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  1. I had a bet on with some friends that the Flames would hit 10 today.. Didn't look good at first but it almost came to fruition... I'm over the moon with the 3rd but I'm still two pints out of pocket.
  2. A very good morning to you all! Fingers crossed the Flames can go 3 for 3 on this trip, 7 in a row and more importantly extend that lead atop of the west!
  3. And with 11 of the last 19 at the Dome!
  4. Fair to say Chara was walking around taller...
  5. And here I was thinking the Flames getting a win would be the best part of my day.
  6. It'd be really nice to take the 2 points tonight and maintain that 3 point gap on the Sharks after they won earlier.
  7. Czarnik really making the most of this opportunity, the competition of Lazar being up has really spurred him on. Really good to see.
  8. Morning all! Thanks for the GDT RocDoc. I'm really hoping we can end the skid at 3.
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