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  1. Worse is that if we had won, we would have been in the playoffs.
  2. Imagine we got Hall for Brodie straight up. What a larceny that would be.
  3. He might deserve to be fired either way but if it's a top 3 pick he's not going to be forgive due to the terrible results in caused. If it's not a top 3, he still put the team in a precarious position. But because the result wasn't as bad as it could be, he may be forgiven.
  4. I see it differently. His failure to protect the pick was the mistake. You can argue if we were a playoff team then it wouldn't have mattered but that's the thing. No one is guaranteed to make the playoffs. Not lotto protecting the pick was a stupid mistake if the consequences of the mistake come to fruition then he's fired. If the consequences don't occur, then it will be brushed under the rug whether it should be or not. It's the same as in a normal job, you do something stupid, you get fired if it hurts the company and forgiven if it does not. Sometimes you are fired either way.
  5. If NYI get a top 3 pick, I think that's a fireable offense. We are also making it more likely too with each passing game.
  6. Not a trade but this site suggests we go after E. Kane in the offseason. I was against getting Kane at the trade deadline because of his personal history but he seems to really be working for the sharks. He is a LW though. Maybe he could play on the right?? Also, is anyone interested in JVR? He is good at scoring from what I hear (though I also hear he's not good at much else).
  7. Just don't sit on a cactus or you will be very pricked. I wish I could propose a realistic trade but I'm afraid I don't know the league well enough for that. All the good players won't be traded unless we give up our top players and then it becomes moot anyway.
  8. I don't want to trade much of this defense core. I know we need some offense but I think a strong d core is necessary for playoff success. Now, I'm sure there will be people who argue our d core is not strong now. Brodie is the only one I want to trade or drop to the third pair. He has been atrocious. We should probably give him a chance to play rd again because that was where he had success. I don't think it was fair to him to be expected to change position and have the same success. A more extreme example is taking a dman and making him play forward and expecting success too. That said, Valimaki could be ready by next season. If he comes in to replace Brodie, I expect him to make mistakes but I can live with that because he is young and learning. I can't excuse mistakes made by a player who is experiences enough to know better. The other player I could see being traded is Stone. I don't mind that. How's this for a lineup next season? Giordano - Hamilton Valimaki - Hamonic Kulak - Brodie/Andersson* *depending on if Brodie is traded. Sorry for the organization of this post. I just wrote down whatever came to mind at the point I was at.
  9. Oops, thanks. I hope we lotto protected it.... Sorry, I just think it would be cool to have both Tkachuk brothers.
  10. Hence why I question how realistic it is unless we miss the playoffs and win a draft lottery.
  11. I don't know how realistic this is but it would be cool to make a trade to pick B. Tkachuk in the draft.
  12. Would JVR be a good addition? We do seem to lack the ability to tip pucks. How much would it cost to get him out of Toronto? They could use defense, so maybe T-spoon+ or... Stone?
  13. xstrike


    I am thinking KC is not very good. I'm probably going to see a KC game sometime in December, so maybe I can give some insight. New numbers Tyler Parsons - Goaltender 2-4-0 with a 4.69 GAA and a .870 save percentage Mason McDonald - Goaltender 2-2-0 with a 3.66 GAA and a .872 save percentage
  14. Maybe hits are more useful over a (long) playoff series or run than they are in a regular season game?
  15. xstrike


    So... should we be concerned about Smith leaping off a lower cliff instead? Got to watch some of the game tonight and Smith didn't really inspire confidence in me.
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