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  1. Last nights game gives credence to the notion that the Flames will never win with Gaudreau running the offence. That’s as close to a playoff game as you’ll get and he was a no-show against a hard and heavy team. Lots of hockey left to be played but that still wasn’t what you want from your top players
  2. A possible trade target I’ve been wondering about is Eric Staal. Lots on here think the Flames need to add a top 6C, he could be great with Tkachuk and Mangiapane, bump Backlund down a line and instantly you become more formidable down the middle Friedman on the radio was saying he doesn’t think Staal wants to be traded, as his time in NYR went poorly and of course he has a young family. That being said he has an additional year on his contract so he would be staying for longer than 2 months. Also worth noting that Fenton gave him that deal and there’s no trade protection, I doubt Guerin will have the same loyalty to him as Fenton
  3. Frustrating way to lose. They call nothing in the 3rd then sure enough call one on us. That being said had at least 3 opportunities to clear and couldn’t close the deal
  4. Great work in the 3rd to get a point, nkt easy to do against STL
  5. Another one of those nights where everything is a penalty early and then prison rules late
  6. Rare good opportunities and couldn’t muster a shot
  7. Top line gonna need to eat their corn flakes at intermission to have any chance, big boy hockey out there. Need to get the next one
  8. The intermission crew was totally right ... Rittich is definitely fatigued... clowns
  9. Top line is having some good shifts, but they seem to be timid to go into the corners..
  10. How often does the PP1 ever win a draw ... feels like seldom
  11. This kid is a terrific prospect. I said it in June and I'll say it again, I'd have been thrilled of the Flames took him in the 3rd round, 7th round looks like it could be the steal of the draft
  12. Last year that was definitely the case, but really the team has gotten to the spot they are in without Gaudreau playing well. His stat line looks good, but how many games has he taken over and dominated, not many if any so far. I give the Flames credit for winning games when 23 and 13 have struggled the first month. That being said I still think they need to find another legit top 6 forward
  13. Janko has outscored him, but with Paquette you will never question the effort and he would make the Flames harder to play against. We have Lucic, may as well supplement him with a C who plays a similar game
  14. Seeing the STL-DET swap, I wonder if theres a trade like that to be made for the Flames. Jankowski has really struggled and seems to be in the doghouse. Maybe a Jankowski to TB for Cedric Paquette deal could happen. Paquette is what he is, but he knows his role as a 4th liner and is a pest. The Lightning are off to a bit of a shaky start and maybe they could use a bit of a shakeup much like the Flames
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