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  1. This. Both teams got what they wanted. Calgary needed a bit of a culture shift, as did the Hurricanes. While Dougie was the best player, there was at least enough questions about his attitude that it came out as a sticking point from multiple reporters, and was mentioned multiple times by various insiders. Ferland was going to want a big raise, and we sold high on him (as much as we all loved him, with his injury history, especially with concussions, it was a good move). We got 2 players, one was basically where Dougie was at when we got him (except on the left side), the other was a very versatile forward who filled a lot of needs for us (RHS, can play C or RW. Plays PP and PK, defensively responsible. All at the cost of a bit of physicality), and we got them for a good price, on good term. The Flames have got to be happy with what they got, and you know Carolina is happy. Sometimes you've got to accept that a trade had literally no loser in it.
  2. In 20 playoff games, Monahan has 8 goals, 13 points. (slightly above average, but not overly special) In 20 playoff games, Gaudreau has 4 goals, 12 points (making him slightly above average, but not a special player). I know it's not much, but I've seen a lot of people talking about how Gaudreau underperformed this playoffs (1 assist in 5 games) but you take that out he has 11 points in 15 games (pretty good). Doing the same for Monahan (taking out this years 1 goal, 2 points in 6 games), he has 11 points, in 15 games (making him just as valuable as Gaudreau). Whether or not Monahan has produced like you'd hope as a top end center, he has been otherwise invaluable for us both regular season (roughly 30 goals a season), and still decent at the playoffs for us (still over 0.5 ppg). He is a 1C. Maybe not an elite 1c, but a 1c none the less, and arguably one of the better ones in the NHL. The upside of parity is that anything can happen, the downside is, that the talent becomes much more similar amongst most teams. The top end teams will be top because of better scouting, and hitting more regularly on 3rd round and later picks. The bottom tier teams will still have good players, but will rarely hit on anything out of the first or even the second round (look at Edmonton for example, or even Buffalo). With parity, the only way to keep ahead, is good scouting, and good development teams. Right now, Calgary has decent scouting (could be better, but I'd still say above average). Our development could be a fair bit better though. A lot of our best prospects our developed in other leagues, (be it NCAA or CHL), and often come straight out of College/Juniors with little time in the AHL (Gaudreau, Tkachuk, Monahan, Valimaki are all good examples. Vali spending time in AHL only after suffering an injury and other players showing they can play up here such as Kylington). If we could improve the drafting just a bit, and get a bit better developing, we could easily be a powerhouse, and we could contemplate much more easily, the trade of the lower-end top guys like Monahan or Backlund (or Ideally, developing a guy to push Monahan down to 2c and Backs to 3c).
  3. To say regular season doesn't matter isn't exactly true. Without regular season performance we could not be in the playoffs. I've said this before, and I'll say it now. The initial trade I feel we upgraded forward (Lindholm>Ferland) but downgraded D (Hanifin<Hamilton). At the same time, I feel like Hanifin is where Hamilton was when we got him, though a bit different in style (Hamilton more of a goal-scoring D, Hanifin being more like Brodie in the aspect of being a better passer rather than shooter). This season, Hanifin has developed a fair bit more than he had the last few years, and there is no reason to doubt that he won't continue to grow the next couple years (much like Dougie did with us). Don't get me wrong, I feel like Dougie has more potential to be a #1D, but at the moment, I feel like the difference isn't that much at the moment. The biggest issue with our playoffs I feel is two-fold. The amount of playoff rookies (Hanifin, Ryan, Lindholm, Janko, Hathaway, Valimaki, Andersson, with Rittich who never saw minutes, but was also a playoff rookie) and a head coach in his first playoff as head coach (and even assistant coaches in their first NHL playoffs as assistant coaches). No matter how many times people get told that the pressure amps up, and it becomes harder, it's one of those things that if you do not experience yourself, you never truly understand. The second part is a bit more on the coaching (but players as well), and that is failure to adapt to the play. When the zone entry didn't work, instead of adapting, they went with the same strategy over, and over. The players on the ice should have adapted to that, but also, the coaches should have pushed a change their as well.
  4. Seeing as I didn't see a thread anywhere, we recently signed 24 year old Russian KHL Goalie Artyon Zagidulin to a 1 year ELC. As mostly a backup in Metallurg Magnitogorsk, he posted a 1.96 GAA and a 0.924 save percentage. He went 12-7-3 in 25 games this year. He is likely playing in the AHL next year, but short of a big signing (or Smith re-signing), may make a push to be backup on the Flames as well.
