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  1. Because Ferland was a 5th round pick that was never expected to play heavy-top line minutes, but more of a bottom 6 physical player with some scoring potential (if he ever even made it to the NHL). Bennett was a first round pick (4th OA) who was expected to be a top line scorer in the NHL who could play a bit more physical. Because of the expectations of them both (and their draft position) it makes it harder to swallow that they turned out to be very similar players (middle 6 players with scoring potential and physical play).
  2. I don't know how accurate it is, but apparently Dougie is on the trading block. And with Ferland reportedly refusing to sign an extension there, it really makes this trade look bad for Carolina.
  3. Prout would likely be head and shoulders above the best Stockton D-man. Kylington was the only real prospect on D we had down there.
  4. I saw something earlier today that basically said McDavid has a point on something like 54% of the Edmonton goals scored. Like, the fact that you could argue they lose almost half their offence (realistically, probably close to 1/3 of their offense) without him is incredible. Like, I dread the thought of Gaudreau going down with injury, but at least our team can still produce without him (Lindholm and Monahan are still good, imagine those two with Tkachuk stepping into the top line LW).
  5. 4th best forward on the team for a defenseman that can barely play third pairing. Seems legit. To top it off, Cag is apparently really close to McDavid (good friends, and even went to school together) while Manning broke McDavids collarbone and then made fun of him for it. How long before McDavid requests a trade? Like, this is the third time one of the players McD wants on the team got traded (Strome, Maroon, and now Caggiula). Also, Edmonton needs to dump salary soon, because if Sekera comes back from LTIR they are 3.3 mil over the cap
  6. I'm still going with Mony as captain. But I could see Tkachuk moving to a full time "A" once Gio is done.
  7. Not only that, but Rittich did well in Dallas, probably one of the only players to show up for the full game. Like sure, one of those two he probably *could* have had, but when he was being buried as much as he was, he still did incredible.
  8. Maybe wasn't 2 of our top 4 forwards, but we had games where we were missing Giordano, Backlund, Frolik, Stone, Lomberg, Valimaki. That is our best D-man, a D-man playing some pretty decent minutes, our top shut down center, a shut-down winger who can score, as well as a 4th line tweener and another d-man that under GG was arguably a 4/5 D-man. And we still won more games than we lost. Yes it's not the same as losing Monahan and Tkachuk, but with everything else, the losses are still pretty bad (where we've had our 8th and 9th D-men as a pairing due to injuries and suspensions). There is no way under GG with a similar scenario we come out with a winning record there.
  9. Andrew Ference was on 31 Thoughts recently, and this is a transcript that I found about what it was like playing in Edmonton: On Lucic:He’s got as much pride as anybody, absolutely loves being in the NHLand loves playing an important role on a team. I see the same frustrations that I had too in going Edmonton about certain aspects of going there and especially coming from a really dialled in culture. When you’ve seen a dialled in culture and team and how its operating and you go to something different it can be extremely frustrating. Being from Edmonton and I grew up in Sherwood Park, Ive seen it a million times, there’s always a sacrificial lamb on the team that just gets roasted by the radio guys and the newspaper guys and then the fans just continue that on. I think he’s obviously taken that a bit and you always got the target on your back with the big contract and he’d been the first to admit he should be getting more points and scoring more goals, you get all that. But its tough, its really tough play there and and to be the centre of so much negativity and I dont care who you are negativity gets to you and doesn’t usually help you at all. Its tough for him and I think that its tough for any player transitioning from a really super important role on a team to a secondary role on the ice. I think he’s still incredibly important in the room and I think thats probably, whenever Ive talked to him, its goals and assists and sometimes your play can dip and change and sometimes its luck and sometimes your just not playing so good but you can always do the stuff in the room and create that culture and lead off the ice. You always have pretty much full control of that that shouldn’t dip and ebb and fall off the map. So I think for a guy like that thats where you have to maybe transition where your role on the ice isn’t so important but your role off the ice and in the room and as a leader, you have to magnify that yourself and really make yourself important in those ways as well.On the game changing vis a vis Lucic:Everythings changing yes, there’s probably not too many defensemen that still like playing against him. Him on the forecheck when he’s all rambunctious and running