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  1. I like Karri Ramo, he is a better goalie than Hiller. I do not know if any good goalies can be signed when their contracts run out. Do not want to trade certain young players but would lose 3 players to bring in 3 players from the farms like Hunter Smith and the big defenseman playing for the Hitmen. and Emile Poirier. Several young drafters are coming up the shoot.
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    Time to start helping Flames Goalies. Who is reading the puck plays Who is finding pucks best, these are Hallmarks of good goal tending. Mentioned before Reverse Vertical Horizon Style of Goal Tending means getting the new goalie skates which are lighter and using the goal posts to push off of and to stop with. Using shoulders under cross bar and up against side post to close out shots in close and pads in the crease. Watch Carey Price and Lindqvist of the Rangers, these two have perfected the new method and their averages prove it and Bostons goalie also. Got this info from The Hockey News Dec 7, 2015, issue. Tell Karri Ramo about the new skates by Bauer and the new method of tending. Jared Clinton wrote this article about the best goalies, made a comment that head should be over forward knee at the level the water meets the beach sand.​ Think this method is from Rick St. Croix
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    Reverse Vertical Horizon Style by Rick St. Croix. Carey Price and Henry Lindquist use this method. Seem it is helping them.
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    Was looking at Abbotsford Roster today, noticed not a backup for Goalie Roy. Hope Roy does not get hurt.
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