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  1. I think Gawdin has a chance, he’s the closest to NHL ready. Maybe Phillips too if anyone opts out or there’s an injury. Ruzicka is interesting but I think he’s there as a bit of pat on the back for a good rookie season D probably look like Gio-Brodie Hanifin-Andersson Gustafsson-Hamonic Bottom 6 could go a number of ways Lucic-Ryan-Dube will be a line Rieder-Jankowski-Bennett might be the other
  2. It was a little weird how it ended with Dougie, he played well as a Flame, despite being very polarizing. At the time I would have rather seen Brodie traded. But there were obviously other factors, maybe both sides needed a breakup and to be honest, Dougie had more value than Brodie. Have to give up a good player to get a good player. It was unfortunate how it ended, but both teams have benefited from it which is good to see
  3. The Adam Fox thing is an whole other can of worms I believe that there were rumours around the end of the 17/18 season that the Flames thought he would sign, but didn't. Then at the draft, they really pushed hard to draft him and he wouldn't again. I don't blame BT for trading him, if he's not going to sign you have to get something for him. I'd still do that deal every day of the week. The NYR-CAR deal is a different beast. Wadell got a very good return from NYR, tip your cap to him. When the trade for Lindholm etc happened there was no way of knowing such an offer for Fox would exist down the road. Most pending college UFA's get a 3rd round pick in return, that NYR offer was an anomaly. For example, EDM traded John Marino because he wouldn't sign, got a 6th rounder in return. Marino is a dang good defender, but at least from an Oiler standpoint, they got something
  4. I actually like that the Flames are going for skill over anything else. You can get your Garnet Hathaway's every year in college free agency or via CHL free agents. I'm not besmirching Hathaway at all, but he's a replaceable part in your bottom 6. Is your draft really a success if you select 2 players that are career bottom 6ers? The reality is, outside of the top 5 picks in the draft every player has flaws, you aren't getting a Byfield, with size and skating ability outside the top 5 very often. This isn'y an issue exclusive to the Flames either, as a whole the league is shifting to faster and smaller. You still need size, but if you can't keep up, it doesn't matter how big you are.
  5. I just don't see them taking pay-cuts and as pending UFA's the Flames have very little leverage. Brodie was probably the Flames best D this season. Kinda hard to ask your best D from this season to take less. Hamonic doesn't deserve more, but as a coveted RHD, he will get a raise from his 3.8. If it's not from the Flames, WPG, TOR etc will give it to him
  6. That Ranger article completely lost me at the Flames "are in desperate need to make a hockey trade". Ummm, they'd like to make one, but don't need to. Also don't agree with being thin in net, Rittich had a better year than Georgiev. Deangelo is a younger Barrie. For NYR it makes little sense for them to move Georgiev. Shesterkin is expansion exempt, so they can keep Georgiev and run the same tandem. Buy Lundqvist out, or maybe he flat out retires like Luongo did. Regarding the blueline, I'd try to keep Brodie, my ideal offer is 4.7-5 on a 4 or 5 year term. I realistically could see them keeping Hamonic though, RHS and they love his intangibles. I'd say 4x4 as my max offer, but ideally a 3 year term.
  7. Who would Barrie play with? His best fit is probably Gio, but is Barrie able to handle those minutes against the oppositions best? Hanifin wouldn’t be a great fit with Barrie. If you’re playing him on the 3rd pair, I would just sign Gustafsson
  8. It's gonna be a really interesting draft. Most European seasons and perhaps even the CHL will be playing by the time the NHL draft takes place. Teams will be in an interesting spot, they want to re-scout the 2020 eligibles, but they've also got the 2021's to build their reports on. Take the CHL for example, what does their season look like? If you take an 01 born and they play an abbreviated season, there's tough decisions to be made for the next season. The player is eligible to play pro, but will they be ready after only playing a short season? The overage season is an option, but not ideal.
  9. I have no issues with Lucic. He's overpaid, but he did what he was brought in to do. He's been a much better Flame than Neal. My only issue was his usage. At this stage of his career he doesn't need to be on the PP, IMO. That speaks to a lack of bottom 6 depth though.
  10. I really think the Flames need to draft a RHS RW in either the 1st or 2nd round. I understand that you never draft a 17/18 year old based on your current team, but the lack of RHS exists well beyond the Flames roster. Gaudreau/Tkachuk/Mangiapane/Bennett/Dube/Lucic/Pelletier/MEP/Ruzicka/Feuk are all LHS and not every player can play their off-wing. The Flames have been searching for top 6 RW for 5+ seasons, if you don't draft them, you're probably not getting them. Lindholm is a fantastic RW, but he cost you a stud RHD. The only time the Flames have selected an RW in the top 2 rounds under BT was Hunter Smith in 2014. If the Flames lose the play-in they should have a shot at Mercer/Jarvis/Quinn/Holtz. If none of those players are available, that means someone fell, no complaints from me. If the Flames win the play-in then they should have a shot at Gunler/Bourque/Perreault In the 2nd round there could be a ton of RW, Chromiak/Sourdif/Colangelo/Coe/Evangelista I'm fine with the Flames going D, G or C in round 1, but I really think they need to start investing some early picks in RHS, there are a ton of them early so it's unlikely one of them would be a reach. The Flames have only Ryan and Lindholm among their 12 forwards as RHS. On the farm, Phillips/Gawdin/Tuulola/Zavgorodny all have a chance, but they were late round picks.
  11. If it was rigged then McDavid would have been a Leaf. There’s so many conspiracies out there, but the reality is that Lafreniere has yet to play an NHL game, there’s no guarantee he ends up being the best player from his draft class. Look at 2011, 2012 and 2017, RNH, Yakupov and Hischier are far from being the best players picked in that draft class.
  12. I wouldn’t. Here’s why, this entire season it’s been Lafreniere and then everyone else, IMO don’t overthink it. It sucks he’s a LW, but he is a franchise changer. Look at his junior career, his rookie year he scored 42, everyone thought he’s a goal scorer, he comes back the next season and improves his playmaking and registers 68 assists. He’s shown the ability to do it all, include adding a physical element, he can play it anyway you want. I get that the Flames have built around wingers for far too long, but if they add Lafreniere they have incredible depth on the wings. That’s something they never had in the Iggy era
  13. If LA were to take Byfield, I have no doubts he will excel, he'd be learning under one of the best 2 way centres of his generation in Kopitar. It's really risky for LA to pass on Byfield, as much as I really like Stutzle, 6'4" C that can fly are so rare these days.
  14. I fail to understand the league's reluctance to allow players on the reserve list to play in the play-in. Every single year they allow it, what's the difference this year? COL signed Makar after game 1 last year and CBJ signed Gavrikov before the playoffs, both guys were difference makers for their clubs. MIN and NYI get the short end of the stick here, if they can't sign Kaprizov and Sorokin, you're talking about another year of them staying in Russia at a minimum. Realistically they won't get the players, whose rights they have owned for 5 years until 2021, because why would the league let them sign after next years KHL season if the NHL won't allow it this year.
  15. It’s a tough situation, it’s a long time being away from family for the players. The only real defence of the time away that I’ve heard is, 8 teams will be done in 10 days, then they go home. 2 weeks later another 8 are done. They view the time away from the family as a trade-off for going on a deep run, because in reality 2/3 of the teams are done in less than a month
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