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  1. The Dube Brothers line is doing great. I could see them continuing for the rest of the season and; "But what a fool believes, he sees No wise man has the power to reason away What seems to be Is always better than nothing Than nothing at all"
  2. I never thought I would be saying this but I am starting to see the positives of Lucic on the ice!!! He does inspire fear and you see it when d's and wingers are getting rushed to get rid of the puck to not get hit. Lucic is also becoming more involved in the play OR he is finally giving his 100%. Any way you look at it he has opened space for Ryan and Dube.
  3. I agree with everyone that Peter's should not have used abuse as part of his coaching. But then again WHERE ARE THE MENTAL AND PHYSICAL SCARS that Peter's has inflicted. Has the league followed up with counseling and medical staff?. So you can double hand a hockey stick and hit someone with it and break bones and be playing 3 games later. You can break a guys jaw with a over hand right and be playing in 10 minutes or next game. In this league kicking someone in the butt to get them motivated is a far greater crime than breaking bones with a double hand slash. Outside of the NHL the first MIGHT get you a fine and the second JAIL TIME. Now as far as racial abuse in and out of the NHL??? I'm not even going to go there.
  4. I could see the NHL adopting a legal contract by which every UFA, FA, Draftee, or new contract is asked the question " In regards to your hockey career Have you been Physically or Verbally assaulted by a person in authority? ". If no sign here if yes write down names, dates and particulars. This questionnaire would be made available to the league and all 32 teams. 7 years from now nhl abuse is no longer a story.
  5. Do you really think the Crosby's Gretzy's, Ovechkin's were given a hug after they screwed up by their coach. Come on!!! they took the criticism (however it was given) and learned from it; and it was probably worse than anyone else got. You hear them complaining NO they most likely contribute a large portion of their success to their coaches. So why is it the players that complain about strict coaches are the ones that didn't succeed in the game. People are always looking for an excuse why they didn't succeed in life or sport without ever looking in the mirror or their own level of compete.
  6. Having played upper tier hockey many decades ago coaches did what ever needed to be done for the team to win and the players to be better. You screw up bad or dog it on the ice expect to be yelled at maybe smacked on the helmet and called out in the dressing room. Then go tell your dad or guardian the coach was picking on you and you got 10 or 20 times worse. Did being called out, smacked, called names, make me work harder and a better player YES. The players that took it and dug in and tried harder moved on up the ladder the ones that felt hurt or sorry for them selves ended up in the rec leagues. I can just see the future of the NHL with coloring books and puppies for the players between periods.
  7. Now I could see Peters getting fired if he wore Black Face behind the bench at a game! No wait this is Canada Peters would get an extension on his contract.
  8. I am tired of waiting for Janks to break out. I think Dube or Froese would easily replace him.
  9. what a play by tkachuk and a beautiful goal by mangi!!!
  10. Will need a strong game from Talbot. Come on Flames lets make Talbot look good. GO FLAMES GO
  11. Well done Lucic on the retaliation against Sherwood. You interfere with our goalie that is what you should expect. Rittich went on to a shut out and was left alone the rest of the game. CBJ's are a dirty team and Lucic did his job and took that aspect out of their game. I feel good about Lucic's contribution moving forward. The Flames have a multitude of others that can score goals You keep doing what your paid to do Lucic.
  12. I really think no trade is a good trade right now. Need to build some line chemistry moving forward. At TDL lets see who doesn't belong.
  13. Bt brought in a player with what he thought was a player that could score 6 goals in his first 3 games. He also brought in a coach that saw things differently. Neal deserved to get run out of town after last year and after a summer of hard work he deserves his success. It is on BT and BP for not recognizing a change in Neal this summer but I think the main reason Tkachuk had an incredible night against LA was because of Lucic. Lucic allowed Tkachuk to be himself and not be pushed off his game. So yes Neal got gifted 4 goals last night but I feel Lucic was instrumental without actually seeing it on the scoreboard in Tkachucks 2 goals and an assist.
  14. Tkachuk should send Doughty a bottle of wine!! With the inscription: "Thanks for keeping me in the news when my on ice play hasn't"
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