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  1. Frankieboi


    This year it is much more apparent which players are just along for the ride where ever it may go
  2. I don't think the flames are high on any of there three goalies Incredible how goaltending works. A team can seemingly be deep at the position and then things turn around in a hurry like in Anahiem
  3. I really hope that Kylington does well in Stockton. If he is willing to learn and grow the sky is the limit and he could be an absolute steal. Really anxious to see how his year goes and if he can improve his defender and decision making.
  4. Frankieboi


    Robin Lehner down... could the flames hook the sabres up with a goalie
  5. Frankieboi


    I hope that Brad is working on something to resolve the 3 goalie issue
  6. I hope this does no take away ice time from a prospect Does anyone know what kind of player Freddie Hamilton is and what an NHL team would want him to turn into?
  7. I wonder if Witherspoon is still in the long terms after the way bob hartley spoke about him after being cut.
  8. Frankieboi


    Treliving has done some good things this offseason but I can't understand why he brought back Ramo as the third goalie with a one-way deal
  9. Frankieboi


    I think that Gillies has all the tools to become a great starter in this league. He has always posted incredible numbers and seems to have a calming influence on his teams which is very important
  10. Frankieboi


    Does Ramo get another chance?
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