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  1. Low risk move. If it doesn’t work and he plays the next 2 years in Stockton and nothing more it only costs the organization a few hundred k in cash. If he pans out you got yourself an NHLer without using a draft pick
  2. I wondered about what the Flames would be doing jersey wise, especially on Iggy night, his banner is in the trim of the retros where as he wore the black flaming C for the majority of his career. They wouldn’t have made a banner in the retro colour scheme if a change wasn’t coming . Most likely we will be the road team in Regina for the Heritage Classic. Very good chance that white jersey ends up as the away jersey after next season
  3. Been sloppy so far. Best to not let this young Ottawa team hang around too long
  4. This is gonna be like the Devils game. They are you but are gonna work very hard. Use the advantage in experience and take control of the game. Can’t make many more silly mistakes
  5. One thing I want Peters to change heading into playoffs is his deployment of unit 2 at the start of a power play. I totally get why he starts unit 2 as more often than not it’s Johnny drawing a call and he wants fresh legs. However more often than not the second unit can’t get out of their own way to start a PP and a minute is quickly chewed up. In the playoffs, powerplays are hard to come-by. Unless the top guys are coming off a minute or longer shift I want Peters starting them. Besides PP’s don’t tire Out top guys, they love being out there. If they lose the draw and can’t get nothing going then get the second unit out there
  6. Watching the Sharks Golden Knights tonight. Even without worrying about the Flames, that would be an awesome series to watch
  7. To be fair, in those “statement” games the flames haven’t exactly been poor Yes they lost the season series to washington and Tampa, but 2 of the 4 losses were in shootouts. Could have went either way Won 2 of 3 from the Jets Won 2 of 3 from the Preds Still a game left against SJ, no shame at all in a split with them Split with Vegas Split with Toronto Sit with Pittsburgh Swept the islanders Split with the Bruins Out of the other 9 teams making up the top 10 in the league to have only lost the season series to two of them is pretty impressive
  8. Interested to see what Vegas does tonight. B2b home vs Edmonton and tomorrow on the road in SJ. They SHOULD start Subban tonight, Fleury tomorrow. That said last week I would have thought they would have went Subban in Vancouver and Fleury against us Sunday and they didn’t. Would be nice if Vegas gave us a little help...
  9. Tough game. Not many breaks went our way Smith played well. Essentially all it came down to was Winnipeg won one more puck battle. Still took the season series 2-1, I’ll take that any day Preds gonna come up huge for us tonight
  10. Nobody thinks we have any chance tonight. Seems to me like a pretty darn good night to take 2 from the Peg and clinch a postseason spot. Go Flames!
  11. I have a feeling it could be a head injury for Monahan. Sometimes you feel fine then it flares up days later. Hope not though. While it would be unfortunate to have him go down, it would lead to some interesting conversation over the coming weeks. Lindhol to C? Bennett, Ryan on the top line? Maybe if Neal can get back you could have a Gaudreau-Lindholm-Neal line. Anyway we have been extremely fortunate to be healthy this season. Can't use injuries as an excuse if the team slips. SJ has done it without Kane and Karlsson recently EDIT: Peters said he wasn't feeling well, thankfully he should be back in the lineup sooner than later
  12. I didn’t like the trade at all either at the time as I was a Brossoit fan but it could have been worse. At least he figured out how to be an effective NHLer in Winnipeg and not in Edmonton haha Looking back though I don’t mind the trade. It’s the ones like Bollig for a 3rd rounder that will always confuse me
  13. It turned out to be a nothing trade Smid didn’t turn out here and Brossoit was a backup that never played and when he did was below average in EDM and ended up being a non-tendered RFA last season. No one came out ahead
  14. The D is gonna be so interesting. Right now on the outside looking in; Kylington- I don't think they trust him. My guess is he's traded in the summer Prout- may draw in if we play Vegas because of Reaves and his "presence" Fantenberg- been really solid so far. I think it's either him or Stone that play in the playoffs. Largely dependent on if Brodie gets trending up again. Stone- will depend on how he looks in the games he gets down the stretch Valimaki- real wildcard, I don't think he is up until Stockton's season ends BP has mentioned a few times in recent days he likes a L-R balance on his pairs with that in mind, Gio-Andersson Hanifin-Hamonic Brodie-Stone I think that would be BP's preference, but if Broide gets going again I think we see a Fantenberg-Andersson 3rd pair. Prout and Kylington I don't think will be factors down the stretch other than maybe to fill in when guys start getting rest
  15. With Smith ill today and missing practice I wonder if it’s not Rittich Friday and Smith Saturday