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  1. You heard it here first folks; the nhl’s next league jersey theme will be the cutlery edition. Flames will obviously design theirs around a bbq implement, maybe a carving fork or grill brush. Oilers will probably want to stick with their theme of accidents and spills, so a roll of paper towels seems a good choice (though not technically a utensil). Canucks will stay ocean themed, maybe a pair of chop stick holding some sushi...
  2. No, I meant Monahan as the trigger man with Dube and Bennett being the guys in the corners.
  3. Maybe the plan is to try Mony on the wing. Everyone else has had a shot there, and we already know Backlund on the wing is a disaster. What about Monahan-Bennett-Dube? Two guys willing to muck it up in the corners and retrieve pucks, one to be the trigger man.
  4. I don't think anyone on BUF active roster would work, aside from maybe Risto. I strongly doubt Buf does Hanifin for Reinhart. Maybe Hanifin + Bennett gets it done. From DET, I would love Bertuzzi as well, but again we would have to add a guy like Bennett. Maybe you could swing one for futures and get Seider for Hanifin (I know he was their 1st rounder in 2019, but I don't really see why he was drafted so high. Has some upside mind you, shoots right as well). Then we could pick up Vatanen. As for CBJ, the best target is probably Bjorkstrand.
  5. Is it bad that I’m hoping we lose Tanev in the expansion draft?
  6. My view is that we are unlikely to get an equal talent back in a Gaudreau trade as we would likely get a larger contract back, so a trade will need to focus on futures. While we likely lose the trade this year, the futures give us a stronger team in 2 years time at most. That said, Bjorkstrand isn't just a replacement level player. He's put up back to back 20+ goal seasons and 36 points. BUT, last season he did that in just 49 games. If we prorate that out, that would be 35 goals and 60 points in 82 games. Only 6 of his points were on the PP, so he gets it done at 5v5. He's also a solid possession player. I could see him slotting in well next to Backlund, putting up close to 25 goals and 45 points. I know less about Peeke, but he seems like a solid RD prospect with top 4 potential. And the Cap space could be used to bring in Hoffman or even trade with Tampa for Johnson (Ryan for Johnson?). That might actually make us a better team in the short term.
  7. Gustav Nyquist has been announced to likely miss much of next season for columbus. I'm wondering if maybe there is a trade be had, Something along the lines of Gaudreau for Bjorkstrand + Andrew Peeke + 1st. We get a decent middle six RW, solid RD prospect, and over 4 million in cap space to spend on someone else like a hoffman or vatanen.
  8. I sometimes wonder if Backlund is a luxury we can’t afford for much longer. Given his age, he’s probably going to start declining soon and carries a big cap hit. Alternatively, maybe the plan is putting Bennett on the wing. We could run Lindholm/Monahan/Backlund down the middle and try to create three scoring lines that way.
  9. Couple ideas: Trade Gaudreau to Boston for Debrusk + 1st + 2nd. Boston's core is aging, and with Pastrnak and Marchand on the LTIR, they may be looking for a way to boost their offense for a couple years before needing a teardown. No doubt they get the best player here, but Debrusk has some pop. Next: offer sheet Sergachev. If Tampa matches, offer sheet Cirelli. Unload Hanifin for picks if we get Sergachev, Bennett and Ryan (or Backlund) if we get Cirelli. Finally: Try to pry Barzal from NYI. They will have a hard time signing both Barzal and Pulock, maybe a deal around Monahan for Barzal could be worked out. Monahan + 1st for Barzal + 3rd. Tkachuk-Barzal-Lindholm Debrusk-Backlund-Mangiapane Gio-Anderson Sergachev-Tanev
  10. He's playing on the right side in a few of those clips. Maybe he's comfortable playing RD?
  11. Would he pass on training camp with the flames then, or is it just that if he doesn't make the team he can go back to Europe instead of the AHL?
  12. So this was a signing under my radar last year, but I think there’s something to be excited about with this guy. A right shot defensman, okay size (5’11), and puts up points at a crazy rate. Last season he had 11 goals and 40 points in 51 games in the SHL, making him the eighth highest scorer in that league, one of only 3 defenders in the top 20, and one of only 2 players under the age of 25 in the top 20 (he’s the youngest in fact). I know the SHL is not the top league in Europe, but it’s still solid. It seems to favour older players, so having that kind of success at his age is impressive. He’s also shown good progression, from 0 points in 18 games three seasons ago, followed by 22 points in 52 games, followed by 40 points last season (and 4 points in 4 games so far this season). Supposedly the arrangement is he will come to North America for the 21-22 season, but I wonder if he might not get a look at training camp this year.
  13. I worry that Tanev is another Hamonic in play style, not because that’s bad but because Hanifin did not mesh well with Hamonic. If we want the most from Hanifin (even just to up his trade value), we should play him with Anderson.
  14. I doubt it will be bubble hockey. My bet is they will travel around and play, although one possibility would be to have all teams play in one location in each division, with the location rotating as needed. Players will probably be asked not to party and such, but no bubble like last time. The only reason for a Canada division is so players don’t have to cross the border during the season, which is only a concern if teams are travelling.
  15. It's a gamble, but maybe BT is looking at last year as a down season for a lot of guys. If we just look at shooting percentages, JG posted 8.6% (career low, almost 4 points lower than average), Monahan was at 13.3% (also career low, 1.6% lower than average), Giordano at 3.2% (lowest in over 10 years, almost 4 points below average). I'm not saying that we should expect these guys to hit back to their averages this year, but if these three alone did, Gio would have had 6 more goals, Mony 3 more goals (his shot rates were also very low), and Johnny another 7. That's 16 more goals in a shortened season right there. We might expect some regression from Lindholm, but otherwise nobody played above their career norms that remains on the team this year. We can probably expect increased offensive production from Mangiapane (maybe another 3-5 goals), Dube (~5 more goals?), Bennett (5 more goals), Anderson (2-3 more), and whoever replaces Janko (2-3 more goals). So assuming some guys return toward career norms while other young players improve, we could be adding anywhere from 20-40 goals this season. Again, it's a gamble, but not a terrible one.
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