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  1. That goal against Smith is a sign of a goalie still battling confidence issues
  2. Can't be looking ahead to tomorrow night, need to take care of business tonight first!
  3. A loss was bound to happen. Also first time in a while facing a goalie that played well against us. PP was great but relied a bit too much on it tonight to the tune of being outscored 3-1 at 5 on 5 Tough for Rittich. This games not on him by any means but when the last 3 shots you face find the net, it can be a blow to the confidence. Look for him to bounce back in his next start Didn’t mind the game, it wasn’t great the biggest thing was every buffalo goal was a result of a glaring error by the Flames seconds prior
  4. He’s not gonna step in and play playoff games unless there’s injuries. High ankle sprains are tough, would have been better to just break it, even Crosby struggled coming off of his years ago. Management must feel the same way as every reputable insider has mentioned Treliving is looking for a LHD to play 3rd pair. Maybe it’s not a big name guy maybe it’s Brandon Davidson for a 7th
  5. I'm of the opinion BT needs to add one forward, likely a depth/bottom 6 and a depth/3rd pair D. I would look at Brian Boyle up front. Can play wing or be better than 50% in the circle, also having a good season with 12 goals on a team that struggles to score. 100+ games of playoff experience too. The cost shouldn't be too crazy on him, maybe a 3rd? On the backend, there's not as much to choose from, Gunnarsson, J-Bouw, Benn and Kronwall are the names that stand out. Could go into the playoffs with Gaudreau-Monahan-Lindholm Tkachuk-Backlund-Frolik Boyle-Ryan-Hathaway Giordano-Brodie Hanifin-Hamonic Bouwmeester-Andersson
  6. This is most likely a once in a generation season. The cup winning team of 89 was the last time this team has been this dominant. I can live with giving up a 1st this year, as there are no guarantees this team with this core finds themselves battling for a conference lead again. Even for arguments sake if they are leading the division and conference next year, they will have even less space to work with as Tkachuk will be off the ELC. If Frolik remains playing well then there is no need for a 2nd line RW IMO. I would look for a C. Jankowski has been fine this year a team like NSH can throw Johansen/Turris/Bonino at you and either line I think would be all over the Jankowski as is. I'm not saying you need to move Jankowski, you could always move him to 4th line LW. This move would most likely be a pure rental and next season Janko can be back to his regular C position
  7. Start Rittich against the Sabres, Smith against the Wings on the front half of the back to back and then Rittich for the Oilers would be what I think they do
  8. He made a couple of great saves tonight that were reminiscent of last season. I bet he starts against the Wings Friday, so will be a good chance if he can string another nice game to every
  9. Gonna guess Smith starts against the Yotes. Rittich has played 3 in 5 this work week and 4 games in 6 days. He also had that scary collision. Couple days off after the Arizona game before the buffalo game. Give him a little rest. Smith also played well against Arizona earlier this season Sunday- Smith Wednesday-Rittich Friday- Smith Saturday-Rittich, and also start him in the Carolina game
  10. I would agree I think Neal will be bought out after year 3 or 4 if he plays the way he has played this season. I liked his game tonight in the second half of the game. Need more of that. He hasn’t been able to string good games together Much of this season is on him but I would also put some of it on who he’s been playing with. He is a bit like Ferland in that he can produce with skilled players but he can’t drive a line
  11. Yeah all 3 this week. Not sure what to pin it on. Maybe a momentary lapse in focus as all have came after an ENG. Either way at some point it will catch up to the Flames if it continues
  12. Trying to be too cute!!
  13. I’m a bit surlrosed as there was contact but it was such a good shot by Gio I don’t think Lu would have made the save anyway
  14. That’s not gonna count
  15. Good to see Neal shooting the puck more eventuslly a few will go in