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  1. With Neal out, the flames have recalled Curtis Lazar to fill out the roster. Given the way Czarnik has played in relief, I hope they aren't planning on playing Lazar over Czarnik.
  2. I wouldn't call them a bunch of jerks, but I wish they wouldn't do it. I find it embarrassing as a hockey fan to watch a bunch of grown men play duck-duck-goose after a hockey game as a 'celebration'. If I was a canes fan, I'd be trying to get out of the stands or turning off the TV before the final horn just to avoid such a spectacle. It's not funny or cute imo, just cringy. Maybe the kids like it.
  3. Just thought I would update this, as he had a phenomenal start to the season. Zavy now sits at 23 goals, 31 assists in 54 games. Again, solid numbers, but no longer really in the scoring race anymore.
  4. I think you are probably correct, I just think it is unlikely anyone is willing to offer sheet him given the likely compensation.
  5. Just remember, an offer sheet of 11 million carries a 4 first round draft compensation package. That's a spicy meatball to swallow regardless of who you are getting.
  6. Neal has a shooting percentage this season of 4.4%, the lowest in his career. The next lowest is 10.4% in 2010-2011 and 2014-2015. Maybe he's fallen off a cliff, but I think there's a good chance he rebounds at least a bit next season. If we want to find some level of hope here, we can look at the year he was traded to Pittsburg from Dallas (2010-2011). In 20 games with the Penguins, he shot 1.9% and scored once. Bounced back the next year with 40 goals in 80 games and a 12.2 shooting %. There's also the matter of Neal's usage. He has a defensive zone start of 47%, meaning he is a bit sheltered and fed more offensive opportunities. Strangely, this is the least sheltered he has been in his career, usually tallying under 45% (and a number of sub-40%), so he is being used a bit more defensively in the past.
  7. He's having a good year, but his track record is pretty short. That's more money than Lindholm, and there's no comparison in my opinion. Someone else might try to do that though...
  8. While I'm sure missing the first quarter of the season is at the root of Nylander's struggles this season, there's no doubt his value is lower now than it was last off season. In 24 games, he has 2 goals and 7 assists. That puts him on a 7 goal, 31 point pace for an 82 game season. To put that into perspective, Bennett is on pace for 15 goals and 32 points for the season, but Bennett isn't about to sign a 7.9 million per year contract. That said, Willie is definitely capable of more, but his value in a trade will never be as high as it was prior to last summer. Likely could have gotten a top tier young defensman (that would have helped the team more), and maybe even a draft pick to boot. I'm sure they could still get a nice player for him, but it won't be the same.
  9. Who would actually waive their NTC/NMC to go to Edmonton?
  10. Right you are, corrected now.
  11. I should also mention, Jake Gardiner is up this season too. They can't resign him, so that will weaken an already not too strong blue line.
  12. So the leafs just signed Mathews extension, 5 years @ 11.63 million per (makes Gaudreaus contract look like a steal). I knew it would be north of 10 million, but with money like that it should be a 7 year contract at least. He'll be a UFA at the end of it, only 26 years old. Anyway, the leafs are currently at 66.6 million committed for next season. If we project the cap to be 83 million, that leaves them 16.4 million to sign the rest. Keep in mind, they still need to extend Marner (should be at least 9 million) and Kapanen (maybe 4 million?). We're also assuming they don't go hog wild at the deadline and add a bunch of salary, because Matthews is likely to earn his 2.8 million in performance bonuses this season, which would count against next years cap if they fail to leave sufficient space on this season's cap. That would leave They still need to sign 2 defenders, 3 forwards, and a back up goalie for next season, and about 3.4 million to accomplish that. Unfortunately, the minimum salary is now $650,000, which is 3.9 million if they sign all remaining players to minimum value contracts. This also leaves them carrying only 1 extra defender and no extra forwards. Not many options for the leafs. They either have to pray the salary cap is at least 85 million, or they have to trade someone like Kapanen for draft picks or lower cost players, or they have to move out salary. The good news is after next season, Marleau and his 6.25 million are gone, so if they can weather next year they will be in the clear.
  13. I feel like we haven't really given Czarnik much of a chance. He plays well enough when he plays, but the coach doesn't seem to care for him.
  14. Can't say I have a ton of faith in Gilles anymore. He's drowning a bit in the AHL this year, taking a pretty big step back. Some of that is no doubt due to the depletion of defense (no Anderson, Kylington or Wotherspoon anymore), but he isn't doing himself any favours.
  15. I'd rather target him in the offseason. He needs time to clear his head and shake off the oil smell. If we were to bring him in now, I see no reason for us to expect much better than what he's been the last two seasons.