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  1. Trade? But in all seriousness I didn't see either go down with an injury or make too many if any errors..
  2. This is what concerns me the most. I would back Benny to go toe to toe with any of the sharks but I do worry about the top line being targeted as they are a skilled line with no muscle so to speak. I wouldn’t be in favour of Prout or Peluso being in the line up due to the fact Peluso wouldn’t/shouldn’t be getting top line minutes to look out for JH or SM and Prout doesn’t deserve a spot over OK or RA. Weren’t we looking into Ryan Reeves in the off season. Would he have been a nice acquisition due to what will present itself early February when we see the sharks next and playoff hockey?
  3. Unfortunately Prout is in the press box
  4. Good afternoon everyone. Happy New Year! Hoping to see a full 60 minute performance from the team and a James Neal goal.
  5. There a few others here that have it worse with game times but these afternoon games are the only ones that require me getting out of bed for, usually game times are between 11am and 2pm for me. Yeah I couldn’t watch that slow monotonous style on a regular basis.
  6. Worth getting up at 4:30 for that display by Rittich.
  7. Lets make it count boys!
  8. On the box score it reads 5 for boarding and a game misconduct.
  9. Good morning everyone. Thanks for the GDT Carty. I'm hoping to see Neal lift his game so with that I'll predict Neal to score the first goal.
  10. With Elliott having an individual 10 game win streak, does anyone know what the Flames record is?
  11. Thought I’d have a go... Im more than likely well off the mark and probably have some over/under payments but i have tried to make it equitable for all involved. To Calgary · Pick 3 · Scott Hartnel – 4.75M Calgary Take on $1.17M and pick 3 in the draft. To Columbus · Pick 5 · Rights to Wotherspoon - RFA · Mikael Backlund - $3.57M · Pick 56 – CGY Columbus save $1.17M and gain pick 5 and pick 56. To Vancouver · Pick 6 OA · Boone Jenner - $2.9M · Rights to Tyler Wotherspoon - RFA · Pick 32 – CBJ Vancouver take on 2.9M, the rights to Wotherspoon as well as pick 6 and 32 in the draft. If Calgary can shed one of the contracts of Wideman/Raymond or have Smid go on LTIR or retire $1.17M shouldn’t be a lot of trouble to take on. I can’t see Columbus having an issue with acquiring Backlund, pick 5 and pick 56 in exchange for pick3 and Calgary taking on a bad contract. This is where it gets a bit sticky, it will be hard to convince Vancouver to (1) help Calgary move up in the draft, (2) Move down a spot in the draft and (3) have the ability to take on the 2.9M however they get compensated with 2 picks (6 & 32) and a young centre who put up 49 points in his 3rd year and the option of signing Wotherspoon.
  12. This is the sort of prank that would make me burst into tears and I'm a grown man.
  13. Blues acquire goalie Anders Nilsson from Oilers in exchange for minor league goalie Niklas Lundstrom and a 5th round pick this year. Depth move from the blues or something else in the works?