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  1. Should they state they want to be a "bad" team and miss the playoffs? I'm confused with your reasoning. What is your beef with KK? Did he crush your hand in a meet and greet line-up, or was it something else? BT is attempting to build a team without salvaging the future, your suggesting KK is promoting the opposite. KK wants to win as much or more so than anyone else and he is providing BT the means to do it. Give us an example of how KK has interfered negatively with BT's work.
  2. CBJ sold the farm to maximize this years success. Their season is now over and the farm isn’t coming back. The Flames still have the farm and should be improving next year.
  3. Its’s SHOW TIME baby! Time to show the Ave’s loss #2.
  4. Magic number is now 16 wins 15 wins.
  5. Yep. I left the first game when it was 3 zip, it was over. The Jackets have since out scored them 9-1, and up 2 games to zip, plus Kucherov may be facing a suspension tmrw.
  6. Smitty stole game 1. We will need to scale back on the 2 minute minor penalties or this will become a long series. Even though we killed off the 4 minor penalties I think we were very very lucky. I do not like the way our team kills penalties, from my view point we sit back in a 4 man box and let the other team bring it, we are flat footed on the PK and that is death. We need to be relentless and pressure the puck carrier way more on the PK imo.
  7. It has been a week and they are still not sure it is broken. Lets give them the summer to figure it out.
  8. 8 of 16 playoff teams are going to be eliminated after the first round. Lets hope we are not one of them. GO JACKETS!
  9. I'm fine with any order so long as Edmonton is not included
  11. Nice 180 you did there. Welcome back from the dark side. If Smith can't do it then we have Ritter for clean up. The job will get done regardless.
  12. Let’s beat the greasy buggers. Prout on the 4th line may be genius, let’s hope it just calms things down rather than stir things up. Need to get out of this game with everything intact.
  13. How could anyone not like this finish, the NHL could not have scripted it any better. Every game matters, even the very last one. Bravo NHL!
  14. I see the Stars are diving for the Flames.
  15. If DAL gets a point or better tonight then it doesn't matter what COL does on the very last game. The NHL likes the standings drama drawn out for as long as possible with teams bunched together, that's why I believe we will never see a change in the point structure. Keeps the viewers watching until the bitter end.