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  1. I think Hanifin is staying put for now. Defensive depth is important, and assuming Valimaki can step right in and be a top 4 this season is risky. Hanifin looked good alongside Anderson; Hamonic sitting out the playoffs may have been the best thing to happen to Hanifin.
  2. I wonder if the flames have an internal cap like many other teams this year. It could really limit what the team does.
  3. So Buf just acquired Eric Staal for their number 2 center. That probably cuts any interest in Monahan as a trade target. Weird trade, they also cut down on cap spending to boot.
  4. Talbot actually had better SV% for most of his career than Markstrom, and a better GAA. He's much better statistically if you exclude his 2018-2019 season which he split between PHI and EDM. It's a tough call though, since Markstrom is a few years younger. It all depends on the contract; I would rather sign a 30 year old goalie to a 4 year deal than a 33 year old goalie to that same deal. A two year deal though? I might put my money on Talbot.
  5. Hey, if they want a fire sale, bring it on. How about Lawson Crouse? Big body, decent production for a bottom 6 forward. Offer up a lower prospect that can play on a bad team that cost under a million, plus a 4th.
  6. I also think there's a decent chance he waives for the expansion draft. Seattle is a bit closer to his home town of Vancouver, it could have some appeal to him. I do doubt he would waive for a trade elsewhere.
  7. Solid point. Maybe we trade them a bunch of ringette sticks for all their hockey sticks?
  8. In a dream scenario, Lucic agrees to be traded to Ottawa along with a draft pick or prospect in exchange for a 7th. Ottawa gets an asset, plus a player that helps them reach the salary floor but has had a chunk of his salary already payed for by somebody else. We get a bunch of cap space to do something else.
  9. Some times, the better team loses. Dallas is not a cup contender team on paper or on the ice, but a bit of puck luck and a hot goalie can be all you need sometimes.
  10. It’s worth remembering Johnny came in to the league a bit older having gone the college route. As such, a good chunk of his development years were finished by the time he played his first nhl game.
  11. In hindsight, the Hamilton trade was probably the only one that made sense (mostly based on the caliber of the player we were getting). I will admit the Elliott trade looked good at the time to me, since he had solid numbers and seemed like a solid guy in need of a starter role. Let’s not forget the Lazar trade either...
  12. The ultimate pitfall was probably the Hamonic trade as far as the rebuild goes. We never really got true top 4 play from him, and now he’s done just as Dobson is breaking into the league (Dobson was selected with our 1st rounder that year). Even today, that would at least mean one more signed defender with upside on an entry level deal, leaving more money to sign a ufa or make a move (oh yeah, and he shoots right).
  13. I actually like Ward, but for me it comes down to the caliber of available coaches right now. Sure Ward is good enough, but why should we settle if we have a shot at one of the best?
  14. Konecny is a non-starter. I’d be happy with a 1 for 1 trade to be honest; big break out season this year, almost a point a game, right shot RW, cheaper than Gaudreau, younger, signed long term. He’s everything we need, and Philly would be foolish to trade him. He is likely due for some regression mind you (can’t expect 17% shooting percentage). I do think Philly would want Johnny though. He could reunite with Hayes, and punch up the offence for sure. A deal would likely involve Nolan Patrick, a high risk move on our part. Maybe Sanheim?
  15. I look forward to the canuckleheads appointing Demko the starter and letting Markstrom walk, only to find out the young guy isn't the second coming of goaltending next season. I like Demko, but he's playing way above his head right now as many goalies do from time-to-time.
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