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  1. Marner on the level of Gaudreau gave me a good laugh. Thanks for that. Marner isn’t even close to Gaudreau, not even close to Tkachuk, but closer. Actually in overall play fairly close to Bennett, but of course you’ll laugh because, points.
  2. Before last game the bottom half of the 4 forward lines had exactly 0 5v5 goals. How about them actually contributing on a regular basis?
  3. Ultra-sensitive much?
  4. Disagree it’s a hot dog move, more like a super-skilled move. Confuses the goalie, protects the puck and gets a great shot on the wide open short side.
  5. 7) starting the best players every night 8) shortening the bench to the best players in key situations 9) making the players accountable through benching, etc 10) demonstrate the ability to game-plan effectively for different teams 11) respond in-game when different tactics are needed 12) be more of a motivator than a teacher 13) develop systems that maximize the talents of the players he has
  6. You make a lot of good points but personally I believe its mainly on the coaching and failure to ice the best players. Take a look at Vancouver to see the early results of a successful, excellent coach.
  7. Yeah, happens all the time. Unfortunately HS never developed further.
  8. Yeah, becoming less and less enthralled with GG every passing day. Good to see him get agitated but how he handles players doesn't seem to be working. Sending a message to Jankowski seems premature, especially when he should have been ripping about a third of the team before he even thought of Jankowski. Still hard to believe Bennett 0-0-0, how does that happen when I think he's played some good games? Something has got to give soon, results count.
  9. I as a fan hope my team wins every night. After each game we get feedback on the team and get further insights into the team, which we comment on. Of course things take time, but that applies to all teams and when ours isn't measuring up vis a vis others then you start to question certain things, like preparedness, coaching, skill, effort and etc. As for trying every game, I guess I just reflect what virtually every coach says most every game. There always seem to be passengers who for whatever reason are not playing up to their full potential. I might call that not trying, but it could also be sickness, personal issues, medical ailments, tiredness and etc...
  10. Overall you make many good points, its just that you and I will have to disagree on expectations. I see you as continually making excuses for mediocre play and you see me as not being patient enough. Both good arguments that can be supported. Personally I never want to have lower expectations because it becomes a built-in excuse and a habit, versus the continual striving to be better. Sure a team may not reach their lofty goals, but if they are not continually shooting for them they will never get there. With the Jagr LTIR and Jankowski call-up GG has the perfect opportunity to dramatically improve the line-up and hopefully get an effective 3rd line. Here's hoping.
  11. Copied and modified from my recent post on Flames nation. Time to re-look at where we are and results over the past year, or are we just going to pull out of it? Personally, I'm still ticked that the team doesn't ice its best team on a nightly basis, but I guess I don't have the experience to know what that is? Any advanced hockey minds on here want to explain it to me? Though my memory is getting a bit suspect, I still recall fondly watching that Flames team, just a few years back that inspired the nation and played intense, inspirational hockey. No opponent’s lead was ever safe from the "Comeback Kids" and if we got the lead in the third period, watch out, it was OVER! Set the NHL standard for maintaining leads in the third with a near-flawless record. The team played full 60 minute games and our youngest guns, like Gaudreau, Monahan, Bennett and Ferland rampaged like stallions in the wild, hitting, scoring and skating like the wind. Overall we were fast, we were skilled and darn, that was the most exciting hockey seen around these parts in decades as the team attacked relentlessly. We even made the playoffs, supposedly against all odds since rebuilding teams aren't supposed to do that (guess Toronto never got that message either) and crushed one of our mortal foes before bowing out to a far stronger foe, but with respect. But, “experts” said it was unsustainable. The numbers said so. Number-crunching wizards in baseball became mainstream, and eager acolytes pushed the narrative into hockey and Corsi and “possession” became all the rage. Sabremetrics remolded the baseball world and broke the 86 year old Babe Ruth curse and brought the World Series Pennant back to Boston, while top Corsi teams ruled the roost in the NHL… well, until they didn’t, like the recent back-to-back Penguins' Cups. Today, our Corsi is way up, we’ve finally broken the Duck Pond curse after beating those Anaheim beasts with a third of their line-up injured. Yeah! Several of our stars are sputtering or derailed, we can’t play a 60 minute game, we can’t keep a lead, we aren’t inspirational, but hey, its great watching a 46 year old legend (it is)! We signed so many veteran leaders to show the way, while relegating the speedy, inspired and hungry kids to the minors or just dropping them because, you know, smarter minds know what they are doing? In spite of the lackadaisical play in pre-season and continuing on, the horrific turn-overs preceding making the team and getting those starter's spots, the poor effort and the inconsistencies, both the team and the vets will come around… you know, they’re studs. Didn’t they do it, just a few years ago? And how about them penalties? Sure the refs have cracked down, but have we got one of the dumbest teams out there, that can't seem to adapt, or is it something else? We’re all hoping things are better, and hey, we got off to a much better start, 4-4 and I think 1 point better than last’s year’s unmitigated disaster with all the excuses in the world built in to explain why. Yeah? Well, at least we now have a pretty hot goalie who’s fun to watch (he is) and can move the puck like nobody's business. Meanwhile we wait. We try and figure how this is supposed to be better than what memory recalls, but somehow, those pictures are fading. Was it all just a dream?
  12. I agree Bennett and Reinhart are proven NHLers, but both have issues. Jankowski isn’t proven yet but his ceiling could be the best of the bunch. For the Flames we need to get rid of Stajan/other and get one of Jankowski or perhaps Reinhart playing. Either makes the Flames better.
  13. May be true, but knowing GG's loyalty to vets and his players, it might take 3-4 bad games before they got a shot.....
  14. The playing Centres would DEFINITELY know if they had a bad game they'd be riding the pine the next game!
  15. Humour me for a moment and imagine how much better the Flames would look with Crosby, Tavares or McDavid on C instead of Matt Stajan. They would be a legit contender. Isn’t imagination a WONDERFUL thing?