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  1. If I'm the players, I'm looking for a cut of the non-hockey related revenue in exchange for keeping escrow. Not saying they get it, but it must be a bit galling to watch the owners pocket all that sweet expansion dough, plus merchandise etc., while they lose money from their own paychecks.
  2. If we had Lafreniere: -Trade Gaudreau for futures (Say, 1st plus very solid prospect or 2 1sts) -Package one of those futures with Monahan in a deal for Aho -Use the cap savings to sign Pietrangelo -Trade Bennet for 3rd -Sign Toffoli -Trade Hanifin for Futures Tkachuk-Aho-Lindholm Lafreniere-Backlund-Toffoli Dube-Ryan-Mangiapane Lucic-Janko/UFA-TBA Gio-Anderson Valimaki-Pietrangelo Kylington-Forbort
  3. Lafrenier to the oilers confirmed? Jk (I hope).
  4. So hearing some of the details on why Vancouver is out as a hub city, my confidence in there being a playoffs has gone from about 90% to about 30%. Sounds like the league is inclined to allow players who are asymptomatic but test positive to keep playing, virtually guaranteeing everyone else gets sick. I wouldn’t be surprised if the players vote to spike the season unless something changes.
  5. I like Hischier, but I wouldn't trade Johnny for him (at least not straight across). In his rookie year, he put up .63 ppg, then .68 ppg, and was on pace for .62 ppg this season. There doesn't seem to be a lot of growth in his game from an offensive standpoint, and looks to be a really solid two-way center, a better version of Backlund. His salary is a bit steep for that in my opinion, not outrageously so, but still.
  6. Reminds me of Edmonton. How many big UFAs have gone to Edmonton since McDavid arrived? Lucic, and that's about it. Granted, that shot their cap flexibility to crap a bit, but they still mostly draw marginal/bottom six guys or reclamation projects in free agency.
  7. The sabres are starting to look a bit like the sens in their management team. Low cost, low effectiveness. Hopefully they don't plan on following the sens in their roster decisions (taking on contracts with higher cap hits than actual salary, trading away players for savings etc.)
  8. Totally fan bias on that one. JT had a good year, but if he had even been career average fans would be looking for Bennings head right about now. He's 27 and only cracked the 50 point marker once before this season. Maybe he wasn't given the opportunities he needed before, but odds are decent he regresses next season to being a 50 point guy. As far as Gaudreau goes, he does get more criticism than he deserves. That said, when Monahan was struggling this season, I noticed him trying to play a bit different. He threw 65 hits this season for instance over 70 games; his previous career high was 42 in his first season, and usually averages in the 30s. Not a physical bruiser or anything, but he looked like he was trying at least. When Gaudreau goes cold, he looks disinterested. Then there are the persistent rumors that he wants to play out east, plus the other rumors around certain off-ice habits, and it creates an atmosphere where people are suddenly okay talking about moving him. It's also possible that fans are a bit less emotionally attached to our current group. I happen to think a lot of Gaudreau's troubles were family related this year, and he should bounce back next season. I also think you should never rule out trading anybody if you have a chance at improving the team, and he definitely has the most value.
  9. Sometimes I really don't get the nhl. They should be choosing locations based on their ability to isolate and the host city's safety re:covid. While I'm sure Vegas has a decent set-up with hotels near the ice, it's an extremely social city and decent bet for super-spreading events to occur. No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to fully insulate players from the outside from potentially infectious individuals. Meanwhile, the rumor is the eastern hub is going to be Toronto, one of the worst cities in Canada for covid (although I'm not sure where in the east would work as most eastern cities are worse off than western).
  10. Just thought I would revisit the Duchene trade, as a blueprint for what we could get in a Gaudreau trade. I know Duchene is a center and that comes with a premium, but Gaudreau also produces more points at a similar point in his career. So, what did the Avs get? Trade occurred in Nov. 2017 Going out: Duchene Coming in: 1st, 2nd, 3rd round draft picks, plus Sam Girard, Vladislav Kamenev, Shane Bowers, Andrew Hammond Sam Girard: Previous 2nd round (2016) defensive pick who tore up the Q in his draft and draft +1 years. Immediately entered the line-up, putting up 20 points in 68 games and has now rounded into a solid top 4 puck moving defensman. Vladislav Kamanev: Drafted in the 2nd round in 2014. Currently splits his time between the nhl and ahl. Probably has 4th line upside. Shane Bowers: Drafted in the 1st round in 2017, plays center. Played in college, just finished his first season in the ahl with 40 games played and 27 points. Still young, some upside possible, maybe a middle six potential. Has fallen off a bit since the trade though. Andrew Hammond: Played 1 game for the Avs, hasn't seen nhl action since. So in essence, they got 1st, 2nd, 3rd, a player who had just been drafted in the 1st round (likely considered a top prospect at the time), a depth forward option, a decent defense prospect, and a throw in goalie. Granted, they had to involve a third team to get this, but for a pure futures deal this is pretty good. Not even any cap dumps involved really. So if we traded Johnny for futures only (I'm not advocating this), we should expect something along the lines of two 1st rounders, two 2nd rounders, a 3rd round and a 4th round draft pick (or equivalent prospects).
  11. It's great to see. Hopefully he doesn't drop off the way Gilles and Ortio have in the past (and maybe Parsons as well). I don't see it though. With a bit of luck, we'll see Wolf as our starter in 3-4 seasons, and for a long time.
  12. I get what you're saying about NYI, but I don't see why they do this trade. This deal bubbles down to CGY acquiring two top 6 forwards and a reclamation project in exchange for two bottom six forwards, a defensive prospect with top 4 upside, a 2nd, and an unnamed prospect. This would be like the flames trading Tkachuk + Backlund to the Rangers for Brendan Lemieux + Jesper Fast + Ryan Lindgren + 2nd.
  13. Speaking of Ek, he's got Jersey making a huge push for Johnny with a deal centered around futures, so at least we know NJ isn't a realistic trade partner... But if they were to put this year's first on the table (their own, not Arizona's or Vancouver's) as part of a package, would anyone be interested?
  14. What’s wrong with his development? He put up 84 points in 68 games last year, and 85 points in just 51 games this year. That’s on pace for a over 110 points in a single season, and ranks him as probably top 2 or 3 in production this season in the whole whl. Maybe he won’t be elite, but he still could be.
  15. Why trade Monahan for Buffalo's 1st? If we're trading Monahan for futures, I'm asking for Cozens.
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