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  1. Ryan Lomberg LW | 5' 9" | 187 lb | Age: 23 The little train WRECK that could. SOO looking forward to seeing Ryan in a NHL game. Lomberg/Lazar/Hathaway
  2. It was a nice soft pass to their defense man.
  3. Lazar and Ferland both having a great game so far.
  4. Frolik like Hornquist like Oshie you don't see on the boxscore every night but you sure miss them when they are injured. Frolik one of the last pieces I would move.
  5. I like the line Bennett-Jankowski-Hathaway Hathaway has played 4 really good games in a row and keeps getting better. ( 3 incredible plays last night vs TBL) I think the only trades we do right now is for pics or to open up spots to bring in guys from the Heat. And as I have been down on Brouwer he is SLOWLY becoming an important part in some areas. Hit/fight/PK/assist not a bad night.
  6. Was it just me or did anyone else see GG actually try and control and match lines against Minny. Twice I saw him go Mony line then Janko line then back to Mony line catching their 4th line against our best line. Maybe he is evolving I hope so.
  7. Who is Roman Durney you have any info?
  8. I am another Fan of Lazar on our 4th line. Things havn't been going his way this year but when I watch him play the effort is there and he has been doing a great job of finishing his checks. I really like the idea by Brewcrew Mangiapane-Hrivik-Lazar
  9. Like Ferland doesn't play RW and doesn't have the skill to play top 6. and how do you know till you try it. Which reminds me What ever happened to Pribyl
  10. So many teams are giving their young call-ups quality time on the 1st or second line and it is working. Connor Wpg, Dubois Cbj, Heinen Bos, Konency Phi. On and On. These young guys respond to playing with quality players and take that mind set when moved through-out the line up. So why not Hathaway, or Mangipane or Hirivk or Klimchuk replacing Frolik?
  11. I am actually a fan of Franson. He plays a similar game to Engelland has a booming shot and is as tough as heck 6.5" but lacks that Offensive IQ. I have a strong feeling he will be picked up on waivers. Mtl Car Fla will most likely jump on it.
  12. totally agree. We would be a playoff team with a PP that was in the top half of the league. I watched the Bos Pens game last night and paid close attention to the Pens PP as they are the best in the league by a long shot. The Pens rarely do the drop pass where you have 3 guys standing at the blue line waiting for the puck to enter the O zone. I saw 4 guys attacking the blue at the same time. If all 4 defenders stood the blue line they dumped it in. Nearly every time they retrieved the puck for possession. If the defenders backed off they carried it in 4 strong and set up immediately. This "give it to Johnny" and the team wait for him at the blue line is getting old. We can't shoot it in because all our forwards are standing still at the blue line and we lose possession. Maybe Cammeron and GG need to start emulating successful PP's; do the research and practice it.
  13. Your responses remind me of a spoiled teenager.
  14. What a freakin game This is like playoff hockey. Crackin my fav beer and set up a bowl of popcorn for the 3rd. GO FLAMES GO.