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  1. Well-earned, he was outstanding. He and Prout were a very solid pairing,which is really saying something. How tremendous is our 3+1 young defenders coming on strong! Anderson also played well with Brodie on that top pairing.
  2. Absolutely no supplemental for the Hamonic headshot, and now the Backlund headshot is unbelievable. There should be some means for the player/team/fans to address these type of grievances.
  3. Not sure about the Bennett move yet, but overall I like both of your proposed scenarios. If Backlund is out it's time to try Tkachuk-Jankowski-Neal.
  4. I don’t have a problem with analytics, I just have a problem with the misapplication of analytics and inconsistencies in data collection. Watching a game the other night on a face-off the Centre drew it back and to the side, yet the opposition player beat the Flames player to the puck and skated away with possession. So, did the Centre “win” the draw or not? And if not, how is the Centre at ‘fault’? (I.e. lower FO%)
  5. One of the big problems I have with stats like this is the behind the scene assumptions that are implied but almost never true. As you mentioned, TOI is a good example. Quality of competition as well as quality of opponent (team) I submit are two others. Game situation is another one. Stats are fine as far as they go, but guys who put up stats alone to prove/make a point are usually out to lunch when you dig deeper.
  6. I don’t watch the NYI games but I suspect that Barzal is their line 1. Yes, the TOI disparity between the two trios is dramatic.
  7. Here's a quote I pulled off of the Flames Nation's post-discussion of the Blue Jackets game. All stats are 5v5 for the season. "Did you know, that a line can be an offensive juggernaut, and defensively responsible? Check out NYI’s line of Anders Lee, Brock Nelson, and Josh Bailey. 5.20 GF/60, 0.00 GA/60. 10 goals for, none against in 115 minutes of play. Compare that to Mony's line at 3.96 GF/60 and 2.77 GA/60, for 20 GF and 14 GA in 303 minutes." Here's a great example of some interesting but perhaps not-so-great stats, with serious implications if you really put absolute faith in bare stats. One of the implications is that the NYI trio is far superior to the Flames trio, and if that is so, would anyone be willing to do a 3 for 3 straight-up trade between the teams? What could go wrong?
  8. I thought I would start a thread specifically about stats, their uses and abuses. Many on here believe stats tell the tale, while others push them too far or out of context. It's the new age of stats-driven hockey, does the eye test still hold water? Weigh in with your favourite stats, their implications and other observations.
  9. We’ll both love it if it happens. I was referring to Bennett’s playoffs success.....
  10. I wonder what all you doubters are going to be saying come playoffs when Neal goes all Bennett and is tearing it up, while Smith is at the top of his game?
  11. The problem with your thinking, MAC is it comes across as knowing better than everyone else, even the coaches, as well as defining “problems” that don’t seem to even exist. The team overall is playing pretty great even if Neal isn’t scoring much. In your quest to fix the Neal problem you have no problem ripping apart 2-3 other things that are working terrifically. Sure, it’s an opinion, but really I just don’t get it.
  12. Anytime you sign Stone as a UFA its a no-brainer, notwithstanding Cap which you might have to massage to fit. I'd suggest he would be comparable to Tkachuk, likely in the $7.5-$8mm range long term (5-7 years). Tarasenko is also a no-brainer. What would you give up for him? I think we have lots of valuable assets so it'd depend on which direction STL is heading. I'd prefer to focus giving up prospects because we have a logjam at the moment and some very nice guys coming up. We also have pretty strong line-up so a 2:1 deal would also work. Forget a 1:1 deal for like a Tkachuk.... why bother? As far as Salary Cap goes the league is heading to 3 major events in the short term likely to have a big impact on our Cap situation. The first, obvious one is the upcoming Expansion Draft where you likely could deal/lose an attractive medium-high priced player, e.g. Neal. The second is the recent advent and embrace by the NHL of sports gambling. This alone could easily shoot the Cap into the stratosphere in the very near term. The third is the ongoing CBA negotiations, currently happening in the background but which could rear its head very quickly and if like previous ones dampen/reverse current/future contracts.
  13. Against his old team, Arizona sounds about right. See if he can get back to playing well. If not, back to Rittich for 4-5 games. Hey, even IF we accept and put Rittich into a "starters" role, you don't want to overplay him. Whoever is starting, it needs to be a 3:1 or 4:1 split, at worse to keep them both fresh.
  14. Neal is not as bad as he's started the season, with a long positive history that could provide Ottawa with cost-controlled scoring and leadership for a few years. Stone is great but a UFA who demanded, and got a 1-yr contract so he held all the cards for his future. Stone controls the situation, but if he is still iffy on the Sens then they should be looking to make a move at the TDL, if not earlier. My suggestion is one of many possible scenarios, where I'm adding a very high-potential prospect that could get a great shot in Ottawa but is likely redundant in Calgary, especially with the Russian Zavgorodniy lighting it up in the QMHL. Your suggestion is ridiculous, not that they might get great offers elsewhere..... Brodie is the best player of all you mentioned, including Stone, especially at his contract, and considering Stone is UFA.
  15. Neal and Phillips for Mark Stone.