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  1. Only justification for playing certain regulars is to boost their trade values. JH sure sounded like a guy who thinks he might be on his way out after the game. Wish I could have watched last night though, the radio play by play sounded pretty good. I wonder if things might have been different this year if that top line had started the season together.
  2. Gonna be tough with the cap dodging lightning in the way. Oh gee, Kucherov and Stamkos are gonna be healthy for game one of the playoffs? How lucky for them!
  3. ABC923

    Connor Bedard

    Good news is that Ott has now tied us in points, and with a game against us that is an easy two points we have a great shot at passing them in draft order. If Van can win a few down the stretch, last place in the North is within our grasp. Unfortunately a top 5 pick will be tough to reach.
  4. So Laine is on the 4th line now, seems unlikely to resign there. Do we have any interest? Might not be a fit under Sutter, but Columbus kind of has to trade him.
  5. To be fair, given that Poirier and Klimchuk were busts, it's really comes down to Monahan vs Barkov. I thought those other two had potential at the time, so in hindsight it's a no brainer but I'm not sure I would have been on board at the time.
  6. Bennett was scratched tonight, is he fighting an injury? I know Fla is in a position to rest guys, but all their other top 6 guys were in.
  7. Just a quick question, but who was Fla second line centre before Bennett got there?
  8. Disappointing end, but outside the first ten minutes I thought it was an entertaining game. That’s really all I want at this point. Nice to see JG and Chucky playing a bit more like their old selves too.
  9. Fair enough. Since you don’t like reading the same points getting regurgitated, I’ll summarize the other points for you as well. -Sam Bennett was hosed -Coaches we’re bad -Organization was focused on win now to the team’s detriment -Sam is awesome now and we will rue the day we traded him Thread done. 😏 FWIW, I am bitter about a lot this season, so I’ll step out since I don’t mean to bring everyone down. I was high on Sam even earlier this season, so I’m frustrated by the way things went down.
  10. I still say it’s early. He’s currently playing in playoff mode, and may rack it up the rest of the season, but the real test is next season. Will he continue being a ppl player, or drop back to career norms? Playing with Huberdeau definitely helps. Duclaire has put up 9 points in the last 7 games too, is he also an elite talent or just on a hot streak?
  11. ABC923

    Matthew Tkachuk

    I have to agree. that trading him would likely be a mistake. If he's part of a package bringing in a guy like Eichel I can get my head around that, but otherwise we are moving a guy who scored at a 70+ point pace two seasons in a row because he had an off season in a year where the team was bad as a whole with only a handful of players not having a bad season. He's only 23, and we (as fans) have gone from future captain to locker room poison and relative bust in four short months. The whole team needs a reset at the very least in the offseason, a clear their heads, get patched up if possible, and try to forget this miserable season. I'd look for Tkachuk to start fresh next season with more of his regular fire. As an aside, it's probably worth noting he is shooting 7.9% compared to his career average of 12.2. If he shot his average, he'd have 5 more goals and be on pace for 61 points and 26 goals over 82 games, a decent if unspectacular season by his standards.
  12. My understanding is that they can still be selected, they just don't count toward our minimum exposure requirements, so Phillips could still be taken. Don't forget we have 4 defense (Gio, Anderson, Hanifin, Tanev) with one being exposed, and I would think there's a good chance whoever we do expose gets taken.
  13. I wish I could share your optimism, but I don’t see this as that kind of trade. Sam isn’t Gilmore or St. Louis, he’s not going to just become a 30 goal 60 point forward like magic. He’s at best a 20 goal 35 point guy, who shows you flashes of what could be. He’s on a sugar high with a new team, he’ll be good in the playoffs, and then back to normal. I was shocked to get more than a 3rd rounder, so I really doubt this trade will be the catalyst you’re hoping for. That trade will occur next season at the tdl when we move Gaudreau for a late first (if we are lucky) after choosing to run the same core one more time and coming up short (or worse, keeping JG for another first round exit and getting nothing at all).
  14. I think he scored 4 goals playing with Frolik and Backlund.
  15. Glad to see Benny excel in a couple games, but we won't know if it was a solid trade until next season. Bennett was always a streaky player, and he struggles to maintain his emotion over long periods. That's why he's great in the playoffs, he can engage every night because it matters. But in the regular season, that's just not the case. So he's on an emotional high right now, don't be surprised if he puts up a point a game for 5 or 10 games before going cold to end the season. The playoffs will come, he'll be fantastic as always, be a ppg, and FLA will think they fleeced us. Then they'll give him a fat contract and scratch their heads next season when he only score 10-15 goals and 25-30 points. I think this trade will ultimately be seen as a win-win though, especially if Florida gets over the hump and wins (something the flames were not going to do with or without Bennett).
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