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  1. Been hanging in the weeds, watching developments. As is obvious, no reason to get over-excited about this team before playoffs. Seems like the team is doing the same thing (I hope). Personally I'm hoping Gustaffson(PP & scoring) and Forbot(actual D & physicality) are upgrades on both Brodie and Hamonic and that we sign both. Those two plus Anderson and Valimaki could be our core D going forward. Love Gio but also believe it may be beneficial to trade him this summer, though I doubt that happens. If you keep Hannifin that's 6 D, plus I'd also keep Kylington as his speed is missing elsewhere and he seems to be getting better. Hamonic and Brodie for the playoffs(self-rentals) and re-sign 1 or trade both afterwards for whatever you can get.
  2. You seem awful certain that Brodie and Hamonic will not be back. Your right, but in reality we don’t know....
  3. If BP is gone, which seems inevitable, think Jankowski might be the one player that benefits most. He is a shell of the player that advanced from the AHL and with his more reticent personality it’s not hard to imagine he would regress after getting pigeon-holed and perhaps worse.
  4. Disagree, think Kylington has come a long way to prove himself a reliable regular, with more to give.
  5. Absolutely true. Sure he plays an aggressive style, but the issue is inequality in the reffing. Seems like he is getting singled out.
  6. Can we get the team playing up to near their potential and settled in before worrying about the mixmaster? A month from now there could be a trade or two, plus a call-up or two, without even considering injuries. There are many, many months to try different things if by some miracle this line-up stays intact as is......
  7. Exactly the case. His attitude forced a trade because he was not professional and poison in the room, I'd expect.
  8. Actually Lucic hasn't looked bad so far, and there clearly is a discernible uplift throughout the team with him here. Interesting Lucic comments from Tkachuk on After Hours last night. He was saying players really fear him, and always know when he is on the ice.
  9. Realism, for any team is no Stanley Cup and ups and downs throughout the season. Same for all teams. I guess the question is what a person focuses (comments) on. No player is perfect, so it’s easy to build up, or tear them down, however you are so inclined. I’m not seeing many positive, build up type comments but just the opposite.... hence my comment. There will be ample opportunity to criticize every player come the season, just thinking it would nice to be positive at the start. Of course, being negative at the start gives a guy the opportunity to say “I told you so” later on.... Can’t wait for Wednesday.
  10. OMGosh, I can’t believe you bunch of guys, all doom and gloom... this guy is no good, that guy is terrible, we should have kept these guys, and on and on. Get a grip. The Flames STILL have a very strong team, they brought in some of the stuff they were lacking, ie more speed and toughness, and didn’t lose a single key player off the roster (Hathaway?). Take a couple deep breaths, the season will be here shortly.
  11. The chart also shows that with Kylington: Gaudreau-same, Monahan-better, Bennett-better, and Jankowski-better. So what’s your point? Nothing conclusive here. The McDonald chart shows 6/13 players better with, 7/13 players worse.
  12. Disagree, Kylington has been improving each year and made huge strides last season. He’s more than ready.
  13. The wheeling-dealing may still happen, but at least now the pressure is off so BT can better make an actual hockey trade. If either Lindholm/Jankowski/Dube can elevate to a line with Tkachuk it opens up tons of internal possibilities and spreads the offensewhich should be better overall.
  14. Gaudreau-Monahan-Dube/Lindholm Tkachuk-Lindholm/Dube-Mangiapanne/Czarnik/Jankowski Bennett-Backlund-Frolik Lucic-Ryan-Jankowski/Czarnik
  15. The Bennett-Backlund-Frolik line has looked very good. I wonder if BP might put Tkachuk with Lindholm?
  16. Can’t agree, he was strong enough, along with his line, especially in the 1st.
  17. Yeah, if the Flames could accurately predict the future they'd be winning Stanley Cups almost every year. Unfortunately they can't, but they do the best they can and last year that was #2 overall in the league. As far as drafting, how about all those (5+) 2013 1st rounders? We finally got 2 good ones, Monahan and Lindholm, but I believe we drafted/acquired 3-4 others.... And "missing out on a first line C".... how do you think Boston feels with three straight missed high-end first rounders? Yikes!
  18. cccsberg


    Agree, it is sad to see but realistically this happens all the time with players just not quite good enough. The Flames certainly have given him lots of chances. I'm sure a change of scenery would do him a world of good.
  19. If it comes down to last year’s roster I guess that would preclude Valimaki, hence why CapFriendly is including his cap in the overall Flames cap. If that’s so the new Cap is just slightly over $7mm, which is likely not enough, even for my hoped for Tkachuk bridge deal.
  20. On CapFriendly, Valimaki is included on IR AND his $894k is included in the Cap calculation, hence my earlier question. Since the season hasn't started and he is not waiver-eligible can't he be assigned to Stockton, even injured? If not, is it the same for every player at camp that gets injured prior to being sent down? If he can be sent down, then signing Stone at $700k gives the Flames another ~$200k towards the Cap, which would therefore be ~$7,950mm.
  21. Not sure, but I'd think they can assign Valimaki to Stockton and gain the nearly $900k in Cap space? Or is that via LTIR only?
  22. Interesting comments. Have to admit I haven't followed him that closely, but will have too. So when he's with Bennett, is it Bennett losing HIS guy first that causes the negative chain reaction? Or perhaps Neal? If Lucic ends up with those two that would be a big upgrade and Lucic is supposed to be quite competent defensively.
  23. Not a bad summary of Jankowski. Personally I believe he has more potential, but as he is not aggressive by nature, it seems, and the Flames already with 1C & 2C filled, he's been instructed, and filled the third line role along with PK specialist asked of him. Just my opinion. I believe he has a lot more ceiling but unless he is challenged, ie with a promotion/expectation it may not happen. I've also never gotten the sense that the Flames were frustrated with him, although the near trade for Kadri obviously may say otherwise. I might like to try him at 1RW if BP tries out Lindholm at 2C with Tkachuk. Of course, if Tkachuk refuses to sign before the season, causing his Cap to artificially go up every day he sits and makes it ever more likely he sits all season, the 2LW spot may be just the thing....
  24. Kylington was hugely improved last season. He is ready for a regular role.
  25. Exactly, because of contract being prorated to actual games played, every game Tkachuk misses, this year’s Cap for Tkachuk rises and the less likely he will play at all this season. He’s basically got a month to sign.
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