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  1. It’s a risky trade because if 97 can get Maroon to flirt with 30, then surely he can do the same for Neal. Like you said it would definitely take a sweetener. How about Samorokov stud D they had playing in the memorial cup? It would also take a “gentleman’s agreement” from Lucic to waive his NMC before I even consider it, not losing a Kylington in order to protect Lucic
  2. If Nashville moves Subban, as it feels like they will, they could be a fit for Brodie. Taking a glance at the Preds, they have a really good group of D, but they can’t score. Surely a Subban trade is made to address scoring. But that leaves them with a gaping hole in their top 4. Since they are a team looking to contend next year I doubt they trust a significant top 4 role to rookie Fabbro A trade that could be worth looking at is Brodie for Craig Smith, both are the same age and have very similar contracts with one year remaining. Smith is a consistent 40-50 point player, bit like Frolik although a better goal scorer and better puck skills, not as good defensively though. Before CHI acquired Maatta I was gonna throw out a Brodie for Saad trade. Either way my hope is a return in a Brodie trade is a 40-50 point player
  3. Scratch Chicago off as a potential trade partner as they landed Maatta from Pit
  4. As the loss of the playoffs has worn off, I don't think we need to re-make this team. A big part of the playoffs is getting hot, but an even bigger part is getting the breaks. As bad as the Flames played, they easily could have won 3 games. Game 2- 2-1lead late lost a D zone draw, Avs tied it and won in OT Game 4- Blew a late 2-0 lead, Puck over glass penalty, Incredible Grubauer save on Backlund. We didn't deserve to win but were a couple breaks from almost winning that series. That being sais, we still need ti improve this roster, but a complete revamp I disagree with. Find a new backup, a top 6 winger or 2nd line C and add some more depth
  5. I actually think Reimer could be a good addition via trade. The UFA goalie market isn't great, you have Bob, Lehner and Varlamov who will sign big deals, then after that it's a bunch of reclamation projects, Talbot, Kinkaid, Ward, Elliott. Mrazek is available too but I think CAR finds a way to keep him. Reimer played 36 games this year, Talbot 35 and the better numbers belonged to Reimer. Actually, the last 3 seasons Reimer has had a better sv% than Talbot. Reimer is slightly overpaid at 3.4 with 2 years remaining, but if FLA's pursuit of Bobrovsky turns out to be true they'll need to move Reimer. I wonder if we could trade Stone 3.5x1 for Reimer 3.4x2. Doesn't save any space for the Panthers but eases the logjam between the pipes and they aren't exactly the best blueline in the league. It also saves the Flames from paying Stone for an extra 2 seasons via buyout
  6. I've seen from a few writers out there, us taking Egor Afanasyev out of the USHL. Some scouts compare him to Jamie Benn in his draft year. Bit of an interesting case though as he had an NCAA commitment and dropped it, he has nowhere to play next season, sounds like OHL but even that isn't a certainty. Wouldn't be upset if BT picked him, big and strong, could be a good power forward down the road. Also for any scared of picking Russians, this kid has been in the States for 3 seasons, which tells me volumes about his character and desire to be an NHLer. Another guy I've seen us linked to in mock drafts a fair bit is Jakob Pelletier
  7. There's a lesson to be learned from the Blues. They've been a heavyweight in the West for 5-7 years, faced lots of expectations, and couldn't get it done. Written off as "playoff chokers". They have made the big blockbuster trade to go all in- Ryan Miller... didn't work out. Moved many key pieces via trade or lost in UFA, captain Backes, Shattenkirk, who at the time was an elite point producer. Doug Armstrong did a great job building up that franchise, guys like Blais, Barbashev, Thomas, Dunn, all effective role players they drafted and developed. But they also didn't give up and make a panic trade. You keep knocking on the playoff door and eventually you can go on a run. 2 years in a row teams with playoff demons have broke through. No reason it can't be us. Keep making the playoffs and give ourselves a chance for the stars to align
  8. There’s a chance a pretty good C falls to us as this is a relatively weak draft on D by alll indications so D ranked a little lower will go a little higher IMO. Any of McMichael , Suzuki, Lavoie, Newhook, Tomasino at C could fall to us or Pelletier, Brink, Hollander on the wing
  9. I think you were right about Hanifin for 11, the Flyers ownership wants playoffs and immediate help. Hextall was patient which is why they got rid of him. That being said I think Fletcher is smart enough to move that pick for a player with signifcant term. I think from us that sound he Lindholm or Hanifin. I think if BT want a 1st for Brodie the best target is Buffalo who would have the 30th or 31st pick belonging to the Blues. I would rather BT use Brodie and a Jankowski/Kylington or Bennett to get a player got now though
