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  1. I would also agree that it would be nice to add a veteran to play 4th line LW. Thompson is a good suggestion, another option is Boyle. The biggest knock on this group from the outside will be a lack of playoff experience, which some will agree or disagree with. What I will say is a Thompson or Boyle won’t hurt you, where as a young player like Mangiapane or a Dube could be prone to a costly rookie mistake come playoff time.
  2. Too bad Chiarelli isn’t my boss overpaying me for my work lol!
  3. I can guarantee you there are moments that McDavid regrets signing for 8 years. Credit to Chiarelli for getting that done, easily his best work. I understand why he signed for 8, they were coming off a great season and they were the second coming of the Gretzky era. A bad 2 years later and you can tell it's really wearing ionhim and I'm sure in his heart of hearts he wishes he only signed for 4 or 5 years
  4. IMO that’s a terrible signing by Chiarelli. Koskinen has been a decent goalie this season, but for a 31 career game sample size he gets 4.5? That’s crazy, and his career sv% is .905. But I won’t complain...
  5. Dzingel is on pace for around 30, so the Sens are justified in that ask. I just don’t know how reliable that source is as, where would he fit here? 3rd line probably and then you have Bennett playing 4th line, gives you depth sure but I’m not sure Dzingel is the player to drive the bus on the 3rd line, I think he benefits from playing with skill
  6. Would love to add Mcquaid he’s as tough as they come and a great teammate. Lots of Boston media and fans were upset they got rid of him. The fact he was willing to take on Reaves speaks volumes to me
  7. Great win, got hairy there for a few minutes but was able to weather that and then pop a couple for the 3 goal win. Finally a win in their new barn!
  8. 1st unit really fighting it this weekend
  9. Need to relax. Get a big PP goal here and go from there. Don’t give the refs anything to call
  10. Need a big goal here
  11. Pretty sure you’d rather survive that last 20 seconds up 3 than give up a late one and give em something to hang their hat on heading into the third. You just know the way it’s going the refs are gonna give them ample opportunity to get back in this game
  12. Needed to get out of that period up 3. Oh welll. Need a smart 20 here. Touch an Oiler and you’re getting 2
  13. Louie doesn’t like a call on the Oilers? Simply astonishing
  14. Great play Kylington!
  15. Oh he’s a Big tough farm boy? Naw went down like a sack of potatoes
  16. Need a big kill
  17. That was a brutal challenge, grasping at straws if anything
  18. Johnny Ham and Cheese
  19. Good period in a tough barn, take that every time
  20. That’s in but it won’t count
  21. Good work by Tkachuk drive them bananas
  22. Kassian with a dirty play? Im shocked
  23. They are trying to have 3 lines that have a guy who can drive play on it. Neal hasn’t been that, maybe Tkachuk can
  24. Buckle up folks!
  25. I would like Kronwall as well, but to me it doesn’t make sense to give up a 1st for a 37 year old. I completely get why the Wings will want a haul for him as he is a franchise icon, but let Toronto give up a first for him. Maybe a more realistic acquisition is Kiselevich from FLA, Yakolev from NJ or Davidson from CHI. Not a sexy pickup at all but some added depth for a playoff run without giving up much for a rental