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  1. Nobody wants to play in WPG, and that includes PLD. The irony here is that both players wanted traded, they both got their wish, and they both landed in the exact same situation but on the opposite sides of the boarder. Laine is probably the happier one. Chevy dropped the ball here. He failed to manufacture more interest in the player. All we heard was that Laine was unhappy, there was no word on Chevy doing anything about it, then he pulls the trigger mid covid season when teams are handcuffed and shackled. GM track records mean nothing, they don’t predict today or tmrw. WPG and CBJ made natural trading partners, but CBJ got the much better deal imo.
  2. If you hold your own at 5v5 you’ve done your job. Specialty teams is where you pounce to take advantage. Enlighten us on the goal scoring rate difference between players on the PP. Post the numbers if you will. Heck, post the 5v5 goal rate as well. let’s have a look at how good PLD is.
  3. Yes, elite goal scores are rare. We traded one to STL years ago and he ended up in the HHOF. The Jets just subtracted one plus ate $1.8M to do it. I believe Laine was the best player in the deal. Roslovic alone should have collected a late 1st or 2nd pick alone. Here is an interesting player comparison over the same number of games. GP G A Pts FO% PLD 239 66 93 159 44.1 Monahan 237 80 79 159 49.2 According to some around here, one is not a true #1 centre and you can’t win with him, but the other is a true #1 that you need to win?
  4. By Chevy not getting out ahead on a Lainie trade, sitting on his hands waiting for something to happen? As apposed to Jarmo working the lines, finding teams interested, then playing them against each other, driving up the cost, until everyone bails except one?
  5. Not sure why WPG threw in Roslevic. This should have been more 1 for 1, or CBJ tossing in someone instead. Win CBJ and Jarmo gets his Fin.
  6. I think Benning made the right call too. Demko's playoff performance made the decision for Benning, small sample size but you can't ignore it. Remember Bennett's sample size vs Canucks as an 18 yr old? We all pegged SB as #1 centre after a few playoff games. It can go both ways. Do you sign 31yr old Markstrom to 6x6 or do you sign recent SC winner 31 yr old Holtby to 2x4.3 to bridge over to Demko? That was an easy one for Benning. Their loss, our gain. But for how long? Lets hope Markstrom comes as advertise and with longevity. Markstrom and his 0.935 SV% would change most of the Canuck stats you posted above. I think Canucks will be fine though.
  7. https://www.nhl.com/news/calgary-flames-jacob-markstrom-amazing-save/c-320313666 Smitty would be proud.
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doug_Risebrough
  9. Careful now, some around here think blocking shots is a sign of weakness, I however will give him two thumbs up!
  10. This is an interesting concept. You want Brad to lose a trade by say 20% so that we can have an equivalent potential on the RT side? Hmm...
  11. That’s quit the sell job to their local fans. If that is how their organization evaluates talent then it’s no wonder their franchise has been in a quagmire for a few decades now. Quine is a decent player but come on already.
  12. LOL! Your PP works with forward pairs. Your can't have them playing on separate lines then playing together on the PP. Now all your lines are in a blender.
  13. Who said JHG was going anywhere? I disagree with splitting up the two, its been tried on numerous occasions with no success. Your best set-up man belongs with your best snipper. JHG finds SM stick over and over just prior to the red light going on. They need a complimentary piece on the RT side. Lindholm has been doing a fine job there but maybe there is a better option.
  14. Please not the horse head. The horse looks good on our football players, but not our hockey players.
  15. Ward has gained my respect and I think he is deserving of the head coach position, I like the promotion. Ward is a great communicator. I enjoy listening to him talk hockey, I suppose he is coaching the fans too, unlike some other coaches.
  16. ya but the + I think would stiiiing. The sting might be less with a Laine extension though. Acquire plus extend Laine would be sweet.
  17. I think Hanifin gets the conversation started. Our D presently is weaker than is was last year, subtracting Hanifin makes us that much weaker, but tempting. The deal breaker would be the + on our side. If Laine wants out, BT should be exploring that opportunity leading with Hanifin for sure.
  18. Nieuw raised the bar high for that number. Here's to Markstrom bringing respectability back to #25, 25 years later.
  19. Well that escalated quickly. Yesterday he is on the block. Today Bergevin strokes another $39,000,000.00 million dollar cheque. Someone take the cheque book away from that dude.
  20. What's the story line on that number?
  21. As long as there is hockey on the menu I don't care who we play. One division in Canada, three divisions in the states. A Canadian team should reach the conference finals.
  22. 41 years young Marleau could probably double his pay this year if Duracell Battery wakes up and endorses this guy.
  23. Hall was looking for $60M, there were no takers. So he regroups and takes the biggest one year offer out there, plus a chance to play with Eichel. He will aim for the fences again next year in FA. Hall has made a few stops around the league now, he understands its a business. He is in his prime and he's not given anyone discounts. I could see him signing another 1 year again next year in these uncertain times.
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