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  1. You are correct, thanks for pointing out that we were on the PP already. Monahan's empty net goal should have canceled Huberdeau's penalty and Yandle should have been sent to the penalty box for slashing at least. Ref's blew that one. Hamonic gets a slashing call earlier in the game where he taps a guys stick out of his hands and Yandle's axe chop gets nothing.
  2. I found that play confusing as well. The slash occurred before the goal so technically it was a delayed penalty? But the ref in the immediate area did not have his arm up at any time. Maybe the 2nd ref called the slash. The goal cancels the delayed penalty. Have to think that there will be some kind of disciplinary action taken there. There had to be a penalty called for him to get tossed.
  3. Put a sock in it would ya. The third goal was not a soft goal against, Ritter had it the best he could outside the goal line, unfortunately the Panthers knifed it in. The first two goals where team giveaways leaving Ritter as last man back. Ritter is just fine, he is Blockchaining amazing right now! ------------- Gotta like the way this team continues to find wins. The perfect game should be the goal every night but it does not exist.
  4. Win tonight and we are first in the West. Go Flames!
  5. If your goal is to upset the chemistry of this team when times are good then sure go ahead and mess it up. Removing a healthy Smith (plus others), then replacing with a Howard or Kinkaid would only undermine BSD and how he thinks the team feels about him. Smith is as capable of backing up BSD as the names you have provided without messing with the team chemistry.
  6. How good has this guy been this year? Certainly top 10 in my books. -He has cleaned up his turnovers -Added some tools to his tool box on top of just gaining blue line then the predictable button hook -Back checking to break up the rush -Driving the offense We start to take for granted what he does and it often goes without saying but JHG has been playing awesome lately.
  7. BSD has single handily defused any goalie controversy, if there was one. With a SA% and GAA in top 3 in league he may have entered a territory where no Flame goalie has ever been, not even Kipper. Manage his starts moving forward and lets go win the some.
  8. Oliver Kylington is showing well at times. The way he skates and razzal dazzals in traffic with the puck at times reminds me of Scott Neidermayer and Erik Karlsson. Last evening vs Jets there were at least two occasions where he reminded me of such players. At 21.5yrs, the sky is the limit for this kid. With Hanifin, Valimaki, Andersson and now Kylington, our defence is shaping up nicely for natural progression within the Org as our veteran dmen age. I think our defense is in fine shape.
  9. Ritter is hungry for a win, not worried about him. Hope the players in front of him show up on time for this crazy start time. Go Flames!
  10. I think that is a misconception from the fans, Sigalet makes his suggestions because he is closer to it, that's his job, but the Head Coach makes the final call, and that goes for every player on the ice.
  11. No sir, I believe Niemi was undrafted. I think if he continues to do what he has been doing the job could be his before the season is out, might be his already, but goaltending is all about "what have you done for me lately". Smith goes 6-0 then lets in a stinker and some want him pinned to the bench. If Ritter goes 6-0 from today and then lets in a stinker, I hope fans would be a little more lenient with him. If Ritter goes 0.920+ all year we gonna do some damage. 11 teams (including us) have won a SC since 89 with a goalie they drafted, wonder how the other 20 teams feel about their goaltending drafting and development.
  12. Here is an interesting stat for you. Since we won the Cup back in 89 (29 yrs ago) there have been only 11 goaltenders that have won a Cup with the team that drafted them. We had one of them so maybe we have not been that bad. Holtby Murray Crawford Quick Fleury Osgood Ward Brodeur Richter Roy Vernon There are even less goaltenders if you look further back.
  13. Did anyone see the lime green uniforms the Seattle Seahawks were wearing on Monday night? EWH! They like their lime green in the NW. All we need now is for the Nucks to bring back their yellow and black jersey's with the big V down the front and they can have a nice cross boarder rivalry.
  14. Your welcome son. Never said Rittich got the mechanics all of a sudden, said the opposite in fact with 2.5yrs of mentorship and training within the organization. Not every draft pick plays in the NHL. You tell me which goalies this organization handled poorly, then let get away only to move on to have long and successful NHL careers elsewhere then I will show you an atrocity.
  15. If Gillis was gifted the keys to the A then it was because Rittich out played him, leaving him behind on his way to the Bigs. Rittich did not arrive here 2.5 yrs ago the goalie that he is today, far from it, otherwise he would’ve shown it well before now. I’ve seen a huge improvement in his play since he arrived with this Org. If I remember correctly over the past couple of seasons, Rittich had issues with his edges, meaning not being able to stay in position between the posts, but rather sliding to far out of position. I also remember this non-existent puck handling skill, handled the puck like a grenade. We all like Rittich (right now) but please throw some water on your “Rittich vs the World” theory because he had a ton of help from Smith and Sigalet along the way, lets give the Org a little credit. Sigalet takes it on the chin for all the goaltenders that have failed, but when one does make it (Rittich) he takes it on the chin too, LOL. It’s now Rittich’s time, lets see what he can do.