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  1. Elliot for 2.5m...costing a 2nd and maybe a 3rd. That's kinda a steal. Again. BT really knows how to work the trade market. Also opens up about 3 mil of cap space we were expecting to invest in goal (as I think its more likely than not, say 60/40, that Ortio is backup next year). Now we just need that RW.
  2. Rumor mill is saying that: 1) the Flames and Oilers have been talking 2) Oilers are said to be willing to take a 3rd rounder for Yakapov 3) Flames are looking to move up into the top 5 of the draft (some sources say add another top 10 pick but i have no idea how) SO: To Calgary: 4th Overall Yakapov To Edmonton: 6th Overall 54th Overall Wideman (2 mil retained) one of Nakladal, Wotherspoon or Kulak Calgary gets a bit of a reclamation project in Yakapov, and gives Edmonton a slightly better pick than they'd get otherwise (54th) to compensate for the rivalry. Wideman and the D prospect give them both short term and long term help on defence which is their biggest weakness, and one of our biggest points of strength. That's enough to let them trade down a couple spots in the draft to go after a top defender (or whatever else they want) while we ge to move up and hopefully go after an NHL ready right wing. Gaudreau - Monahan - 4OA Shinkaruk/Ferland - Bennett - Yakapov Colborne - Backlund - Frolik Bouma - Stajan - Hathaway All at once our RW problems are potentially solved. Just leaving goal, and opening another few mil in cap space from Wideman.
  3. I'd much rather be slow and meticulous to give up something relatively small that we can afford, for something relatively good that may not be a game-breaking goalie, but will be able to get us into the playoffs. We do't have a lot of assets that are expendable that have value. The only position we have developed depth at is Center, and that's the one position that's most essential for our future success. Otherwise we're selling picks or prospects that we don't want to lose.
  4. That's basically like the Flames posting pictures of the arena and the entire west village development project. The arena isn't going to build all of that, its part of a much bigger project. as People said. This is exactly the thing that bugs me. Is the arena expensive? yes. Should the city be paying specifically for the arena/stadium (not includig field house)? No. But, should they be claiming that the costs of the field house and area cleanup are solely part of Next? Not in the slightest. Those costs are going to be outlaid eventually. Let alone the fact that the cleanup bill is the entire area. As I said on the previous page, the area could be turned into a major development district with arena/stadium/field house/convention center/new glenbow/expanded pumphouse/riverfront restaurants and bars. That would far surpass the idea presented for Ottawa. The problem is only partially the arena cost (which should indeed be mostly covered by the owners/attendees, not the city). Claiming that the city's costs for remediation/infrastructure, which have to be done no matter what goes there are part of the arena is attempting to obscure the fact that the city does not want to put money into redeveloping the area. As to the LRT vs. Stadium thing, the transit line will away be WAY more important.
  5. BC Place and Rogers Stadium are within a block of one another. Dozens of venues in the states (for the NFL and MLB) seat in excess of 50,000 on their own. Its definitely possible to iron those problems out. LRT capacity increased to 4 cars running at rush-hour peak levels would take care of the transit issue. Proper interchanges from Bow Trail and Crowchild into an efficient parking structure would mitigate the vehicle traffic. Yes, it would be something that would have to have careful logistics involved, but there are about 12 CFL games per year. That's not likely to be a frequent problem given the lack of overlap between the seasons. (Concerts more of a concern granted) I don't see that as prohibitive. But I do grant that this is a major problem. A 5 year delay before construction can even start. And that's being a little optimistic given the scale of clean-up and infrastructure involved in something like this. However, if the Flames have to start looking at another site, is that going to be ready much (any) sooner? Let alone if we talk about sites for BOTH the arena and stadium? As you point out, Calgary administration has let the area fester. This at least provides impetus to finally do something about it.
