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  1. I like Turcotte, but I think Byfield has a higher ceiling. Either way, the Kings have some good centres. I think if they want Eichel, they can do it. It’s just a matter of if they want 30mill spent on Kopitar, Doughty and Eichel
  2. There will be a ton of interest in Sam Reinhart. I really like the player, but the cost will be high. He scored 25 goals this season, which puts him at just shy of 40 goals in a full season. Nolan Patrick is fine to target, but it depends on the price. It's a reclamation project. He has struggled to stay healthy and when he has, he's been the Flyers version of Sam Bennett. One thing that would deter me is the migraine issues, the chinooks could really bother the player which is something else to keep in mind. It depends on the cost too, if he's part of a Gaudreau package, then I may be interested, but I wouldn't give up a pick for him.
  3. I think LA is the frontrunner for Eichel. They have what NYR doesn't and that's C prospects Byfield Turcotte Vilardi Kupari They won't move Byfield, but I could see them dangling Turcotte. Most teams in the league would have a tough time topping a Turcotte+ package. LA is so loaded with prospects that they can move a 5th overall pick and still be incredibly deep.
  4. In terms of upside, this player should be their "best" prospect in regards to potential. The Flames will likely be picking 10-15 spots higher than when they picked Zary/Pelletier, so it makes sense. Most NHL ready prospect? Probably, not, but this player should have the highest ceiling of any player in the Flames system. At least that should be the hope for a player picked in the 10-13 range.
  5. Hard to see a great market for a Monahan trade. The injuries and surgeries have piled up over the years and he wasn't particularly great in consecutive seasons. If the Flames wanted a 1st in a Monahan deal, I think it's only possible with a pick-swap. Something like Monahan and pick 40 for pick 25+.
  6. The player the Flames select in this draft, instantly becomes their best prospect. That's the beauty of this draft. They will get an exciting player, which is a nice little reward after this dreadful season. One thing I've found in watching the draft for several years, someone always falls, relative to public opinion. Last year it was Perfetti going 10th. Many thought he was going 4th. If the Flames pick 10th or 11th I wouldn't be shocked if a Guenther or Eklund is there when the Flames pick. I could see Hughes falling a bit, but realistically I can't see NJ or VAN passing on him, pushing a player I personally like better down the board. This isn't as good an example, but Tkachuk at 6th. I remember heading into the 2016 draft that it wasn't really even worth talking about Tkachuk because everyone figured he was going 4th to EDM.
  7. Really interested to see what happens with BT. I could see it going either way. If they do make a change, it puts the new GM in an awkward spot. Every GM wants to pick their coach. That wouldn't be happening if they make a GM change. I think that could deter experienced candidates. In reality, I think they keep BT. I can't see ownership wanting to pay 2 GM's and 2 Head Coaches in 2021/2022. If the team makes moves to contend for next year and the team falls short, I could absolutely see a GM change. Not sure I see it this season though.
  8. You’re right, but if the Flames don’t make any changes to the front office, I’d expect them to heavily chase Hyman in the off-season. Just knowing what this regime covets, he’s a guy I could see them pushing very hard to sign. Rightly or wrongly
  9. The biggest thing for me is I have faith in BT being able to get a good return in a Gaudreau trade. I don't think he would have to include the 2021 1st. I just look back to the Bennett trade. This player was malcontent and the entire league knew it. As fans, we thought he would net maybe a 3rd. BT was able to get a 2nd and a top 5 prospect out of FLA. Pretty good deal for someone who wasn't gonna be a Flame past this season. Maybe NJ isn't the trade partner, but I think the Flames can get a 1st and a prospect like a Mercer in a Gaudreau deal without giving up CGY's pick. If we were talking about Monahan, I think it's a different story, I would be surprised if he nets a 1st. Best case I think you do a pick swap, maybe you get a 1st but have to send a 2nd. But with Gaudreau being the Flames offensive catalyst, I'm a little more optimistic. We'll see though.
