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  1. Any interest in Gostisbehere? He's coming off a down year, but was great just two seasons ago. Signed for 4 more seasons at a reasonable $4.5 per. Philly is likely looking for offensive help, so not sure what we could offer. Maybe Bennett + Brodie + draft pick?
  2. Brodie + Janko + 26th Pick for Patrick + 11th Pick. Philly gets defensive help plus a replacement center with similar numbers to Patrick. We get to move up, save cap space, and get a right handed center with potential. Fair?
  3. How about a trade with NJ? They have tons of cap space moving forward, so maybe something like: Neal + Czarnik + 2019 1st for Stefan Noesen + 2019 2nd The drop from our 1st to NJ 2nd is not so huge, NJ gets a useful player in Czarnik and the chance to rehabilitate Neal for more offense. CGY gets an okay right shot RFA who can play on the 4th line and cap space. It could help give us the wiggle room to make a bigger signing elsewhere.
  4. Trading Johnny for Hall would be a disaster, I really don't get why it keeps coming up. I understand that Johnny and Hall have comparable skill sets, but Hall is on an expiring contract and will command 8 or 9m + in a year's time, plus he could just walk away at that point. Oh, and he's only played more than 70 games 4 times out of 8 seasons (excluding the lockout), and is coming off an extremely shortened season as well. 50/50 chance he misses significant time during the season. Johnny has 2 more years than Hall at a bargain price. If we were looking to sign him today, his contract would start at 10M most likely. So if we were to Trade Johnny, we better be getting: a) An equal talent at comparable contract length and cost (not sure that exists at the moment, Barkov is probably closest) b) A better or younger talent that we can control for longer but the contract price is higher (Marner for example) c) A top level young player coming into his own soon + a high draft pick (Nico Hirschier + 1st) I get that these trades are unlikely, but that's kind of the point. If you can't get something like I have suggested here, then you hang on to him.
  5. Just curious, as I see a lot of comments wanting to make Monahan the 2nd line center, what qualities make a true number 1? There aren't a lot of 80 point centers in the league, so obviously points aren't a measure. He's okay at face-offs, but I not elite. Is it physicality? I'm genuinely curious. Same question for what makes a good second line centerman, since everyone seems to want to eject Backlund into space these days, or bump him down to third line. Playoffs were terrible for the whole team, but both guys had solid regular seasons at least. Just for comparison, looking at the current cup finalists. St. Louis: Schenn (17G, 54 Points), O'Reilly (28G, 77 Points), Bozak (13G, 38 Points), Sundqvist (14G, 31 Points) Boston: Bergeron (32G, 79 Points), Krejci (20G, 73 Points), Coyle (12G, 34 Points), Kuraly (8G, 22 Points) Calgary: Monahan (34G, 82 Points), Backlund (21G, 47 Points), Jankowski (14G, 32 Points), Ryan (13G, 38 Points) First thing that pops out is Boston has 2 elite centers in Krejci and Bergeron, compared to just 1 for St. Louis and Calgary (in terms of point production). Interestingly, Calgary and St. Louis have almost identical point production from the center position. Given the option of having two elite centers, you would obviously prefer that, but it may not be possible. Still, if St. Louis can make the big dance with their center depth, we should be able to as well. And Playoff Performances, Extrapolated to 22 games St. Louis: Schenn (3G, 9 Points), O'Reilly (3G, 16 Points), Bozak (5G, 12 Points), Sundqvist (4G, 9 Points) Boston: Bergeron (9.9G, 17.6 Points), Krejci (4.4G, 15.4 Points), Coyle (8.8G, 16.5 Points), Kuraly (5.5G, 12.4 Points) Calgary: Monahan (4.4G, 8.8 Points), Backlund (4.4G, 13.2 Points), Jankowski (0G, 0 Points), Ryan (4.4G, 4.4 Points) Comparing Calgary is tough, because the sample size is quite small. Not surprising, we mostly don't compare well in the post season this year. Backlund does however hang in with the other 2nd line centers here in Schenn and Krejci. Sure, he missed some key moments, but was still relatively productive offensively. Boston and St. Louis seem to have different recipes for success though. Boston relies on superstar performances from Bergeron (and gets them), but also gets some much needed help from their 3rd center. St. Louis on the other hand has a more balanced attack throughout. We got a middling performance from our number 1, which would be manageable if the depth had shown up. So I would argue our biggest needs at center are either a) a better playoff performer at number 1 (although Mony is only 23, and other players in the past have developed bad playoff reputations they later smashed) or b) greatly improve our 3rd line center.
