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    An elbow injury for a goalie typically comes from the weight room. Probably over did it in the gym.
  2. Needless to say I completely disagree with Francis here
  3. Great idea! The Kipper on Wellwood save is probably one of my favorite saves he ever made
  4. TBH at this point, NBA and NHL are a foregone conclusion, the seasons should be cancelled. MLB already is gonna have a big chunk of their season wiped out. As a sports fan, I’m hoping we can have this contained, so college football and NFL can start on time. Then we can also have NHL training camp on time
  5. The interesting thing if the season in fact is done, what does BT do to improve the team? Does the core still get shook up? I would, but will ownership allow it, especially when it's "you never know what could have happened in playoffs". IMO we can assume what would have happened in the playoffs...
  6. I’m not clinging to any hope of seeing hockey this spring or summer. It just doesn’t make sense. The lay-off is gonna be way too long and it’s essentially a new season. This were extraordinary circumstances, that were unprecedented, not the end of the world if we have to go one season without a champ IMO
  7. He’s clearly very good. I’m probably just jaded because all these college prospects get hyped up and 95% amount to nothing. I hope I’m wrong
  8. Realistically it’s a signing for Stockton. Ideally you’d like a righty, but with almost no D signed in the system, we can’t really be too choosy. Poolman is 24, he will certainly be facing an uphill climb to be an NHLer
  9. The Flames should pay the employees. Not only is it just the right thing to do, but they also just received a ton of public funding for the new barn. It’s a really bad look. That being said they don’t have to, I mean owners don’t get to become rich owners by looking out for the best interests of others.... I will also echo what others have said, while it sucks and is a bad look, the CSEC workers aren’t unique in this situation. I mean I don’t have the option to work at home, if we are unable to work (construction) I sit at home and don’t get paid.
  10. The cap can and probably would go down, that's if there's no more hockey played. If there is hockey played, then there's a chance the cap goes up. Not sure about compliance buyouts though as that was something when the CBA was new, and I doubt the players association want any part of free buyouts for clubs
  11. So, players don’t play for 2 weeks or longer.... they are gonna need to get back up to speed. The risk of sitting for 2 weeks and then getting back into a playoff hunt is crazy, chance of injury is too high. You would need essentially another “training camp”. I don’t see a way that the NHL continuing makes sense
  12. I can’t see that working. For starters, the Flames are up 1 point on VAN. How do you justify who gets that last spot? You can’t assume VAN gets that win with the game in hand, but you also can’t assume they lose that game in hand either. There would be far too much finger pointing IMO
  13. I’d rather them cancel the season rather than do some convoluted, shortened playoffs to be honest. They also don’t expect to have this virus sorted out for at least another month so very likely we’ve seen our last bit of Flames hockey
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