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  1. Good read and changes things up a bit (I like it). I especially like the Hannifin/ Andersson pairing. I really think we will start seeing positive improvement from Hannifin pared with Andersson.
  2. Something has to change with our lines. Hopefully one or all our proposals will be given a shot. Gaudreau is one of the more exciting players to watch in the league and he is slowly being stifled.
  3. That setup could very well work. I would like to try Tkachuk-Monahan-Lindholm Gaudreau-Bennett-Mangiapane Nordstrom-Backlund-Ryan Lucic-Gawdin-Dube
  4. I'll only be able to say "Damn Brodie What were you thinking" twice a year now.
  5. Wow didn't see that aav coming. Kudos to BT and Mangi. Leaves us with some spare change to shop!! "Perry"?
  6. It could set "as you say" a bad precedent; but less so than what I believed Vegas did on the expansion draft taking draft picks to select or not select certain players.
  7. In the thought about acquiring Hoffman. If Ottawa signed Hoffman for a 1 year 6m contract. and then traded Hoffman 50% RS to Calgary for Ryan and draft picks ie. (2021 2nd and 3rd) This is 1 way that we could get Hoffman but is Ottawa willing to spend 3 m for 2 picks and is Hoffman willing to take 6m for 1 year?
  8. Proposal: CGY - Ryan + 2020 2nd and 2020 3rd For VGK - Tuch Makes VGK cap compliant + 1.5m and gives them their needed 3rd line center Normally this would not fly but times are rough on over cap teams
  9. I wonder about a minor deal for Stockton to shore up our rw. To TOR 3rd or 4th to CGY https://www.capfriendly.com/players/joey-anderson
  10. Unfortunately TBL would not be able to match a 4.1m QO for anyone right now. Mind you Cernak would have to agree to the 4.1m. Get 3 gms to offer 4.1 m for Cernak, Cirelli, Segachev. TBL would lose 2 of them or have to trade 2 away. It's dirty pool but TBL played dirty last expansion draft.
  11. I agree with an earlier post Now is the time to put a offer sheet on Cernak 4.1m cost us a 2nd rounder. It is mean but TBL dug their own grave.
  12. His contract has to be worth 1 or 2 mill more not having Harmonic come back.
  13. Ya looking deeper Bos lost krug and have the need and cap space. I am sure Petro would be thrilled to end up in BOS. He could take over the C and replace those 6'7" shoes.
  14. So with STL and TOR out of the Pietrangelo sweepstakes who is left that could afford him?
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