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  1. Yeah, self-rentals doesn’t really cut it for only 3-4 games.... who knew?
  2. I think you are right, but dang! The Flames were just getting warmed up.... waiting to get hot in time for the playoffs. As commented above, this should have a HUGE impact on next year’s Salary Cap.... No?
  3. Currently "Rentals", similar to Hamonic and Brodie. The Flames have the inside track to sign them after they prove themselves and settle in which is the tack I am looking at.....
  4. I believe you need to add Forbort and Gustaffson into the equation. Assuming they continue to play well, I'd sign both as Brodie & Hamonic replacements+ that are younger and cheaper, more physical(Forbort) and better scoring(Gustaffson)..... You're left with: Forbort Gustaffson Giordano Anderson Hannifin Kylington Valimaki Yelesin That's 8 pretty solid D so unless you are trading Gio, Kylington or Hannifin there is no room. If you sign either I'd sign Brodie and either trade Gio(1) or Hannifin(2) or Kylington(3). I believe Kylington's skating, like Brodie's is a huge plus so I'd rather keep him. After this year I'd probably trade Gio, along with shaking up the core, unless the Flames get very close to the Stanley Cup and decide to load up for one more try next year. I'd like to think you could pry a couple 1st rounders out of someone like Toronto for Gio.
  5. Been hanging in the weeds, watching developments. As is obvious, no reason to get over-excited about this team before playoffs. Seems like the team is doing the same thing (I hope). Personally I'm hoping Gustaffson(PP & scoring) and Forbot(actual D & physicality) are upgrades on both Brodie and Hamonic and that we sign both. Those two plus Anderson and Valimaki could be our core D going forward. Love Gio but also believe it may be beneficial to trade him this summer, though I doubt that happens. If you keep Hannifin that's 6 D, plus I'd also keep Kylington as his speed is missing elsewhere and he seems to be getting better. Hamonic and Brodie for the playoffs(self-rentals) and re-sign 1 or trade both afterwards for whatever you can get.
  6. You seem awful certain that Brodie and Hamonic will not be back. Your right, but in reality we don’t know....
  7. If BP is gone, which seems inevitable, think Jankowski might be the one player that benefits most. He is a shell of the player that advanced from the AHL and with his more reticent personality it’s not hard to imagine he would regress after getting pigeon-holed and perhaps worse.
  8. Disagree, think Kylington has come a long way to prove himself a reliable regular, with more to give.
  9. Absolutely true. Sure he plays an aggressive style, but the issue is inequality in the reffing. Seems like he is getting singled out.
  10. Can we get the team playing up to near their potential and settled in before worrying about the mixmaster? A month from now there could be a trade or two, plus a call-up or two, without even considering injuries. There are many, many months to try different things if by some miracle this line-up stays intact as is......
  11. Agree that both Czarnik and Frolik look vulnerable, though I wouldn't say either has played badly. With Dube, Quine and Gawdin waiting in the wings, and others not that far behind, they are prime trade bait after a month or two. Jankowski, Monahan and Bennett all look better than last year and I'm looking forward to see if they can keep it up.
  12. Exactly the case. His attitude forced a trade because he was not professional and poison in the room, I'd expect.
  13. Actually Lucic hasn't looked bad so far, and there clearly is a discernible uplift throughout the team with him here. Interesting Lucic comments from Tkachuk on After Hours last night. He was saying players really fear him, and always know when he is on the ice.
  14. That's not a bad idea. We get a R-shot guy, albeit possibly(?) a problem child.... not sure what the issues are there. Czarnik has been getting better here, I like him, but he is on the fringes and better team balance would probably be helpful.
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