  5. Yes, the Blue Jackets moved up to pick 3, but really, that didn't make a difference. I really believe that Tkachuk was our guy either way. And if he wasn't, and it was Puljiarvi, well, it seems we dodged a bullet there.
  6. If we're doing two Czech goalies, I'd make a move for Neuvirth. coming off a an injury, and semi-rough season in Philly (but much like Edmonton, Flyers goalies tend to do well outside the organization, look at Bob). Shouldn't be a big cost to get him, and at worst, gives us someone to push Gillies/Parsons.
  7. Honestly, that Vali-Brodie pairing I think would have some real potential. Especially since Vali plays a game that is reminiscent of Gio, which means that especially with experience, Vali-Brodie should work as a pairing. Also, Fanta has been great. He is like Butler in that he doesn't stand out in really, any way (bad or good). Except unlike Butler, Fanta still does all the small things right that Butler would just not do.
  8. The Avs top line is ridiculously good. On the other hand, their 2nd to 4th lines are mediocre at best. If we have the 3M line vs their 1st line, the rest of our team should just feast on them. The biggest question is will Grubauer collapse in the playoffs again like last year.
  9. So they maybe go even, but don't score. And instead they give more scoring chances to the 3M line? The top line? The third line is the weakest, but Neal was playing really well before his injury (8 points in 10 previous games I believe), and Czarnik has been pretty good as well. The thing about our Depth is that we have 3 lines that can reliably score, a fourth line (technically it's the third line) that is capable of breaking out, a PP that can be pretty deadly, and a PK that has almost 20 goals on the season. Now there are definitely tweaks we could make, but it's definitely hard to line match when every line can do some damage.
  10. Khrox


    Probably. You forget that even some of Chia's decisions were made for him by Nicholson and the Brain Trust they have back there (including MacTavish, Lowe, etc..). Including that genius Koskinen signing (one of the more recent ones).
  11. Khrox


    It's not that Rieder sucks. It's that he has a career high of 16 goals, 37 points (2 years ago). And Edmonton signed him expecting those numbers. You don't sign 4th liners and expect 15 goals 40 points out of them, you're only gonna disappoint yourself. Especially when the depth of the team is as bad as theirs.
  12. How has no one from the Metro clinched yet? That is kind of ridiculous.
  13. Playoff experience isn't necessarily about "experience" per se. I always figured it was getting used to the second grind. We always talk about how college kids are in for a shock their first and second pro seasons because they go from playing roughly 30 games a year to playing 80 games a year. Now, we have a bunch of guys who are used to playing 80 games a year, now we have to get them used to playing 105 games a year (I go for about 105, because I figure 16-7 on route to the cup win). It's still a big jump. Playoff experience to me, is experience in that extra time. That is still an extra 6-8 weeks of games and practices. That's an extra 6-8 weeks of flights and hotels. That's where that playoff experience comes in. Also, credit to the development staff (and Huska) on Andersson. Despite conditioning issues, they have turned him into a guy who looks to be key for our D in the future.
  14. Holy crap, Andersson playing almost as many minutes as Gio. More minutes than Hamonic or Hanifin. The coach has some serious trust in that guy. Love everything about that. And I remember people being so doubtful about him making it to the NHL this year (or even with the Flames) and this guy is already getting ready to take over some big minutes.
  15. Because that's what they compare to. Player X making 6 mil when that was 8% of the cap, and is just as valuable as player Y, when Player Y's contract comes up he's like "I'm Just as valuable, give me 8% as well" and that comes out to 7.5 mil or whatever. It's also used as comparables on other teams (if you think Tkachuk isn't going to use Drai, Matthews, Nylander, or if he signs first, Marner as comparables, you're nuts) Matthews getting 14.6%, Nylander 12.9%, Drai at 11.3%. Now I think Tkachuk takes a bit of a discount to stay here (and help with a competitive team for a longer term), but even doing that at 10% is still going to be roughly 8.3 mil. I doubt he's gonna pull a Matthews and take a tonne of cap hit while signing just long enough to go to FA, but then we're bridging a guy who has been getting consistently better every year, and that will just bite us. We might have to pony up now and go for that 8.5-9/year if we want him for 8 years (which also buys 4 years of UFA)
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