  6. I didn't mention any specific trades, just looking at guys to target. Players I didn't list are ones I am assuming we trade in some fashion, either for players listed such as Karlsson, or for draft picks/prospects. It's sort of a dream roster (plus Neal, since he seems the least likely piece to be traded. Not really sure where he should fit, so I just plopped him into a hole), but I don't have the kinks worked out on trades or anything.
  7. I think a late first is a possibility for either guy, but with only a single year on each contract we might not get it. I do agree though, both names are out there just to see where the best value for us is. Would we rather trade Brodie? Probably, but maybe Hamonic gets you a better return. My gut says Brodie is the one to be moved, and with Zaitsev requesting a trade out of Toronto (assuming they can move him), they will be even more desperate to add defensive depth on both sides.
  8. Here's my crack at it. Gaudreau-Monahan-Lindholm (Cap Hit: $17.975M) Tkachuk-Karlsson-Connolly (Cap Hit: $19M) Bennett-Backlund-Neal (Cap Hit: $13.85M) Mang-Ryan-Dube (Cap Hit: $5.4M) Hathaway ($1.2M) Gio-Anderson ($7.5) Hanifin-Hamonic ($8.8) Valimaki-Fantenberg ($2) Kylington ($0.73) Rittich-Talbot ($6) Buyouts: Brouwer ($1.5) Total Cap Hit: 83.95 Million The cap should be around 83 million this year, so we would have to find about a million in savings from this projection. Obviously unloading Neal would help tremendously, but Bennett could be the best option that is doable.
  9. Laine isn't worth 10.5 million, which is what you would have to pay him to need to give up 4 1st rounders. That would wreck our cap structure, and torpedo our development pipeline. He might be worth 8.5 though, which comes with a 2 1st + 1 2nd + 1 3rd cost, but even then I think that is pushing it. He probably signs for something like 6X8M, which carries a cost of 1st + 2nd + 3rd. If I thought the Flames could shed the salary to sign both him and Tkachuk at that price, I'd be all over it, but Jets probably match anything under that 10.5 rate I reckon, and deal with figuring out their cap later.
  10. I like both players too, just concerned with Haula's injury. If healthy, he could be a great budget addition. I think Janko + Kylington is a good start, but I don't see the value for Vegas in taking Stone, even at a discount. I think we would need to add draft picks to make it work, but it could be doable.
  11. The more I think about it, the more I hope we target William Karlsson with the Golden Knights. He's RFA, and the GK are up against the cap after the Stone signing. Karlsson is probably due a contract around 6-6.5 million AAV, so an offer sheet would only bring back a 1st and a 3rd. Vegas can't take much salary back, so a deal would have to centre around young players and draft picks (Already have 83 million committed before signing their RFAs and UFAs). To CGY: Karlsson To GK: Jankowski + Mangiapagne + 2nd This gives Vegas 2 relatively cheap depth forward options with upside, while we get Backlund 2.0 (a solid 2 way centre, but with more offensive upside). Obviously we would have to clear some salary to make this work, but I'm sure we can find takers for Frolik and Brodie without taking salary back.
  12. I'd do that trade, but I don't see why NJ does that trade. Palmieri is a 25 goal scorer on a team with no offense, and is on a value contract. He has more value than Brodie in my opinion. Zacha = Jankowski more or less, but he is younger with more upside. Gilles is close to being a bust now, and carries little value. However this might be a starting point. Maybe Brodie + Frolik + Janko would move the needle.
