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  1. Yes, excellent post. Build for the future while keeping your eyes open for potential deals. The Flames are too erratic with the current coaching and should be looking to trade everyone not part of the future and see if you can ride the youth into the playoffs.
  2. I fully agree with most of your comment. Brodie HAS been having issues and down the line we have good prospects that will likely end up better. I also agree 3RW is the only spot we really need to look at currently. I have no idea about Leivo but since he can't crack the TML I doubt he will do the trick. Hoffman would be great to have, I like him, I'm just a bit torn about what it might take to get him. Brodie seems to be to me a top pairing D in the league's eyes, with otherwise great qualities and I think that because we see some of his lapses we tend to undervalue him. You think Hoffman deserves a 3-piece offer, I feel the same about Brodie. Personally I think they are very even and a straight swap would be fair. Since we are "eager" and have some assets that may not be good enough to break our line-up I'd be willing to throw in some of those pieces but Bennett is not one of them. Bennett also has his issues and to date he's only proven to be a reasonable 3LW. I still have hope he will blossom but it remains to be seen. Still too early to give up on him.
  3. I definitely agree with the speed, or is it quickness issue. When we start Brouwer and Stajan together you can especially see the difference versus Hathaway and Lazar, for instance. Monday's game is going to be very interesting because the recent Boston game really exposed the Flames and hopefully it was more of a bad game than long-term reality.
  4. Not at all, but really, looking from the outside, what do you think is realistic for a young, cheap, fast, top minute-crunching, scoring dynamic D just entering his prime and tied up for the next 3 years? Some of your suggestions he's almost like a throw-in to get Hoffman. Frankly, I feel you are very much under-valuing several of the Flames' key players because it seems you are desperate to fill a perceived "hole" that is going to put us over the top.
  5. Mac, Your love affair with Hoffman is way beyond the pale. Getting Brodie alone is going to cost them Hoffman plus. Brodie is cheaper, signed for longer, younger, scores well, is playing a tougher position and is exactly the type of player they'll need IF they are seriously contemplating not re-signing Karlsson. Hoffman would probably do just great next to Jankowski and Bennett because they are both more complete players plus play tough, but give it a break already with these mega-packages for Hoffman. He is not worth it!
  6. Forget about who is "available", figure out who you need/want. Everyone is available for the right price. Find that guy, make an offer they can't refuse.
  7. what a good laugh.... Hoffman is not the guy, at least at those super-inflated prices...
  8. It may be "smart" but it is also what fuels the opposition's push as they have an easier time attacking. I'm not sure it is the best strategy, especially when you play a team like Boston that attacks with speed throughout. Presumably if teams are too aggressive it should result in some odd man chances for, and perhaps that is where the Flames need to focus, i.e. bearing down and burying their chances when they come. I guess Monday we will get another chance against the Bruins and have a chance to see if the recent game was more of a one-off rather than a trend.
  9. When you move from an aggressive 2-man forecheck to a passive 1-man forecheck, it is not just the opposition team's efforts...
  10. Big overpayment for Hoffman. I like him but the deal has to be reasonable for both teams...
  11. I think you are correct about maximizing each player’s potential. The idea of Tkachuk with Jankowski and Bennett sounds good, long term, but I don’t get why you think Bennett should be the Centre. Bennett has always been terrible at Centre with Jankowski just the opposite.
  12. Well, how about we start on the Flames? How about Brouwer? How about Stone? How about Jagr? Stajan maybe? Monahan? Shall I go on...?
  13. As many have said before, goalies are interesting animals. Just look at Matt Murray with Pittsburg. A couple great seasons in the AHL and playoffs with Vezina winner Fleury and a powerhouse team beside him, now he’s stinking out the joint once Fluery is gone and he is carrying all the pressure. You could say the same about Edmonton’s keeper. I think Gillies is doing just fine, getting better each year.
  14. Worst skater in the league? Ok then, thanks for the laugh.
  15. Speed is fine but not the only skill required. Your assessment of Marner does not seem to jive with their own team, who keep dropping him down because he isn’t d-responsible and seems to have commitment issues. He may be fast, he may be skilled, but until he proves otherwise he’s just another guy like Bennett trying to prove himself. Toronto is desperate for D and I believe someone like Anderson (plus a bit more) would be a good match for Marner. If we are going to make a major move, and shove aside our own prospects, we need to make sure they at least have the potential to be great additions. Kapanen does not fit the bill of a guy we should even be looking at.