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  1. I agree, we are not in the market for a rental unless it comes dirt cheap, like BT cheap. In there lies the challenge. How do you improve at a position when you have no areas of strength to trade from? Saturday evening showed us that goaltending is not an area of strength for this team, its adequate but that’s it. Both goalies started the season in the AHL and we can not afford to subtract either of them.
  2. Ya it's a mess up there. Didn't mind them taking 2 pts from the Avs today though.
  3. I’m not seeing any team looking to add Stajan. Here’s hoping we can give him a long and sustained playoff run right here. Go out with a "bang" sort of speak.
  4. and that is why I fail to see BT acquiring a big name player come TDL, we have nothing to offer. Our biggest chip could have been Backs, but he is now signed. With our draft picks already depleted BT will resort to lying in the weeds until 5 min before the TDL hour then maybe grab a depth winger for a 4-6th round draft pick, and that's if we play well this week. If the team performs poorly the next 4 games, he may choose to do nothing.
  5. Tree had a hard time keeping a straight face during his interview in Nash. The deal was done. Glad Backs is signed long term on a deal that works for both sides. Backs is a career Flame, he loves the city and wants to be here. Doesn't matter if our building is a tad old, players want to be here, playing in a great city for a first class organization.
  6. Deeds, let me confirm that your state of mind is still healthy and intact. The game as we know it has not changed. Face-offs are crucial! Starting with the puck is rather important. One who has the puck can score goals, don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. To argue this is nonsense. Of course there will be occasional anomalies because of different strengths and weaknesses, but imagine how much more success a good team (TB) could have if their poor FO% was best.
  7. 8 of 12 pts on a 6 game road trip puts that in the “YA BABY” category. Love beating the Pred's in their barn!
  8. It may have looked like a collective hire at the time but I don’t think GG had much say in the hire. GG picked his assistant in Jerrard and towed the company line in the Cameron hire. I think Cameron was all BT and it stunk from the beginning like an insurance policy should GG and company not work out.
  9. Promoting Bennett for his poor play, then demoting Backlund for his good play may not be the best maneuver for BT during contract negotiations with Backlund.
  10. Lets hope that is all it was and Smith is back-up vs BOS.
  11. Flames and Rangers need near identical records in the final 28 games to make the playoffs. Yesterday the Rangers called it a season, posting an open letter to the world and held a news conference with Sather present, notifying all that a sell off is about to begin. I'd say the Rangers are hitting the panic button just a tad early.
  12. You lost my attention after the first paragraph. Trump is a fake, farce, con-man, liar and possibly the worst leader the USA has ever elected. He is like an Rhino in a china shop. The sooner they get him out of there the sooner they can start picking up the pieces.
  13. Nice win! CHI credited with 7 hits. I wonder how many were accidental?
  14. Your best to buy insurance policies before you get sick, not after. We have been fortunate this year not to have dman injuries, but you can be sure that if one went down, no one would be talking about moving Stone. BT has locked in 5 very good dmen for at least 2 more years with manageable contracts and one spot open for the deserving. Not seeing a need for change here. I’m not in favor of subtracting a 30+ goal man from a productive top line because of how he carries a stick and I’m even less interested if the cost includes Brodie or Hamilton.
  15. I would do either of them. May regret that 6th year though.