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  1. Congrats to Bob Hartley on winning the Jack Adams Trophy!

  2. Other than the team logos (which I find in google images), I use gyazo for basically everything in my GDTs. It's just way too easy to do that way. Really don't understand why other people use complicated ways to capture pictures and host.
  3. Met Roger Millions at the Calgary airport today. Very nice guy!

    1. Kulstad


      I've always wanted to take him and Loubardias our for a beer and just listen to them talk hockey all night long.

    2. tmac70


      Meet Lou a few years back...looked taller on TV.

  4. Nucks suck!

    1. Flyerfan52


      Ya got that right.

    2. Pyromancer


      My duty as a moderator is to keep the forum respectable & free of derogatory comments, therefore this comment should be deleted...but I won't because it's accuracy overrules my obligations:-P

    3. OilerPensfan97
  5. You know it's bad when Edmonton scores more goals than you .
  6. Calgary will. Vancouver is going to suck like Edmonton for the next 8 years .
  7. New sig credit to s4xon :)!

  8. If you're offended by the Canuck hate on this board, then don't post. Why don't you post on your own forum?
  9. HAHA . Now you know how it feels to be an Oiler fan!
  10. Like my new profile pic :)?

    1. s4xon


      I don't get it : /

    2. OilerPensfan97


      It's from the espn standings. The e stands for "eliminated" http://espn.go.com/nhl/standings

    3. s4xon
  11. I bet ya it won't be too long until Torts is gone too. It's rebuild time.
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