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  1. And sometimes... Not my wife... Not your wife... But sometimes... Wives are a pain. Perhaps not in this case but just saying.
  2. We will now get to see just how good Karlsson is. His many mistakes won't be tolerated in the west.
  3. Near impossible to train hard work ethic. Frolik is one of the hardest working Flames. Too many others I would trade before his name even came up.
  4. Panarin, Bobrovosky both signed for Backlund, Gaudreau, Bennett
  5. I hope they don't bring back any cheap hockey sticks.
  6. Gaudreau, Monahan, Neal Tkachuk, Backlund Lindholm Frolik, Ryan ,Czarnik Bennett,Jankowski Foo/Hathaway I would like to see Bennett and Jankowski start to gel together. Frolik would definitely work with Czarnik. I see 2 third lines.
  7. If he doesn't sign soon I'll start using some major spelling errors for his name.
  8. Totally agree that the Caps are not an Elite team; they have some elite players though. In the 17/18 season I feel nearly all the teams had a poor year across the board. So it's not so much that the Caps were elite but that NO team last year was elite. I have a strong feeling this year will be different.
  9. Boston put Pastranak with Marchand and Bergeron How could he not have a couple fantastic years. If Boston would have put Mangapane with those 2 he would be a star. You wonder if Boston would have stuck Pastranak on the 4th line like we do with our prospects where would his career be right now.
  10. Yes and a first round sweep.
  11. He got good advice. You take the money NOW. Unless he lights it up next year Kulak will be dumped on again ( this contract just paid him for 4.5 years of being dumped on in the minors). Either way whether he makes 200 or 900 k this year he has to have an outstanding season to get another contract.
  12. I could see Detroit or Toronto taking Kukak
  13. I think BT is sending a message to the other Arb qualifiers and to our Ahlers. Not a class move by BT .
  14. I'll add a conversation trade. Brouwer, Stone, 2019 4th(NYI), 2020 2nd to NYR for Spooner, Ryan
  15. correct BT was like a teenager with a new credit card. Hopefully we don't pay with prospects.