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  1. We got the two best scoring defensemen in the league!
  2. This is why I think we should stay put, keep Wideman to buy our D prospects some time and let our D prospects develop for one or two more years to see what we really got down there. If we get injuries in our D(which will eventually happen), those D prospects mentioned will get their shot in the big league. Trading Wideman and forcing those young guys to be a top 4 D in the NHL permanently might be too much to swallow.
  3. I actually don't mind reporters thinking we are a bottom feeder team. At least we can develop under the radar and surprise teams who underestimated us by taking 2 points from them. Maybe it'll be enough to push for a playoff spot. I think that more and more teams are being more aware how much damage our Flames team can do since more #1 goalies are facing us rather than backups facing us.
  4. I think we should reserve all the Wideman trade conversation until near the trade deadline. We literally have not much depth either for D if one or more of our top 4 D goes down. I'm still hopeful for at least a playoff hunt.
  5. Too bad this is not true now. I'm still pretty happy about his 5-0-1 record over the last 6 games. I wanna see him in Caps game.
  6. Exactly the point! He's been handling top lines from ANY team for more than 100+ games and still contributes offensively and the offensive contributions is just getting better and better along with his defensive instincts as he progresses. If someone thinks a player with this skill set and talent is a bottom pairing for some teams in the NHL (since they think Brodie ain't a top 4 guy), I don't know what that guy's definition of a bottom pairing.
  7. I still can't believe some people think Brodie is not a top 4 D in any team. There is no doubt in my mind he will make top 4 D in any team and top 2 D in weaker teams.
  8. Yeah, it seems like you never know what you'll get out of goalies. Hopefully Ortio and Gillies weren't early bloomers and start to decline now.
  9. To be fair, I think Brodie will be a top 4 D in LA for sure and possibly top 2 if he keeps pushing over the next few years.
  10. I think playing a goalie while he is hot is the way to go to keep the momentum of that goalie going. Once he gets a bad game replace with other goalie and if that goalie plays hot then stick with him and if not, revert back.
  11. I gotta agree with you, if Wideman plays like an all star this year or overachieves then we might get someone really valuable for him and we should definitely pull the trigger (unless we are fighting for a playoff spot?).
  12. I think Hiller is starting to earn the #1 spot though so I wouldn't mind giving him more starts. It could all change on Friday if Ramo gets the start and dazzles the the preds with spectacular saves.
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