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  1. I think the team has been playing fairly well, could have had a better Cali trip but the execution just wasn't quite there. If I was BP I would have Czarnik in a little but more, but he hasn't been playing at the level BP wants. I would have Czarnik, Ryan and Hathaway as guys who can be interchangeable in the bottom 6. Like others have noted Neal needs to be much better. He has the resume and experience where he should be able to chip in regardless of his spot in the lineup. With that being said his career has been characterized by hot streaks, if he scores 5 in the next 4 games the narrative around him will change. The top line wasn't great in Cali, but no reason to panic as they have been dynamite thus far. One thing I didn't like was the over-passing. Odd man rushes need to result in shot on net as opposed to the pass that fails to connect resulting in a missed opportunity.
  2. Pearson for Hagelin.. at first looks like a win for PIT. But digging deeper, Pearson has long been in the rumour mill in LA, he has been playing very poorly. Dito for Hagelin in PIT, they have wanted to rid themselves of him for a while now. Classic shakeup trade even if not much is accomplished.
  3. The City has spoken. Voted against the Olympic bid. Probably the right call, as it would be IMO a colossal waste of money for a two week party. I’m not a Calgary taxpayer so I can’t reallt be too critical of those who voted yes or no
  4. Wonder if Czarnik would be a player of interest to EDM. Problem is EDM will look at draft status, JP 4th overall pick and Czarnik an undrafted guy who is a bit older than JP. But Czarnik 21 points in 70 career games, Puljujarvi 28 points in 93 career games. I'd also argue that JP has been given more opportunity to play with skilled players than Czarnik has and really hasn't done much with it. Another thing is EDM is in cap-hell, having Czarnik at 1.25 for next year could be very good for them as IMO he is a better player than Rattie and could fit on that top line
  5. Those are interesting suggestions. The only issue and I while I know what guys make thanks to capfriendly, I don’t know the in’s and outs if the cap. Since EDM has Sekera on LTIR they are getting relief but since he will be playing at some point this season they will lose that relief at which point I believe they will only have a few hundred thousand of cap space. I think Janko or Andersson would work for them, but Frolík or Neal would have to be part of a larger blockbuster deal Anyway, I remember the 2016 draft. I badly wanted us to draft Puljujarvi. And if I remember correctly there were rumours we tried to get to 3rd OA in a deal with EDM and CBJ that would have seen Sergachev to EDM, Dubois to the Jackets and us getting Puljujarvi. Of course the deal fell through as there were concerns VAN wanted Dubois at 5 if he was available. Anyway it was for the best as we have a heck of a player and it couldn’t have turned out worse for EDM lol
  6. I think EDM asks for Bennett in a Puljujarvi trade, which I wouldn't do. Bennett as we have seen can still be a productive player when he is not scoring while Puljujarvi is invisible when he's not finding the net
  7. While Neal’s play has been very inconsistent and frustrating, his career has been one of scoring in bunches. Wouldn’t be surprised if we see him score 5 in the next 6 and then his numbers aren’t looking so bad anymore Also, Bennett had 6 shots last night to lead the team. At some point things are going to turn. Key thing will be to stick with it. He’s playing his best hockey since his rookie year and I think he will end up in the 15+ goal range once the tide starts turning for him
  8. This team needs to start games better. Last night was the exception to what has been the norm. Both losses on this trip we got down 2 quick and were unable to recover. Yeah they play great in thirds but it’s a 60 minute game
  9. Execution on the Grade A chances hasn’t been there on this trip
  10. Ugh. Backlund with the wet noodle stick on the rebound on the original shot. Poor Bennett can’t buy one
  11. Smith has been very good tonight. Some huge saves, this game should not be close. The guys in front of him need to wake up, 20 minutes to salvage this one
  12. Was that Hanifin practicing his Jedi knight training?
  13. That was a really poor first shift from the Backlund line. Wakey wakey
  14. Sharks swept us last year and really rubbed our noses in it. Need to go into a tough barn and take 2 points 23 and 13 quiet the past 2 games, hopefully they can get back on track. Smith just needs to relax and take it one shot at a time. Hopefully we get a big game out of him
  15. Smith starts tomorrow still via Twitter