around, he’s not a fun player to play against. its just that when you’ve had really successful seasons, I don't know what his top line numbers are and his best years but your not hitting those same numbers you used to hit, your not getting the same playing time, your not scoring as many goals, does that mean your horrible?No, people will automatically look at your contract and have expectations where you should be and so they should but I think its just some people might adjust their own personal expectations a little quicker than others and just accept the fact Im not going to be that 40 goal guy 22 minute a night guy so what can I do. If you dont adjust that quick enough the frustration will be never ending.On the culture in Edmonton when he played and why doesn’t it work in Edmonton:(Elliott asking about being the After Hours guest in Edmonton where Edmonton got pummelled that night - he says with a laugh “Surprise!”)I don’t think it’s one thing. I think its a combination of elements that go into it. I think that aspect of feeling more scared to make a mistake and be the whipping boy rather than being bold and taking your chances and having that confidence to try a play. Some guys might get into that role of being scared to be the whipping boy. I don’t know if that makes sense (Elliott says "I have heard that theory before"). You take less risks, your urge to win and be bold is less than your urge to not be the whipping boy or stand out right? So I think that is one aspect. The quickness that radio or newspaper or fans jump and attack their own guys is horrible. I think that the quickness to defend players within the organization I remember Jeff Petry or Schultz getting raked over the coals and nobody coming to defend them and then just trading them when their value, after they’ve beaten them down for months, then trading them, its like God, its not just for those guys but its for other guys on the team and your looking at it and saying like well f… they don’t have his back, are they going to have mine when its my turn to be the whipping boy you know? But I think the most frustrating part for me as a player when I went in there straight from Boston was talk is cheap. I went in, Dallas Eakins is a fantastic coach, there’s another whipping boy who got dragged over the coals, he’s a fantastic coach that was dealt just a pure crap hand in a team that would actually listen. You got a group of players that talked about how they wanted to make the playoffs and talked about how sick they were of losing and then by game 3 after losing 6-1 they’re straight out to the bar till 3 in the morning lighting up the night life scene in Edmonton. Cmon give me a break. It was to the point where it was ridiculous, where the lifestyle was way more important than actually playing the game and making the playoffs but like I said talk is cheap. Even in practice, came from a group where you’re practicing against guys like Bergeron or Chara and your going at each other, game intensity and thats how you get better, thats how you be a playoff contender, thats how you be a champion and you try to instil some of those values, and we had some other guys had been on playoff teams and they had the same frustrations, they’d come and practice hard and theres a group of guys there that had, that were too cool to try hard, like derogatory terms for trying too hard in practice. Thats the culture right. So how do you break that? Well you come in and try to disrupt. Over the years there have been attempts to disrupt whether it was Eakins or I come in there or Pronger or whoever it was. Different people come in and disrupt but I know personally it was really hard for me. You come in as an older guy but far from being one of the better players on the team so you can be a leader with experience but I am not a game changer, I am a number 4/5 defenceman. Your voice only goes so far with people that only respect how good your toe drag is and wether or not you're out partying.So your voice doesn’t carry much weight with people that don’t put value on those aspects I was bringing from Boston or that Dallas was trying to instil in the team so was it not only frustrating but it really pissed me off because its a waste of those years in your NHL career where you never get those back and you see a coach like Dallas get really so unfairly treated. Like I said was he perfect, no and he’d be the first to admit that he would rather do some of those things different but taking the blame, what are you supposed to do with a culture like that?“You could have had any kind of defense or any kind of system. But if you go on a Western swing and your guys are out every single night until 5 in the morning, I mean, you’re not going to win too many games”
  10. Yeah, if he goes 0.5 points/game played the rest of the year, he still ends up at 62 points. A 60+ point shut-down winger who draws a ton of penalties (even if he does take a few) is worth good money. I highly doubt he signs for less than 7 AAV (But, I can see the contract worked out so that he is at 6.75/"The Gio Cap" for the duration of Gio's contract before he starts getting the 7.5 a year after for something that works out to a 7-7.25 AAV).
