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  1. You make it sound like Switzerland is a terrible place to be. Maybe BH is smarter than you think. Where is it that you live again? I'm sure BH was the first guy they called. He was gracious to accept.
  2. I know a guy who has won the big one, and he happens to be available. His qualifications include: Six SC playoff appearances. Stanley Cup Winner. Calder Cup Winner. North West Division Title 4 times. South East Division Title. Swiss Championship Winner. Jack Adams Winner. 998 NHL games coached. 517 NHL wins. 0.586 playoff win percentage in 95 games. His teams have an identity of “hard working, hard to play against and never quit”. He dresses well, handles the media to perfection and has a great sense of humor. Only kicker is that he dwells solely on the positives, the negatives go in the trash can. He makes his players accountable by earning their ice time. He demands 100% from his players at all times, which is sometimes interpreted as being “too hard on the players” by a handful of millionaire ex-players. If we could overcome these few so called “coaching flaws”, we might have a coach candidate here. Alternatively, there is Bill Peters who has never coached an NHL playoff game, let alone win in the big league.
  3. Let’s chalk it up to yet another failing grade for BT and company this season with Stockton missing the playoffs. This season has been a colossal failure from top to bottom. Some here are becoming accustom to failures, but I’m curious to see in the coming days and weeks ahead if ownership feels the same way.
  4. We were 28-19-0-8 for 64pts and tied with PIT for 13th in the league the night Smith got injured. The Flames did an admiral job preventing panic amongst players and fans by not calling the injury anything more than day to day. The team charged on and collected a dismal 5 wins in the next 4 weeks minus Smith. That was our season, the day he went down it was over. Smith returned rusty and understandably nowhere near the agile and confident goalie he was prior to injury. Rittich had some good starts in there but he was not stealing games the way Smith had all season.
  5. When your #1 goalie comes in and stands on his head every night, stealing games and your winning record is only 0.50, it's pretty hard to justify starting a rookie the next game.
  6. How would Brodie look, or any player for that mater, if he spouted off in the media that he did not like the way he was being handled by his coach and GM? That would be a sure ticket out of town for any player. Him keeping his mouth shut in the media shows a true sign of professionalism.
  7. That's good. I'm not sure how Raanta even became part of the conversation. The plan was always Smith for two years, maybe more, and one or two prospects to graduate to the big league. BT is not trading Smith and we don't need a Raanta type blocking the young guys.
  8. Second worst home record (by a whisker) in the league. You'd have to be a tardigrade or similar to survive this disaster.
  9. Pretty sad looking list in the +/- department. The ones who discredit the stat say it’s a team stat and not an individual one. Looking at the team differential we are a dismal -35 with tilts vs Jets and Knights still to come. We will easily hit -40 come seasons end. The free fall continues.
  10. Brodie's strengths can win you hockey games. I'll take skill over so called "system" any day. This will be one of the easier decisions for our off-season GM.
  11. Why not? Were those top two pairings even tried this year? We could call Ham and Ham the top pairing if it makes some feel better.
  12. Brodie doesn’t need LTIR, what he needs is to be coached and managed properly. We know what Brodie is capable of, we’ve seen it often, and I’m not talking about the poor games either. Every player in the league has issues outside of the game and I don’t think Brodie’s personal life challenges should be use against him or even mentioned on these boards, unless its to his credit.
  13. I think full credit goes to Treeliving (the puppet master) on this one. GG only does what he is told.
  14. Feasters hands being tied is an understatement. He had zero leverage. He played BOS the best he could but insiders knew he only had one trade partner and that was PIT. PIT would have known (thru Iggy’s agent or whoever) that Iggy would only accept being moved to PITS. That would have lowered the return value to somewhere between zero and the two long shot prospects we got. Hard to blame Feaster when PIT was offering nothing else. Edit: Come to think of it, I'm guessing we'd have > 82 pts today if Feaster was still here.
  15. Apparently it closed Cross16 eyes. On top of the saved pounding, Smith saved our dmen unmeasurable energy over the coarse of a season, from not having to race back to collect the puck every time. Not that they need the saved energy now. The forced giveaways he saved his dmen from making are unmeasurable as well. Giveaways that end up in back of our net. I don’t recall seeing the puck enter our net due to any of Smith’s first passes. Sure, a few were high risk and made me nervous, but none cost us. Smith is a 6th skater on the ice, not sure how one does not look forward to see him play. Smith has not been the problem, far from it actually. We can subtract another 10 wins from the standings had it not been for Smith. If a guaranteed top 3 pick for the NYI was our target, then yes, Smith was a huge problem.