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  1. Marner is a more realistic target. Unsigned, carries less value than Matthews, plays mostly on the wing I believe. Probably still need to start with Johnny and TJ as going the other way. Or we could look to Nylander. Burned relationships plus down year could equal a reasonable ask. Maybe Backlund + Brodie. Would need to move Lindholm back to center, but a line of Johnny-Mony-Nylander or Tkachuk-Lindholm-Nylander could be pretty good.
  2. I would still like to offload Neal somewhere, and my worry is that as hard as he might be to move this offseason, it might be impossible by this time next season if he repeats. I think he still has value to certain teams, and you could chalk his performance up to an off year. A team can do well with a couple poor skaters on it, but we just have too many of those guys to accommodate Neal in the way he needs. (If we were to keep him, he'd probably be best suited to playing with Backlund and Frolik, as those two guys are pretty good at slowing the pace down. That's why Tkachuk has worked so well there in the past, and why moving Tkachuk up to the first line might not yield the results we might hope for.) I think there would be a taker for Neal @ 4 million per, so retaining a bit on him would allow us to get a mid round pick back and free up some valuable cap space.
  3. I agree, I think we can afford to trade Brodie and Stone for picks along with one of Neal and Frolik, and fill in the gaps either internally (ie. Valimaki) or with UFA. Plenty of quality UFAs to choose from this year, so hopefully prices won't be too crazy.
  4. Hall isn’t worth 10 million plus.
  5. I wonder if maybe NJ would have interest in Neal. They have tons of cap space, and have a hard time scoring goals. They also have a young team, so they might see some value in adding a guy like Neal, assuming they think they can rehabilitate him. Wouldn’t need anything back in return, so any kind of draft pick would be a bonus.
  6. Maybe the biggest positive this playoff season is seeing Sam Bennett elevate at a critical time. Led the team in points with 5, showed effort and heart, and limited minutes most games. We need more of that, and it makes me happy he is a flame.
  7. How about trading Neal + 3rd to Carolina for the rights to Ferland? Carolina has tons of cap space and may think they can rehab Neal. Ferly liked it here and may be open to returning, but even if not we would free up cap space. (Although Ferland’s sandpaper could really help us).
  8. We have good scoring depth. Weren’t we the only team in like, 20 years to have 5 seventy point players? We had 4 30 goal scorers too. Hathaway and Ryan had more than 10 goals each playing 4th line. Scoring should have been a strength, but it was like everyone went cold at the same time. I think Brodie led the team in goals, and Bennett in points. That’s generally not a great sign. We also have some of those physical guys, but key guys like Tkachuk and Hamonic didn’t show. I give the Avs tons of credit, but we didn’t play our game. On a related note, this makes two years in a row where the team drastically worsened after the league mandated week long break. Our top line never seemed as threatening after that. Maybe we need to encourage guys like Mony and Johnny to stay closer to home during that break. Maybe a little less boozing it up in the Bahamas (or wherever they went) and a little more working out would help them stay focussed.
  9. Beware complacency late in the regular season. Tampa and Calgary were cruising for the last week or two (or four, maybe five for Tampa), and both were swept aside by teams playing their hearts out down the stretch.
  10. I don’t get the fascination for Hall. He’s pretty similar to Johnny, more injury prone, really only has one outstanding season, very little playoff experience, and is UFA after next season. Why would we do that swap?
  11. I actually like how our defense has been building. Dumping Brodie for Valimaki next season will pay huge dividends I think, and Kylington has a lot of promise. Smith played very well in the playoffs. If not for game 5, he probably finishes near the top in save percentage, and when you give up 50 shots a game, you have to expect anyone to break down eventually. Rittich took a nice step forward this season, and there is potential for more I believe. The one thing I agree with (besides Brodie being traded) is changing the top line. And by that I mean trading either JG or SM. We either need a larger top flight winger who can make his own space, or a skilled center who can go into the hard areas. Monahan has a wicked shot, but he doesn’t dig the puck out or create space for his line mates, and that’s a must for the playoffs. I’d even be willing to trade both. The good news is both players should have high value. JG is probably the best or second best left winger in the game (in the regular season), and should be able to net us a very good player in return. Minimum Nylander plus.
  12. I’d trade Brodie first to be honest. Only one more year on his deal, same as Hamonic, and we probably can’t/shouldn’t keep both of them. Sure, you won’t get as much for Brodie, but he is more expendable. Plus, Ras seems to be a solid fit with Gio in the limited showings we have seen.
  13. Could we perhaps target Columbus? They are losing a lot of pieces to free agency at season't end, so how about something like: Monahan + Neal + 1st (CLB has no 1st this year) for Dubios + 3rd? Okay if we need to retain salary on Neal. (This is a hard sell, but I can dream). Could then turn to TO and target Kapanen. Maybe Brodie would do, as TO needs a puck moving defender. Could add Jankowski. Big crop of UFA forwards this year, so prices could be lower. Target someone in the middle, like Marcus Johansen, or even Ferland. Gaudreau-Dubois-Lindholm Tkachuk-Backlund-Frolik Bennett-Johansen-Kapanen Mangiapagne-Ryan-Dube/Hathaway Gio-Anderson Hanifin-Hamonic Valimaki-Fantenberg
  14. Maybe Hall, although I would want an add from NJ (Johnny’s contract is very favourable, Hall is injured and 1 season away from ufa). Would rather try to pry Hischier away. Malkin is a no for me, mostly because of his age. Slowly declining already.
  15. Random suggestion that no one will like: How about a trade with the leafs centred around Gaudreau for Marner? Comparable points this season, but Marner is a righty and younger, bigger, possibly better. The incentive for the leafs is to get a high end offensive player with a really team friendly cap hit, at least 4 million less than Marner will cost. Let’s them keep everyone, maybe even resign Gardner. Just a thought.