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  1. Pretty weak penalty call, especially in OT, the player was falling. Nice call ref!
  2. and a small reminder why national anthems are sung at sporting events, lest we forget. Shame on us if we only did it once a year.
  3. Look how wide Monahans shoulders got this season, he is starting to through his weight around like never before, call it a coincidence since the Lucic acquisition. Maybe Janko is watching?
  4. I think Janko has more to give. He had a great game last game vs NJD (according to the talking heads). Let’s see if he can put two together with a good showing this evening.
  5. So you’d move Bennet to 3rd line center, kick Janko to the curb, for the sake of adding Hathaway at $1.5x4? Not sure anyone was considering doing that last off season.
  6. Great to see Hathaway fitting in and doing well in WAS. Hathaway was a pest and we miss that but we needed an enforcer far far more. Hathaway does not equal Lucic, not even close. If you are keeping Hathaway at $1.5 who you subtracting on the wing (other than Lucic) to make up for It while keeping a full roster?
  7. Stay out of the sin bin, particularly in the first 10 min, skate, crisp passes, 2 pts.
  8. Ferland out with yet another concussion, how many is that now, 5, 6, 7, 8? He gets in a seemingly harmless scrap with Clifford the other evening and he is out again. I think the Flames were looking long and hard at Ferland in July and would have bit had they had any kind of Cap space but VAN bit the hardest with $3.5x4yrs. I think most of our fans were wishing we landed him as well. As much as I like Ferland, so glad we had no room for him in July, I think his hockey career is finished. Sure he may return but he will never be that dependable power forward that can scrap occasionally if need be. I think he is done, and that is too bad because I liked his game, but not against us.
  9. Dear Flames Ownership, Thank you for providing a competitive and contending hockey team. Thank you for trying to improve the team in every way possible. Thank you for hiring the best hockey minds available. Thank you for letting the hockey minds make hockey decisions. Thank you for spending to the CAP, by trying to win. Thank you for trying to improve the live game experience for the paying fan in every way. Thank you for providing the fans with this message board. Thank you for looking like a professional organization across the league, unlike some others. Thank you for your loyalty to the City of Calgary. Thank you for all the $’s you give back to this community. Thank you for your patience in the new arena negotiation. Thank you for being sincerely grateful to your fan base. I’m probably missing a few “thank you’s” but these are the ones that immediately come to mind.
  10. We missed a few as well. Nobody likes to pick on the young stud, but where was he on the first goal against? If that was Stone caught out of position we would have heard about it on here until the cows came home.
  11. That is what i was thinking with the goal tending starts, unless one guy falls off big time. Hard to fall off if you haven't been given the opportunity.
  12. 1st star of the night....Pia Toscano, the National Anthem singer. That girl can sing man!
  13. CheersMan


    That is a reasonable prediction, but Lucic already has his 3 fights.
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