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  1. I want Jankowski to make the NHL but I also want him to play in the AHL to create further development for other players. Someone Playing with better players makes them better. Poirier and Shinkurak would get top minutes with Jankowsku and I think it helps all three. Then the subsequent lines slot where they should be and development happens at the proper pace. When our team gets fuller, it could get better in the A. Hoping that happens.
  2. robrob1974


    Well, it could be 850,000 2-way? He still gets paid the 850 while in the A.
  3. robrob1974


    And they didn't want the one-way contract or manditory pay raise.
  4. robrob1974


    Funny! I just mentioned that in another thread. Travel, I hate when we reference the fact we were "only" 10 points out. It doesn't comment on the actual look of the team the eye reference of what this team looked like the whole year. This is where stats do not fly. So we were 10 points out? but we also faced easier goalies and teams that didn't give their all because we ended up winning a few extra games. 10 points is flattering a disaster of a season. Stats only say so much and they don't tell the whole story.
  5. robrob1974


    I believe we will improve, I just don't like to predict playoffs and high success. I am liking the additions and interested in what else gets done. I think we will be close, but i want to wait and see. Last summer we had guys expecting playoffs and contending for the Cup. We need to temper expectations. Or we begin to sound like John Garrett... And other Canucks fans.
  6. robrob1974


    So we have a Goalie now. But last year we were still only two spots ahead of the Oilers in the league. McDavid will be a year older and if he stays healthy helps them win at least ten more games or more. We have to wait and see how it all pans out once TC starts.
  7. I think yak would cost more than Wideman, maybe plus a prospect or pick?
  8. robrob1974


    We also have to contend with other teams improving too. Edmonton and Arizona should be better. Maybe the Canucks add enough to their pot to sniff a little playoff push but miss. Winnipeg will be better. The Wildcard will be harder to obtain. But because there is so much more parity, the playoff bubble # maybe a bit lower or similar to this last year. With all teams trading wins, it'll be just as hard to make it, but I expect tighter deeper races until the deadline.
  9. robrob1974


    Travel, I don't think you can add just anyone to top line. They still need skill and some speed.
  10. They can't go over the cap very much, so giving them an LTIR isn't going to help the Jackets. Bouma for Hartnell maybe a good idea. They'd save on cap hit by about 3M. Although, Bouma might be serviceable with the new coach and not as injury prone?
  11. robrob1974


    I am still not ready to predict a playoff and think we should be a bit skeptical that it's going to happen. The team has a lot to improve on and only showed limited glimpses of it the past few years. They have to play consistently for it to happen. Goaltending helps, but it only helps so much if the team still gives up so many scoring chances and puck time (possession). This team has a long way to go and the goaltending is the start. Our young players are going to improve for sure, but is it enough? I am going to wait and see before I make predictions.
  12. robrob1974


    I think it depends because after next season they have to upgrade or re-sign Elliott at a higher cap hit. I guess there will be a few salaries off the book next year.
  13. robrob1974


    Has Elliotte played less games due to not being able to handle it, or has it been due perception? Or is it all part of it? I see Elliotte as having something to prove and he always has had to. Maybe he can handle a starter's load? He is one of the hardest working guys in the biz, you'd think he would have the cardio for it, but would he have the mentality to?
  14. robrob1974


    50/30 could be a good ratio seeing as how Ortio needs starts. Maybe they'd even try Ramo, but Elliotte is better and Ramo would need to sign at about 2.5 as well.
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