are a trade consideration. I bet 23 other teams wish they had a 95 + point player and if they did would they complain that that player was too small or not the top player in playoffs NO. Instead of trading JG we should be looking for ways to elevate his game to a 100+ points in the regular season and a scoring force in the playoffs.
  6. I would like to see Kylington given a chance on the 3rd pair. Play him with Anderson and give anderson 1st PP.
  7. It would be nice to work a deal with Buf that would include Sam Reinhart with Rist. It would need to be dollar for dollar as Buf is hard up to the cap. Brodie , Frolik, 2020 1st Rist, Reinhart Not sure why buf would do this unless they really wanted to add a 1st rnd pick.
  8. Yup we all have our fingers crossed that Lucic pans out especially Lucic and BT.
  9. Yes we would need to over pay for either. But these 2 are the type of players this team needs and if I was BT I would offer what it took. Tuch deal would be difficult to pry from Vegas but then he is one of the few that does not have a NTC which means there is a slim chance with the right offer. CLB could use Brodie and Frolik is a typical Trots type of player so there might be some conversation there. It could very well be a pipe dream landing either of these 2 but then what is our chances in landing ANY player that would improve our top 6.
  10. What the Flames need to get to the next level is a Big, Aggressive, RHS RW that can score. There is only 2 in my mind that COULD be available with an over payment. Would it be worth it Absolutely. 1) Brodie,or Frolik or both, 2019 1st, 2020 2nd with a guarantee of a resign for: Anderson, Josh 2) Brodie or Frolik, 2019 1st, 2019 2nd, 2020 2nd for: Tuch, Alex Both deals are doable within the cap with all teams involved. Our RW would be set either could play with Tkachuk, Backlund and provide excellent pp presence. As much as I would like Nylander he just does not push the opposing team and both would be a cheaper Mark Stone.
  11. I thought Fanta was a good deal and played well for a 4th rnd and then we gave him up for nothing???
  12. Its funny you mention Backlunds comfort level with Frolik and how he struggled when Frolik was out with a broken jaw
  13. Understand where you are coming from. But I think we saw a different player in Tkachuk. Don't get me wrong I am thrilled to have Tkachuk on our team but unless we put him with Mony and JG or bring equal talent in I see him as a high 60 low 70 point player next year. That is why I feel his comfort level and experience with Backlund and Frolik will benefit him and the team more this year than gutting our team or placing him on the 1st line to be spoon fed 80 points. Tkachuk is NOT a heavy lifter to a line as I see him as a opportunist. I think if we force him to carry a line this year we will be disappointed. Frolik and Backlund are perfect mentors for him this season. Hopefully he can carry his own next year. Just my 2 cents.
  14. I think it is more like for Tkachuk If I can play another year with Backlund and Frolik and get !st line PP I'll be a point per game player and then crosses fingers he is not stuck with Lucic.
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