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  1. The problem with Notley winning a second term the NDP will think they earned it through merit not elimination. There is so much money waiting to be invested in Alberta once the NDP is gone; We could very well have "The UCP screams entitlement and a return to the past. Sky palaces, in bed with Alberta's elite, etc.". On one hand I would like to see the UCP minority gov with Notley keeping things in check but that would mean we keep the Carbon Tax. If the UCP can keep the tax and blame it on the NDP it will never go away. So my best case scenario for Alberta would be UCP minority with an Alberta "right" party picking up enough seats to form a majority for UCP "right" policies.
  2. If History repeats it self (as it always seems to do). We are playoff bound Peters 1st full season. Hopefully Peters is better at maintaining team focus year 2.
  3. I think Brodie was fighting too many "demons" this last season. I predict a new attitude along with a new coaching staff Brodie this coming season will be pushing norris CANDIDATE territory. 14 goals 32 assists +9.
  4. Jankowski Mark Jankowski is a native of Dundas, Ontario.[1] His grandfather, Lou, was a longtime professional player who appeared in 127 NHL games with the Detroit Red Wings and Chicago Blackhawks in the 1950s.[15] His great uncle is Hockey Hall of Famer, Red Kelly and his father, Len, played college hockey with the Cornell Big Red.[3] His uncle, Ryan, is currently the Director of Amateur Scouting for the Buffalo Sabres, and was recently Hockey Canada's Director of Players Personnel, a scout for the Montreal Canadiens and an assistant general manager with the New York Islanders.[16]
  5. I have a strong feeling we are going to see a big improvement from Bennett under Peters. Other than Dahlin or Svech I don't see anyone in the draft I would rather see on our team than Bennett for the next few years.
  6. If Karlsson is moved Stone is staying in Ottawa. Doesn't matter where he plays in the NHL stone will get PAID. If Karlsson gets moved Stone will be the top dog in Ottawa. Top dog on a non playoff team or a lesser dog on a playoff team; his agent will want him in the top dog status. As the saying goes!!! "Unless your the lead dog the view is always the same".
  7. If Karllson gets traded the Ottawa fans and press will blame Hoffman. Perfect alibi for management if they actually want to sell Karllson.
  8. Question for you FF as you seem to be tuned to the operations of the flyers. to Flyers: Brodie 2018 4th rnder To Flames: 2nd 2018 1st rnder 19th oa Travis Konecny
  9. Watching Karlsson and watching Brodie play. Brodie needs to get out of his funk and get his head out of his azz and we would have our Karlsson.
  10. If BT feels Hoffman can help this team!!! Then today is the time to make that trade offer. Hoffman's value is at his lowest and Ottawa would jump at the chance to show solidarity with Karlsson.
  11. You don't get pooped on when your on top!
  12. I heard Dallas was too Ruff on him.
  13. I like this. If we keep Brodie then Gio-Hammy Kulak-Hammer Brodie-Andersson Spoon And then give Brodie PP time with Hamilton
  14. You have to spend money to make money and and you need to give to get. I have been a Tuch fan since the start of the season even when he was in and out the the Vegas lineup. He has worked hard to be a force and you can see it in the seasons end and the playoffs. To Calgary: David Clarkson LTIR 5.25 m on the IR books for 2 years Alex Tuch ELC 9.25 k 1 year Nick Suzuki elc 3 years or a 2nd and 3rd rnd pic next year To Vegas: Dougie Hamilton Troy Brouwer Brouwer and Clarkson a wash so Hamiton for tuch and Suzuki
  15. Realistically Pitts could have put Troy Brouwer on a line with Malkin (98 points) and on a PP with Crosby, Malkin, Letang, shultz and Brouwer would be a steal at 4.5 mil with 80 to 90 points. I'm just saying I watched the Pens quite a bit this year and I saw from Kessel a Brouwer effort.