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  1. Such a good idea. (you sure it was from Burke???)
  2. I hope we get the vice-president's trophy
  3. Yup watching it too Rough and Fast. They would beat themselves up bad/good before facing us.
  4. I think our 1st round opponent is less important than ensuring SJS and VGK play each other the first round. We will have to go through either to advance and would prefer they beat up on each other.
  5. Flames playing good
  6. Johnny's rollin WOW
  7. I kind of like the idea of Quine centering JG and Lindholm. Quine is a little heavier and has been effective in Stockton. Lindholm will be there to back him up on center. Lets hope Quine gets a few good shots of purple gat.
  8. Cheers FF Flames 5 Rags 1
  9. It is too easy to live and not in this anonymous world. It is important that FF52"s passing and contributions have been noted. Well done Carty, Pyro!!!
  10. We have lost a GREAT fan. I too will miss his posts. Guaranteed I will raise a toast to you Larry (FF52) on Friday. RIP
  11. I would like to give JG-Ryan-Czarnik a couple offensive zone starts. Small line but it would be creative.
  12. In my opinion Tkachuk is not deserving of a big contract. Somewhere between Lindholm and Monahan for a show me contract. If then he shows us he is worth a big contract then pay the man and then we can dump some mid tier players. Today his play is not pushing the envelope and last night was the first time in a while he played to his strengths and expectations.
  13. Glad to see Hathaway only getting the Game Miscon. Nice to see him in the lineup. Crunch the buds hathaway.
  14. Yes your correct Cross. A few changes and we could have won that game. Invaluable lessons for the playoffs (If Learned)