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  1. Bennett for Pulju is a terrible trade. Pulju doesn't come close to Bennetts compete level, scoring pedigree or work ethic. He's a good prospect but an NHLE of 12 points makes me think everyone has their blinders on due to 7 games at the world juniors. Offer a 2nd +6 or let him go to Columbus and score 20 points. Bennett is a Flame. Let's keep it that way.
  2. So analyzing our team and our tradeable assets I've come to the conclusion that there is no sense trading away anything more than a 2nd and a middling prospect to move up 3 spots in the draft. I would much rather use our assets to acquire a goalie or even just more prospects. Puljujarvi's name is too hard to pronounce anyway.
  3. So... Reimer at $4.75 for 5 years?
  4. So a possible top 6 and top 4 next year Mangiapane-jankowski-nylander Poirier - grant - hamilton - kylington - Anderson Kulak - Morrison Though Grant should really be in the NHL
  5. I know this has been beaten to death, but the biggest issue is the size in our top six. When teams play the Flames physical it's almost no contest. We don't have one player over 200 pounds in our top six. I know Bennett will get bigger and Frolik is a good 2/3 line winger but ultimately we need "beef" if we want to do anything (especially in the playoffs)
  6. I think Colorado knows they need D and have an excess of forwards. We could bump up that price for Rantanen but I don't like that he's a LHS. We don't have any RHS in our top nine. I thinkthat has to change. Bring on Coyle! (Definitely add Granlund into that package they would love him there)
  7. I guess I'm a lot less worried than most. i agree we could use a top line RW but not a top 10 RW. Someone in the mold of Wayne Simmonds would fit quite well. We have a core of 6 really good players, nearly all of which will continue improving. We don't need to trade any of these core players, simply build around them. If you really want a trade suggestion to address top line RW, I would do Kris Russell, Emile Poirer and a 2nd for Miiko Rantanen. Another one I would look at is targetting Charlie Coyle out of Minnesota using Backlund and Hudler. Overall I would just let the core develop and adjustthe periphery as need be.
  8. Man, I'm looking for some serious trade talk. At Flamesnation everyone is talking about trading Mony, here we're talking about Gaudreau. Why not add Brodie to the list? Brodie to Colorado for Landeskog. Why not?
  9. I like it. Trade away the teams top scorer who's 22 years old and has art ross potential for a bunch of spare parts on a non-playoff team.
  10. I think the biggest thing we have to come to terms with is that our forward unit is fairly small. I think we can divide smaller forwards up: Work well within their weight class: Gaudreau(obvious), Frolik, Bennett Debatable Backlund, Granlund, Hudler
  11. Even if we use Patrick Kane as an example which is Gaudreau's absolute ceiling. Patrick Kane score 88 points along with the stanley cup winning goal in 2009-2010. His new contract had a cap hit of 6.3 Putting Gaudreau 1m or more above those lofty numbers is crazy. I stick by my original projection of 6.75m
  12. Taylor Hall basically did that on a PPG level, or Jeff Skinner came close. Mark Stone is almost doing that. I'm not taking anything away from Jonny, I just seem to remember Gio was going to be 8m on these boards and Hamilton 7m. I think Jonny will come in similar to Gio. He's not eligible for offersheets and I think he's willing to play ball and work it to be fair to the cap and himself.
  13. You look at the players surrounding Gaudreau in the scoring race (excluding superstars with cup wins and players on extreme value contracts) Blake wheeler 5.6 Joe pavelski 6 Taylor hall 6 Bergeron 6.875 Benn 5.25 Seguin 5.75 Karlsson 6.5 Sedin 7 Tarasenko 7.5 Avg = 6.275 Everyone is using the highest cap hit on the entire list as the only comparable. Now I understand he's young and the cap has inflated but to compete with these teams we need reasonable flexibility. I can't see the cap hit going above Gio's 6.75. I think the only thing that remains to be seen is whether that buys free agency years of not.
  14. My biggest thing is just finding an RW for that top line. I know Hudler can get his game back but I'm looking to the future. Here's a list of targets: Braydon Schenn 24 years old career .49 ppg, cap hit 2.5M, shoots L, 190 lbs David Perron 27 years old, career .58 ppg, caphit 3.8 (UFA) shoots R, 200 lbs Craig Smith 26 years old, career .5 ppg, cap hit 4.25, shoots R, 202 lbs Kevin Hayes 23 years old, career .53 ppg, cap hit .900, shoots L, 205 lbs Beau Bennet 24 years old, career .36 ppg, cap hit .900, shoots R, 195 lbs Cam Atkinson 26 years old, career .53 ppg, cap hit 3.5M, shoots R, 174 lbs Out of that list I would say Kevin Hayes or David Perron is the best suited for that role. This is the first move I think we should make to get some grit and size on every line. Any targets I missed? (Max salary 4M)
  15. I'm not a fan of kids with less than 100 games experience demanding trades either, but immaturity isn't always permanent. I know this may not be popular here but I would look at: To CBJ: Wideman (2M retained), Wotherspoon and a 4th To CGY: Rychel and Rene Bourque CBJ gets a PP specialist at a good price for the next two years and a D prospect. CGY gets Rychel and opens up 3.3M next year when Bourques salary runs out. Also who knows maybe Bourque can go on a bit of a hotstreak like he did with MTL a couple years ago.
