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  1. Although I agree the combo was dynamite last nite I can't see it happening anytime soon. What I could see happening is mixing up lines mid-game, if needed and putting Monahan at RW with Bennett at C and Gaudreau at LW, while advancing Jankowski to 3C with Versteeg and possibly Lazar/Poirier. Personally I think Bennett potentially could be a better centre than Monahan, and strange isn't it that the thought prior to last night was Benny was weak on distribution skills and he goes out and gets three primary assists. Hockey at its best. The nice thing to see is Bennett as arguably the best player for the Flames in both of the games he has played so far. That's good to see. Over the longer term, post Brouwer/Stajan (next year?) the Flames have to make up their minds about Backlund and presuming they re-sign him for 3-5 years you have to figure out how to fit in Jankowski, I believe as it looks like he is going to stick and I think will make a strong case for a higher C spot. Ultimately moving either Bennett or Monahan to 1RW makes 1 super-line, while moving Ferland onto Backlund's "shut down" line seems OK. Albeit if Ferland continues to develop into a forceful power forward a la Lucic-past he might be better with Jankowski and someone like a Poirier or Foo and adding someone like a Klimchuk onto the shut down line. If Dube continues to advance he could take that role instead of Backlund, or a strong 4C position. In any case, it appears the Flames have options which bodes well in case of injuries and multiple paths forward to make trades to fill specific needs as they arise.
  2. FORWARDS Johnny Gaudreau - Sam Bennett - Micheal Ferland Hunter Shinkaruk - Mark Jankowski - Troy Brouwer Morgan Klimchuk - Freddie Hamilton - Garnet Hathaway Tanner Glass - Matt Stajan - Curtis Lazar DEFENCE Mark Giordano - Dougie Hamilton TJ Brodie - Travis Hamonic Tyler Wotherspoon - Rasmus Andersson GOALTENDERS Mike Smith David Rittich Line-up tonight. Chance for Bennett to explode with Gaudreau and Ferland. Last chance for Shinkaruk and Glass? Klimchuk-FHamilton-Hathaway line needs someone to step-up and shine. Wotherspoon versus Anderson may be battle for the final D spot. Likely only one more evaluation game after tonight (next game) as I'd expect the final two games would be the final line-ups getting fully up to speed.
  3. Agree on the D battle. Bartkowski was truly terrible. Kulak not that bad but still not as consistent as Anderson and Kylington. Valimaki just OK too. I'd have to re-look at the game to see who played against who to fine tune the evaluations, but suffice it to say it still seems to be pretty wide open, with the exception of Bartkowski.
  4. Missed it, where was it released?
  5. Very reasonable thinking. 4 games till the season.
  6. Lazar was OK, no chemistry with Foo though. I thought Backlund and Frolik were OK, nothing special though. I have no problems with them. Stone had 1 terrible giveaway and a couple other questionable moments but overall was also OK. Bartkowski had multiple terrible giveaways, I stopped counting at 4. He should be on a plane to Stockton before noon.
  7. They were on a line together which goes hand in hand. Lazar was OK and Foo stuck his nose in there a few times but together they had a hard time getting anything going.
  8. Well, so glad this is just the preseason. After we rolled over the Canucks in period 1 the guys must have thought they had won. Must have forgotten there are 3 periods in hockey. As for players? Good: Lomberg, Dube and Jankowski: were by far the best Flames on the ice. Heavily involved, excellent skating, good defence, drove the offence and none of them gave up after the first. OK: Gillies made some great stops and was under siege in the 2nd with 19 shots against, even though Vancouver was short-handed 4 times in the period. Glass, Valimaki, Backlund, Frolik, Mangiapanne and Kulak: all had their moments and played fairly well, a level above the rest. Kulak great in the 3rd breaking up a 3/1, but a few slips earlier. Overall OK. Anderson and Kylington OK, great assist from Anderson and great hustle from both. Foo and Lazar mostly quiet, Hrivik a non-factor playing with Backlund and Frolik. Bad: Bartkowski with 3 brutal give-aways by far the worst D. Stone OK but also with a brutal give-away. PP mostly poor, just missed a tap-in at the end of the 1st while 5 on 3. OVERALL: If this game is an indication Bartkowski just punched his ticket to Stockton, while Dube, Jankowski and Lomberg all earned another game or more. Jankowski has looked good every game and unless he suddenly falls apart I'd say he's made the team. Hrivik is in tough and although Foo hasn't looked bad, he hasn't wowed yet either so I suspect he'll start in Stockton too. Valimaki, Anderson and Kylington have all looked about the same and none have really elevated above the rest. Of all the D probably Anderson and Kulak have played best, while still waiting to see what Wotherspoon can do. The goaltending was much better today, with the D and net coverage pretty spotty. After a very dominating 1st period the Flames fell asleep, stopped the strong forechecking and skating and let the Canucks take over. They never got back into control. Hmmm, what about the coaching? I'll have to check the post-game videos. Team stats (3 games): 5.0 GAA, 3.0 GFA
  9. Most likely, but it is interesting to see the Pens still looking at the trade market this late. Apparently its the same deal with Montreal. That makes it interesting trade-wise so late before the season start....
  10. I hear Pittsburg is searching desperately for a veteran 3C. Perhaps Stajan is in the mix?
  11. Absolutely correct about those facilities. The only reason they got public money is because they are money losers with nobody to pressure for funding. Are they for the public? Yes, but I bet one year's worth of Dome usage during the Stampede has more public visitors than these will in their lifetimes.
  12. Agree on both counts. Someone's drinking too much of that Oiler kook-aid.
  13. There are multiple ways to win a Cup. Flames do not have the top stars to do it that way but there are other paths. We have a strong D and pretty strong team overall. If the goalies can play consistent and better than average I'd say we have a good shot.
  14. Add to that the Bennett break-out which we are all hoping will materialize.
  15. Absolutely and most likely. I'm hoping Poirier blows the doors down and forces his way onto the team.