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  1. If ownership brings in a new GM That GM will replace Ward. I am a supporter of BT but will quickly turn against him if he doesn't improve the coaching staff.
  2. Who knows you might get a couple free tickets for the advice.
  3. I predict Laine will be traded in the coming weeks. Roslivic was the piece from Wpg that Cbj wanted. Do you think Torts would put up with Laine? Laine gets a bruise or breaks a nail and he is on IR. Please BT NOT a Laine for Money trade.
  4. And we would have a different Coach
  5. Totally agree with this especially the bolded
  6. I for one am for keeping Hanifin. I see a duo of Hanifin/Andersson overtaking Geo/Tanev for the 1st pairing at sometime in the late season. Also I see Kylington as the down the road Brodie replacement but better. His speed is equal and is physically stronger with only his hockey IQ needing to improve..
  7. A question? Could BT sign Kylington to a 1m contract 2020 season and then a week later extend his contract for the 21/22 seasons for lets say 2m each. That would get him signed this year to keep us under the cap and commit to him for a longer period.
  8. It would be tough to lose Gaudreau BUT Bjorkstrand + Andrew Peeke + 1st and a very important 4 m in cap. Now what was done with the 4 m cap would determine if we won the trade and become a better team Gaudreau-less.
  9. Good read and changes things up a bit (I like it). I especially like the Hannifin/ Andersson pairing. I really think we will start seeing positive improvement from Hannifin pared with Andersson.
  10. Something has to change with our lines. Hopefully one or all our proposals will be given a shot. Gaudreau is one of the more exciting players to watch in the league and he is slowly being stifled.
  11. That setup could very well work. I would like to try Tkachuk-Monahan-Lindholm Gaudreau-Bennett-Mangiapane Nordstrom-Backlund-Ryan Lucic-Gawdin-Dube
  12. I'll only be able to say "Damn Brodie What were you thinking" twice a year now.
  13. Wow didn't see that aav coming. Kudos to BT and Mangi. Leaves us with some spare change to shop!! "Perry"?
  14. It could set "as you say" a bad precedent; but less so than what I believed Vegas did on the expansion draft taking draft picks to select or not select certain players.
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