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  1. Thanks guys. I almost posted last game but I'd been AWOL for so long... tonight the Flames just pushed me over that threshold. Where do they go from here?
  2. What is going on... I mean, what the hell is going on?! [Hello again~]
  3. *breathes on the goaltender* Goaltender interference!
  4. Rittich was amazing tonight. Should've been the first star tonight in my opinion.
  5. So what happens if Toronto smokes us badly, like 7+ goals?
  6. Derek Ryan has won 88.88% of his faceoffs. Early season statistics are very skewed but when was the last time we had a center with 60%+ in that statistic?
  7. Read this in the voice of Marvin the Martian. Where's the fight? There was supposed to be an ice shattering fight!
  8. Was really hoping he and Valimaki would connect tonight. Two good scoring chances generated by that duo.
  9. Flames powerplay percentage is now 23.08% (3/13). Not a bad spot. It would just be nice for that to be more spread out. Update: that would put us at #7 OA based on last season.
  10. I don't have the computer modeling expertise to do it. You can have my idea, I just ask for 2% of profits. Ha ha, sound good?
  11. My only complaint was Tkachuk being the only player to be penalized when he got ruffed up by the Nuck.
  12. Oh, we lost? Sorry coach, since you banned Fortnite, I was too busy streaming it to care.
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