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  1. LOL yes Maybe a home in CAR, FLA or ARI???
  2. Do you think Babcock, Quenneville, Tortorella, Trotz would have stood there like a deer in headlights. Half or all of them would have been kicked out of the game with fines coming later. Not only would this send a message to your team "you have their back" but league wide the refs decisions would be dissected. It would not have helped this game but I guarantee next time that ref plays against that coach the ref is going to go out of his way to make sure he gets his calls correct.
  3. Great emotion GG on the bench Weds night against Det. While the refs are bending the team over the boards you stand there seemingly disinterested. I was waiting for him to pull up those miniature binoculars on a stick to check the penalty board. YA I know everyone "What could GG have done"!!! He could have showed his team he gives a s@#$ about them.
  4. I didn't agree with everything you said but it was a job well done. My 2 fingers would be so sore after typing all that.
  5. Yup If you want to feel real good about our cap situation for the next few years! GO look at Edmontons!!!!
  6. We need our defense to show up. Detroit can be explosive.
  7. The operative words are If and might. I understand 2 more years of hoping he makes an impact is too long and yes if we can trade him we go for it. Just hoping he makes the next few years bearable.
  8. If Brouwer plays a few more games like he did against STL we might want to keep him.
  9. What a unique chemistry that 3rd line has. Jagr controls the play by slowing it down and maintaining possession. Bennett speeds up play by being a train wreck and creating havoc. Janko seems to be that medium that compliments either style. Also his speed is deceiving with that long stride; kind of like McDavid's without that explosive start.
  10. Watching the Dal and CAR game. I am so glad we didn't go all in on Bishop.
  11. To Calgary: James Neal 1 year 5m Tuch 2 years at 1 m ELC Clarkson 3 years at 5.25m IR To Vegas: Bennett 2m for 2 years Brouwer 4.5m for 3 years 2018 4th rnd from FLA If Neal resigns : 2019or20 4th rnd from NYI
  12. Last season started with people calling for Cameron's head because the PP was useless. They mad some tweaks to it and it improved to the point where it was one of the best from January on. This year, similar to last, is more about the usage not matching the need. Brouwer to provide a net presence, but only results in him getting hit with the puck. Versteeg being added when we have two QB's out there in Brodie and JH. Not putting a heavy shot on the point. To me, the problem lies with who is being used, which leads to the way they execute. Replace Versteeg with a shooter. Replace Brouwer with a guy that can deflect the puck or sense enough to get in the sight lines. Blame the guy that makes those choices. Maybe it's the exact same setup as last year, but things don't always work 2 years in a row. Versteeg is not the same player this year. JH is starting to shoot more. THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^^
  13. So if this is correct that Dave Cameron is running our PP. His record with Ottawa 15/16 was 4th worst in the league with Karlsson as a D. At least his record is improving (SLIGHTLY). Again this is on GG and his decision making.
  14. Interesting GG gave us some very different looks with lines versus Det. But Versteeg on defense on the PP again!!! Our PP bottom 10 of the league. Anyone know who is running the PP??
  15. Twice Tkachuk has tried that similar move without success and this is probably the first time we have talked about that. I like the move as he is actually shooting off his forehand instead of his backhand with the goalie following the backhand look. Also very happy he is one of our prospects.