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  2. First things first is hire a coach. Then look at trades (departures and acquisitions) that would complement that coaching style. an example: Not sure how Brodie would work under Sutter Not sure how Bennett would work under Peters
  3. 1st good move of many this off season!!!!!
  4. Tavares is skilled, a leader, with a strong character But: I wonder if he would be worth the 11m per 8 years to the Flames. Don't get me wrong he is worth 11mil but at 8 years I don't think a good fit for the Flames. I think we have a larger roster cleanup than the Islanders. The acquisition of Tavares would force BT to do another all in for next year which means a top end RW most likely at 7 or 8 mil. There is no way Tavares is coming to Calgary without an ALL IN roster next year.
  5. Line numbers are not important to me and should be fluid. Line usage and makeup should be the focus. I think it is time Backlund and Frolik stepped up and took Bennett under their wing. If they could help Bennett to improve those 2 would also be helping themselves. I see Tkachuk leading and growing with Janko (solid 200 ft player) and Foo(I see flashes of solid top 6). Depending on the team you are facing Monahan's line could be 3rd and Janko line could be 2nd. If Bennett were to excel to a high percentage of his potential that would help the Flames as a whole immensely.
  6. For a while the Flames were a 1 trick pony with the first line. When opponents started shutting the first line down the second and third started to make some noise. The problem was the 2nd and 3rd line noise was not loud enough to open the ice for the first line. My thinking is to even up the skill on the lines using lines 2 and 4 as shut down. Keeping Ferland on the 1st line is the way to move forward IMO. JG - Mon- Ferl Benn-Back-Frol Tkch-Jank-Foo ??? - Shore-Lazar
  7. If you do go to the Rally on Sunday find me I'll be the one with the sign that says: Notley if you want to reduce green house gases Stop pulling my finger!!! Back side will say. I miss Ralph Kline!!!
  8. I helped set up a solar hot water tank system about 3 years ago south west of calgary. This was on a 16 x 72 modular home on an acreage. 80 gal solar HW tank and a 40 gal propane HW tank. In floor heating regular HW usage plus 4 man Jacuzzi in the summer. Before this installation they went through 1 to 2 500gal propane tanks a year for their FA Furnace and the 40 gal hw tank at between $1200 and $1500 a year. Cost of the Solar HW tank system $9000 including installation. Electricity went up about $6 a month and his 500 gal propane tank is nearly 3/4 full that he filled 3 years ago. No maintenance costs yet and this system will have paid for itself in 2 more years. He also uses this exclusively for heating his jacuzzi as before he used the spas heaters which was crazy electrical costs. I was thinking about this for my home in Calgary and contacted the Alberta Gov. to see if there was any rebates for this system. My reply was NO. This would have eliminated gas coming into my house; which is a NO NO for tax purposes. No carbon tax, no transmission fees, no administration fees, especially when I use 30-40$ of gas per month in my house and my bill is 160 to 170$. My rant is over!!! Hopefully everyone reading this joins me on Sunday April 15th at Calgary City hall to protest the Carbon Tax.
  9. Islamic Extremist Caught with USB Containing Identities of 2,626 French Intelligence Officials How the world leaders see this and their responses!!! (Parody) Trump(US) This is bad, very bad or not so bad. Putin(RUS) Wow and we only knew of 1500 Mossad(ISR) I wonder where the other 2 USB's are with the other 3000 identities. May(UK) I didn't think there was even 2000 intelligent people in France Merkel(GER) He was entitled to have that list Lofven(SWED) What an impressive pen pal list he has Mueller(FBI) If they want another USB they will have to pay again UN We'll send in some people to authenticate the story Morsi(EGPT) Behead that fool for getting caught Trudeau(CAN) SORRY!!!
  10. We nearly paid through the roof 1st time around trying to land ROR and it was the icing on the cake that cost GM Feaster his job. I can't see BT following that path.
  11. I still think GG's system of possession, waiting for the opponent to make a mistake, soft play, etc!!! would work well with a larger ice surface. I think he could get a job next year working with our Canadian Women's Olympic Hockey Team.
  12. To be successful in most businesses whether big or small and if you have employees; the owner must be capable of assembling a successful team. This could also include placing in charge a successful leader to build that winning team. A successful owner would not keep an employee around at 4.5 mil a year that lacked effort and accountability. When businesses start to fail you start replacing at the top. So if Burke is around for next season then I will conclude that the Flames ownership don't really give a ship.
  13. Wouldn't we need to give up a draft choice to hire AV as he is still under contract?
  14. YUP totally agree. Encouraging to see the hockey community pull together in support of one another.