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  1. Just a continuation of the apparent/observable reffing bias we've seen so far this year.
  2. That was the strangest goal. Ovechkin skates by the net, no shot, into the corner, meanwhile Talbot seemed to freeze, looking up towards the dot, a couple feet off the post, and didn't move for at least 2-3 seconds till after the goal went into basically an open net from the boards. Oh my, the commentators wondered aloud if he had snow in his mask and I was wondering if there was a medical issue? That was not just bad goaltending, that was a "problem" of some sort. Anyone notice similar? Any goaltenders out there have an insight, like mental imaging.....? OK, I see above comment now..... snow spray? Wow, talk about a gimme, that was too bad.
  3. Yes, they are inconsistent, albeit 1 point ahead of last year at 10 games.
  4. It will be good to have Mangiapanne back. I'm looking to see if the team can carry-forward their great play from last game, as well as see if Mangiapanne can fit in and get back up to speed. That third line has tons of speed and should be effective if they utilize it to forecheck aggressively and attack.
  5. Great job Carty, nice to have the Game Days.....
  6. Call me sceptical, but the league is probably thrilled perennial losers like the Oilers and Buffalo are off to hot starts. It would not surprise me if there is a “wink, wink, nudge, nudge” bias against the Flames, and probably others too. Oh, and btw, how in the heck does Getzlaf not get a penalty for bowling over Czarnik?
  7. Bennett looked great with Lucic, I’d make them the 4th pair.
  8. Reffing has been substandard, I agree completely. The Monahan non-goal should have counted. The kicking motion was due to the Philly player.
  9. One of many. Very typical of the reffing so far this season.
  10. There was a "kicking-like" motion, however, if you look closely the Philly player's skate pushed Monahan's skate at exactly the same time and direction. I can see why they overturned the goal but think it should have been good because of it.
  11. You'd have to wonder. Most of the penalties are fluff calls.
  12. I agree Gaudreau is our game-breaker, and also agree he gets abused more than others due to his size. Because of that he isn't as effective as others, let's say Crosby/Malkin.... I just read a comment on FN that the Oilers' current strategy is simple: Just stay close and hope that either Mcdavid or Draisatl do something spectacular. They are and so they are winning. Well, weak opposition I'm sure helps but you get my drift. Let's just say its easier to shut down Gaudreau than those two, largely because of his size. Also because of size I'm sure Gaudreau is a more effective distributor than net-driver, hence needing more than himself to be effective. This is just the lot of the Flames.
  13. So true about the '89 comparison. If that team DIDN'T score 4-6 goals every night it was an off night. They crushed teams and laughed about it on the way home. Kind of like the Avs were laughing at us last April.....
  14. Here's my list of the most consistent, professional guys on the team, game in, game out and throughout each game: Lindholm, Frolik, Lucic, Ryan, Gio, Hamonic, Anderson and Rittich. Talbot too few games.... Pretty much the rest are hit and miss, and rest on their laurels and skills. Although I love Gaudreau he goes into a whole new level when he is on fire, it is not that often. Monahan has been much better this season but is still a bit sporadic. Backlund and Tkachuk are generally good, but sometimes take the easy way out. Bennett goes mad in playoffs but otherwise lets frustrations boil over. Jankowski is pretty steady but fails to utilize all his talents. Mangiapanne has been very good this year and getting better. Czarnik getting better but too small and pushed around. Brodie generally very good but prone to too many mistakes, and passive. Hanifin getting better, and Stone solid but not that impactful. Kylington plays like it seems the coaches are just waiting for an excuse to sit him, even though he seems like he has really high potential offensively but is chained. The thing is, they do not have any game-changing superstars like some other teams. Gaudreau may be closest but being so small that really hampers his ability to take over a game. To be effective, the whole team, or at least multiple players have to "click" together versus perhaps just 1 guy on other teams. That's our curse but also our strength. Right now not enough guys have bought in and its showing. Of course, playing 4 of our 6 games on the road, against Top10 NHL teams probably doesn't make it any easier.... (Avs, Dallas, Vegas and San Jose) yikes! Not like some teams....
  15. You really have to wonder. Look at the past 3 coaches for the team. GGulutzen tried to be their friend, and couldn't get anything going till he went ballistic throwing a stick in practice. BHartley was a hard-Hash Rate and drove the players to their best ("unexpected") success in years, but the players 'grew tired' of it. BPeters can't get consistent effort to start games, though the effort picks up in-game when he shortens the bench and starts sitting guys. Sometimes the fan outcry gets them going, like post-Pens blowout last season. It certainly is starting to look like this group of players has some serious motivation/effort issues. This season it is easy to understand how Brodie, Jankowski and Frolik are less than thrilled after all being failed trade chips, and knowing it. As for the rest they just don't seem to get it. Perhaps its too easy when they really try so it's equally easy to slack off thinking they can turn it on at will? Not sure what but management really needs to get to the bottom of it.
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