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  1. Would like to see Ferland back here. Neal +
  2. 4 point game considering ARI is stomping on SJS
  3. I am happy to see Smith proved me wrong. WAY to go Smitty!!!
  4. Now that is the SMITH I was hoping to see. Keep it up Smitty!!!
  5. I know we need to give Smith some games and this home stand is a perfect opportunity. I just feel with Smith we are down 2 goals before the game starts; luckily we have a team that can score 3+ on a consistent basis. COME ON SMITH PROVE ME WRONG!!!
  6. Bring in a backup and replace Sigalet with Smith.
  7. Was wondering why Frolik was missing the 3rd period. I thought he was one of our top hustlers out there early on. Very well could be a trade thing.
  8. Watching the Philly game and there is just no question who our starting Goalie is.
  9. Add in Hanifin to that young group of defenders and we have a bright future
  10. I would really like to see what Gilles can do. If Gilles can even put up a .910 average we have the offense to win these tight games. I would try Gilles before spending our 1st but would have no problem entertaining a trade if he pulls a Smith.
  11. Tough to win a game when you get 3-4 empty net goals against you.
  12. Actually Smith wasn't pulled early enough (like 20 minutes before)
  13. Gillies in if BP wants a chance to get a W
  14. Lets hope Rittich starts against Boston. We can't afford to spot a team like that any goals. Smith wasn't terrible against Detroit but there were not many quality chances against him.
  15. For me Hathaway has been solid this year and deserves his ice time (even though on the 4th line). As said in previous post Why is Ryan being played over Frolik.?