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  1. Yeah, self-rentals doesn’t really cut it for only 3-4 games.... who knew?
  2. I think you are right, but dang! The Flames were just getting warmed up.... waiting to get hot in time for the playoffs. As commented above, this should have a HUGE impact on next year’s Salary Cap.... No?
  3. Currently "Rentals", similar to Hamonic and Brodie. The Flames have the inside track to sign them after they prove themselves and settle in which is the tack I am looking at.....
  4. I believe you need to add Forbort and Gustaffson into the equation. Assuming they continue to play well, I'd sign both as Brodie & Hamonic replacements+ that are younger and cheaper, more physical(Forbort) and better scoring(Gustaffson)..... You're left with: Forbort Gustaffson Giordano Anderson Hannifin Kylington Valimaki Yelesin That's 8 pretty solid D so unless you are trading Gio, Kylington or Hannifin there is no room. If you sign either I'd sign Brodie and either trade Gio(1) or Hannifin(2) or Kylington(3). I believe Kylington's skating, like Brodie's is a huge plus so I'd rather keep him. After this year I'd probably trade Gio, along with shaking up the core, unless the Flames get very close to the Stanley Cup and decide to load up for one more try next year. I'd like to think you could pry a couple 1st rounders out of someone like Toronto for Gio.
  5. Been hanging in the weeds, watching developments. As is obvious, no reason to get over-excited about this team before playoffs. Seems like the team is doing the same thing (I hope). Personally I'm hoping Gustaffson(PP & scoring) and Forbot(actual D & physicality) are upgrades on both Brodie and Hamonic and that we sign both. Those two plus Anderson and Valimaki could be our core D going forward. Love Gio but also believe it may be beneficial to trade him this summer, though I doubt that happens. If you keep Hannifin that's 6 D, plus I'd also keep Kylington as his speed is missing elsewhere and he seems to be getting better. Hamonic and Brodie for the playoffs(self-rentals) and re-sign 1 or trade both afterwards for whatever you can get.
  6. You seem awful certain that Brodie and Hamonic will not be back. Your right, but in reality we don’t know....
  7. Haven't watched my game recording yet, but from the sounds of you guys it sounds like a pretty good game, except the refs showed up and decided to declare a victor before the first puck dropped. Not too unusual so far this season....
  8. Yeah, when you add Kylington, Reider and Dube that’s a lot more speed.
  9. So many people posting supposed “facts” with nothing but hearsay and an unclear post about an incident from a decade ago. Let the true facts come out then make a decision. Sure, the attributed incident is wrong, but was it actually reality? ....and, yes, context does matter. So many people more than ready to be judge, jury and executioner before the full story is revealed is very disturbing.
  10. BT seemed pretty honest, and hard on himself a few days ago in interview. This makes all that seem like child’s play. If big changes in store BT leaving makes sense too. Not that I agree, but he does have the responsibility for the coach hire, and he’s had 3 coaches already.....
  11. If BP is gone, which seems inevitable, think Jankowski might be the one player that benefits most. He is a shell of the player that advanced from the AHL and with his more reticent personality it’s not hard to imagine he would regress after getting pigeon-holed and perhaps worse.
  12. Assuming BP done. Also wonder if BT considers resigning? In any case, think between Conroy, Nieuwendyck and Iginla they could go in a totally different direction.... kind of like what Carolina did. Interesting next week.
  13. Disagree, think Kylington has come a long way to prove himself a reliable regular, with more to give.
  14. Absolutely true. Sure he plays an aggressive style, but the issue is inequality in the reffing. Seems like he is getting singled out.
  15. Yup, crap call, another one. Ref bias? Stay tuned....
  16. Just a continuation of the apparent/observable reffing bias we've seen so far this year.
  17. That was the strangest goal. Ovechkin skates by the net, no shot, into the corner, meanwhile Talbot seemed to freeze, looking up towards the dot, a couple feet off the post, and didn't move for at least 2-3 seconds till after the goal went into basically an open net from the boards. Oh my, the commentators wondered aloud if he had snow in his mask and I was wondering if there was a medical issue? That was not just bad goaltending, that was a "problem" of some sort. Anyone notice similar? Any goaltenders out there have an insight, like mental imaging.....? OK, I see above comment now..... snow spray? Wow, talk about a gimme, that was too bad.
  18. Yes, they are inconsistent, albeit 1 point ahead of last year at 10 games.
  19. It will be good to have Mangiapanne back. I'm looking to see if the team can carry-forward their great play from last game, as well as see if Mangiapanne can fit in and get back up to speed. That third line has tons of speed and should be effective if they utilize it to forecheck aggressively and attack.
  20. Great job Carty, nice to have the Game Days.....
  21. Call me sceptical, but the league is probably thrilled perennial losers like the Oilers and Buffalo are off to hot starts. It would not surprise me if there is a “wink, wink, nudge, nudge” bias against the Flames, and probably others too. Oh, and btw, how in the heck does Getzlaf not get a penalty for bowling over Czarnik?
  22. Bennett looked great with Lucic, I’d make them the 4th pair.
  23. Reffing has been substandard, I agree completely. The Monahan non-goal should have counted. The kicking motion was due to the Philly player.
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