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  1. Chris Cornell was found dead, hanging from a hotel room door that was only inches taller than himself on May 18, after performing a Soundgarden concert the night before in Detroit. His close friend Chester Bennington (Lincoln Park Lead Singer) sang “Hallelujah” at Cornell’s Eulogy on May 26. Bennington was found dead on July 20th (Cornell’s 53rd Birthday) at his California home. Both deaths were ruled suicide. What the hell just happened, other than the obvious?
  2. God Damn that man could sing! Love the acoustic and stripped down versions but he sounds great in any theatre. Another one lost.
  3. I think this clearly says that Ferland deserves more time on the top line. Lets see what he can do!
  4. Smith is a short term gap filler making way for a young one in the pipeline. Lazar, Ferland and Tkachuk are the only ones expiring after 2 years. Core is in place for 3-6 yrs. Tkachuk looks like a keeper, lets hope we find another keeper in Lazar and Ferland.
  5. How do you figure? Our core dmen and forwards are all pencilled for 3yrs or longer.
  6. Great to see Ferland re-signed. Nice to see him and the Flames mend relationship from 2 seasons ago when he held out to the bitter end. I find him intriguing, has most of the tools including speed, shot, quick and heavy release, size and physical play. He had a taste of the top line and compliments the other 2, he learned what it takes endurance wise to stay on the top line. I see Ferland starting the season in the best shape of his life and taking advantage of the opportunity given to him as a top line RW. If he doesn't grab it, ill be disappointed, because anything less is all we are paying for. HUGE payday could be waiting for Ferland in 2 years time.
  7. Jag's is indeed everywhere. I'm sure in his mind he is 20 something but father time catches everyone. Jag's needs rest now.
  8. The man has a body of a 20-year-old is becoming a myth. Thinking Gio would lead in the fitness category, showing the young ones the way. He is no more risk to injury but middle aged humans take longer to heal. If he comes in and does what he did last year……..that’s wishful thinking because we know he is much closer to the end than the beginning. Opportunity lost for a young guy (Ferland?). Jagr specializes in the offense, Frolik has a two-way game with relentless fore/back-check. I’ll take Frolik. You will only recoup from Jagr where Jagr says you can recoup. We need to STOP making excuses for Bennett. Bennett needs to start making players around him better rather than the opposite. Bennett needs to start climbing the ladder and claiming his position. Right now he is a 3-4th line center at best and that’s not because of his line mates.
  9. Jagr is one groin pull away from retirement. He had a hall of fame career, but I no longer hold him in high standards as some do. Since returning from his 3-year hiatus in the KHL, he has one playoff goal in 6 years. He could have reached 7 lives as a Cat but that door has apparently closed. A 46-year-old Jagr is not going to push the Flames over the top, in fact, I think he would ultimately be a distraction when he fails to carry or consistently contribute to the offense for one reason or another. As far as offerings at the TDL for needs, the Flames have plenty of young talent to offer for grade A talent. LA picked up Iginla for a conditional 4th that turned out to be zero, Iginla went on to be one of LA’s best player’s down the stretch. Deals can be had at the TDL, but you need cap space to make it happen. BT’s cap space is $2.5-3.5 when done with RFA’s and ELC’s to fill the team. I’m inclined to keep it then keep options open.
  10. Signing Jagr @ $2.5 plus bonuses then possibly watching him fall off a cliff at 46 years of age would be a noose for BT. It would also put us right at the Cap limit restricting what moves we could possible make at the TDL. Can’t imagine what our needs may be come March, but having no options to deal with 15 sellers because we spent it all in July may not be best management. If BT is considering Jagr, he best sign SB first, eliminating possible hostile offer-sheets that can not be matched.
  11. Jagr at a million bucks might be worth a try on the right side of SM and JH. Flames could go upwards of 1 year at $2.5. I doubt he would consider that though. Anything more and he would look better on another team. I'm in favor of saving our limited cap space till the TDL. BT will have better options at that time.
  12. so if Jagr makes everyone better, why did FLA not offer Jagr another contract? Why has no one offered Jagr a contract?
  13. What are we marketing? A standalone arena or CalgaryNext? Flames and City need to find common ground before letting the cattle out to pasture.
  14. It hasn’t all been negative here with the exception of a few poster plus Nenshi. I think most Calgary residents are warm to the idea but they haven’t been vocal about it, they want to understand how we get to the end game. I’m not a fan of providing a blank cheque either. The CalgaryNext idea is great imo! How do we get there needs to be answered.
  15. CalgaryNext is a no brainer for this Cat. Please exclude me from the "WE".