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  1. It is" ALL about What can you do for me NOW." GG will hold all prospects to the same criteria that HE is being held by "What are you doing for me now" GG will play the players that will give HIM the most success THIS YEAR. His concern is not about will we be a better team next year or the year after if I play player X his concern and job is about winning NOW. Unless a prospect knocks it out of the park day one you can realistically not see a prospect earning a spot on the team. Decisions have been made for GG by BT on ( Kulak or Wotherspoon) and Lazar
  2. JG might consider some better hand and wrist protective gear this year. He can afford it. Maybe these under a larger pair of Hockey gloves.
  3. Another question would be if Edmonton and Calgary both missed the playoffs next year Which GM Chiarelli or Treliving would have a job in 2019. Edmonton does not have the pipeline or assets to bounce back in 2019 if they miss the playoffs in 2018; where I see Calgary capable of a major bounce back after a bad year. I would pick Treliving as having the better asset and $ management.
  4. About Brouwer. I'm sure BT when asked about Brouwer and BT knowing he is untradeable right now probably thought "If you don't have something nice to say Don't say anything at all." Being good in the locker room, mentoring the youngsters etc was a lot better than saying nothing and have the reporters draw their own conclusions.
  5. I am not a MSN fan but I am encouraged by what was said here.’s-improved-most-so-far/ar-AAosnF4?li=AA54y7&ocid=spartandhp
  6. Agreed We will be moving up some prospects. I think Foo should be given 10+ games to see what he brings and see if he earns a job. If he doesn't make the team he is rewarded by a burnt ELC year. ( Foo had offers from better looking dates at this dance and since he chose the Flames; we should at least let him get to 2nd base.)
  7. I would bring in Jagr, Doan, or Iginla before I would consider Kessel
  8. I foresee large brewing companies offering new drinks infused with THC. A ie.(lemon spritzer) with x% of THC that you buy at the liquor store. I remember in my younger year eating hash brownies and they always seemed to take a while to kick in. Might have to mix it with something to get a kick right away like drinking a beer. Maybe a Red Bull THC combo.
  9. At least Trump would never hide behind a Burka giving 10's of millions of dollars to known terrorists for killing and maiming Canadian soldiers.
  10. Klimchuk had a decent productive year in Stockton. 66gp 19g 24a 43p He has one more year of ELC which looks like it will be spent in Stockton. A good showing next year could warrant a callup.
  11. There is 5 or 6 Stockton prospects I would rather see on the Flames next year than Joki.
  12. Detroit and the state of Michigan are nearly bankrupt and yet they are doing what it takes to ensure the Wings get a new facility. "The initial base price is $450 million. Problems, changes and added amenities could increase that final cost. Anything beyond $450 million must be paid by the Ilitches. The ancillary development — bars, restaurants, stores, apartments, townhomes — is at least $200 million, and will be privately financed by the Ilitches and their third-party business partners. The Ilitches are obligated to pay any arena costs beyond the $450 million. Their business empire, which includes the Little Caesars pizza chain, had $3.1 billion in 2013 revenue. The Michigan Strategic Fund will sell $450 million in two series of bonds. They will be divided into $250 million in Series A bonds that will be backed by property taxes already captured by the Downtown Development Authority. The $200 million in Series B bonds will be backed by the $11.5 million Olympia Development has agreed to pay the DDA for bond retirement." Makes me wonder just how committed the city of Calgary and the province of Alberta is.
  13. Exactly!!! It seems like the only way to make the Flames is bypassing Stockton. We should just trade all our picks for 1st rounders that will make the club.
  14. I could see BT selling Wotherspoon to Colorado for 2019 3rd round Maybe Bartkowski to Colorado for 2019 4th rnd pic