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  1. Ward needs to be fluid or be replaced.
  2. Hamonic is what he is a steady 2nd pairing RHD.Not known for his offensive skill level but he brings effort and hard work and a little grit to this team. I would like to see him extended 3.5m x 3 years.
  3. Forward lines I am fine with but maybe Rinaldo for Jankowski. I am also starting to become a big fan of Kylington and feel the defensive pair of Kylington / Anderson should remain together as our future 1/2 defense pairing.
  4. I would like to see Ryan on a line with JG and Money. Ryan is a smart player and passer and would work well with JG.
  5. I think it is time to sit Backlund for a bit. AND get rid of Ward.
  6. This BS from Kassian and Tkachuk is exactly what the NHL needs. I bet the next BOA will be one of the most viewed pre playoff games. The NHL sending a "player safety guy" is just hyping the drama. So kudos to both players for adding free media to the game. We should remember they are just actors in this entertainment field.
  7. Cant sit back in this game. Ottawa seems to find a way to score mainly through hard work.
  8. I think the biggest problem is the Flames are playing Checkers and everyone else is playing Chess
  9. I feel the Flames are fast, semi strong, medium skilled but really lack in the hardworking dept. They also lack coaching and enthusiasm which would come with decent leadership.
  10. Excellent always look forward to these pyrostats.
  11. It makes me wonder who initiated the no talk. If it was Hall's agent then NJD needs to sit Hall until a lesser offer comes in or Hall breaks. It doesn't make sense that NJ would instigate the no talk as it would lessen Hall's return. I tend to think Hall's agent is holding out for an offer from Hall's preferred team. Can't see Calgary being Hall's preference of the 31 teams.
  12. redfire11


    Happy we gave Edm. our problem net minding. Smith last night 20/26 .769 S%
  13. Really liking how Rieder/Frolik are working together. I wonder with Bennett's style of play if he would work centering those two.
  14. The Dube Brothers line is doing great. I could see them continuing for the rest of the season and; "But what a fool believes, he sees No wise man has the power to reason away What seems to be Is always better than nothing Than nothing at all"
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