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  1. Bob introduced the world to Toby Rieder yesterday, never heard of the player till now. Sounds like the kid was unaware of his huge responsibility, which was to carry the Oil into the playoffs. The finger pointing will go on for months as the train wreak comes to rest. Still waiting for the results of the water test results to come in. That should clarify a few things. Bob should focus his attention on the important things like coordinating tours through the shiny new building.
  2. I'm not sure how this thread got twisted, nor did I say hockey players are the least intelligent. Simply stated that the best young hockey players/kids today go straight to the NHL once drafted. Some posters continue to discuss player intelligence and how smart they are, I was simple pointing out where they come from. Some have clarified that they were talking about the players "hockey smarts" and not their overall "intelligence". But while we are on the topic, basket ball players hone their skills while in college, football players hone their skills while in college. I don't watch basket ball and I watch less NFL all the time, but do those leagues have 18-19 yr olds in them? Look at the generational NHL players of today and the past, note what colleges or universities they went to. The hockey players that did go to college or university were the ones that were not yet good enough for the league. You could cherry pick a player or three but for the most part hockey players are not highly educated before entering the league.
  4. Gotta like the way the minutes are getting spread out amongst the dmen. No liabilities out there and no one getting worn out as we approach the playoffs.
  5. Before I slander them? LOL! Put your rubber sword away, it’s dull anyways. Look who is calling the kettle black here. Unlike yourself, you don’t see me on here telling the world that player X or player Y is unintelligent or has low hockey IQ. I was simply pointing out that the best young players today often enter the league at 18-19 yrs old without a chance at post secondary education where intelligence and IQ are gained. Now if you said “thinks the game” or similar instead, we’ll that’s different.
  6. This "intelligence" or "IQ" word gets tossed around a bit. Hockey players aren't the smartest of pro athletes and may have the least amount of education amongst the bunch. The very best hockey players are started at the earliest age possible with even less education. Where is this intelligence and IQ coming from if they are uneducated?
  7. Two more pts in the standings will be Maaaarvelous. Nope. Having the comfort knowing that either can get you the win is a luxury. Average goaltending from either moving forward gives the other guy an opportunity. The two are pushing each other nicely.
  8. Further to Pyro's awesome chart.
  9. Kiss Alive back in 75 was the first album I ever bought. I was a kid visiting family in Winnipeg MB, had 15 bucks in my pocket and was looking for the first album to start my music collection. Rummaged thru all the albums in the record store and came across that one. It stood out because it was a double album and I thought what a steal, 2 for 1... Lets dedicate this one to FF52. Go Flames Go!
  10. There is only one race for us right now and that is finishing ahead of the sharks.
  11. I didn't mind the trade at the time. Brossoit was at the bottom of the depth chart behind Ortio, Gillies and Berra. Smid was a 26 yr old former 1st round pic (9th OA) and was a solid defensive dman. Unfortunately Smid (and his injuries) did not live up to his end of the bargain. I would do that trade every time.
  12. Dang! Such terrible news. Thank you Pyro and Carty for sharing. I had also been wondering why the sudden disappearance of FF52. I always had time to read FF52's posts, sometimes corresponding with him as I felt he had great wisdom and insight on the game, as well as other things. Such a huge loss. Never met the man but I feel like I lost a best friend. RIP Larry.
  13. Playing abracadabra has been a favorite pastime of mine, hands down.