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  1. I don't think BT can realistically make a deal for Faulk, frankly I was surprised ANA was on his "no" list, he has 15 teams on that list and I'm willing to bet we are on it as well. Only saving grace could be Faulk feeling we have a really good team and what better way to showcase himself than being on a top team in the West and potentially playing into May as he approaches UFA
  2. According to Friedman, Faulk to the Ducks sounds like it isn't gonna happen. I would really try to send Brodie to ANA, I've said it before but he is a very similar player to Faulk. Brodie and Janko for Kase. ANA can afford it and they get a top 4 D and a C they can slot in behind Getzlaf/Henrique, Kase has 20 goal potential for CGY and the capsavings allow you to comfortably pay Tkachuk north of 9 and still have wiggle room
  3. If that CAR-ANA trade falls through, I would look at a Brodie-Kase trade, although I doubt it happens as ANA is likely our biggest rival. Brodie is a couple seasons older than Faulk, but would be cheaper for ANA to extend. Brodie and Faulk are also very similar players. Faulk had one more point than Brodie, but Brodie played 3 less games, Brodie played less PP time and more shorthanded time than Faulk on average. https://frozenpool.dobbersports.com/frozenpool_compare.php?players[]=4734&players[]=2822&period=2018-2019%3AR%3A99 Kase is a player I would love to get, he has injury concerns, but has already scored 20 in a season
  4. I think the reason BT is being so stingy with Mangiapane is even 100k-200k could make a big difference with our cap. Tkachuk will be a big deal, we know that and he's worth it, where you get yourself in trouble is where you pay guys lower on the roster more than they are worth. An extra 100k-200k on a Mangiapane deal could be the difference between recalling a player from Stockton when the Flames run into an illness/minor injury or playing a skater short because the cap won't allow a recall
  5. Yeah lol, do they remember Pronger? The man physically dominated opponents, that's not Bouchard's game haha
  6. Sloppy game but good effort. To my point the D was fine, but this was closer to a major junior game than an AHL game, I'm not sure what Stockton will look like defensively, with only Yelesin and Nielsen as "prospects". Zagidulin looked really good, I think he could be a real surprise this season, could be another great European find much like Rittich was. Dube by far the best player. I think he will stick with the big club for good this season
  7. I agree. The NHL D is set for the next 2-3 years, would be nice to have a couple more in the system though
  8. Not to read too much into things, but in this rookie game it really shows the organizational weakness at prospect D. Yelesin looks alright, but nothing in the top 6 tonight screams bright future. Haven't drafted a D since the Valimaki pick and it shows. I'd like to see the Flames add a D prospect or 2 via trade in a cap dump as opposed to picks.
  9. BT's comments today were interesting, typically he is non-committal on negotiations, but today he was rather forthright when asked about the Mangiapane negotiation. Only other time I can recall him commenting on a negotiation was with Kulak last year and we know how that ended up. For a guy with 13 career points, he may wanna bring his "A" game if and when he signs after taking such a firm stance, otherwise he may not be long for this organization. That being said though I respect Mangiapane's decision to get what he wants as you only get so many NHL contracts, he just better be ready to back it up as it appears clear the GM isn't too happy with this negotiation
  10. Tkachuk is by no means flashy, but they were saying on 960 he's the Flames top possession player on the Flames since he arrived, pretty large sample size, definition of a play driver. My guess all along has been a 6 year term, Tkachuk caves a little on term and BT caves a little on $. My guess is 8.5-8.75x6
  11. I think Smith-Pelly/Reider will have a legit shot at cracking the team on the 4th line RW. I wouldn't mind to see the following lines, this is assuming that Janko and Czarnik are cap casualties Gaudreau-Monahan-Bennett Tkachuk-Backlund-Lindholm Lucic-Ryan-Frolik Mangiapane-Dube-Smith-Pelly Historically guys who have played with 13 and 23 have produced, regardless of skill level, Colborne, Hudler, Feland.. Moving Lindholm to the Backlund line, and Frolik to line 3, gives this team greater depth throughout the lineup.
  12. I wonder if BT has interest in Markov, he's old but probably still a serviceable NHLer and can still run a 2nd unit PP. Question will be whether he stays in MTL or not and can we afford him
  13. I like the fit with PHI as a trade partner. If they sign Provorov by opening night, they will have 8 NHL D, none of them being waiver exempt either. Adding Braun and Niskanen this summer has guys like Hagg and Morin without a chair. I would like to see a Morin for Czarnik deal. Morin brings a defence-first approach to the game, which aside from Gio and Hamonic, these team doesn't have much of. Czarnik could slot in on the Flyers 3rd line. I think it makes some sense as it gives Peters two different options for his 3rd pair, Kylington and his puckmoving or Morin and his stay-at-home game, I also don't love Czarnik here as a 4th liner, he needs to play top 9 to be noticable, also saves abut 500k in this deal.
  14. Unfortunately I disagree, all last season the narrative around Edmonton was that mcdavid was being taken advantage of and nobody was defending him. Look at the first BOA last year, the flames picked on mcdavid and draisaitl and the oilers really did nothing about it
  15. Pronman of the Athletic ranks the Flames system as the worst in the league. However he does mention it is due to the graduation of Andersson, Valimaki, Kylington and Dube, he no longer considers them prospects
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