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  1. If BT can't get Lucic's NMC removed for the expansion draft then we talk about who replaces him.
  2. I think too much is being made of this nothing trade. Neither players will make a big impact. Zero expectations for both players. Our ONLY saving grace on this trade is no-one will say that to Lucic's face.
  3. AHH NO!! All the other stuff is why this trade sucks More effective player? Have you watched any Oiler games. increases Cap space and provides (probable) a nice draft pick.? 500k what is that going to buy you in today's NHL and Neal has to have a career best year for us to get a 3rd. We just took on a NMC and made our #1 rivals better and bailed them out of a tight situation. BT just got owned. Better choices Buy out Neal Add a 2nd or 3rd rnd to trade Neal for a bag of pucks Bring in Maroon or Smith-Kelly or Engelland on the cheap
  4. I could see using Lucic on a PP start. He would be really hard to move from in front of the net. Maybe teach Tkachuk a few things. ( just stretching for positives)
  5. Yup he does Like: -giving our Penalty kill more practice. -exposing a prospect because we have to protect Lucic in the expansion draft. -learning to execute a 2 man breakout
  6. I hope BT makes another trade. He just traded the worst contract and player from the Flames for the worst contract and player in the League. So there is No way BT can screw up that bad again. (I hope)
  7. Not sure we could pry Toffoli out of LA. But we could possibly trade Stone to ANA for a 5th or 6th
  8. I think the Flames biggest problem was once they realized they had a top 10 league point player in Gaudreau they should have focused their draft on complementing HIM with size and skill picks. This season when JG had a good game we added 2 points. When he was shut down and immobilized we lost. We should have built a team around him. Some might say BT brought in Neal for that purpose but that ship sailed.
  9. Good job on the thread JJ. The Xavier kid looks like a shot. I really like the " a tough kid with a low center of gravity"
  10. Good to see Lomberg signed really like the player. That one player has more heart than half our regular team. Don't see him up but for a couple games but thats fine.
  11. I see as our only dance partners are NJD 1 year contracts only as they have some big contracts coming up next year OTT It seems they will take contracts if sweetened with pics CBJ They are kind of a mix of needing pics and budgeting for next years big payouts.
  12. Ya I read 600%. It just goes to show what a signing or trade for a good player in the off season will do for a franchise.
  13. Sumo in a butterfly would have 70+% of the net covered without moving.
  14. Apparently James Neal has been spending his summer working hard in Toronto, even turning down golf trips with friends to focus on getting back in shape. I don't see turning down golf games as a big commitment to getting into shape. Now turning down the 6 beers, the 2 hotdogs, and the cart is trending in the right direction.
  15. Alex Tuch ,Josh Anderson both play the type of game the Flames need right now. Tough to acquire though.
  16. redfire11


    Agreed this was my biggest Smith complaint. Oh Ya and consistently being out of position and OH Ya clearing the puck onto an oppositions stick.
  17. Understand Thanks. It was a long shot now a really long shot.
  18. I think there may be a reason why Vegas didn't give W Karlsson a NTC. If they are high on Gusev a Brodie + for WK.
  19. Vegas has already used 2.675 of Clarkson's 5.250 LTIR so they have 2.5 of LTIR to sign 3 more players to fill their roster. So if they get rid of Eakin and Gusev virtually NO salary can come back.
  20. Just my opinion but I thought I would fix this for ME. "We have Stone and Neal that we need to move off, just to have reasonable space."
  21. Especially in Aho's case he was selected in the 2nd round.
  22. I really like this. Tkachuk - Lindholm - Nylander Gaudreau - Monahan - Ferland With 1st PP Gaudreau - Monahan - Tkachuk Giodano Lindholm
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