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  1. Agree, I always liked Nichushkin as a low-cost target.
  2. There is no question Gaudreau has size issues, but it’s also true he’s your best player and you want him ( or better) there with you in the battle. The challenge is to personally improve with more tenacity (the players), to put them in better positions to succeed (the coaches) as well as needing a little more luck (the fans’ prayers?). There are maybe a handful or two players you might potentially trade for Gaudreau and even stay level, much less improve, but if that’s the requirement good luck trying. The best and easiest option is #1, and hopefully both BT and BP are taking to heart option #2.
  3. Those options could work too, however I was addressing the Gaudreau abuse issue specifically. Bennett could solve that. Tkachuk doesn’t need that. If Bennett doesn’t work a trade solution would be required, including Bennett or not.
  4. Yeah, look at those prospects and 1st round picks we got for Iginla and Bouwmeester. They are really NOT making a difference.
  5. Showing up in the playoffs is a definite must, and it is easy to argue that with past line-ups it has been too easy to shut down Gaudreau. Perhaps they got the message and improve internally, with better effort, which is possible but likely not to the degree needed. Increased team toughness, with Lucic should actually help, but you have to wonder if the deterrent to cheap shots, etc on Gaudreau needs to be on the same line? I’m of that mind and therefore are inclined to put Bennett as 1RW as he seems to be our best option internally. Perhaps that could change with an up and comer-Pospisil?-but that’s a huge long shot at the moment. Give Bennett till Christmas to figure it out and if it doesn’t work out then we’d be looking for a serious trade, a la last TDL misfire, for Zucker.
  6. Your points on Gaudreau are not far off, not that I would trade him. If it’s a straight 1 for 1 hockey trade, say Gaudreau for Hall, I’m not sure anybody wins though of course there are differences. In a Niewyndyck type scenario of superstar for rising, potential star it may be more palatable, especially if there are other issues like contract problems, but the team trading away the superstar is taking a huge risk. Doesn’t happen without some compelling reason. At this time there is no compelling reason to even think of trading Gaudreau. In another 2 years, if he has stated and made clear he wants to play close to home once UFA, that would be a reason and we can seriously look at options.
  7. I do believe in the 5th, elimination game Gaudreau had something like 3-4 clear cut breakaways or net-front near misses. I’m not sure that qualifies as “shutting down” as much as luck, but statistics-wise it might look different. I like to look at the games. What I saw was a Flames blow-out and 2 games the Flames were leading late, couldn’t hold, went to overtime and probably should/could have easily won both....but didn’t and ended up losing the series 4-1. I believe we all know this and that’s perhaps why it hurts so much, we know we should have won and didn’t.
  8. To be honest, I actually thought you meant Gaudreau. No matter. I don’t think no Tkachuk action is saying much of anything at this point. If you check around there are at least a dozen teams in pretty much the same spot with their RFAs. Everyone is waiting for the first shoe to drop, not busting their behinds trying to make a trade.
  9. You seem a little bitter? Also who is it “management seems fine on letting him go?” Currently management isn’t fine on letting anyone go, though they did try to make a deal utilizing Brodie & Jankowski? Jankowski then?
  10. Making it being something like 100 games in the NHL.
  11. I'd say Zavgorodny and Pospisil are going to make it, along with Pelletier and Parsons and 1 of the defensemen, let's go with Yelesin. I'd also say 3-4 of the remainder will also make it in lower, but important roles, let's say Pettersson and Tuulola/Ruzicka/Gawdin/Phillips/Wolf/Robinson/Lomberg/Lerby/Koumontzis/Nikolayev/Roman.... That would mean 5-9 of our current "prospects" make it, in addition to Anderson, Valimaki, Kylington, Mangiapanne, Dube, Jankowski, Quine, Czarnik and Rittich, 9 additional prospects who have "made it" within the past 2 years. I'd say that's pretty outstanding prospect development and pipeline. If the Flames can continue to bring in 2-3 players per year, or more that will easily keep them going at a high level. Consider that in the past 5 years we've also added top level to elite players Gaudreau, Monahan, Tkachuk, Hamilton/Hanifin, Ferland/Lindholm and Bennett.... we are doing well. The only thing about the current crop is outside of 3-4 just "graduated" we don't have any obvious blue-chipper elite guys in the system. If they get there they'll have to battle the naysayers who think everything is apparent with 16-17 year olds.... Ha!
  12. Meier gets to UFA a year early if they do not QO him, or gets a QO of $10mm&10%. Great way to manipulate the contract to get to UFA early, and in return he signs for less.
  13. If he re-signs early, sure you are correct. But it effectively moves him to UFA status a year early, because if he waits the team has to qualify at over $10mm per season.
  14. I'd bet that is an issue. Thanks, Dubas! I believe Meier did essentially the same with SJS, having a $10mm final year salary so the team would not be able to give him a reasonable qualifying offer his last RFA year. And of course many of these new contracts are very heavily-weighted with annual signing bonuses so the player is unaffected with a strike. You have to wonder what the vast majority of players are feeling towards the elite handful at the top?
  15. Although inflation is a natural price inflator, I generally agree with what you are saying. To me, let them all sit, or sign a season-proportional salary when you’re ready to play. Hey, if they all sit the Flames may actually come out ahead because the impact of missing Tkachuk is quite often less than other strong teams (e.g. COL, TBL, TOR...). In this whole discussion where do the fans come in? Why should we be paying $100-$250/pp/game, plus $20 parking, plus $12 beers and $6 hot dogs just to take the kids out to a game a couple times a year? Talk about ridiculous?!
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