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  1. There's only 15 games left before the TDL; so unless there are injuries or a "too good to pass up" deal to be made, I'd stay with the roster we currently have. Unless necessary to afford Tkachuk's raise, I'd keep Frolik until next season's TDL. Stone could well be traded this summer, as there is little sense in paying $3.5M for a bottom pairing D. Many of us (myself included) believe that Bennett will up his game in the playoffs; but if he can't/doesn't, I'd look at trading him in a summer package deal. Actually, I can't think of any of the Bottom 6 forwards that I wouldn't trade, just as long as the return was fair.
  2. Thank you Pyro!
  3. I'm impressed that the rookie D pairing of Andersson and Kylington are playing so well. Add in Valimaki and the future looks quite promising.
  4. Frolik! The king of EN goals.
  5. Frolik draws yet another penalty!
  6. Tkachuk is so great with those "no look" passes from behind the net.
  7. Frolik's been hustling all game. Good penalty draw.
  8. Good hustle by Neal to draw that penalty.
  9. I don't know how Stockton wins any games with the weak group of defense-men they have this season. It's definitely an area of the organization that needs some restocking.
  10. Great effort by Bennett!
  11. What a backhand "no look" pass from Monahan.
  12. Double tip-in, gotta love it!
  13. Backlund and Frolik getting the points we expected out of them.
  14. I'm predicting a Flames win before New Years day. 5-3 is the score that comes to mind.
  15. I feel that Dube should be up next for the Backlund/Frolik bump. It worked for Bouma, Bennett, & Tkachuk. I'm certainly not looking to staple Bennett on the 4th line permanently, but I'd like to try out the first 3 lines for at least a few games. Gaudreau - Monahan - Neal (let's get Neal going with the original plan that he was signed for) Tkachuk - Jankowski - Lindholm (Jankowski and Lindholm each take their strong side FOs) Dube - Backlund - Frolik (all 3 can take FOs) Bennett- Ryan - Hathaway (speed + crash & bash)