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  1. LOL I initially had it wrong with 1 m and then selected wrong on the spell check. I guess it is more comedy than committee.
  2. Declined on making the Olympic Comity fat cats richer with MY Money. Voted NO
  3. Much better performance by Smith against the shark's. Still again I only saw him ice the puck twice could have been more I just recall 2. Still WTF.
  4. Incredible Footage and some major determination by the cub.
  5. Come on Smith prove to everyone you want to be a legit starter.
  6. Not sure we need another 4th liner (Kassian) But at some point in the season the Flames or a desperate team will need a RH 3rd pairing D.
  7. Excellent play by the 4th. One of Hathaway's best games. Liked Bennetts game also.
  8. It's so refreshing to hear the announcers say "makes a save"
  9. I thought a waiver was required to send Smith the Stockton. In the ANA game I was disappointed about his lack of ability to make a save but what really got my goat was his 4 icings. Icing kills team momentum and allows opposing teams to dictate lines in the offensive zone. Not only does it deflate a team to let in soft goals but then shutting down offensive momentum is a double kick to the kajollies. If Smith wants to stick handle so bad we should just change his equipment and let him replace Prout.
  10. Going back to the clip of Neal tearing into Smith(can't find it) about Smith's playing the puck when there should have been an icing in the Colorado game. I remember thinking at the time Smith doesn't give a sh!#. His play of late has mirrored that and I am seeing that more and more now that I am looking for it. Maybe this is a good time to place him on waivers as I don't see anyone picking him up at the moment and it would be a big wake up call for him. No way any team is going to take a 4.2 m waiver contract on a goalie at this time of the season. Send him to the heat and bring up Gilles. This also forces Rittich to sh!# or get off the pot. Luckily we are early enough in the season we can afford this right now.
  11. I am concerned with BP's comment after the Anaheim loss. "For what it’s worth, Peters said he thought goaltender Mike Smith had a good game."
  12. Kill 2 birds with one stone!! Make Smith the Goalie coach. ( can't be worse than sigalet)
  14. Smith needs to sit for a few weeks maybe 3. 2 soft goals and 4 icings.
  15. Toronto next year has 30m cap space Matthews and Marner 20m That leaves 10m for 6 forwards 4 defenseman and a backup goalie. The only players they will take back for a trade for Nylander will be on ELC's and as high a draft pick that they can to grab their own ELC.