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  1. The oilers are paying their staff. Just sayin’, do we really want to be outclassed by them?
  2. Compliance buyouts would mean more money for players. Otherwise guys like Taylor Hall will wind up signing for 6 million or something, while guys like Toffoli will be stuck at 4 or less, etc, as almost no teams will have money for ufas next season.
  3. I wonder how the cap will be impacted. No way they will be able to raise it. Can it go down? I wouldn’t be surprised to see each team receive a cap compliance buy-out option for next season if the cap drops significantly due to the virus.
  4. One possible solution would be to end the season early, and run some kind of playoffs in a months time using the current standings for seeding.
  5. Can't be far behind. The NBA is a bigger brand, so if the NHL doesn't follow suit and a rash of players get sick, they will look like chumps in comparison.
  6. What a difference a month makes. When this thread was started the main connection between COVID and the nhl was if there might be a hockey stick shortage. Soon games will be played in front of empty stadiums, and maybe cancelled altogether at some point.
  7. Bad night on the out of town scoreboard, with both Van and Nash winning.
  8. Not the dreaded Brodie-Hamonic pairing again!
  9. 12 games to go, currently at 79 points. Probably need at minimum 93 points, so we must go at least 7-5. May actually need 95 points, in which case we need a record of 8-4. Point percentage at home this year is 58%, road percentage is 60.5%. If we continue at this rate, we will earn 9.28 points at home and 4.84 points of the road. Rounds out to 14 points total, so we are on pace for 93 points, which might be good enough.
  10. That was one of the sloppiest games I’ve seen. Could make a pass, running into each other, poor decisions, and so many players falling down for no reason. Did the equipment manager drag all their skates behind the truck this morning?
  11. ABC923


    I’m beginning to doubt he will score 2 more. Seems to have reverted completely back to 2019 Neal, and is on the fourth line now.
  12. One of the key match-ups down the stretch is with the Jets. We play them twice, and winning both those games likely assures we would finish ahead of them in the standings. Lose both, and the opposite will be true. Tonight is also extremely important. Winning puts us 5 points up on the coyotes. Win those three games, and our chances of making the playoffs are very good.
  13. If we traded Johnny in a package for Eichel, I'd suggest moving Monahan for a winger. Timo Meier could be a decent target, shoots left but plays both sides. San Jose is really thin down the middle after this year (and arguably right now) with just Couture signed for next season plus some bottom six RFAs. Money is close to equal, production is similar (Mony is traditionally better), similar age, etc. Meier-Eichel-Lindholm Tkachuk-Backlund-Mangiapane Decent top 6. Move Bennett back to third line C.
  14. Fair enough. I'd personally put him in my top 20, but can definitely see him as a top 15 guy even. He just gets talked about on these boards like he's a 2nd line center on most teams, which I just don't think is the case. It may be true on the elite teams, or a few teams stacked down the middle without much else (*coilers*cough*cough*), but on most teams he's a top line guy.
  15. Just gonna put this out there, but I don't like the complaint that we don't have a number 1 center. Based on the discussion over the last year, I get the sense that there are only maybe 10-15 players in the league that people would consider a number 1 center. So maybe instead of complaining that we don't have a number 1 center, can we instead complain that we don't have a top 10 or top 15 center? Because that ultimately is what every great team needs. Not a top 31 guy, a top 15 guy.
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