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  1. I think with them, it's like us, if they miss the playoffs but improve, it's some success. Not being bottom feeders and competitive nightly will do a lot. It's what I expect from us, and with the slight improvements they should. Yet to be seen, but it's going to get harder as teams get better.
  2. Why not move RNH to wing? Cs don't have to play C just because that's what they always played... I don't get why some feel like that's how things have to be?
  3. I want Jankowski to make the NHL but I also want him to play in the AHL to create further development for other players. Someone Playing with better players makes them better. Poirier and Shinkurak would get top minutes with Jankowsku and I think it helps all three. Then the subsequent lines slot where they should be and development happens at the proper pace. When our team gets fuller, it could get better in the A. Hoping that happens.
  4. I think RNH was one of the guys that needed to come in slowly. His skill was there but his body frame wasn't, and I think was about 2 extra years from developing. Like you said, he will be healthy one day and maybe that's this year?
  5. Conundrum made total sense. He asked whether we would trade Brodie for Hall. So Conundrum is asking whether Brodie equates to Larsson and would you or any of us trade Brodes for Hall straight up? It's a fair question.
  6. Thanks for that DL44... Good analysis.
  7. I wonder what DL44's take is on Vey? I don't like the signing... Although it is a 2-way one year it isn't terrible in that sense. But Vey reminds me of a poor man's Raymond...
  8. Players move around on the ice, it's really where they start and where they defend that defines the wing they play.
  9. Good breakdown. But what were their teams like? .500 hockey teams. Did they have Dmen that could handle more minutes? This assessment plays into Travel's theory that the 4th line needs a touch of skill to produce with those minutes.
  10. It will depend on how the other team sees the Bennett line (on the road). It could very well pan out, Monahan, Backlund, Bennett as top 3. Bennett still has a lot to show as a C and that's no slight on him.
  11. Bouma and Ferland are not legit 2nd liners yet and have a lot to prove after last season. Both had bad years and Ferland didn't progress as hoped. There are still a few players that need to continue their development. Ferland and Bennett are two. For me, Tkachuk would do well going back to London, as some have said, to continue his development. He plays a hard nosed game and isn't a man yet to play that style against men. Give him one year. Plus for salary structure, I would like to spread out the dough further and have him on an entry level contract when we are ready to go deep into the playoffs in about 3 years. (if we get there?)
  12. Well, it could be 850,000 2-way? He still gets paid the 850 while in the A.
  13. And they didn't want the one-way contract or manditory pay raise.
  14. Funny! I just mentioned that in another thread. Travel, I hate when we reference the fact we were "only" 10 points out. It doesn't comment on the actual look of the team the eye reference of what this team looked like the whole year. This is where stats do not fly. So we were 10 points out? but we also faced easier goalies and teams that didn't give their all because we ended up winning a few extra games. 10 points is flattering a disaster of a season. Stats only say so much and they don't tell the whole story.
  15. I believe we will improve, I just don't like to predict playoffs and high success. I am liking the additions and interested in what else gets done. I think we will be close, but i want to wait and see. Last summer we had guys expecting playoffs and contending for the Cup. We need to temper expectations. Or we begin to sound like John Garrett... And other Canucks fans.