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  1. Ive seen Gully talk to players..I think you are being overly critical of him looking at the Ipad. Generally GG looks at the ipad after a goal or a close play, I would never say hes staring at it.
  2. You must not see alot of other coaches in the league doing the same thing. You guys realize that majority of the other coaches in the league do the same thing on the ipad at their feet right?
  3. I thought it was funny that people keep claiming smith is the saviour when the team actually has a worst GAA then last year at the same time when elliott was in net and we all know how that turned out. Theres plenty of systems and there is a big difference to how this team is playing under BH to now. Further to the point we are one point out of a wild card spot or one point out of a divisional playoff spot, and to assume that we would be 7-18-5 without smith is just silly. The flames arent doing great right now, but this complaining about the team that people are doing is just ridiculous. When did GG say that he had yet to determine the issue? He was pretty adamant after the oilers loss that the issue is this team is having trouble being consistent, and if something bad happens they are trying to do too much and not staying within the structure. If I need to explain to you that sometimes teams struggle with consistency and they need to learn to be more consistent, you probably have never played a competitive sport.
  4. Yeah, theres been other games this season where they has been compete and we have lost. I would put that in the inconsistent category. Im just saying you read the threads on here where we win, and most people are excited/praising a good effort. We lose its like the world is falling apart and everyone wants to fire the coach, or bench some players. I would agree with others assessments that brodie, hamilton etc have not had great seasons defensively, but I wouldnt think to trade those two. This team needs to learn to play the same way night in and night out consistently, plus be able to control their emotions the right way. Thats on the coach and the players, so I hope they figure it out.
  5. I get what youre saying. But at the same time we are inconsistent right now thats how I see it. period.
  6. Ive said it for months, I think the most likely position we trade from if BT views ferland as a short term fix for the top line(hes looked good to start the season), that backlund would probably be the one thats traded, as center is a position of strength. I think you can argue the merits of having someone take all those defensive zone draws blah blah blah, but the same thing can be accomplished with a good center winning his draws etc. I wouldnt be surprised to see janko become the heir to the 3m line throne so to speak come next season, hes got some good early returns. Obviously you dont want to put all your eggs in one basket with trading backlund and hoping janko can step up, but I would hope we dont just let backlund walk in FA.
  7. Which players dont you think are making a complete effort or are trying? I also dont agree that this is a coaching thing, the coaching of this team is the best its been in years, and personally on a night by night basis ive been pretty happy with alot of players efforts, but at the same time when youre winning the puck possession battle, it might not look like the flames are trying "hard"? I guess. When I watch the flames play this season except for a couple games, I see them winning a ton of battles along the wall, clean break outs(thanks to mike smith sometimes), and really good sticks at times, they havent been consistent, but I dont think this team has been lacking in effort on the whole.
  8. IF tkachuk gets suspended mantha should be getting a hearing as well.
  9. I feel like we have had issues with said referees in the past...but they are also both experienced, so who knows.
  10. That logic doesnt make sense. Why would he not scream at the refs to get their attention and talk to them? Im glad you took the time to make your post, but I dont see the problem with GG showing a little emotion and it doesnt show inexperience. The flames effort honestly wasent terrible, it was bad at times sure, but the flames didnt necessarily deserve to lose this game 8-2. Im not saying they deserved to win, but this is just silly.
  11. im not quite sure how a player without a stick ends up with a spearing not going to blame officiating for the loss tonight, the flames had a poor effort..but this game was terribly officiated tonight, especially at the end. What a joke at the end, especially with mantha and random ahl tough guy not getting extra penalties. Also I thought this was one of those games where the flames did deserve a better fate, they just werent consistent enough tonight throughout.
  12. He was called up for playoffs because kingstons season was done.
  13. Im curious who youd rather have as the 13th or 14th forward, one guy is going to be a popcorn eating space eater basically there for practice and maybe emergency. Id rather have hamilton sit in the press box and rarely play then a younger prospect.
  14. Where did I say he deserves it? I said this was top pp time last year and obviously as deeds said they feel the need is there, so im not sure what you are critiquing
  15. I agree completely.