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  1. Frolik has a MNTC no? Ottawa may be on his list of teams where he won't go. However, we could send him to Columbus with say our 2020 3rd rounder for Oliver Bjorkstrand and Columbus' 2020 2nd. He may go to Columbus as they are in the playoff picture. You could then send a 2019 first rounder, flip Bjorkstrand (he's 23 and was a 2 pt per game player in his final year of junior hockey with term on his contract - tough year for him this year though), Czarnik, and a 2020 2nd rounder (Flames pick or the one acquired from Columbus) for Stone. This way you've shed the contracts of Frolik and Czarnik which is about 5.5 million to make room for Stone and could possibly keep some top prospects. Not sure if this is feasible, just trying to think outside the box.
  2. 7wit


    Kincaid from NJ may be a good acquisition for next year. He’s proven he can play in the league and won’t cost you as much as a Varlamov or Smith if he’s available.
  3. 7wit

    Sam Bennett

    Seems like he is playing more consistent. A clean hit on Pastrnak really shows he more focused this year and he’s working well with Neal. Let’s hope it continues.
  4. 7wit


    ? Way to go Rittich for restoring some faith between the pipes.
  5. As for injuries, it may be best to keep Stone, Frolik, and even Hamonic and Ryan (potential future trade bait) until closer to the trade deadline. They are all NHL caliber players and can fill in when needed. Their salaries are easier for other teams to swallow later in the season and we may not have to eat as much or anything at all. When we get there and we’re in the hunt, we can move them to sellers who are looking to unload other larger contracts of players who don’t want to re-sign with their existing clubs like Bobrovsky, Panarin, or Mark Stone (this one may be tough with the MNTC for our players as they may not want to go to Ottawa) to make us deeper for a playoff push. Later in the year Valimaki, Dube, and Andersson would have enough NHL experience, built up enough trust from management, and can carry a larger load making the other players “officially” expendable.
  6. Not so much the goals, but the motivation, and I’m not judging the coach-it’s just what I’ve noticed. They seem to play better as the game goes on, but start the game somewhat slowly. It’s not necessarily a bad thing as it’s good they get better as the game moves forward. In the game against St. Louis the Blues were all over the Flames in the first few minutes even though the Flames scored first. Same as tonight. Even JH said he was confused in the postgame interview when asked about the start to the game. I will give credit where credit is due and the timeout tonight was well done. Good decision and a chance to regroup. I’m not saying he’s a bad coach, but it was his decisions that cost us the game against St. Louis. Obviously, he learned as the 2 rookies were not paired together on the blue line and Peluso was not in the lineup as he doesn’t necessarily help your team win. We have better player’s. No one’s perfect and again it’s just an observation. Peters is a good coach and is recognizing that some players need to be rewarded unlike GG who wouldn’t budge even when it was obvious.
  7. That’s a fairly harsh retort. You haven’t noticed they start slowly? That’s why I mentioned he will learn from this.
  8. Peters did not have the team ready last game. You had to know the other team was motivated and would come out flying. He put 2 inexperienced rookies on the same pairing which is not beneficial for confidence reasons when the team is under fire. These are not helpful decisions. It speaks to more than just coaching ability, but rather poor decision making. Player allocation is extremely important and Peters needs to be better. While I’m not judging his coaching abilities, I feel the last game was on him and not the players. He just wasn’t prepared. I’m sure he’ll learn from this.
  9. 7wit


    So I’m thinking Rittich will most likely play next game? St. Louis was motivated after dropping 2 straight at home and the Flames were not ready for the early pressure. It will give this team some motivation and Smith something to think about.
  10. 7wit

    Sam Bennett

    That’s funny! I’ve always thought sometimes what we hear on 960 comes from our posts!
  11. 7wit

    Sam Bennett

    And maybe he should change his jersey number. Doug Gilmour apparently he is not.
  12. 7wit

    Sam Bennett

    I agree. Why then do we keep signing other contracts that interfere with the growth and potential of our young players? Can we even keep Bennett for next year? Even if the cap goes up and you have $10 or $11 million to spend, Tkachuk is going to get 6-7 of that. I guess if Gillies is your guy in net you can keep him for $3 million or so...someone is going to have to get moved to accommodate. I really don’t like signing 30 year olds for 3 year/$3 million dollar deals. More often than not it doesn’t work out the way you want it and you get Stajan or Brouwer like players who rarely score for the money you give them (tough to move those contracts as well) and you end up cutting loose or stunting the St. Louis like players of the future because of misjudgment and mismanagement.
  13. 7wit

    Sam Bennett

    Listening to the radio on the way home, and Elliott Friedman was talking about Sam Bennett as a possible trade candidate and led listeners to believe he is wanted by other clubs. While he may be not used where he would be most successful here, I believe he has the right to request a trade. In his mind he’s got to be thinking that even with the new coaching staff, he’s not got what he wanted in this city. This is just my opinion, but I believe the signing of Derek Ryan and Austin Czarnik has sent a clear message to Sam. Be better or your not going to play here, however, we’re not going to put you in an offensive role. So really that means you’re not in the scoring mix. Realistically, his ceiling is higher than both of those players, and he is better than Ryan (some of you may disagree, but I feel the Ryan signing was a mistake from the get go. It’s just another contract to hold back the development of our youth - Bennett included. You can talk all you want about Ryan’s face offs and potential playmaking ability, however, he’s not going to get much in the way of top six minutes and will probably struggle to even get Frolik numbers from last year). The honeymoon for this player is coming to an end and I feel this contract will be tough to move when it doesn’t work out. Aside from that, if Bennett is not in the future plans, he should be packaged with a Frolik (or even better, Ryan) and we should be targeting a Michael Stone or Willy Nylander as a return. Overall, I’m disappointed with the way everything’s worked out. He should have been at least our #2 center. I really hope he shows what he can do, but I feel like the deck is stacked against him.
  14. 7wit

    Flames Defense

    Well, 9 GA in the first 2 games. Let’s hope it improves. So far it looks wildly inconsistent, but you have new players, an injury, a new coach... takes time to put it all together. Do we expect to see Andersson and Rittich next game?
  15. Actually there are a few that played together. The Howe family for one. Sutter’s... there are a few others too. It’s not common though.
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