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  1. I love it. I think it will look a lot better on this ice in 2020 than it did 20yrs ago. Then again, maybe it's because the on-ice product will be better. I think they'll sell a ton of em.
  2. Crawford signed with NJ. The Hawks were open about their intentions of trying to re-stock the cupboards. I think they are fine with going young in net this season. Playoffs likely aren’t the goal for them.
  3. I don’t love DET as a trade partner, but my ask would be Tyler Bertuzzi. He’s a better player than Hanifin, but has 1yr left then is an RFA that is a year from UFA. Maybe the disparity in term makes the values even out
  4. It's believed that Boston has coveted Hanifin since the draft. There was a belief back in 15 that they were trying to trade Hamilton to ARI for 3rd overall to pick Hanifin. That could be why they would be willing to trade a cheaper Carlo.
  5. I'd actually be ok with that deal. Hanifin, at least analytically, is better than Carlo and Debrusk is better than Bennett. You'd also end up with some cap savings out of it as Bennett/Hanifin cost 7.5, Carlo has 1 yr left at 2.85 and Debrusk is an RFA, but for at least 1yr you would see some cap savings. I'd love Marchand, he's one of the most complete wingers in the game. Too bad he has an NMC
  6. So in 98, the Flames wore the pedestal design and the horse, which makes me think it's a mashup of the two... These kind of remind me of the NFL colour rush. The NFL had some great ones, the Saints and Raiders were well done. Then they had some like fluorescent Seahawks.. A purple ARI jersey could be tough to look at.
  7. In a fantasy world, if the Flames could get Cirelli, it would make the forward look really good... at least on paper. Tkachuk-Cirelli-Lindholm Gaudreau-Monahan-Leivo Dube-Backlund-Mangiapane Lucic-Gawdin-Simon/Nordstrom Ryan and Bennett/Rittich would need to be moved to make it work. Whether you give up futures for Cirelli, or an offersheet, he needs to be signed for 5 or less. With a 22 player roster you would have 285k in cap space
  8. My guess would be Ryan for a guy like Nick Jensen out of Washington. Something like that, a guy that makes the same or less than Ryan
  9. https://www.tsn.ca/nhl/video/insider-trading-hoffman-waiting-for-right-opportunity-flames-eyeing-right-side-defence~2065906 Dreger says the Flames may be looking for an experienced RHD, probably via trade.
  10. I think the US leans to Knight, although I don't know that they should. Wolf was the USA hockey goalie of the year, instead of Knight. I think the two are very similar in talent.
  11. I think Pelletier makes Team Canada. The Canadian team always like character and competitiveness in the bottom 6, Pelletier brings that. I think he's battling Jamieson Rees for a spot. I think Zary has a shot for the 13th forward role. The big wildcard is Shane Wright. I could see him making it as a 16, he's that talented. Bit unfortunate for Zary, as an 01 this is his last chance at playing in the WJC.
  12. Last I saw, all Canadian AHL teams will be playing in their home cities. At least that's the rumour. It would check out if there truly is an all canadian division.
  13. The new guys Leivo starts at 1:45
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