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  1. I've been very impressed with this d core we have. They don't have size, but they have great positioning, and make life easy for our goalies by blocking shots. and angling forwards away from the net
  2. Our bottom pairing is very weak. I prefer Diaz with brodie and Derek on the third, but it really doesn't solve the issues on defense. I would have liked to see some of our younger guys on the roster like Wotherspoon or Patrick . I feel they would have done a better job the Slemko
  3. Without Gio this Defensive core is at all time weak position.
  4. another pathetic performance by our goaltender. We need to strengthen that position. It's this team's weak spot
  5. We need to upgrade Engelland I'm sick of his follies.
  6. I'm sold on everything this team has except for our goaltending. I think Hiller is a solid piece that can help you get to the play offs, but I don't think that he's the kind of goalie that can take you deep into the play offs. Ramos is a decent back up, but not a good starter
  7. A new stadium and arena would be nice. The current facilities are pathetic compared to other CFL, and NHL facilities. I know that the Russians are building a soccer Stadium and hockey arena attached together to form one giant spectacle of a sports facility for the next FIFFA tornument. The flames should do the same. I can't remember which game it was, but Betman himself came to one of our games, and there was talk by the Sports net crew that Ken King had several proposals to make to Betman regarding a new arena. Allegedly the most practical proposal is the area between Sunalta, and the Greyhound building\station.
  8. Very true statement Sir. Having a RW like Phil will help the flames miles over. Yes I understand that he's not strong defensively, well neither is Johnny Hockey. We have two way forwards to help out with defense. As long as phil can put up 30-40 goals a year, then i'm a happy camper.
  9. This makes no sense. Brodie and Gio are now regarded as an elite defensive pairing, yet you want to break them up??? The top 4 pairings are strong, and have worked all season long. Our bottom 2 pairings have been the weak link on this team. Derek is a minus 13 on a team that is positive in goal differentials. It reflects his poor play. Smid will be an asset once he comes back, but for now I can't see the negative in playing Wotherspoon over -13 Derek
  10. SO true. I would only trade bennet for a top ten player in the league nothing more nothing less
  11. I'm actually getting sick and tired of Derek. He's so useless. He occasionally makes some good plays, but he is by far the weak link on this team. He's better then Chris butler, but a team bound for the play offs doesn't need a weak link like Derek
  12. The flames can afford the contract, but I see your point
  13. The issue with LA was lack of conviction. Flames were not moving their feet, and were not able to take advantage of some quality scoring chances. Kessel has speed, and conviction. He is an asset to have on the PP and five on five.
  14. I would trade for kessel only because I after the LA performance I think this team can use some more fire power. I suggest SVEN+2015 1st overall+ 2016 1st for Phil. TO retains 20 percent of Phil's salary
  15. They should just refurbish the Saddledome if they don't want to build a new arena.
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