  6. The convertible arena/field idea is certainly an interesting one. And one that I have to admit I was wondering about when they first started talking about a new arena. The problem is twofold (as others have already described) 1) The football field is WAY bigger than an NHL (or international) Ice rink (side note: i hope they make the arena able to convert sizes) 2) The football stadium needs to seat way more than a hockey rink. So while it would theoretically be possible to make a lower bowl that was retractable to enlarge the surface and solve problem 1, that in fact reduces seating for football games rather than increasing it. Cool idea, but not functional sadly. I don't see why combining the venue is "nuts". In a hypothetical world where the land in question wasn't polluted, I'm pretty sure everyone would be all over the idea and just debating how to fund it. An entertainment district is a great idea. The West Village could become the home to: - Next (stadium/arena/fieldhouse) - Significant night life (bars, clubs, resturants), could be particularly cool to have a strip of these with patios looking out over the river - The long needed larger site for a new glenbow - Brand new large convention center (badly needed in Calgary) - A food smattering of hotel and condo towers With Pumphouse Theater (which is starting its expansion this summer I believe) and modern art gallery going in where the old science center is, it could become the main arts/culture/sports mecha of the city. The problem is the environmental aspect. Which is admittedly a GIANT problem. And I am happy to concede I don't know how to get around that. But it is the most logical place for this kind of development. The city administration doesn't want to delve into such a massive project right off the hop. There's the creosote, the clearing out of the car lots/bus depot (and finding a relocation point for said station), the infrastructure, road redesign, utilities... Its a massive undertaking. And in the current economic climate its a really bad time (and risky to their election prospects) to take on something like that. BUT, proceeding with a massive project like that with a focus on making something that was that remarkable could really leave a legacy for the city of an absolutely stunning area. Someone suggested doing the same in the Cross-Iron area. I'm not sure there's anything comparable on the outskirts of a city. Glendale has't exactly been a success for the Coyote's attendance. The Staples Center isn't comparable. Its a couple KM away from the Hollywood Boulevard, hardly on the edge of the city. Even if transit was extended out that far (which is inevitable in time) I doubt people are going to commute that distance to get to games. Much though this is stereotyping most of the "big money" in Calgary is near downtown or in the Southwest. To a lesser degree in the Northwest. Sticking the Arena basically in the far north-east, past the airport, in an area that isn't exactly filled with people who can afford regular tickets, is going to make ticket sales much more difficult than a centrally located arena. This. While this is certainly a cool idea (an I wouldn't be against seeing some of it implemented) a large part of the reasons people go to games is to see them live, not on a screen, and be able to interact in some way with other fans and maybe even the players. I don't think this satisfies that particular desire.
  7. The thing is to build any arena those are minimal criteria - car access, transit access, space, reaosonable location. You couldn't get more minimal criteria than that. As for whether or not we can build a multi-complex, that's a possible debate. But I'd be curious to know if building 2 separate stadiums and a field house would cost any less than building all 3 in one place (personally I'd expect it would cost more, but I don't have the experience in construction or economics to actually say). I could be wrong, but I was under the impression that the Creosote contamination covered the Greyhound station AND all the car lots in the area which is why they've been car lots all this time. Its really hard to find an actual map of the contamination. However, THIS paper: Suggests that it would cover that land as well since you can see the ties stacked along the river all the way to the current location of Pumphouse Theater. The writing states specifically that it is bordered by 14th avenue and Crowchild, suggesting the entire West Village (not just the bus station) is affected.
  8. Like I said. Pipe Dream. Personally I'd like to see commitment to the guys who come up through our system. To my mind that means keeping Ortio on a 1 year deal. (unless there was some clearly amazing deal like the hypothetical above) Bring in a starter and let Ortio compete. Let him have the 1 year contract. If he flubs then he goes. but he had the chance. If he's a backup, then he's proven himself a backup. If he can step up to play as a tandem player or challenge for starter's games, then more power to him. I think if the team shows that anyone who can play their way onto the NHL roster will be given the chance to take the best job they're capable of, that the players in our system will work harder to take that chance.
  9. Much though I don't like giving up on Ortio as I think he'll develop into a good NHLer at some level, a duo of Andersen and Murray would definitely make us not just playoff competitive, but win a round or two competitive. #pipedreams or should i say #betweenthepipesdreams
  10. Backstrom definitely won't play in the NHL again. If he wanted to he might be able to do like Hiller did and find a job somewhere else for a few seasons before retiring. Even if he hangs up the skates professionally, a ) Does he WANT to coach? b ) CAN he coach? If both of those are yes's I'm open to giving him a look. If either is a no....run away!
  11. Actually despite current build out there is precisely one city block of land available in the east village Labeled "K" on this map in orange Everything in red is in progress of development, everthing in blue has been zoned and is awaiting developer. Even that block is iffy because you can see they want "the rift" walking path to cut through the buildings there, making a stadium basically out of the question unless its elevated with a walkway beneath (and I doubt you can fit two stadiums in a city block. So no, East Village is not an option as it fails criteria 4 The stampeed grounds MAYBE are an option. For ONE stadium. The northern part of the grounds has already been plotted out for the new "Youth Campus" north of the existing gate on 14th Ave That leaves the 2 blocks between 12th and 14th Ave, and Olympic Way and 5th Street right behind Cowboys. Two city blocks is about 125% the size of the current Saddle dome. Which means that you can fit one arena there, not both. Its about equi-distant from the train station as the current dome. So OK that works. But that leaves the football stadium and field house out of the equation. So that fails Criteria 4 as well. If you want to fit both anywhere around there you're looking at the current bus barn just by the river. With the CPR right-of-way and the neighbourhood on the other side of Elbow that's going to be a tough land deal, and is also getting to be quite far from the LRT station. Therefore it likely fails Criteria 4, and definitely fails Criteria 1 unless you expect people to take a 20 minute walk from the train or there to be shuttle service provided. Keep trying. Trust me I've looked and if you can find something I haven't I'd be happy. But I follow Calgary development as a hobby, and its very hard to find large parcels anywhere near the middle of town now.
