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  1. Lines 1 and 2 have been together and successful for going on 2 seasons now. Line 4 is often the rejects. Line 3 is what’s left. Sure, we could give GG a standing ovation for creating line 3, but maybe line 3 would be even better if Bennett was bumped down and replaced by Versteeg.
  2. We need someone on that line that will provide a little push back. Ferly has it and will administer it, if required. We don't want the opposition forearming little Johnny to the ice, just because they can.
  3. For me, it’s not about the story or how much he makes, it’s about the skill set and the upside. We have all seen it, it’s there, the question is how do you harness it from game to game? I’m not taking a shot at GG, but the last coach knew how to do it. He knew what buttons to push to get the best out of players. Players cashed in under the former because he was tough and pushed you to be your best. I’m not sure what GG does to motivate, other than shuffle lines, time will tell. The carrot is there, Ferland has < 2 years to take advantage of the situation. Under the former coach, I see Ferland cashing in HUGE, under GG, time will tell.
  4. The rest of the team is coming along, albeit a tad slower.
  5. The sample goes well beyond just last night, it includes last season as well. I think Ferland is a great fit for JG and SM. He brings size, speed, hands and physicality, he can also wire a puck as good as anyone. His stamina and endurance to play top line minutes appears to be there as well. This trio should only improve with each outing. Some nights they are going to meet their match, but these three are still on the upswing leading to their prime and I like the way they compliment each other.
  6. Smith is now beginning to spoil us. He allows one goal with a 0.968 SA% and not a word said from the peanut gallery. That's ok, as long as we're getting the goaltending. Smith is bringing it.
  7. That stuff looks goooood! I'll take a double on the rocks, please. I'm curious to see what Deeds has in store for the other half of his new pic.
  8. We know Ferland can do it all, we've seen it. It's no fluke. The coaching staff needs to figure out how to exploit it. Leaving the kid on the top line would be a good start.
  9. I think your "We Group" lost a member or two tonight. In fact, it may not even be a group at all.
  10. Hey, thanks for the info. Did a little digging myself, read that we have a 66:1 chance of landing HQ2. Appears to be a pipe dream, but a dream non the less. With the Trump lead of “Buy America First”, can’t imagine their HQ2 landing in Canada. Maybe HQ7,8 or 9, but not 2.
  11. A goaltender gives you a chance to win when he allows < 2.5 goals/gm. Lack gave up 4 yesterday, so no, he did not give us a chance to win. Can Lack be better? I’m not sure, but hope so. Lack was good but not great. You need to be great to win in this league. Smith has been providing great goaltending to date and we are a 0.500 team, which goes to show you where we are at as a team. Take a look at poor ARI minus old man Smith.
  12. The announcement of the “Fulfillment Centre” was great news today. All the talk recently has been about the 2nd HQ location, but where did this FC come from? Are there many of these around NA? I heard no talk about the FC from the cave that I live in. Did we get the consolation prize? Can’t imagine us landing both, but maybe we can.
  13. Janko, 2 minutes for being in the vicinity of a falling player. Rewound it 3 times to watch, he never touched the player. One nothin’. Stagan bumps a player at center ice, no where near the play, coincidental bump, 2 minutes. Two nothing. I don’t blame the Flame players, the NHL product truly sucks on most nights. Gone to watch MLB. Bye!
  14. That’s fine, you can bow out. For the rest who want to partake and demonstrate that other teams have faired better in the draft than the Flames. Name the teams and their 6 best drafted players they still control who were not top 3 (lottery picks), since the 2011 draft.
  15. You have lots of time. Teams and names please. I’m not saying the Flames have a good or great drafting/development record. I’m simply asking for teams and names (6) who you think have done it better since 2011. JJ keeps saying we don’t know what we’re doing and we’ve been doing the same thing for 30 years, so show us. Lottery picks skew the results and we have never gotten one so I’ve eliminated them, no top 3. If it makes you feel better, put the lottery picks as 7,8,9. You have picked; ANA, Rakell, Gibson, Manson, Lindholm, Ritchie and Montour. Karlsson and Anderson are gone. TB, Palat, Kucherov, Vasilevsky, Nemstienkov, Paquette, Point. Drouin was a top 3 plus he is gone.