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  1. Shea Weber is likely to never play again so they'll just put him on LTIR. They can be over the cap in the offseason
  2. I think it’s probably fair. A little high for me personally, but MTL had a hole they needed to fill. One thing this deal could do is shake loose the trade market. Maybe teams with interest in Dvorak will call BT about Monahan
  3. Right now, this is my Flames lineup Gaudreau-Lindholm-Tkachuk Mangiapane-Monahan-Coleman Dube-Backlund-Pitlick Lucic-Gawdin/Ruzicka-Lewis Hanifin-Tanev Zadorov-Andersson Valimaki-Kylington Markstrom Vladar I like having one spot open for a young player to potentially fill, if they earn it. I think this year it's Ruzicka or Gawdin. I would also explore adding a 3rd pairing RD and a 3rd line RW.
  4. If MTL matches the offersheet, they aren't able to trade Kotkaniemi for a full year. I also think it'd be a significant overpayment for MTL to get Eichel. It would be like the Flames dealing Tkachuk to Anaheim, only if the return is significantly better do you trade a premier player inside the division
  5. Teams in the OHL and QMJHL will frequently mortgage the future to win a championship. They will jettison multiple, significant futures. Thats's what the Foreurs did and unfortunately they just came up short. An example being Robert Thomas (plays for STL) was traded in the OHL for Connor McMichael (WSH pick), 4 2nd round picks and a 3rd.
  6. If Montreal doesn't end up matching the offersheet, I think it will wake up, what's been a quiet trade market the past month. The Habs would be looking to replace Kotkaniemi and aside from Eichel, Monahan, Hertl and Dvorak have all been rumoured to be available. Friedman thinks Bergevin will survey the league, see what kind of player that CAR 1st and 3rd could get him. I'd do that if it was offered for Monahan, although I think the Flames would be looking for a hockey-trade. Could always use those picks to add on to an Eichel trade offer.
  7. I love it, but it’d have been better if they’d have waited a year and went after Nick Suzuki. Give him an insane shorter term deal like they did to Aho…
  8. I would take the compensation if I was MTL. I have hard time paying someone that wasn’t even in their lineup at the end of the Cup Final being worth 6.1 Exciting news in a slow spell for the NHL though
  9. https://www.foreverblueshirts.com/analyst-claims-rangers-last-place-sabres-will-trade-jack-eichel-because-thats-where-he-wants-to-be/
  10. I could see Boston having interest in Monahan. Not exactly easy, the Bruins have 1mill in cap space. John Moore needed hip surgery and will miss time, on LTIR that can free up 2.75 in cap space. The Flames would have to take Debrusk in a Monahan deal. I'd also want one of their D prospects to offset the difference in Debrusk/Monahan as players. Vaakanainen, Lyle or Berglund. Flames forward lines would look like Gaudreau-Lindholm-Tkachuk Mangiapane-Backlund-Coleman Debrusk-?-Dube Lucic-Lewis-Pitlick The big hole is obviously at 3rd line C. Would almost need to get an Eichel or Dvorak deal done, because the top 9 wings are really deep.
  11. We'll see what happens in the next month or so. Right now though, I think the Flames finish anywhere from 3rd to 6th in the Pacific. They could make the playoffs, but hey could also face-plant. I have no idea what we will see this season.
  12. I thought BT may force Valimaki to take his QO. But a 2yr deal makes a lot of sense. For a few hundred-thousand more, the Flames get an extra year on the Valimaki deal. That's big, considering the Flame's could, in theory have 3 big extensions to Gaudreau/Tkachuk/Mangiapane after this season
  13. I did say worst case scenario, which yeah, would mean the Flames are out of the race. There are still moves to be made, I'm sure, but right now I wouldn't be confident in saying the Flames will be a contender this year.
  14. Worst case scenario, the Flames can get a 3rd for him at the TDL
  15. I just don't see Buffalo being able to deal him during the season. Nobody will have cap space and the Sabres surely don't want to retain on Eichel. It's a mess, but I don't think they will be getting any better offers if they wait. You can always point to the Duchene trade, people said Sakic waited too long. But this is different, as Eichel has the injury.