  12. All right. Where do you suggest that is: 1) Along a Transit Corridor (preferably LRT, but I'll accept BRT) 2) Relatively close to the center of the city (lets say less than 60th Street/avenue in any direction) 3) Near a relatively high capacity road 4) Has either: a ) an existing empty space b ) contiguous properties that could be purchased and cleared without significant expropriation (Or difficult land deals) If you can point to another place that fits those criteria that isn't a park, then I'll agree with you. McMahon lot fits Criteria 1-3 but fails 4 The Zoo parking lots fit criteria 1, 2 and 4, (assuming you build a parkade) but fails on 3. Those are the other suggestions that I can even think of being close. (also re: Flames Coolaid. Even before this was announced I've long thought that that was the best area for a new stadium pairing to be put. Just FYI)
  13. I don't know what the current ticket tax is (wasn't actually aware there was one honestly) but I don't think that adding to it to pay for the remediation costs of a new building is horribly unreasonable. Of course it depends how much no debate there. But I think its an option hat should be considered. Your seond paragraph is also fine by me and was my initial suggestion (or similar enough) when the project was announced. I'm not sure where youd suggest that is more feasible though. The only other open tract of land in the core was the East Village, and the master plan for that was done years ago. The Stadium needs to be on a major transit route and that means the LRT. Even if you move it out of downtown there are no good options. Ignoring the Green line which won't be running for 20 years... Along the West LRT line there's no empty space large enough for any stadium. Along the South LRT there may be some spaces along Macleod, but that would involve massive land purchases and a huge amount of traffic increase on an already congested road. Along the NE LRT the only open space is by the Zoo where the parking lots are. (which might not be a horrible idea for better use of the land by that and the science center) but its really hard to access that by car. Finally the only space along the NW LRT line is where MacMahon is now. As I live in the area I'm going to be honest and say that there is sufficient car and LRT access that that could work. But there are two problems: 1) The crowchild redevelopment in that area may well disrupt construction in that area for a while 2) That's University owned land. Its unlikely that they'd just hand that over to the Flames organization without one very protracted land deal. So the only real option for a project like this is the West Village which needed some jumpstart to redevelop anyway. Based on the roadblocks they're throwing up for the Stadium, I'd be willing to bet that if the Next project doesn't go ahead it will be 2030 on an optimistic timeline before you see remediation even attempted
  14. Simple solution. Agree to let the Flame's build there and pay the cleanup costs. But on the condition that there will now be a 5% tax on every ticket sold to every Flames/Stamps/Hitman/Professional game hosted there and on any concert hosted there. College/highschool/community uses would be tax exempt. The average price for a Flames ticket i 2013 (fastest i could find on google) was $262. A 5% tax would therefore be about 15 bucks a ticket. $15 per ticket x20,000 per game X41 games per year 12.3 million from Flames tickets alone annually. Just off the professional teams (Flames, Hitmen, Roughnecks, Stamps) you're looking at about 25 million per year in a ticket tax like that. Then add in all the concerts that would be put on. Im pretty sure that would eclipse the property taxes for a similar amount of land used. Which is horribly short-sighted in an i-dont-want-to-risk-the-next-election kinda way. 6) Calgary Flames – Avg Price: $262.10 (up $25)
  15. To quote the article: "But the city report concludes the actual cost — including financing, related infrastructure and creosote clean-up of the contaminated land on the identified site — would be much higher." That's not a cost of the arena though. That'a a cost of building ANYTHING on that land. If you fill it with apartment blocks are the developers going to pay for that cleanup and infrastructure? Not a chance. If you want to put office tower there are the developers going to pay? Not a chance. Why is this rolled into the cost of the arena? Its a result's based argument. We don't want to fund it so we'll come up with whatever excuse we need to to say we can't. Of course its cheaper to build the stadium where there's no creosote and no infrastructure adjustments. But it would be cheaper to build anything on other land when you roll in those costs. Basically the city intends to sit on some white-elephant of that west side of downtown until they can hook some for-profit organization into paying for cleanup? Might as well get used to it looking like it does now for another 100 years before he city realizes that its going to have to pay for the creosote and infrastructure no matter what gets built there.
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