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  1. I think Ferland fits the role perfectly. He can skate, can score and is tough, helping to protect the others. I'm not sure what the obsession is with a supposed "top line" RW?
  2. Gaudreau-Monahan-Ferland: proven, solid, effective Jankowski-Backlund-Frolik: break in newcomer with effective duo Tkachuk-Bennett-Foo/Lazar: develop killer youth line Versteeg/Klimchuk-Stajan/Lazar-Brouwer/Hathaway extras: FHamilton/Pribyl/Mangiapanne/Poirier.... FH full time, the others rotate in or injury replacements.... open to others that prove themselves on the farm. Keys for the season is to develop an effective third line and bringing in 3-4 prospects to be able to play them full time next season, replacing Stajan, Versteeg and potentially Brouwer next season.
  3. Although the other Jokinen is a fine player, we have the youth that need to be brought in probably just as good, with much better upside. NO to more veterans brought in unless it's a trade and a vet is going out.
  4. One of the big problems this past playoff waS the Backlund line was forced into a primarily defense-first role due to weakness in our D. Since they were also our most consistent offensive line, that caused the whole team to suffer. Getting 4 strong D and an active stick-handling goalie is going to make a HUGE difference for the Flames in many respects.
  5. I agree playoffs are not guaranteed, but I believe we have vastly improved and should be shooting for Division champ.
  6. Just for reference, we won, or should have won the Cup in 2004 but for a botched replay call.
  7. If you want a once every 20/30 year's winner like Anaheim, for instance OK, but if you want a multi-year powerhouse like a Chicago or Detroit you start young and keep working it for a full decade or more. I'm for the later.
  8. Sounds like you woke up on the wrong side uphe bed, the grumpy, negative side. If you want to do so because it's summer and not much else to talk about hockey-wise, fine.... but really, the second half of your post is pretty much nonsense. BT DID shore up goaltending, hugely if you look at actual results, especially post-season results. It was the first thing he did. He's also shored up wing (Foo...), future defence (Valimaki, keeping top-level prospects) and I'm sure is still working with a couple more moves to come. You may may not like the moves but that's your right and prerogative to disagree. As for the team, it's playoff play was substantially better than two years ago, though the results were not(different opponents) and tell me, WHO in the west is Head and shoulders better than the Flames now? They SHOULD be targeting a serious playoff run and I'm for one glad we have a management that is.
  9. ...and what was that Ari post last week about Calgary's moves?
  10. We should have a Flames fans session with BT and all get him a beer!
  11. The price in picks is high, granted, but disagree with your assessment. Flames have a good half dozen top-level prospects coming out of the system in the next year or two, including their first rounder yesterday and only 2-3 obvious spots opening up from the current roster. It's great to have options but you can only play so many guys. What about that old adage the team that gets the best player wins? ...or, quality for quantity? Hamonic is a great player from what I've seen, fairly young and a great price. He fills a BIG hole and should allow TJ to do his thing which makes the team even more dynamic. He also plays tough, which the Flames were lacking, especially with the recent loss of Engelland to Vegas. This should be a great deal and strengthen the Flames in many areas.
  12. Yeah, she does that. Whatever is flavour of the day and draws comments....
  13. Why in the world would the Flames trade Backlund for a 1st round pick? We have a few needs and creating another monster hole for a potential hope 3-4 years down the road....?
  14. Bishop got a third, for his rights only. I think you're a bit too high.
  15. Seriously I'm at a loss why there is so much angst over this trade. Calgary has what looks like two potential franchise-level goalie prospects, plus another older one that played the best of the three last year. Rittich is probably ready to move up this year, and the other two next year or the year after. Smith has been a very solid goalie for one of the worst teams in the league for the past several years, has a great record against our tough division, and an even better record in the playoffs, plus he's proven he can carry the starter load and thrive. The Flames haven't had anyone as good for years. Smith also is a terrific puck handler which should benefit our attack and if he can pass on some of that skill to the youngsters, bonus. As for the price Johnson is UFA so he doesn't even count except as an x-draft number. So it really is Hickey and (hopefully, likely) a 2nd for Smith on a reduced contract. How much is that extra $1mm plus worth? Something, we will see in the coming months after the dust clears. As for Hickey, I like him, but to be honest he's fallen behind Andersson, Killington, Falkovsky(?), Fox and perhaps others. Since I don't see Giordano, Hamilton or Brodie going anywhere anytime soon, and Hickey choosing to go back for his senior year rather than battle for an opening this year, there is a very high likelihood he'd go UFA next summer and we'd lose him for nothing since we get no compensatory pick because he wasn't a first rounder. If that is the case, then it's REALLY a reduced-price Smith for a 2018 2nd rounder that won't be ready for 2-3 years beyond that. Guys, our window is opening NOW, this is a tremendous trade for the Flames, a steal even considering all factors. It fits our team, it fits our timing, it fits our up-and-coming goalies. Get ready for a great year.