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  1. I’d go even further. Tkachuk + Zary + 2022 conditional 1st + 2023 conditional 1st for Eichel + 2022 conditional 3rd + 2023 conditional 3rd. Conditions as follows: Flames 2022 first is conditional on Eichel playing at least 41 games this season, and is lottery protected, otherwise this becomes a 2022 second rounder. Flames 2023 first is conditional on Eichel playing at least 70 games and scoring 50 points. Otherwise this is a 2nd rounder. Sabres 2022 3rd becomes a 2nd if Eichel plays less than 41 games this season. It becomes a 1st if Eichel misses the whole season. Sabres 2023 3rd becomes a 2nd if Eichel plays less than 41 games, and a 1st if he plays less than 20 or puts up less than 40 points. These conditions give us some protection in the event that Eichel is unable to recover.
  2. Brown is trending toward bust territory, I wouldn’t worry about missing out. I’d rather have Sanford.
  3. Why would Tkachuk hold out for an OS? They almost never happen, and he’s not worth more than 9 million AAV. No one is offering that. Chucky will sign his QO and be a UFA the following year. He’s worth more in a trade right now. Maybe the wild are a good target. They have a short window to win before the buyouts of Parise and Sutter begin to bite, so they may be open to making a splash right now. Tkachuk + 2nd for Marco Rossi + Victor Rask + 1st.
  4. Tkachuk’s comments make me think he has every intention of signing his QO next year and walking right out the door as a UFA. Probably best To move him now if possible. He doesn’t sound like a team guy in this case.
  5. ABC923

    UFA 2021

    Was pretty sick yesterday, no real reason, threw up a few times. Now I know why...
  6. Random idea. Mtl takes the compensation, we flip Monahan to Mtl for those picks, we turn around and sign Peterson to a 6x8 contract. If Vancouver matches, they got some major moves to make in order to sign Hughs. Then we take those picks and trade for Dvorak. If they don’t take it, we just moved Monahan plus a 2nd to land a young top line center. I think Van matches that, but it puts the squeeze on them which would be fun.
  7. It’s still a why, because the qualifying offer has to be 6.1 million next season. If he isn’t worth it, they may just have to let him walk to ufa.
  8. So Carolina offer sheeted Kotkaniemi from Mtl to a pretty rich contract. If Mtl lets him go, they get a 1st and a 3rd, and will need a 2nd line center. Any thoughts on what they would give for Monahan? KK is younger, but in 3 seasons his best season is worse than Mony’s worst. I bring that up as the two players will be making close to equivalent salaries, and if I’m Mtl I would much rather have Mony than KK. So maybe Mony for Armia plus a 1st and a 3rd? Package the picks in an Eichel trade.
  9. The price for defense has been super high this year. Nurse, Jones, Hamilton, Werenski all got 9 million+ contracts this season. Even Pionk landed a deal worth almost 6. Top 4 guys like Hanifin making what he does would be attractive I would think, but also very expensive to replace.
  10. Didn’t we resign Ritchie just to meet expansion draft exposure requirements? I don’t expect the plan is for him to be a regular.
  11. Just spit balling, but what if Florida struggles to sign Reinhart? They didn’t give up much for him, so they may open to trade him before the season starts. Would Johnny straight across be worth it? We get slightly younger and another right shot fwd, panthers get the more dynamic player for a playoff push this season who comes off the cap when they need to sign Barkov.
  12. I’ll be interested to see if Kinnvall can come in and grab a lineup spot. Had his last season truncated by injury, but looks to be a solid offensive producer from the back end.
  13. I’m wondering if a separate thread is needed just for Eichel trade stuff. All other suggestions are getting drowned out here.
  14. ABC923

    UFA 2021

    I’m kind of surprised Nick Ritchie is still unsigned. Wouldn’t mind him here.
  15. ABC923

    UFA 2021

    To me this is shaping up to be another dud of an offseason. I don’t see any big trades coming, so it looks like a run back of last season’s team. At least pitlick and Coleman are better adds than Leivo or Simon, but that contract is pretty rich.
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