  16. This Eichel thing has to come to a head soon. If he had surgery tomorrow, it's up-in-the-air if he's ready for the start of training camp. If this drags on any longer, it's looking like it will, you're probably talking about him missing regular season games. For the Sabres, they have to move him by the end of the month. Moving him in-season will be essentially impossible. For a team trying to rebuild, I wouldn't want this Eichel saga hanging over the team all season. No matter how well a Cozens or Dahlin plays, the question in Buffalo will continue to be "What's happening with Eichel"? If you're trying to build a culture, I wouldn't want a malcontent around. In theory, Buffalo could deal Eichel at the 2022 draft, but they are fighting the clock a little bit, because July 1 he gets an NMC. If the Sabres haven't liked the offers they've gotten this summer, next summer the offers will be substantially lower. Look at the TDL, Taylor Hall had an NMC which completely hamstrung the Sabres. Eichel can do the exact same by next July if he's still in Buffalo.
  17. The Chicago players are different from Toronto, because the core of that team won 3 cups. Obviously, when you're a winner you get paid more. Look at Blake Coleman. The Leafs are absolutely fair to criticize because their young core hadn't accomplished anything and yet received deals that reset the RFA market.
  18. The Flames can’t move Hanifin right now. If they go with Zadorov and Valimaki as their top 2 LD, yikes. McDavid would have a 5pt night in the Flames season opener. Fortunately, I don’t think the Sabres would be particularly interested in Hanifin. For all the weaknesses the Sabres have, they are actually deep in LD. Dahlin/Power/Hagg/Butcher Samuelsson and Johnson in the system. If the Sabres wanted a D from Calgary, I think it’s Andersson. That would also hurt as the Flames have virtually no RHD depth in the organization
  19. I would shoot for an elite, young D in a Tkachuk trade. I don't really love the STL fit, much like the talk about Gaudreau and PHI the last 5 years, the fit isn't great. Something like Byram from COL as a centre piece. Tkachuk could be a piece that puts the Avs over the top.
  20. That's fair, but if that's the case, one shouldn't expect anything different than what's happened the past 6 or so seasons. The whole "insanity" thing, doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.. The Flames have committed significant term and dollars to UFA's in recent years, that indicates they want to be a competitive team. Well to do that, you need to make a bold move, that's Eichel. He would be the best Flame since Iginla. That's not even an exaggeration, this is a very high end player. Sure you can point to the counting stats between Eichel and Monahan and they look similar. But who has Eichel had in Buffalo? He certainly hasn;t had an elite winger liem Gaudreau in Buffalo. That makes a huge difference. For a little context, in Monahan's only season without Gaudreau, as a rookie he posted 34 points. Granted, it was a rebuilding team, but in his sophmore year, with Johnny, he registered 62 points, almost double his rookie numbers. The way I look at this whole thing is, there are trailers and there are trucks in the NHL world. Trucks will pull the team through, another term is a play-driver. Trailers are also useful, but they aren't going to pull a team across the finish line. I view Eichel as a truck, he makes others around him better. Monahan I view as a trailer, he is a very good complimentary player, he can score but he isn't one to make his teammates markedly better.
  21. I like Nurse, but wow that's a scary contract for the Oilers. Nurse is a steady-eddy defender, he is coming off a year where he had a shooting percentage of 10.4, his career shooting percentage is 4.9. He's a good player, but shouldn't be compensated as the 5th highest paid D in 22/23. A higher AAV than Norris winner Roman Josi ans more than Pietrangelo and Hamilton Crazy to see the ways EDM has allocated their cap space, because in UFA, nobody was going to offer Nurse 9.25. They did such good work to lock RNH up for below market value, only for it to be undone by the Nurse extension
  22. Eichel is the type of player teams tank for. It also just got more difficult to win the lottery. That's why Flames fans badly want Eichel. Sure the Flames could tank, but what if they get a Nolan Patrick with a 2nd overall pick? Would that be better than having an elite, proven commodity like Eichel? Nope. Nothing in the draft is guaranteed.
  23. That "rumour" is really just some common sense IMO. Everyone knows about the players-only meeting last year. That's not new. It's also pretty well known that the Flames need to trade an LW at some point. Three LW will get big deals next season. It won't be Mangiapane and if Gaudreau extension talks progress, then it's Tkachuk you are dealing. It makes sense that Buffalo wouldn't want Tkachuk, because there's a good chance he wouldn't sign there. However, I'm not sure why they wouldn't take him and then flip him for even more high-end assets. If they ate 2M making his cap hit 5, they could get a haul. If the Flames were to move Tkachuk to STL for Parayko. I would be worried. Parayko is a very good player, but the defence market has exploded. It would take an extra couple million tacked on ton his aav to get him to re-sign.
  24. I don’t know if I buy this. Someone had a post very similar to this last year, but from an Oiler perspective. That “source” said Nurse was an issue in the room and was going to be dealt in a deal for OEL.
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