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  1. There will certainly be changes, as that appears to be Treliving’s M.O. Heck. he changed out 1/3 of the roster and 3 coaches last season. Personally, I think that the current group has learned some harsh lessons from this season’s play-offs. I feel that the ones who do return for next season, will be more motivated and less fearful of the play-offs next season. I don’t expect them to win the conference next regular season, but my guess is that they will go further along in the play-offs, in part due to their trials and tribulations this year.
  2. If we're keeping the pick, I'd look long look at drafting Moritz Seider or Lassi Thomson if they're still available at #26.
  3. Wouldn't he be an import and an over-ager in the CHL next season? If so, that would take up 2 roster spots. In that case, I'd bet on him playing overseas for a year.
  4. Of course, I’m disappointed that the Calgary Flames did not win a play-off round this season. That said, to me this was the most exciting version of the Flames that I have seen since the late 1980s. It was only the second time in the team’s history that they won 50 games or more. For most of this season; their style of play was a joy to watch and provided me with plenty of entertainment. I'm eagerly awaiting next season.
  5. That WAS a play-off game. Good chances for both sides. Enough of the platitudes, I'm pissed off, lol
  6. I only have 14 flavours, but I'll do my best. Restoration is next.
  7. Damn, that was a nice looking PP.
  8. Bennett is beasting.
  9. Let's make OT our play-off friend.
  10. That had to be the best hit that Monahan has thrown in his entire NHL career, lol
  11. I stand by my prediction of two points for Sean Monahan, so.............
  12. I'm feeling positive about OT. BP will make sure that the boys are hungry.
  13. Of course
  14. They are going for the win in regulation.
  15. 3rd line and the 3rd pairing out in the last two minutes shows trust by Peters.