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  1. Well at least the Flames get some time off to drink and be party, because they certainly deserve it, they’ve got so much to be proud of this year. Or have they learnt their lesson from past bye weeks?
  2. Unacceptable, but not unexpected. This season has been nothing if not frustrating. 1 goal in 2.5 games, and Toronto being the only quality opponent of the last 3
  3. Flames forget to pack their offence for this eastern swing?
  4. Not the best effort tonight I didn’t think but thanks to BSD we got the 2 points!
  5. Is Freddy Andersens dad counting shots on the box? Doesn’t feel like the shots are really even close. Mind you the Flames have been shooting from the parking lot most of the night, very little quality shots
  6. It was so obvious Tavares was looking to find Nylander and yet Hanifin somehow lost him
  7. Thank goodness for our all star goalie !
  8. That meeting on the 29 is extremely important obviously, and potentially advantageous for the Flames. Both clubs enter the break this Saturday. The Flames come out of the break a night earlier against STL, Oilers will be shaking off the cobwebs, and more focused on the extra-curriculars most likely
  9. Yes right shots are valuable, but they are very much like left-handed pitchers in baseball, there aren't as many of them. They are nice to have but I wouldn't reach for a righty, potentially if there's a "tie" in evaluations between 2 players you go with the RHS
  10. And to think this doofus has an issue with the way Tkachuk plays the game, and these are only a few examples of the kind of player kassian is
  11. I can’t seeing anything happening in the next meeting. Whats big man Kassian gonna do? Jump Tkachuk again? Ok we’ll take the PP and cash in on it. Not to mention another temper-tantrum from Kassinan will net him 10 games.
  12. Outshot 14-2, coming off an emotional win. Seems about right with this team this year. Inconsistent starts
  13. Sounds to me like the season series will be 3-0 then
  14. Big thanks to Kassian for his knuckleheaded penalty. Big win! What a feeling for Talbot I would imagine.
  15. Gotta keep their noses clean. Refs will be looking to give the Hawks a call, after giving the Flames 2 straight 5 on 3
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