  10. It makes sense. 11th overall pick is highly valuable. Flyers will only move it for immediate help with significant term
  11. This Tkachuk deal is gonna be tricky, but fascinating to follow. It won’t be easy, given the players father has been through this many times. It could be a long drawn out process. The player can can make a fairly valid argument for 10 although it’s extremely unlikely he gets that. Im hoping for 8millx6, but think it will be even higher
  12. I find the kids that play for the US development program can be hard to develop, because they are so stacked their numbers get inflated. Same with between the pipes, what kind of quality of shots was Knight facing, because he certainly wasn’t facing quantity. My preference would be Sogard. I watched him a couple times and looked really good. Put up really solid numbers on a Med Hat team that wasn’t a top team in the Western League. Would need a 2nd to get him though
  13. https://mynhltraderumors.com/nhl-rumors-wild-canucks-flames-and-oilers/2019/06/08/ This article says the Canucks reportedly offered Virtanen and Tanev for Zucker. Doesn't really fill a need for MIN with Dumba/Spurgeon and Pateryn on the right side. In theory they could trade Tanev right away to a team like TOR or TB. I think if BT offers Bennett and Frolik that may be better for MIN
  14. https://bluelinestation.com/2019/06/05/new-york-rangers-travis-hamonic-t-j-brodie-flames-block/3/ This isn't a rumour as it's posted by a blogger. The Ranger blogger throws out the idea of Pionk and Kreider for Hamonic and Frolik. That's a no brainer for me. He then mentions he'd rather have Mangiapane than Frolik. I'd still think long and hard about it. The more I think about it and now that the steam has worn off from the trade rumours of last week, I could see why a Hamonic trade would make sense. An extension for him is risky, the game is getting faster and for someone who's not an elite skater and plays as hard as he does, when the decline comes it could come very fast. I recently read an article about how teams want to acquire Zucker because of what he means in a locker room, Hamonic is no different. I think more teams will value his style of game and his renowned off ice rep a bit more than Brodie
  15. Players I would like to target if I was BT Kreider JT Miller Kadri I BT could add one of those 3, it would be huge IMO. All 3 can effectively play top 6 roles and produce. They also bring a physical game which we don’t really have. Not saying we need to add a Reaves but we need another (or few more) guys that can play with an edge and yet have skill. Looking at the Cup final, you still need to be able to play physical in the playoffs.
  16. It is believed the Oilers want immediate help so anything is possible with them, Brodie is better than what they have but maybe they don’t wanna trade with us ...
  17. Well put it this way, one would be an Oiler if available, one would be a Hawk, Av or King Caufield, Boldy, Krebs shouldby allindications be available in the 10-12 range. Button has the American kids ranked higher than anyone else
  18. Kaliyev could easily drop, but to think Dach and Cozens fall out of the top 10. Zero chance that happens. For example reports are the Oilers love both those guys , no chance they’d be slipping past 8th
  19. Pronman of the Athletic posted his mock today, has us picking Jakob Pelletier 26th. Also mentioned Egor Afanasyev as a possible pick. Most the guys we’ve talked about on here, Brink, Tomasino and Hoglander he had taken before we pick. Thomson he has 27th If BT takes a forward in the 1st, wouldn’t surprise me to see the rest of the picks this year spent on d and a goalie as that’s where we are the thinnest
  20. Can’t post the tweet as I’m on my phone, but Vancouver TSN reporters are saying the Canucks are pushing really hard for Zucker. Hard to see BT landing him without the 1st moving
  21. Hayes was the last case, and I believe the rules (unless they have changed) are that if you draft a college kid in the 1st and he doesn’t sign you get a compensation pick.
  22. That NJ trade is essentially Gaudreau to NJ for Vatanen and Zajac. Hall starts with Gaudreau, if you’re lucky they’d settle for Monahan+
  23. Could we get Gourde from TB? His NTC doesn’t kick in until July 1 and TB needs to make some moves, he’d be easier to move than Killorn and Johnson who both have trade protection. Gourde’s play fell off after he signed the deal but he’s still a quality player. Also plays with an edge and is versatile
  24. Didn’t really see the Flames matching up well with the Maple Leafs as trade partners until recently. With Hainsey and Gardiner UFA, Zaitsev wanting out and Dermott injured for the start of next year, there’s a chance they have interest in Brodie as they need NHL caliber D badly. I would be willing to take Zaitsev if it meant getting Kadri
  25. I’m a big Johansen fan, It would probably cost Monahan though
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