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  1. pretty good prediction
  2. lol 79 is close enough
  3. agree with u. you don't need to be big to play good
  4. ya i saw that 2
  5. but isn't that only for kingston
  6. true what do u want him to get tear up the ohl, no completion or have him get nhl experience we can only tell at training camp if he's ready or not
  7. its not always good to send players in the chl i think is to early to say where he's gonna go lets c what happens in training camp
  8. y'a plus a a game before the 4th line was really good
  9. the flames need scoring taking a 22 goal scorer out of the team won't help we already lost cammy
  10. ya lol no way he goes back to ahl lol
  11. he was pretty calm with the canucks thing he likes to reward 4th liners if the play good i c him as a good coach
  12. LOL
  13. i think for the most part one game he played with sam and anthony duclair klim also played with connor mcdavid some times but for the most part he played with robby fabbri and perlini
  14. is kilim actually injured never heard any news