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  1. Probably. You forget that even some of Chia's decisions were made for him by Nicholson and the Brain Trust they have back there (including MacTavish, Lowe, etc..). Including that genius Koskinen signing (one of the more recent ones).
  2. It's not that Rieder sucks. It's that he has a career high of 16 goals, 37 points (2 years ago). And Edmonton signed him expecting those numbers. You don't sign 4th liners and expect 15 goals 40 points out of them, you're only gonna disappoint yourself. Especially when the depth of the team is as bad as theirs.
  3. How has no one from the Metro clinched yet? That is kind of ridiculous.
  4. Playoff experience isn't necessarily about "experience" per se. I always figured it was getting used to the second grind. We always talk about how college kids are in for a shock their first and second pro seasons because they go from playing roughly 30 games a year to playing 80 games a year. Now, we have a bunch of guys who are used to playing 80 games a year, now we have to get them used to playing 105 games a year (I go for about 105, because I figure 16-7 on route to the cup win). It's still a big jump. Playoff experience to me, is experience in that extra time. That is still an extra 6-8 weeks of games and practices. That's an extra 6-8 weeks of flights and hotels. That's where that playoff experience comes in. Also, credit to the development staff (and Huska) on Andersson. Despite conditioning issues, they have turned him into a guy who looks to be key for our D in the future.
  5. Holy crap, Andersson playing almost as many minutes as Gio. More minutes than Hamonic or Hanifin. The coach has some serious trust in that guy. Love everything about that. And I remember people being so doubtful about him making it to the NHL this year (or even with the Flames) and this guy is already getting ready to take over some big minutes.
  6. Because that's what they compare to. Player X making 6 mil when that was 8% of the cap, and is just as valuable as player Y, when Player Y's contract comes up he's like "I'm Just as valuable, give me 8% as well" and that comes out to 7.5 mil or whatever. It's also used as comparables on other teams (if you think Tkachuk isn't going to use Drai, Matthews, Nylander, or if he signs first, Marner as comparables, you're nuts) Matthews getting 14.6%, Nylander 12.9%, Drai at 11.3%. Now I think Tkachuk takes a bit of a discount to stay here (and help with a competitive team for a longer term), but even doing that at 10% is still going to be roughly 8.3 mil. I doubt he's gonna pull a Matthews and take a tonne of cap hit while signing just long enough to go to FA, but then we're bridging a guy who has been getting consistently better every year, and that will just bite us. We might have to pony up now and go for that 8.5-9/year if we want him for 8 years (which also buys 4 years of UFA)
  7. So, anyone catch the multiple Rittich gems this game. The post-game interview talking about Gio "He's old school, but look at his age" or "It was like Nagano '98". Or his response after the Hanifin block (getting the refs attention to stop play, and then immediately running out to him, and staying with him all the way until he was off the ice). And him giving the Blue Jackets a wave off. This guy is an absolute gem, and I can easily see why the players seem to play so hard in front of him.
  8. Where do you have Fantenberg in there though? I believe he played both LD and RD with the Kings, but with the Flames has exclusively played LD.
  9. I take it from the GDT that I wasn't the only person the site was down for the last almost day.
  10. Ryan doesn't sit at all. One of our most consistent players this year, especially in the last couple months. There is a reason that Mony out of the lineup, Ryan gets to be the 1C (partly because he is one of Peters go-to guys, partly because his play means he has earned the shot, especially since you aren't breaking up the 3M line). If one of Mony or Bennett come back, Lazar gets demoted to AHL (He is an emergency recall, so he can't play if either of them are healthy). Quine and Czarnik are interesting, because Quine has produced fairly well for us when he's been up this season, and Czarnik has been hot. I almost think Lazar goes down, Mangi sits, and probably Quine sits if we get Mony, Bennett, AND Neal back.
  11. Brad Treliving made a few statements about James Neal the other day: " He (Neal) has been a great value to us since pretty much he is out there. He is really popular guy around the team. Brad Pascal was in Stockton chatting with Dillon Dube at the dinner and asked him about his NHL stunt. Dube wanted him to know how important James Neal was to him around the training camp and part of the main season, taking him under his wing and explaining the challenges of the season and what to expect from it. When Dube was sent down to Stockton, first message he saw when he landed was from James, telling not to get upset and to know that this all is just the part of the process, and how the games in Feb/Mar are different from the games in Oct/Nov.Neal told him what to expect from this time of the year and if you go cold for 3-4 games not to get frustrated, since the games are not like in the start of the season." This is some pretty good news that Neal is taking a big role with the young players.
  12. March 31: Calgary vs San Jose. That game I feel like could be the deciding game on whether we are 1st in division or 2nd (4th last game in the season, and being against San Jose who has caught up to us in points, that's the big one). But I'm liking where the Flames are at right now points wise (and the fact that we'd really have to screw it up to not make the playoffs).
  13. If Montreal loses in regulation today, Tampa is officially clinched.
  14. Was not me, mine is definitely in July.
  15. I don't think he's "shelving it" per se, but I think he's realizing as well that as a rookie it'd be tough to be the go-to guy off the ice (especially with guys like Gio, but Mony and Tkachuk, and even Bennett and Backlund off ice do a lot of the big things as well). But he's doing all the right things to help. I see it more as an Iggy-Gio thing with Gio-Rasmus (where Ras is learning a lot from Gio the same way Gio learned a lot from Iggy's tenure). Either way, it's definitely a good problem to have. It also goes to show that BT really has put everything into building the character of the team.