  11. And, Hanifin has the same number of goals (seeing as Dougie was always a higher goal D-man). So that is also good.
  12. I think there is a chance they send Vali down to the A to get him into shape before deciding between him and Kylington.
  13. We're losing a good player no matter what. Ras, Kylington, Valimaki, and Hanifin are all signed still there. Tkachuk, Monahan, Gaudreau, Lindholm as well. Potentially a 8-1 route to protect 4 D. 7-3-1 is tougher because whichever of those 4 D is left exposed (not counting Gio, who I assume, will regress a bit from his current play+ being almost 40 should protect him) gets picked. As much as I like our forward depth, outside of those 4 forwards, I don't exactly see a huge benefit to covering 2-3 more of them to risk our (what likely will be at the time) top 4 D-men.
  14. I mean, I fully expect that to go up, as the 2018 draft class is currently in their draft+1 year right now (and I believe every pick we took that year was round 4+ and went the college route, so it'd be more fair for 2-3 years before even seeing if any of them are ready to turn pro).
  15. So, 2014 was Tre's first year as our GM (he was hired in april), so I imagine that year the draft while under Tre was mostly Burke inspired: 1st: Sam Bennett (278 games, 46 goals, 97 points) The other 5 picks (Mason McDonald, Hunter Smith, Brandon Hickey, Adam Ollas-Mattson, Austin Carrol) have yet to play in the NHL with only McDonald and AOM being in the organization still) 2015 the first year where Tre would have been 100% in charge of it all we got: 5 players, 3 are currently playing for the Flames at the NHL level (Rasmus Andersson, Oliver Kylington, and Andrew Mangiapane), 1 is playing in Russia (Pavel Karnuakhov, so I think we still have his rights but no contract offered), and 1 is playing Canadian College hockey after his OHL career (and not with the organization anymore): Riley Bruce. So 3/5, still with us, 1 is a full-timer (Andersson) and 2 are callups that have played very well. Not bad. 2016: We drafted 9 players, 1 is a full-time NHLer (Matty Tkachuk). One of the others started the year on the team, and has 20 games played before going to the AHL (Dillon Dube). 2 more are in the organization (Matthew Phillips and Tyler Parsons) in the AHL, 2 more are in College (I believe we have their rights for 1 more year?), 1 was used in a trade to get us Lindholm and Hanifin (Fox). I believe we still have rights to Eetu Tuulola . 2017: 5 picks, one was an NHLer to start the season (Valimaki). The other 4 we have rights to (one is in the ECHL, 2 in the CHL, 1 in Europe). I figure maybe one of them will become a tweener, but not high hopes (highest pick of those 4 was a 4th rounder). 2018: Way too early to see what we got here, but of the 5, 3 are PPG+ in their respective leagues, and I have a strong feeling that 2 of them will either make the NHL or become tweeners (Pospisil is likely a tweener that could basically be a 4th line version of Tkachuk, and Petterson I think could be a middle six winger). Overall, of the drafts we've had since Tre became GM, 7 of our 30 picks have NHL experience (with 3-4 being fulltimers and the others really pushing for it). 6 of our 24 picks after 2014 (where it would have mostly been Burkes image for the team) have NHL experience, with another 5 playing in our system (AHL or ECHL). Tre has done a good job so far (as has our scouting). Our development is improving over the previous 5 years as well (which has resulted in 7 full-time NHLers, only 3 of which are with our organization still, Monahan, Gaudreau and Jankowski, with Ferland, Baertschi, Granlund, Kulak all being gone, and you can argue an 8th fulltimer in Laurent Brossoit who is the backup goalie for Winnipeg this year, his third stint in the NHL, first where he started the season there), and we have 1 other pick in the organization (Gillies) still that isn't an established NHLer. In those previous 5 years we have had 32 picks. So we're putting about the same amount of people in the NHL, but we are retaining them, and they are a higher quality. So I'd say under Tre our development has improved as well since we're keeping more, and we're looking at a higher rate with NHL games (even if there are less full-timers currently, but give it a year or two and that could change).