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  1. Hope so. Maybe Johnny needs a game off to recuperate. Would be interesting to see what that does to the top lines. Tkachuk-Monahn-Lindholm could be interesting, especially as Mony seems to be upping his physical play a bit. Last season Benny had some chemistry with Czarnik, so maybe Bennett-Backlund-Czarnik would make a solid second line.
  2. Man, 2nd game in the last week on SN 360. Tired of paying for cable and not even getting to watch the flames half the time...
  3. Bennett + Frolik + 1st for Hall? Maybe more of a deadline move, but the devils are floundering. Imagine that top 6 though.
  4. If we trade Brodie, we need at least a solid bottom pairing defender back to make sure Stone isn’t an everyday player. Trading a D plus a forward for a d plus a forward makes some sense though.
  5. On the bright side, no pk opportunities for us yet...
  6. ABC923


    Yeah, I always thought it was a lock, but Neal could well wind up with 30+ goals this year.
  7. DSP has been disappointingly awful. Guys on PTOs should be working their butts off over the summer to try and earn a job. Rieder has done that, I'm sure someone will give him a contract even if it isn't us. DSP looks washed up.
  8. I could get behind that, was thinking something similar. Dube didn't look out of place on that top line, and I think Bennett's game is a good compliment to Backlund and Frolik.
  9. Apparently Gio was number 1 on the team again, followed by Reider. Pretty good attitude and work ethic for a guy who was blamed by his previous GM for the team missing the playoffs. If he can find his scoring touch again, 10-15 goals are reasonable I think.
  10. ABC923


    I didn't realize it had happened already. I skimmed there board last week though, and there was a topic devoted to the inevitable closing of the board. I think it was Bronco who mentioned the flames board would remain. The issue is that the nhl has paid for the server space for the message boards, but no longer will. This leaves it up to the individual teams to foot the bill. Not that it's a lot of money I'm sure. Regardless, it's nice to know the flames are supporting the online community still.
  11. ABC923


    So in nhl/oilers news, it seems most nhl teams are no longer going to support their message boards. The flames are one of the few who are committed to continuing their support. In short, the oilers fans are about to lose their message boards.
  12. 4, same as in regular. These must be the practice lines, I think the quinn-reider-DSP line is out for tonight.
  13. That already includes Stone and Kylington, plus Quinne. It’s a full roster of 14 fwds and 7 d.
  14. Yup, top of the market has been set for a bridge deal. Capfriendly has us at 6.3 million in cap space, but includes Valimaki’s roughly 900k salary, so if he’s truly out for the season we actually have about 7.2 million right now. We could sign Tkachuk to a bridge without dumping anyone.
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