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  1. Please jog our memory. What did China specifically isolate?
  2. Our community just lost another champion. Champions like Ken don’t come around very often, they are rare. Hard to imagine this day getting any worse, but it just did with this announcement. RIP Ken and thanks for everything you did for this community over the last 5 decades.
  3. Last season all 4 wild-card teams advanced to the second round. One wild-card team advanced to the conference finals. The SC was played between a 2nd and 3rd seed team, a position which we presently hold. Playoffs are about who's hot and who's not. Coaches Ward and Gelinas have been there and done it, they know what it takes.
  4. I’m absolutely certain BT would make you special assistant to the GM for as long as it took for you to negotiate that deal. Good Luck!
  5. When Eichel demands a trade, maybe we can revisit this.
  6. Yup, while competing with 30 other teams that would be tempted to empty the fridge as well.
  7. Not every game can be a masterpiece as the other team wants the win as well. What matters is how many pts you got at the end of the evening. Lets give credit where credit is due....Wardo.
  8. Teams don't trade away elite young centers because the player is unhappy with losing, they do the opposite and build around them. For every reason Calgary would want the player, BUF has the same reasons to keep the player. Now if Eichel pulled a Lindros or Patrick Roy then that's a different story, but he has not done that. Calgary has nothing BUF would want in return, but there are a few teams out there that do (see OTT).
  9. Talbot has been playing great for a few months now. He should of had more starts by this time of year imo.
  10. Good to see that not everyone is delusional on these boards.😀
  11. Let’s make the playoffs first, then consider who we play second.
  12. That there is another problem altogether, if you don't have a winning percentage on home ice then you don't deserve to go far.
  13. Not sure what you are getting at but Flames finish the final 15 games of the season with 11 home and 4 away games. You cant "Tee it up" any better than that. Hard to find a negative in the schedule for the Flames. Just noticed that Vegas has only 4 home games remaining.
  14. SM entered the league in 2013-2014. Compared to all centers since his arrival he is; -8th for goals scored -18th for total points That would put him in the top 15 for best centers imo.
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