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  1. Maybe but everyone thought the same about Marleau and he left because Toronto offered a 3rd year that Doug Wilson refused to give him
  2. This is a risky and unlikely signing, but how would anyone feel about a Pavelski signing? Once again emphasis on risky, but he’s the type of leader and player this team needs. Countless articles of him staying on the ice late for hours on end tipping pucks and shooting rolling pucks. He always works his tail off every shift. Guys like him don’t grow on trees. Would have to give him 3rd year on the deal for sure. I’d imagine he could be an impact player until almost 40 Ike Williams
  3. I think next year is pretty much guaranteed to be down a year. But that doesn’t mean it will be a non-playoff year Just about everything went right for the Flames through 82 games. Is Monahan gonna be an 82 point player again? Will all the top players remain healthy all year? Very likely more goes wrong next year but if we can find a way to get into the playoffs and have survived adversity, I’m fine with that
  4. Crouse entered his draft year with a higher pedigree than Leason, who’s an older player. But I think best case scenario is Leason develops into the mould of Crouse Lots out there link Leason to Pearson, whom had a similar career path as a late bloomer. I just don’t think Leason will score as often at the NHL level as Pearson
  5. I think we need a top 9 C and a top 6 winger this summer. Who could be available via trade? Kadri- I would love to add him, but he has some say in where he goes with an M-NTC Zucker- I don't think BT revisits just because of how it leaked out, but maybe Ehlers- his name has started to pop up. He addresses a weakness of organizational speed. Signed long term, but inconsistent Panthers- they will move a player or two to cut cost. Guys on the Fan tossed Huberdeau out there. Would be very expensive. Would love to add Trochek Toffoli- he's been out there a while, his value isn't super high. LA probably keeps him until the TDL in hopes of getting a 1st for him. Lightning- they will likely look to move Miller, Johnson or Palat. Not a huge Palat fan, but would be fine with the first 2.
  6. No to Leason for me, not at 26th. Kinda reminds me of Hunter Smith, which went oh, so great. I wouldn’t take him top 45 honestly. But good for him for making hockey’s life’s career.
  7. Hopefully Nygard chooses us, not that it’s the end of the world... remember how excited we al got over Foo choosing us over the Oilers?
  8. Any interest in Eberle as UFA? I like him better than Connolly as there's more of a track record. Connolly screams Beleskey or Clarkson to me
  9. I think if BT plays his cards right he cpilf go for a 2nd. Might seem high but the team acquiring him can always turn him into a 2nd at the deadline... I mean if Boyle is worth a 2nd..
  10. A team I’d call is the Canes, assuming a guy they really like is still available at 26. Theyve got the 36th and 37th pick. That would be a nice move by BT add a couple real solid pieces back to the pipeline
  11. Frolik is absolutely tearing up the World Championships. I get that it’s the not the best competition, but 14 points in 7 games is phenomenal, also the only real talented player he’s playing with is Voracek. I think this is a really good sign for the Flames as it will help them move Frolik. Not that it will make a huge difference but this helps his value, he’s shown he can still be a solid player
  12. Similar season to Ty Dellandrea who was ranked between 25-43rd and ended up going 13 to Dallas
  13. I get that Neal had some opportunity with 13 and 23, but IMO nowhere near enough. History has proven that it doesn't really matter who's playing with Gaudreau and Monahan, that line still scores... Hudler, Colborne, Ferland, Lindholm. We are stuck with Neal so we may as well do our best to make it work. You'd think Neal would work his tail off this summer to ensure he bounces back. My opinion is since you're stuck with him, you may as well try to make it work. I'd give him the start of the next season on the top line, provided he has a decent training camp. 7-10 games to start the season, if he is a non-factor then you scratch him, if he is then maybe your 5.75 isn't a complete waste. Either way putting him with players like 77, 93, 27 etc isn't going to get more than 19 points next season out of Neal
  14. Some video of Tomasino for those interested. Boy does he look good, unfortunately I can't see him being on the board at 26th
  15. To me it’s just that there’s not many right handed prospects in the system. I get BPA 100%, I’m just hoping it ends up being a righty