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  1. Remember that when he wins.
  2. Jesus i'm tired of hearing about this stupid eastern bias crap, JOHNNY IS FROM THE EAST COAST. He has more media attention on the east coast the past 2 years then practically any other player. Hobey Baker winner 1 year to a Calder winner the next. Do you even remember the road trip to Philly/NJ/Boston? It was all the Johnny Gaudreau show. He has this in the bag.
  3. Wrek


    I wasnt a big fan of the McDonald pick when it happened, there was other goalies on the board at the time. But hey he's flames property now, so hopefully he proves me wrong.
  4. Wrek


    Ortio haters out in force, Prior to this game he was solid for us and everyone loved him for the 5 games he played. He literally just came back from a injury 2 weeks early, and thrown into a game where we rested basically our top 4-5 players. On a side note, Congrats to Gillies for capturing the NCAA Championship today.
  5. I would say the 3 finalists would be Gaudreau, Stone, and Ekblad. Forsberg has fallen off in the last bit as have Nashville. My biased opinion would be Gaudreau, we can only hope I guess.
  6. Gaudreau resting and not playing today, Looks like Stone was able to tie Gaudreau on point leader. Interesting to see who gets the Calder.
  7. Wrek


    Ortio just got recalled, i'm guessing he's back from his injury finnaly. The Flames have realized there's no play-offs down at Addy. Hopefully Ortio is a wall for us when and if he gets played.
  8. Gaudreau has come from playing 40~ games a season in college to 82+ games a season in the NHL, compared with size, leading rookie in points/assists. If he and Monahan keep this up they will both be around 60+ points. I see Gaudreau as a lock unless he falls off hard over these next few games.
  9. I hope we have Hudler around for awhile to continue to help our rookies, he's been spectacular with Gaudreau and Monahan.
  10. If Ekblad manages to get the calder this year i'll be extremely disappointed, I view him as a bit over-rated. Especially like rocketdoctor just said Klingberg is all around better with less games played to boot. This is Forsberg vs Gaudreau And it seems forsberg and nashville seem to be cooling off, and gaudreau just keeps putting up numbers.
  11. Barring some crazy outbreak from Johnny I see Forsberg taking the Calder. Though I hope i'm wrong.
  12. Wrek


    Yay, They sent Ortio down along with Granlund and Tspoon apparently. This is exactly what I wanted, Addy has 2 more games before their All-Star break. (Friday/Saturday) Looks like they get some reinforcements. Sadly Ortio's All-star spot was taken due to this fiasco, so it's unlikely he gets to play.
  13. Wrek


    This is exactly what I didn't want to happen... Ortio misses yet another All-Star game. For what? To sit with the team as they watch the all-star game? Ortio needs playing time and to not sit as a 3rd rotation in net. Either 1 of ramo or hiller should be traded to keep Ortio up or send Ortio back down so he can play his damn game.
  14. Wrek


    Looks like Ortio gets the start tomorrow vs Anaheim.(Is anyone really surprised?) It's the last game before the All-Star break, win or lose I hope the Flames send him back down so he can play in his All-Star game as he has earned his right to play.
  15. Those are the exact 3 stages I just went through reading this.
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