  10. Personally, I would have a hard time moving the Flames 1st in a Gaudreau trade, although I get what you mean, adding picks for 2022 is such a smart move and we saw it at the TDL. In regards to NJ, they are right up there with BUF in terms of being the one of the least successful franchises of the last decade. They've missed the playoffs in 9 of the last 11 seasons, I can't imagine that sits well with their ownership, especially considering this is a team with 2 recent 1st overall selections and another top 6 selection in 2021. If there's a team BT should intend to take advantage of, it's them. I know NJD fans think they can just wait for Johnny in UFA, but that's not typically how it works, Tom Fitzgerald needs to start winning, for his own job security. A good way to do that is starting to add legit NHL talent like Gaudreau. Again, I agree Flames ownership really needs to look at the 2022 and 2023 drafts, they have the opportunity to really change the complexion of the franchise, which also nicely lines up with the opening of a new arena in the next half decade. The good thing is, the Flames may "unintentionally tank", they will likely try to compete next year, like they did this year. The team just won't be all that good and as a result, will be picking high next year.
  11. Right now, I agree that if you’re looking at organizational need, only Clarke and Guenther fit the bill. The player the Flames pick won’t be on the team in 21/22 in all likelihood, so I still think BPA has to be the play. Right now the team has a glut of LHS, but Gaudreau, Monahan, Gio and even Tkachuk may not be Flames in two seasons. If Kent Johnson is the best available player, take him. There’s not a ton of high end talent in the system, I think that’s what BT really needs to look at in this draft, find someone that has the ability to be a game breaker. I liked the Zary and Pelletier picks, but they aren’t going to be driving the bus as NHLers I do like the idea of trading down again this year. If the Flames were to win the lotto, I would really consider moving down to the 5-8 range and collecting a 1st+ next year. If the Flames pick 10-12th, I would also consider a trade down if the board doesn’t fall a certain way
  12. I like Johnson a lot and if he wasn't playing at Michigan I think there would be way more hype around him. He projects as a top 6 play-driving winger and the Flames really don't have that in the system, especially with Gaudreau's future being uncertain. I would have him and Dylan Guenther ranked very close together, although it seems that teams are very high on Guenther.
  13. Fun little site. https://draftprospectshockey.com/draftsim/#/ Here's what I got 1st round- Kent Johnson C/LW Big decision here was Johnson over Lysell https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/521697/kent-johnson 2nd round Stanislav Svozil LD Big decision here was Svozil over Logan Stankoven https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/428002/stanislav-svozil 3rd round Samu Salminen C https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/554239/samu-salminen 3rd round Oscar Plandowski RD https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/473290/oscar-plandowski 5th round Aleksi Heimosalmi RD https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/601642/aleksi-heimosalmi 6th round Jake Chiasson RW https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/477353/jake-chiasson 7th round Bennet Rossmy LW/RW https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/542979/bennet-roßmy This would be an exciting draft. Johnson falling to the Flames could be a steal, I don't care how stacked Michigan was, you don't go from the BCHL to NCAA and put up a pt/g unless you're really skilled. Svozil in the 2nd would also be really exciting. The beauty of having a high 2nd is you likely have a 1st round grade on the player you end up with If anyone is interested, I would love to see what you end up with!
  14. Oh absolutely, it feels like the Flames will win the lottery this year or all years lol. At 1st I think it would be Power. If they picked 2nd, it could be like 7 guys. I like that you can only win the lotto twice in five years now, but I really hope this isn't the year the Flames finally win one...
  15. This is a year where I wouldn't want the Flames to win the lottery. It's been a challenging year for scouts and there's no standout player at the top of this draft class. I think this draft will be like 2017 and 2012, where the best players in the draft aren't selected in the top 2. Don't get me wrong, I like the players at the top of this class, but I have no idea who should go 1st, there are like 5 players you can make a case for. That makes it really hard to get that pick right. The sweet spot for me would be in the 4-8 range. There's a cluster of players in this draft, I don't think the difference between 1st and 7th is as big this year.
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