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  1. The best team always wins in a best of 7 playoff series.
  2. Hall and his 10 career playoff games, minus JHG would make us worse me thinks, and it would cost us more dough every year for what would feel like forever. Hall is swinging for the fences this deal because it will be his last one. He’s not used to playing in the spring so why would he start now.
  3. Oilers dumped a $6M dollar Hall for a second pairing dman. Hall didn't strike me as a very smart hockey player in the games i watched. Sure he had one good year in Jersey. Someone is going to drastically over pay and give too much term to Hall, hope its not us. Hall is on the wrong side of 29yrs come Nov.
  4. No where in my post did I defend Flames playoff history, I was referring to this team. I believe “Blow-up” refers to our best players, that being SM and JHG specifically, both of whom are either a top 10 goal-scorer or pay-maker in this league. I’m not convinced moving them now at 70 cents on the dollar will bring back an equivalent, but instead cast us to the bottom with the other basement dwellers for who knows how long. We still have a window of time with these guys at a decent dollar, might be best to add some complementary pieces now and give it another shot. The past does not dictate the future.
  5. I want a team that is a legit contender too. Taking a chance with lottery would mean tearing it down and you sitting in a Dome seat 40 games a year for the next umpteen years watching and waiting. I'm thinking you gone after one season. Landeskog -one more year and he gone. MacKinnon -signed a fools deal, not sure if he sleeps at night because of it. Jost -nothing fancy and looking to get paid next season. Rantanen -locked in, but should be ashamed for taking Mac's $ Makar -one more year then will be looking for the fences. Byram -will see Newhook -will see Other than Mac, Flames aren't far off when it comes to talent.
  6. Its a game of inches and bounces, you cant make emotional decisions because there are 30 other GM's waiting to offer you a Kleenex (NOT). BT is the sort to sniff out all options. I'm ok with BT moving forward.
  7. I just checked, 9 teams have won since 04, over a period of 16 yrs. Many of those teams lost for a good many years while picking up guaranteed top draft picks like WAS, CHI, PIT, LA, ANA. Whereas others did it the hard way like DET, BOS, CAR, STL. These few tried to win every year and finally punched through. Underachievement is not what I would call the Flames. Who’s underachieving? Gaudreau, drafted 104 OA? I would argue that he has over-achieved in his time here. 8 pts in the postseason and +/-0. He held his own. Monahan, drafted 6 OA? Not many have scored more goals in this league since he arrived. 7 pts in the post season and a +/- 0, he held his own. Bennet, drafted 4 OA? This guy is a warrior come playoff time. Somewhat of a liability during the regular season. Gio, drafted……opps, found in the dollar store? Gio has been an overachiever his whole career, but certainly showing signs of a depreciating 37yr old now. Hamonic, elected to take summer vacation instead? Tkachuk, who was concussed and missed the last 3 games? Lucic, who turned out to be a true leader for this team? Talbot? I think Talbot was tremendous, minus the last game. We were 11 seconds from going up 3-1 in the DAL series. DAL looks to be having their way with COL now. Fans best be careful what they wish for because if you trade Gaudreau and Monahan now, you may as well have a fire sale and call it “Scorched Earth” because the return for the top two are not going to make us better while the other good players continue to waste or depreciate. Remember the “Young Gun Era”? Flames were close to skipping town for better pastures because there was no support here for losing. If fans are not willing to buy a season ticket (or two) during a “scorched earth” approach, then they have NO SAY on the matter. I’m not saying it’s not the best way to go, simply pointing out another rebuild could put us back 5-6yrs (of losing) with no guarantees. Who is footing the bill in the meantime? With the introduction of the lottery, the old days of losing for the best young prospects are gone. No more reward for losing.
  8. Looks like the old, slow, has-beens DAL team that cant score goals has dropped a grenade on the young, fast, talented, goal machine COL team too. COL should be blowing it up in a few days. Heck, 30 teams will be blowing it up once the SC is awarded. This thread title should be Blown-up!
  9. Ship is going to sail one day, hope to share the ride with you and Heartbreaker and all Flame fans.😀
  10. It was close in many ways. I’ll give credit to Dallas, They have some talent there, even if they are grey in the tooth. Put Bishop in net and they can go a long ways.
  11. What was it? 11 seconds to go up 3-1 in the series.
  12. Hey, the first 4 min was awesome. Cherry always said 3 goal lead is worst in hockey but....we are setting records here.
  13. And you may be the first to say, “why not put Ritter in after Talbot gave up 3”.
  14. Can’t blame a coach for tapping the next guy on the shoulder. GM gives you players, best go down using them all if need be.
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