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  1. I really think no trade is a good trade right now. Need to build some line chemistry moving forward. At TDL lets see who doesn't belong.
  2. Bt brought in a player with what he thought was a player that could score 6 goals in his first 3 games. He also brought in a coach that saw things differently. Neal deserved to get run out of town after last year and after a summer of hard work he deserves his success. It is on BT and BP for not recognizing a change in Neal this summer but I think the main reason Tkachuk had an incredible night against LA was because of Lucic. Lucic allowed Tkachuk to be himself and not be pushed off his game. So yes Neal got gifted 4 goals last night but I feel Lucic was instrumental without actually seeing it on the scoreboard in Tkachucks 2 goals and an assist.
  3. Tkachuk should send Doughty a bottle of wine!! With the inscription: "Thanks for keeping me in the news when my on ice play hasn't"
  4. We missed out on Nichushkin which played a good game against us and he was to have attitude problems.
  5. Interesting that Capfriendly does not show the Rieder transaction but it shows the Rinaldo one.!!
  6. I wonder if Buff is on a personal strike protesting the dismantling of a potential cup contender
  7. I'm sure that and the fact that is all the money the Flames had.
  8. Good on him He just earned a ton of locker room respect.
  9. With both Russians in Stockton I can see an easier transition for 2 playing the same position and learning the language. "Living in Cali will be a culture shock though" Yup!! Cali where dogs step in human poop!!!!
  10. Ana Ott Wpg are the only teams that could offer sheet Tkachuk in the 8.2 - 10.2 range and I would take the 2 x 1st's , a 2nd and a 3rd from Ana or Ott.
  11. Tell me how Bt will pay Tkachuk. What team is going to jump in and do us a favor.
  12. There's no credit cards in cap hockey once the season starts. No buy now pay later. Flames could come up with about 7 m this year. I am sure BT is trying to move cap but so is 10 other teams. Unless BT gives away a roster player or pays to have someone take one the offer to Tkachuk will be 7 or less.
  13. Streaming!!! Just take a gravol and a couple tylenol
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