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  1. How about Jesper Fast as a rental? He's under the radar, makes only 2 million, right shot RW, 4th on his team in hits, and having a career year (almost 0.5 ppg). UFA after this season, so cost to acquire should be low. Maybe a conditional 3rd which becomes a 2nd if we win a round or two, something like that.
  2. Depends on your definition of frequent I suppose. I guess I just wonder if we tend to think the flames are particularly special in their inconsistent effort, or if it's a much broader complaint among fans of all teams. From my perspective, I really don't follow other teams or fan bases, so I don't have a good feel for it.
  3. It's frustrating, but at the same time I think you could probably find similar quotes from coaches from almost every team from some point in the year. What team in the league can we look to this year and honestly say they have not yet pooped the bed at least a couple times this season.
  4. The nhl doesn't really punish actions, just outcomes, and inconsistently at that. If Tkachuk had to leave the game, you could add another game to the suspension. Injured for two weeks? Add another game maybe. Personally I think they just have a bunch of lotto balls with numbers of games written on them and then draw one for every suspension.
  5. How about circling back to Nikita Gusev? 8G, 26P in 41 games this year. Natural RW, signed for one more year. The devils spent a 2nd and a 3rd for him, so maybe something like a 2nd + Janko could sway them.
  6. With Talbot playing better, I think we have the potential for one of the better duos in the league. Rittich can't play 60 games, so having that second guy to share the load will be key.
  7. The rumored asking price is apparently a 2nd plus a prospect. No details on what kind of prospect, but I see no reason why we couldn't match that. Maybe a 2nd + Janko + Cond. 4th, where the 4th becomes a 2nd if we resign Toffoli or win a playoff round, something like that. He has decent production, 2nd line material probably, natural RW. He's only 27, so he isn't that old, could reasonably be signed for another 5 seasons for roughly what he currently makes (4.6 million). I could easily see him being the new Frolik in terms of value signing. It would also allow us to move Backlund back to center. Tkachuk-Lindholm-Mang JH-Mony-Toffoli Dube-Backlund-Bennett Lucic-Ryan-Rinaldo
  8. Only players with a full NMC cannot be exposed. So yes, we can expose Backlund if we choose. After that it is a modified NTC. I think he submits a list of ten teams he would accept a trade to at the start of each season, something like that.
  9. Given the length of contract, this is a very good deal. He's already equal to Brodie in my mind, and Brodie's deal was signed at a time when prices were lower. Plus Anderson still has room to grow a bit. Makes the Baertschi trade look like a steal today.
  10. I could see a possibility that Backlund may be our sacrifice to the Seattle expansion draft, which I would be okay with. I worry that we are seeing some regression in his game already, and there are a lot of years and dollars tied up in a contract for a 3C.
  11. This is why I have come around to the idea of trading Gaudreau as part of a mini-rebuild, and maybe more. There is one consistent over the past few years, and that's the players. At some point we have to come to the conclusion that it's not coaching that's the problem.
  12. Janko is a weird one. Pots 15 goals in his first two seasons each, has really good fancy stats, yet is a lace where offense goes to die this season. Confidence is a problem I think, but it feels like he isn't going to be able to pull out of it.
  13. It does feel like this team is closer to being a tank candidate than a contender. The best thing is probably to ride out the season, try to get a few draft picks for guys like Frolik and Hamonic, then make a big trade in the off season, such as Gaudreau. Depending on who wins the draft lottery, maybe you can even make a play for 1st overall. I think a rebuild is in order, but not a total teardown. There are pieces to build around this time, such as Tkachuk and Anderson, so things could be improved in a relatively short period (say, 2 years).
  14. I'd be more annoyed about today, but this is a rare case where I think you can blame the schedule a bt. B2B 22 hours apart in different cities on the road right before the break. Just awful.
  15. Yeah, I likely wouldn’t offer more than a 3rd for him. No positive signs since he was drafted, and demanding a trade just 2 years after a draft seems entitled to me.
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