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  1. These are the teams that have (Cap Space) that could trade (PICS) for players/contracts. NYR CHI BUF MIN NJD OTT 25 teams will be courting these 6 teams. 3 of them are price conscious teams BUF,OTT,NJD that would like to stay just above the cap floor. So not really sure I see the Flames opening up cap space to bring in an effective player. Are the Flames players that we consider trade-able any way comparable to what 24 other teams can offer or NEED to offer to be cap compliant? I see small tweaks in next years line up but I think BT has his hands tied and will need to be extremely creative to make an improvement. That said in BT I trust.
  2. Wow Buffalo just gave Skinner 8 years 9 mil. Skinner stats 82 40 23 63 This could hurt us in negotiations with Tkachuk
  3. The player I would like to get from Vegas using our 1st rnder + is Tuck. A big hard on the puck right winger. Also one of the few players without a NTC. He would work excellent with JG and Mony or Tkachuk and Backlund. He is tied up long term at a reasonable contract but would they move him?
  4. By staying in Calgary and playing in the playoffs Frolik was guaranteed a minimum $15,000. So ya I would have choose to not waive.
  5. this trade sets both teams up nicely to TOR Harmonic RD Brodie LD/RD to CGY Gauthier C Kapanen RW Zaitsev LD (Trade him and bring back Engelland)
  6. Gaudreau and Neal to NJD for 1st OA Pick and 2nd rnd pick. Flames 1st 26OA and NJD 2nd Rnd traded for an impact winger/s Mangiapane Hughes Hathaway would be a lethal 3rd line
  7. If we can sign Tkachuk on a lower bridge deal I could see us being able to afford Neal's contract. We never gave up any assets to obtain Neal so if we were to get Anything for him in a trade is found Money and Assets.
  8. Unfortunately Jtech everything you posted about Neal is Correct. Might have to teach him to fight.
  9. Totally agree I watched nearly every game last year and saw Frolik was one of the few that gave his all. Geo Hammonic Gaudreau Mangiapane Hathaway Lindholm were in this top effort close to every game. Towards the end you could see Ryan Anderson Bennett starting to come around. Glimpses of effort from Monahan Tkachuk Backlund. We are going no where until we are an all in every game team.
  10. Miller would have to be exposed in the expansion draft so yes I see Tampa wanting to get something for him.
  11. 3/4's the way through the season TBL and CGY quit playing like a team and started padding player stats.
  12. Take a look at the success CBJ and CAR are having playing aggressively with 2 players on the fore check and how easily our defense was rattled by an aggressive AVS fore check. Remember when our 3 M line was successful Ya that was when Frolik and Tkachuk were hard in on the defense with Backlund following in to intercept the shoot out. Their success failed as soon as Frolik was the lone dirty area guy. And you wonder why Frolik has no problems changing area codes AND why I have no problem getting a good return on Tkachuk. Remember Ferland his success crunching defense and stealing pucks in the corners and that all changed when he decided he was worth more as a goal scorer than a grinder (this remind you of anyone currently on our team). So my strategy is get rid of Neal, Tkachuk, maybe Backlund, Monahan and bring in the "Josh Anderson's, Alex Tuch's, Justin William's,Carl Soderburg's" etc. Not those players specifically but their hard on the puck work ethic.
  13. So what I see on this board over the last month or more is: We trade our players that fore check and dig pucks out of the dirty areas (Frolik, Hathaway, Mangipane) or move players to center that do that ( Bennett, Lindholm) then keep or add more players that wait around for a pass to score. (Monahan, Backlund, Tkachuk, Neal) Wow this looks like a winning strategy.
  14. In the end it would be: Kapanen and Johnsson and SJS 2020 1st for Tkachuk, Kylington, 2020 3rd We are a better team and better situated for a buyers market over the summer.
  15. So 2 deals here. Have to agree Tkachuk's cheap shots, slow skating , and turtling when retribution is due. So: To Ottawa Tkachuk Kylington To Calgary Chabot 2020 1st rnd SJS pick Then To Toronto Chabot This works for TO as they shed salary and get a good D on ELC 2020 Calgary 3rd rnd pick To Calgary Kapanen (1st line RW) Johnson ( replace Tkachuk 2nd line using lindholm RW) Now we have a little cap and an extra 1st rnd pick in 2020 to upgrade especially if we unload Neal . Then
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