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  1. Do you think Janko straight across would be enough? I know the ceiling is way lower, but at least he would give them some center depth and PK ability vs a guy who is going to sit out the season.
  2. I know I suggested this a while back, but given how the summer has developed I think a couple of high end trades could be doable. Trade 1: Gaudreau for Marner Rationale: Flames acquire a top performer in Marner who is younger with slightly more upside. Toronto gets a near equivalent talent with a bargain contract that allows them to possible bring back Gardiner this season. A great win-now type move. Might have to add a draft pick or prospect to make this happen. Trade 2: Monahan for Dubois Rationale: Flames get a high end center who has potential to produce at the same rate as Monahan. Dubois is more physical, is younger, and currently still on his ELC, meaning big enough savings on the cap to get both Tkachuk and Marner under contract. For Columbus, they get an elite scorer in his prime with a solid contract (Dubois will make more than Monahan in a years time). Monahan put up 21 more points and 7 more goals last season while playing a less sheltered role than Dubois, and arguably has the higher offensive ceiling (debate-able I know), plus name recognition (could be important in a market like columbus). This gives us a different look up front. Tkachuk-Dubois-Marner Bennett-Backlund-Lindholm Mangiapagne-Ryan-Dube Lucic-Jankowski-Czarnik
  3. We can’t even seem to be able to sign Tkachuk and stay under the cap, how are we supposed to add Laine as well? He’s likely going to sign for more than Gaudreau, so even a one for one swap isn’t going to clear us.
  4. How about Frolik for Pageau from Ottawa? It’s a step down, but Pageau is a righty and okay 3rd liner. Strangely, his salary is higher than his cap hit this year, while Frolik’s is lower. Ottawa would save actual dollars on this deal, while the flames pick up more than a million in cap space.
  5. Before Valimaki got hurt, Risto was an absolute no go for me. I'd consider it now, but the deal would have to be dollar for dollar at the very least. I probably still wouldn't do it until Tkachuk is signed.
  6. Marty St. Louis helped lead tampa to the cup in 04. 24 points in 23 games. Only 5 foot 8.
  7. Don't we already have a Sanheim in Hanifin? Very close point totals, similar ice time per game, similar age. Hanifin hits more, is signed longer term for less, had a better +/-, better corsi, has two more seasons of nhl experience, and is 1 year younger. Not saying that Sanheim is bad at all, just that I think Hanifin has more potential and I'm not sure if we need two players in such a similar mold.
  8. Also, just wanted to point out that Sven didn't really take off much in Vancouver. The change of scenery was good, but he's yet to play 70 or more games in a season (injury prone), never scored 20 goals in a season, and never more than 35 points. He's got a great shooting percentage, but that's about it. Not a bad player, but probably nothing more than a 3rd liner with the ability to jump up for short stints. I'm not sure things would have been much worse for the guy if we had kept him tbh. Considering we nabbed Anderson with the pick we got, I'd say we came out ahead in the change of scenery trade.
  9. Just throwing this out there, but didn't Gio once leave for Europe in a huff when we wouldn't give him what he wanted? It isn't impossible for Puj to go play in Europe for a year or two, improve his game and attitude, and come back to play for the oilers. Maybe that's the approach they are going with.
  10. How about Hanifin + Bennett for Patrick + Ghost? Ghost has seen his stock drop a lot in the last year for some reason, could also be a buy-low scenario.
  11. I wonder if the market just isn’t there for a good return. Seems likely Brodie is wearing the flaming C one more season. Alternatively, there are a few ufa players to be had on the cheap. None are great, but as a seventh defensman they are probably useable. Dan Girardi could probably be had on a one year deal, as could Adam Mcquaid or David Schlemko. None of these guys are ideal, and you probably only sign them if you trade Brodie and need another defender, but they would likely come cheap.
  12. So the Rangers just bought out Shattenkirk, opening a spot on the blue line. Could suddenly be a trade option for Brodie. Possible targets include Strome and Nametznikov. If we sweeten the pot a bit, would they part with Buchnevich? Probably not, but would be worth a shot.
  13. Stone will be bought out. To put it plainly, if we find ourselves out of options at summer’s end and need the cap space, it will be too late. We’ll buy him out because it is the safest move to make.
  14. ABC923

    Burn it Down?

    Don't we always though? Slow starts are a flames tradition...
  15. Do you think Mtl would consider moving Danult for defensive help? I'd be all for it if so.
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