  16. I like it. We need to make a few lateral moves add some size and youth. I think Gunnarson would fit with Hamilton a lot better than Russell does he's great at suppressing shots and high danger chances. I'm not sure if you could get Perron for Russell and Granlund though with Pittsburgh's scoring troubles. Though Perron is definitely a fit, it would also add a dimension to the BOA. I don't think I would deal Jones at the deadline and actually try to resign him around the 2..5 mark. He's a solid 3rd liner and fits well with my vision of where the team should go. i.e. Bigger, stronger support players and more balance between RHS and LHS.
  17. RW's I think could be good targets for that top line: Unlikely: Simmonds, Coyle, Strome, More likely: Perron, Foligno, Kulemin, Beau Bennett Anything but another undersized LHS
  18. We will deal with a year of growing pains concerning the cap for sure, but just look at 2017. All those bad contracts come off the books. Here's a trade I would make for immediate and long term growth. May be a bit far fetched. To Minnesota: Hudler and Backlund To Calgary: Charlie Coyle and a 2nd. Minnesota gets a solid 3rd line centre in the same pay range as Coyle plus a 30 goal scorer for a playoff run. Calgary gets a big, young RHS on a great contract that could possibly fill a hole on that top line and a pick. Here's how lines would shake out next year. If we resigned Jones at 2.5 (Rough figures) Gaudreau (7) monahan (6) Coyle (3.2) Granlund (1) Bennett (1) Frolik (4.3) Bouma (2.2) Stajan (3.1) Jones (2.5) Ferland (1) Arnold (1) Raymond (3.2) Total forwards: 35.8 Gio (6.75) Brodie (4.7) Wideman 5.25 Hamilton (5.75) Smid (3.5) England (2.9) Total D 29.9 Ramo (3.5) Raanta? (2.5) Total G 6 Roughly 71.8 then we get some IR reserve magic and we look like a better team to my eye without needing to waive/buyout anyone. Of course this plan would require Minny to give up on a very valuable asset for some potential short term success. But hey it's all fun and games on the board isn't it?
  19. I'm actually really thankful for Wideman's contract if it means we can't afford Russell long term. All this talk about RHS D, I think Calgary needs to target a LHS stable, possesion driving guy to play with Dougie. The summer of 2017 will be fun for us fans.
  20. I'm a big Bernier supporter. He's a former 11th overall pick a year and a half removed from having the leagues fourth highest even strength save-percentage. This season has been dismal for him but I think he will bounce back. Even though last year was disappointing he had the same sv% as Ramo. When you look at the options available in the offseason, you basically have Hiller, Ward, Bishop, Anderson, Reimer and Bernier who've proven they can be starters in this league. Cam Ward and Hiller haven't put together decent seasons in 4+ years Anderson and Bishop will cost a 1st minimum. His numbers are also inflated by playing in front of one of the NHL's best teams. There may be another hidden gem out there in Enroth or Raanta but they can be brought in as a back up to minimize the risk. I believe this is a classic case of buy-low and it can work out very well for the Flames future.
  21. The offence from the defence is looking good, now hopefully they can get the defensive side of the game sound too. They've shown stretches but I'd like to see them be able to hold a lead.
  22. It's very true to say that the flames need to improve their drafting and development of goalies, but right now they don't have that time. They have a very strong core and the window will open in about 3 years for about 5 or 6 years. Maybe Gillies is ready by that time or maybe he's still not as good is Bernier, Varlamov etc. Ortio needs to step up his game as it has taken a nosedive in the most crucial year. Thos includes his AHL play.
  23. I think we need 2 quality goalies. If both these guys could be had for a decent price, why not hedge our bets? I don't think waiving him without a replacement is a good plan. He is way below his career avg and his numbers will stabilize big time. Ortio on the other hand has never demonstrated an ability to save .915 of pucks at the NHL level.
  24. I would say Bernier is a cut above Ramo and Hiller. As a matter of fact I'd say he could be the next Tuuka Rask, getting away from headlines that talk about how much he ate before the game or some nonsense and able to focus again. Calgary is still tough on players psyches, but it could be a nice cheap short term experiment with upside. He's shown the ability to steal games and he's still a young man with upside. The biggest issue would be clearing up the crease for him to come over. Too bad the draft lottery rules changed.
  25. With 31 and 23 points respectively, Johnny and Mony are making it tough on Treliving this offseason. I would be happy to see them signed to a Hamilton type contract but I think the Giordano range is much more likely. Johnny 5 year 33 million dollars = 6.6 per year Monahan 6 year 36 million = 6 per year I like what somebody posted earlier about how to build a team under the cap 6-6-5 4-4-3 3-3-2 1-1-1 1-1 Total forwards 41 million 6-6 4-4 2-2 1 Total Defense 25 4 2 Total Goalie budget 6 Total 71 million. Mix and match any position but that's what your depth should look like. The Flames are heading in that direction and the moment and it's very positive.
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