  13. He scores goals more efficiently, but I think that's about it. Sam still tops him slightly in overall points per 60 minutes of icetime. I am kind of curious why the flames have decided Janko is good enough to centre the third line but Bennett isn't good enough to be a centre. They seem equally flawed/capable in that regard to me. I wouldn't be opposed to trying Bennett at centre again, maybe with Mangiapagne on the wing. While Bennett has a tendancy to hog the puck, when he decides to be a playmaker he's actually pretty good at it (hence leading the team in the playoffs with 4 assists including a pretty nice dish on a pp if I recall correctly). Maybe putting him with a quick winger with some pop in his stick could work.
  14. How about Monahan + Neal + Parsons for Kessel + Gudbranson + Murray? Assumes pitts is in the mood to move on from Murray, but they seem to want to move from Kessel. Could just buyout Gudbranson to clear cap space on our end, would be a lot cheaper than Neal.
  15. I think at the right price most of us would jump at that, but I'd be surprised if he dropped below 4M per season. Given he would likely be a 3rd line winger (maybe 2nd), and the fact he's always a complimentary player (doesn't really drive the offense), I'd be nervous paying him more then 3M per on a 3 year deal, and he's worth more than that on the open market.
  16. When did Backlund lose his offense? 21 goals (1 short of his career high), 47 points (tied for second best of his career). It's fair to ask if we should expect more from someone slotted in a our 2nd line center, but he still puts up the points we should expect from him given what he's done in the past.
  17. Gio has a no trade clause, so it’s unlikely he is moved. If he were to agree, it would be the Iginla situation all over again, where he likely picks 2 or 3 teams he would accept a trade to thus limiting the return. The situations are also different in my opinion, as Iggy was on a clearly declining club that couldn’t accept it was over. We are trending up I would say, and given how these playoffs have gone I think it is more apparent than ever that every team who qualifies has a shot at the big prize. Finally, when was the last time a team traded one of their top players when they were not entering a tear down phase? Maybe Hall for Larsson, which was stupid as heck. Maybe Subban for Weber, but that was more of a lateral move for both teams (also stupid imo, but at least I can see the upside for both teams). You trade Gio this off season and the signal is we aren’t competing for the cup next season.
  18. Why not Hamonic for Trouba? Righty for a righty, Hamonic wanted to be in Winnipeg if possible, it could work better than making Brodie the cornerstone of such a trade.
  19. He’s a good sweetener in my mind if trying to land a bigger fish, but on his own you would be lucky to get more than a 3rd rounder I think.
  20. ABC923

    James Neal

    I would say he was a problem, but not the problem. I think the attention comes as he provided almost no value for money, and the cap hit prevents us from making certain moves this offseason.
  21. ABC923

    James Neal

    They went on vacation during the week long break. Two years in a row they come back looking lethargic and apathetic. Coincidence?
  22. A package deal could work. At risk of sounding like a broken record, I don’t think a Brodie+Gaudreau for Marner deal is all that crazy. The combined cap hit is probably fairly close, Toronto gets to fill a defensive position they need, Gaudreau and Marner have similar production values and skills, etc. Marner is likely the better player, but the difference between them is not that large. The main incentive for us is to extend our window by going younger. Could work for both teams.
  23. Lucic’s contract is still much worse for one simple reason; most of his salary is in signing bonuses, which makes him virtually buy-out proof. If the oilers bought him out, they would save about 2.3 million this year, 375,000 next year, 1.9 million the year after, and 375,000 the year after that. Then he counts 625k against the cap for another four years, so in two of the four remaining seasons the cap savings are smaller than the later cap hits down the line.
  24. Personally I would keep Czarnik. Highly underutilized last year, if he was given a regular shift this season it could really help our forward depth. I've seen some suggestions around the web that we trade Bennett. While he probably isn't top 6 material, he's one of the only guys who upped his game for the playoffs. On a team where the give-a-crap meter was lacking in the playoffs, we can't afford to lose one of the only guys who brought it this year when it counted most.
  25. Neal for Wenneberg, sounds good to me, and possibly realistic. Both look like bad contracts today.
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