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  1. hayen


    i saw concerns on Kinkaid (NJ) which are merited but when he gets some regular time he seems to gain confidence. His numbers are solid. I think nerves got the better of him in the Pittsburg match up, his overall numbers are decent and when settled in he produces. Maybe a cheap salary for at least a year and he tandems with Ortio. Both show they can provide a good performance and then maybe Gillies pops in when he is ready.
  2. hayen


    No the best performance but it got the job done. I admit I had a big "are you kidding me" moment at the end of the first.
  3. hayen


    I hear your argument but even Dallas has above .900 tending. Again, I am not saying it is completely the fault of our tenders but they need to be better. Some of the goals have come at vulnerable times that should not have been allowed and have been momentum changers. I see these as the difference in our win loss column.
  4. hayen


    I think we can point to various issues for losses but I have to strongly disagree that goaltending is not one of them. Not a single tender close to .900 and many are open looks that should be saves.
  5. hayen


    I agree that we need more from D to protect the goalie and that firing the coaching is not the answer but great teams have a tone set by great or at least consistent goaltending and we have not had that. Someone needs to step up to make the saves that energize the team and be that guy if this season is going to turn around
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