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  1. At first, I was a little annoyed at how we didn’t get Puljujärvi. But after thinking it over, I don’t think BT thinks he was doing the Oil a favour, he really thinks Lucic is better than Neal. If he didn’t feel that way I’m sure he would have tried to get more. Anyway, it seems like Lucic actually wants to be here, which is nice. Commodore whose good friends with Neal mentioned on Spittin Chiclets last year, that Neal was having an expletive-ridden time in Calgary. This cant be it for BT on the trade front though. He added a bottom 6 forward, nice, we need a top 6 winger badly still
  2. Any interest in a Brodie/Czarnik for Toffoli/ Clifford. LA needs D they only have 3 NHL caliber D. Hiring Mclellan isn't a rebuilding move. Play Toffoli on the top line and he scores 30 guaranteed
  3. Couldn’t agree more- especially the D zone draws. As bad as the Flames played in the playoffs, D Zone draws ended up being the difference between a 3-1 series lead and a 3-1 deficit. Games 2 and 4 were won if they could have won a D zone draw late in those games
  4. I think there’s a chance BT might not make a significant trade until even September. Remember last season, Pacioretty was almost traded to SJ at the draft, fell through last minute. Waited all summer, looked like he would remain a Hab, got traded to VGK just before camp, same with Erik Karlsson. We all want something to talk about this summer but I feel like we may be waiting until fall
  5. The only Edmonton trade that would interest me would be Puljujarvi for Jankowski. Oilers get their 3rd like C they’ve been looking to acquire this summer, younger and cheaper and probably better than any UFA. Flames get JP, who’s a reclamation project but a guy they have historically liked
  6. I think Backlund is worth keeping, he’s scored 20 goals in 3 of the last 4 years, he’s still the best defensive C we have too
  7. I forgot to include Frolik, I had him traded for a 4th and 6th round pick, to no team in particular. This roster leaves us with 900k to play with and 22 players
  8. I think JTech and TD first threw out the idea of a Nashville trade and the more I think about it, the more I like it. Both us and Nashville failed to meet expectations in the spring and are looking to make changes. Yes the Preds have added Duchene and moved Subban, but I think they maybe looking at doing more. Poile is known for always having a deep blueline, the trade of Subban hurt that depth. They have Fabbro who's a young stud but I question if they want to play him 25 mins a night as a 1st year pro in the ultra-competitive Central. Their pairings now would be as follows, Josi-Ellis Ekholm-Fabbro Hamhuis-Santini Not bad, but not a backend that screams cup contender. Brodie could be a fit here. Nashville is also very expensive down the middle Johansen 8mill Duchene 8 mill Turris 6mill Bonino 4.1mill They'll be looking to move either Turris or Bonino most likely, as that is a lot of $ tied up in C, they also have to re-sign their captain Josi. I think if we are willing to take on Turris, we could end up getting a better deal as Poile would rather get a lesser return if it means clearing cap space, he showed this with the underwhelming return in the Subban trade. Here's the proposal To NSH Brodie Czarnik Jankowski To CGY Turris 5 years remaining at 6 Watson 1 year remaining at 1.1 Sissons unsigned RFA Irwin 1 year remaining at 675k Deal breaks down as Turris for Brodie, risky as Turris had a tough season filled with injuries, but has shown remarkable consistency in his career, also a RHS C which BT covets. Czarnik for Watson, the biggest downfall of the Preds this season was they can't score, in this deal they move some toughness in Watson for a little speed and skill in Czarnik, who can also contribute on PP2, their PP was horrendous, last in the league Sissons for Jankowski, this players are similar in age and production. Sissons is a little more versatile, can play W or C. I expect Sissons will make a little more than Janko's 1.6 and could be a good, cheap 4th line C for NSH. Flames lineup after this trade Gaudreau-Monahan-Lindholm Tkachuk (8mill)-Backlund-Sissons( 2.2mill) Mangiapane(850k)-Turris-Neal Bennett( 2.2mil)-Ryan-Watson Giordano-Andersson Hanifin-Hamonic Valimaki- Girardi(signs for 1mill) *Stone would need to be bought out in August for this trade to go through Rittich (3mill) Talbot Extras Quine Irwin
  9. He’s got a pretty good idea of what he’s doing. He wouldn’t have almost landed Kadri and Brown if he felt like he couldn’t fit them in the cap. It will be fine
  10. Kreider also has an NTC hard to believe he’d leave NYC for AB. He also only had one year left and then he likely walks, to keep him probably costs 7.5 given where the UFA market has went
  11. I think the third team involved would have been a cap broker, likely eating half of Brodie’s salary like the Avs who have boat loads of cap space did with their own guy Barrie
  12. Zibanejad is a sneaky good player on an amazing contract. With the Rangers already looking to be a playoff team they won’t move him unless we offer Monahan
  13. Nashville could be a good trade partner, Brodie could interest them. They have big aspirations, not unlike us, but I doubt they want Dante Fabbro playing top 4 minutes in his 1st year pro. Turris had a miserable year, but he also broke and then re-broke his ankle. In the right deal, I'd be interested, he will bounce back, historically better in the faceoff circle than Backlund. Brodie and Jankowski for Turris, Watson, 2020 2nd round pick. Essentially Brodie for Turris and a 2nd, Watson for Janko. Austin Watson had some off ice issues, but he is a really good player and by all indications his life is back on track, he's also better than Hathaway was, former 1st rounder with hands and can scrap. 19 points in 41 postseason games. Biggest risk in the deal is the term on the Turris deal, but I think we can all agree we need an upgrade at C in someway or another this summer
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