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  1. ill do saturday oct 14 vancouver.
  2. I dont know what you say I explained why the preseason does mattter and explained why it doesnt matter. I also explained how you build confidence along with other team qualitys and player qualitys. The players who have been playing in the losses wont be the regular roster come regular season so its irrelevant.
  3. Preseason does matter, but not in the sense you are thinking. They want to make sure they are ready to roll come the regular season, but that doesnt necessarily mean winning games in the preseason.
  4. Well for sure, my original statement was that ive been more impressed by andersson and valamaki then kulak/bartowski/wotherspoon, who havent been very good. But I wouldnt keep valamaki on this team at all I agree.
  5. I wasent saying I think hes made this team, but at this point I said hes beaten out the other guys in my opinion.
  6. Unless there was a trade to be had like the one you suggested stajan for mcnabb I think id rather have valamaki on my 3rd pairing. Valamaki has looked better then bart and kulak, also has wotherspoon even played? This 6th/7th D battle is becoming an interested one because the younger guys like valamaki and andersson have looked better then bart/kukak/wotherspoon in my opinion.
  7. I think so. Honestly I dont care what the deal is, I just want it to get done. Obviously I want the best deal to be had, but my wanting it to get done has nothing to do with my being a flames fan. I think an arena is a big boost to a city, and this whole thing is just a sideshow to what matters. Id be intertested to see where all the money is going to come from in this latest idea but I think it needs to get done sooner then later. On top of that no matter where your taxes go, its very likely that it will be something you have no interest in, which seems to be a common argument among non hockey fans. Ive heard loads of them say I dont watch hockey or like hockey why should my taxes pay for this the NHL makes enough money as it is.
  8. True its not a proposal in the correct sense of the word, but it is the framework for something more. I think there is obviously alot of parts that need to be fleshed out before anyone can make an informed decision, but the numbers look ok to me.
  9. heres a link from flames nation and then their take on it
  10. Im curious what everyone thinks of the new proposal released this morning at 5 am. Im not a huge fan of ken kings comments, but as with Edmonton it doesn't seem like these arena negotiations can be a pleasant process.
  11. Interesting look on the defensive pairs tonight with valamaki playing with stone.
  12. edit mistype please delete
  13. You are right the undesirables are still around, but it does have to start somewhere and revitalizing an area can be very helpful with that. I dont think there is a perfect situation but you are probably right about very few people offering the money to fixx that area in west village.
  14. Yeah im not sure about the changes on the faceoffs, but dave poulin has some interesting thoughts, and so does marchand.
  15. Whos happy to see the crack down on slashing? I can say I am without a doubt, its about time and not only because it happens to johnny. Im honestly really tired of seeing all the slashing it ruins the flow of the game for me,and in my opinion is a lazy play.