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  1. First time I seen that suspension video explanation, thanks TD.
  2. Your right, all the NHL had to do was hand out a proper suspension, say 5+ games, to throw cold water on that type of play. But no, they hum and haw, then come up with a wrist slap of 2 games at the end of the day with zero explanation. Now you have the media thinking hey, maybe that type of behaviour on the ice is okay and lets throw more gas on the fire by suggesting more fighting/assaulting is the answer. What ever happened to the suspension explanations that Shanahan used to provide (like above) when he had the job? You didn't have to watch it if you didn't like it but he broke down the video and explained his suspension decision in a clear and concise way for all to understand his rational. Now we have an ex-goon Parros doing the job, behind a curtain, handing out suspensions for play that he made a career out of. It would have been comical watching Parros break down the Kassian rag doll video, blow by blow then dish out the 2 games.
  3. Plus, the only advantage to losing a helmet goes to the opposition because said player must retrieve the helmet or leave the ice immediately, either way it leaves the team short handed for a period of time. These chin straps should be riveted on at start of game and cut off at completion, beats the alternative. Kassian got 4 min for roughing and a 10 minute misconduct. Where was the minor for helmet infraction? I can’t wait to see the loose chin strap on the meat head when he meets the Flames again next week.
  4. I had no problem with any of the 3 Tkachuk hits. That was damn good entertainment. With a chin strap that dangles loose 3 inches and his head down all the time one would think Kassian is not accustom to receiving body checks. I have no problem with fighting but it needs to be two willing combatants. I don't like the assaults. Kassian was trying to maim Tkachuk, even when he lay defenceless on the ice, he should have gotten a game for every sucker punch. 3-5 games IMO would have been more appropriate. Kassian should tighten his chin strap and learn to keep your head up because Chucky is coming again.
  5. Hard not to like the Frolik trade. BT should keep the $2M in his pocket, unless it pushes the needle forward heading into next season. Looking solely at this seasons results, it is apparent we are still leaning toward building rather than contending. Totally agree with this comment. We are not in the market for a rental. Still several weeks to the TDL to assess but i'm leaning toward putting Brodie and Hamonic in the same scenario as Frolik. If you are not part of the future (re-sign) then let's look around to possibly recoup some younger future assets. Sorry, but this team has not been getting me excited this year.
  6. LOL! They are waiting for nightfall to come again, like Gecko’s. They wait, and wait, then they pop out when ever they get a chance.
  7. CheersMan


    Made me look. Impressive win/loss record but he’s not winning in the NHL with 3.61 GAA and 0.879 SA%.
  8. I think we can give him credit for the BUF win as well.
  9. Hall will be traded, but I don't see him signing anywhere this season, in less it's for $70M+. I fully expect he will make it to July 1 as a UFA where someone will drastically drastically over pay, just like we have seen with high profile UFA's every summer.
  10. Logical choice given the circumstances. In 20 games time we will have a good idea how Ward commands the team. I have no reason to believe that he will be the weak link in the event of a failed season. I think Ward is a good hockey man, when he talks hockey I listen because he appears to have an understanding of the game. He either has the tools at his disposal or he doesn’t. With regards to Ward's PP, the zone entries aren’t bad, I find them somewhat refreshing (other than Gio’s predictable and terrible drop pass through coverage to JHG, hate it). Once in the ozone we just get out worked when defending teams apply puck pressure, can’t blame the coach for that. In 20 games time we will also hit 294 cumulative games coached between Gully, Peters and Ward. That happens to match the games coached by none other than the Jack Adams winner prior to them who was fired for dwelling on the positives and throwing the negatives in the trash can...while still having a year on his contract to boot. (save the Hartley insults ppl, we’ve seen them all already. All the best Ward, we are counting on you.
  11. Why, have you seen enough? Wonder if Aliu has see enough? Plot thickens. Maybe its time for Francis, Brindamour and Tree to lawyer up now. This is getting bad.
  12. Maybe the NHL should put a pause on the 2019-2020 season, no further games. Since 10 years ago was not that long ago, lets go back 20-30yrs. Anyone involved with the NHL during this time can come forward with any complaints they have had, clear the air sort of speak, allow for lawsuits, find out who feels they were wronged in any way. Lets clear things up, start with new slate then move forward. Let the process begin and say goodbye to the 2019-2020 season.
  13. Disgusting..... I couldn't give a crap what word a person said or might have said 10 years ago, especially when he enters a room, his room with that crap music playing. The fact that a person can send out a tweet and instantly destroy another persons life is totally disgusting. Then to watch those in social media pile on with few facts is even worse. If the player was so wronged by it at the time he should of stood up and slapped the coach, had he done that he may have had an NHL career, if he was a player. To hang a man for something that may have been said or said out of context 10 yrs later is insane. Peters may have coached his last game for the Flames but he will collect every dime contractually owed to him.
  14. There it is, I found the meat and potatoes of your post, and I agree.
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