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  1. I'm not big on trading the 1st either. I think now more than ever, you will need players coming in on ELC's due to the economic climate of the NHL. That becomes more difficult if you're dealing 1st's. I just wouldn't be surprised though if the Flames pull the trigger on a Kuemper deal, knowing the revolving door in net the organization has had since 2013. There's value in having a #1, if it's worth a 1st rounder remains to be seen.
  2. Last season he played 55 games, which is about what you want out of a starter these days. He would have played 60+ but he got a stick in the eye and missed some time. This year he was injured, I think it was a groin or knee. He does have some injury history, but it’s nothing like Bishop and we all know how bad the Flames wanted him for almost 2 seasons. Also worth noting that Kuemper was 5th in Vezina voting in 18/19, and would have been high on a lot of ballots again this season
  3. Not too surprising. I’ve felt that the Blues wouldn’t have extended Faulk if they felt a Pietrangelo signing was likely.
  4. Maybe I'm trying to talk myself into this, but the more I think about a Kuemper trade, the more I think I'd be ok with it for the Flames. I just look at the goalies that are rumoured to be available and I think that Kuemper is the best of the bunch and you he comes in on a really nice contract. Andersen- I like him, but there are a lot more miles on him than Kuemper. He also only has one year left and will cost you 6 or 6.5 to keep around. Murray- Scary negotiation. Can't stay healthy and is going to want to be compensated like a 2x Cup winner. Coming off a miserable season. Lehner- It sounds like he's getting 5x5 in Vegas. Markstrom- I like Markstrom, but he will be expensive and you are probably giving him an NMC. Korpisalo- CBJ is looking for scoring, so this would be part of a bigger deal. Most attractive thing is his contract, 2.8x2. But he is very inconsistent. Talbot- I'd be ok with him back, but at this point I don't think you are winning a Cup with him. He's a really good 1B. He might have priced himself out of Calgary with his postseason. It comes down to the price and which prospects ARI wants. But I'm more ok with a Kuemper move than I was, even a week ago. This isn't a Mike Smith acquisition. I think you can realistically expect 5 seasons of quality goaltending out of Kuemper. How nice would a little stability in net be for this organization?
  5. https://www.tsn.ca/tsn-hockey-draft-primer-calgary-flames-1.1526291
  6. Here's how I see it. The Flames are only trading Monahan if they believe that Lindholm can fill his role as a C. The Flames are only trading Hanifin if they believe that Valimaki can immediately step into a top 4 role. Hanifin is an interesting one, his value stems from his cap hit and term. It's very manageable for a top 4 D in a flat cap world. I'd call VAN, they were really interested in him in 2018 and they have an aging blueline. Hanifin for Boeser makes sense to me, both flawed players but fill needs for both clubs. Hanifin having 4 years of term compared to Boeser's 2, should appeal to VAN.
  7. It would seem to me that the Flames have soured on Hanifin. If I'm not mistaken, he was part of the proposal put forth for Hall.
  8. This would be my Dumba trade offer To MIN Monahan Ryan 19th overall To CGY Dumba Kunin 9th overall Monahan is the best player in the trade, but the Flames get 2 solid NHLers and end up selecting in the top 10 of the draft. Ryan is sent to MIN to make the cap a wash, I would imagine Kunin is signed for 3 or less. That allows the Flames to maintain a little breathing room and make additional moves, Ryan at 3.1 in a bottom 6 role is more luxury than necessity. So the Flames end up with a RHD with 3 years of control, a RW that plays with some jam like Mang and Dube and they get to jump 10 spots on draft day, giving them a chance at selecting a Lundell/Askarov/Sanderson.
  9. That Staal trade is a great move for Buffalo. Not sure what MIN was looking to do, they need C and Staal was the best they have. On another topic, why do I feel like the Flames are gonna move a 1st and 2 2nd’s for Dumba.. I’m kidding, but wouldn’t be surprised if they really want him
  10. Dumba would check all of the boxes for BT IMO. RHS, has term, King Clancy winner I think Jordan Greenway has been available for a while in MIN. He seems to be have fallen out of favour in MIN. I'd probably want a pick swap as well, 9th for 19th.
  11. I think Jonas Brodin signing for 42 million, really hurts the Flames chances of keeping Brodie. Brodin is 3 years younger, but Brodie is a superior player. Would have to think his ask starts with a 6, even if it's not on a 7 year term.
  12. That scares the heck out of me. Again, If I was BT, I'd have absolutely zero interest in OEL unless they are taking Gio. I understand that Gio, even at his age is superior analytically, but I'm just not doing Hanifin for OEL. He costs just about half as much and is 6 years younger. I would rather bet on Hanifin to improve.
  13. I think there's a possibility that the Flames and Coyotes could connect on something big. They have some interesting players OEL- I'm not doing this unless they take Gio. I don't really want OEL, but if it were to happen, they would need to take Gio. Otherwise too much money tied up in LHD. I'm also not moving Hanifin for OEL. Kuemper- I'm biased because I was able to watch him a lot as a Red Deer Rebel, I really like him. That being said, I don't really want to give up a 1st for him. Maybe, I'd be ok with a 21 1st with some protection on it. Don't really want to move 19th though. Schmaltz- Friedman has said that he doesn't think ARI is thrilled with him. RHS RW, 6 more years at 5.8. Career .60-.66pt/g player. Garland- cost will be high. IMO he's the best trade chip they have. Gets you 20 goals at a shade over league minimum.
  14. Not sure the credibility of this source, but another Kuemper/Flames link.
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