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  1. Jankowski played on a line with Mangiapane and Frattin. I wonder if Pribyl will replace Frattin once he's healthy. (Has anyone heard anything about his status?)
  2. Yesterday we were in budget hell and today you want to spend like a sailor. Are you in government? Obviously, the priority is to sign JG. It'd be nice to sign Nakladal, but I don't think it's critical. Beyond that, it seems like it might be prudent to spent wisely rather than incur cap penalties next year. There's every possibility that the players who earned bonuses last season will do so again in the coming season. In my opinion, this team is going to flirt with a wild card spot but may very well be a lottery team again. I don't think this is the time to push all of the chips into the middle of the table. Better to do the best we can with what we've got this year, with the understanding that next year Treliving will have the breathing room to make some bold moves.
  3. I really like the idea of playing Ferland with Backlund and Frolik. I think he'd add a physical dimension to that line, and maybe the others could boost his scoring numbers. I'd also like to see Bennett get some decent wingers. I'm not completely on board with Tkachuk playing in the NHL this year, but I think he and Bennett would be fun to watch.
  4. I agree that they're assembling a good group of young talent, but they're blowing money like mad. They already have Pronger and Datsyuk's contracts. Now they have Bolland who may well be on LTIR. They bought out Vermette. They've given Doan way too much money for a 39-year-old. If Bolland truly is bound for LTIR, that's in the neighbourhood of $18M they're giving away this year. Obviously this doesn't hurt their cap situation, but a team that was on life-support a few years ago shouldn't be spending like drunken sailors.
  5. One of my biggest worries for the upcoming season is the possibility that we might see Wideman and Engelland on the ice at the same time. Both players would be hard to trade, though Wideman still has some value. Edmonton, Carolina or Jersey could use him.
  6. I think it's going to be a tough year in Stockton. There's going to be lots of talent there, but not a great deal of experience. It'll be very interesting to see how Andersson and Killington respond. I think either of them could wind up being top pairing guys in Stockton this year, and I'm willing to bet that Killington gets into a couple NHL games.
  7. I've often considered the possibility of these two players being swapped. I think Wideman would fill a need for the Oilers, but he's a bit of a hot potato. (Bettman is STILL trying to get the arbitrator's decision reversed. Tell me, is there anyone out there who's more unlikable than this guy?) Yakupov has a ton of skill, but practically zero hockey sense, IMO. Still, if it meant getting rid of Wideman, I'd be in favour of taking a chance on him. (One of my biggest concerns for 2016-17 is the possibility that we will have two of Wideman, Engelland or Smid on the ice at the same time)
  8. It'll be very interesting to see how things shake out in Stockton this year. As a team, I expect they'll struggle due to youth and lack of experience. At the same time though, all of those young players can surely see the lay of the land in Calgary and they know there'll be opportunities in the future. I'd really like to see some progression for some particular players in Stockton. Poirier needs to step it up, as does Klimchuk. I'd like to see significant growth from Killington. I'm very curious to see how Gillies performs over a full season.
  9. StarkRaving


    It seems to me that this is BT's end game. He's trimming things down and preparing for some bad contracts coming off the books at the end of the season. He should be very well positioned to make significant moves next summer.
  10. StarkRaving


    I'm willing to make a prediction; the Flames will be a lottery team this year. Realistically, they'd have to improve on last year's record by 20 points in order to contend for a wildcard spot. (If the Pacific division continues to stink, maybe a 12-point improvement gets us into the wildcard fight) Elliott is a very significant upgrade in goal. And we can look forward to a healthy Brodie to start the season along with a Hamilton who's acclimated to Calgary. On the other hand, it may take some time to get up-to-speed on whatever system Gulutzan introduces. The Flames got out of the gates with a 2-8 record last season. Honestly, I'll be happy if they're .500 or better when November rolls around.
  11. StarkRaving


    I'm very pleased with the Elliott pick up. On one of these threads, I said it'd be nice to get a UFA on a one year contract. The cost of getting Elliott for one year is probably cheaper than a UFA like Reimer would've been, and we would've had to give him term. The Flames are a better team today than they were a few days ago. More importantly, I think BT has positioned himself to be very active next year when some of the bad contracts come of the books and the expansion draft jockeying starts. I like the Parsons pick. It's hard to gauge him because he was on an exceptional team, but he's statistically excellent.
  12. StarkRaving


    Y'know, none of the goalie options are really blowing me away. Some options have a cost/benefit issue that doesn't sit well with me, while others seem like a lateral move from where we were this past season. I'd like to pick up a UFA goalie and sign him to a one-year deal. That's probably going to be a very hard sell, but it'd give BT a ton of flexibility at the expansion draft next year when (1) he has one less player to protect and (2) there's a ton of money coming off the books.
  13. StarkRaving


    I'm not at all sold on Reimer. I think he's a darn good backup, maybe a 1B. I'd prefer to give him a one year deal and let the chips fall where they may. Better goalies will likely be available this time next year.
  14. I like Lucic a lot, but I'd pass. Someone will over pay in a big way. In my opinion, most bad contracts come from regrettable free agent signings. I hope BT uses some caution.
  15. StarkRaving


    I don't think Vasilevskiy is starter material at this point. He doesn't have a lot of NHL games under his belt and his NHL stats aren't great. I think Rittich is expected to backup Gillies in Stockton. I wouldn't expect much more from him. He could even end up in the ECHL. I expect Ortio to be the backup this season, and I don't believe Ramo will get an offer.
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