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  1. Let's take a trip on the "way back machine". Deep Purple playing "Child In Time" live in front of a BBC studio audience circa 1970. Every member of the band has their spot to shine during this track:
  2. Does anyone on this board feel that Calgary's City Council has disclosed enough reliable financial information to allow you to make an informed choice on Calgary's Olympic bid? Personally, I'd love to vote YES on the Olympic plebiscite. I immensely enjoyed the 1988 Winter Olympics. Never in my life have I felt as much pride in my City, Province, and Country as during those magical days. But I'm feeling that the current City Council is being much too secretive on the details, and as a taxpayer, I'm not willing to just write a blank cheque to them. Unfortunately, If they do not release more unbiased financial figures before the election, I'll probably vote NO.
  3. Personally, I don't put much weight on David Rittich's play as a starter last season. That's last year and I feel that he has improved. I would feel comfortable trying him out as the 1A or 1 B goaltender for the rest of this season. There are at least 5 or 6 veteran goalies who will all be UFAs after this season. If it does not work out, perhaps BT has to find a new goalie during this season, though I'd prefer he manages to sign one as a UFA, on or soon after July 1, 2019.
  4. Despite Smith allowing 3 goals, the Flames should have been able to score 3 or more on Anaheim's porous defense. Some may argue that this loss may weigh heaviest on Smith's shoulders; but IMO, not gaining at least one point in the standings was on the team overall.
  5. If it soon becomes obvious to management that the Flames will not make the play-offs with Smith as our starter or as 1/2 of a tandem, I wouldn't mind taking a flyer on a Howard for Smith trade (no retention either way). Calgary might have to add a C prospect or 6th round draft pick as an incentive. Over two prior seasons, Howard was averaging 2.54 GAA and 0.910 SV% before two injury aborted seasons. Last year, he was 2.85 and 0.910 in 60 games, and so far this season he has posted a 2.85 GAA & a 0.917 SV% in 11 games. Personally, I feel that if the Flames goalies can average 2.60 GAA and 0.915 SV%, Calgary can score enough goals to make the play-offs this season. That said; Bobrovsky, Howard, Lehner, Mzarek, Talbot, & Varllamov will all be UFAs after this season; so if Smith/Rittich can get us into the 2019 play-offs, I'd wait to sign one of those UFAs at season end. I think that Zack Kassian should attempt to follow Michael Ferland's path to get his career back on track. Kassian can skate almost as well as Ferland, has at times shown equal skills, and is a little bit taller and heavier. He needs to either hit everything that moves every 2nd shift (IMO not sustainable for any player), or start to skate and shoot like a real power forward. I feel that Kassian has it in him to follow a similar path; but so far, I just haven't seen the same dedication and desire that I watched Ferland exhibit since 2017/2018. Kassian appears to be stuck in the 2016/2017 Ferland mode; inconsistent from game to game, and not showing enough physicality, offensive capability, or "give a ****" attitude to play regularly in the Top 6. Looking solely at his offensive stats, he has not been overpaid during his years with Vancouver and Edmonton. IMO, I'd take a chance on him with Calgary, but would be unwilling to risk very much to obtain him in a trade, as the possibility of him not improving any further seems to be all too likely.
  6. Smith is moving quickly to start.
  7. I'd start Rittich in Chicago and San Jose. Historically, Smith plays well against Anaheim (last game excepted) and LA, and there is enough rest between games for him.
  8. Hakan Loob has been the Head European Scout for under 6 months. I wonder how much impact he'll have on future drafts?
  9. I couldn't find a separate thread for this prospect, so I thought that I would start one. Calgary Flames prospect Mathias Emilio Pettersen has been named the NCHC's Rookie Of The Month for October. The Denver University freshman has helped lead the Pioneers to a 3-0-1 start with his team-high 8 points. He was drafted by Calgary in the 6th round (167 overall) of the 2018 draft. Pettersen is a 5' 10", 170 lb LH center who was drafted out of the USHL after scoring 14 goals + 32 assists = 46 points in 60 games. Here is one scouting report: Future Considerations - Ranked 156th overall A quality forward, he is a decent skater, showing great agility and quickness on his edges. For his size, though, he lacks great foot speed. Yet he owns deceptive speed. With quick acceleration he makes opponents miss with stick and body checks. His hands, too, are very good, so he's elusive, with the ability to weave in and out of traffic. He can make defenders look silly at times with simple stickhandlng and stop-and-go stunts. His puckhandling ability is elite. With confidence, he carries the puck through traffic and he can make highlight-reel moves in one-on-one situations. Off the rush, he is very dangerous. His array of shots is powerful and quick. His puck movement and vision are impressive. He can uncover tight passing lanes and find the tape of a teammate's stick. Defensively, too, he excels. He's fearless in board battles. His compete and energy levels make him an effective defender because he wants the puck back on this stick. No surprise, he's an eager counterattacker. He's a consistent - and versatile - presence. He's extremely strong with the puck on his stick or when putting the body on the opposition - and also when someone is trying to shove him around. He owns an enticing package - shot, vision, skill, compete - that, no doubt, would help an NHL team, especially if he can physically mature. Here's a longer one from SB Nation: https://www.allaboutthejersey.com/2018/6/12/17450370/mathias-emilio-pettersen-2018-nhl-draft-prospect-profile
  10. Not so many thoughts as questions. If the troops are being deployed to stop the migrants, how do they plan on accomplishing that? Seal the border entirely? If so, for how long? Sheer intimidation? Physical force? Actually shoot them? Just wondering.....
  11. Their career stats tell me that. That said, I can see an improvement in Bennett's play too. It wouldn't bother me if the Flames tried your proposed line.
  12. Why? Because I consider Lindholm to be the better center.
  13. I'd switch your second line around a little bit. Bennett - Lindholm - Tkachuk
  14. They just didn't give up during this game, props for the effort. Win or lose, I don't like games decided by shoot-outs.
  15. A much better effort than the last three games.