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  1. Oh not this again. I recall Gio defending his D position, McD attacked the net recklessly from the outside and paid for it when he lost time, space and footing. Same thing when he separated his shoulder. When you skate 50mph it hurts when you hit the net or boards.
  2. Run to the hills and don't look back, you'll be safer there.
  3. Where would you like to see the mass put on?
  4. I think you are dead wrong on both accounts, BT was absolutely looking for toughness. He got Lucic at a price he could swallow, he ads toughness ++. Seeing Hamonic getting his face broken by a heavy weight last fall was all BT needed to see in order to make the adjustment. Then the Ferland train signs in VAN. BT wasn't going to sit back and do nothing.
  5. Is Neil tapping those 20 goals into open nets directly off McLottery's stick or is he scoring 20 from the 3rd line? That would make a difference if has turned things around or not.
  6. I'm sure that deal was on the table for BT, but then we would still have Neil.
  7. 50 wins man. I think BP did his part.
  8. Much needed grit and some. Took me a few days to absorb the details but count me in favour of this deal. Welcome Looch!!
  9. Apparently everyone but you. 😎 Enjoy your new found web site. https://www.capfriendly.com/teams/flames
  10. Is the hockey world writing the cheques in CAR?
  11. Don't believe everything you hear. Over the next 12 months CAR has to stroke 2 cheques tallying $21M for AHO signing bonuses. I doubt they were very happy about that, especially after buying out Marleau's $$'s. Nobody likes to be told how to run their business. It was a decent attempt by MTL but CAR will not admit that.
  12. Huh. Dubas was looking good a couple days ago but then he decided to spend another $8M on Ceci and Keerfoot. That now leaves him with $3.8M in projected Cap space to sign Mariner. Not sure how or when he can access the $5.3M Horton injury reserve dough but that still leaves him short for Mariner re-sign. Maybe he forgot about Mariner. Amazing job Dumbas!
  13. It was wise of Conroy to throw some cold water on it, better that than to say we haven't talked to his agent in 10 days. If they want to getter done quick ask Aho how its done.
  14. BT is far from done. We are all curious to see what he is going to do. BT has done a pretty good job in his time here and I see more good work from him ahead.
  15. I'm actually ok with the Talbot signing. Here's hoping that last year was just a one-off for Talbot and he bounces back and provides us with solid goaltending which he has done every other year, but he looked damaged last year, beyond repair. Smithy did what he came here to do and that was two years max to bridge us to our young guys, Rittich has come thru but Gillies and others have been delayed, hence the need for Talbot. With the three young D pushing for ice time I understand the need to move Brodie now as well. With a year remaining on his deal Brodie has trade value and can help fill the holes on forward, unlike Stone but he has to go now as well. BT presently has only $9.5M to re-sign all of Rittich, Bennett, Mag and Tkachuk. The number don't add up, a big ticket salary(s) have to depart.
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