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  1. Did not see that thought Rittoch just fell down. But yeah that was sneaky of the GN player.
  2. Come on boys start playing like we are the ones behind because we are.
  3. I believe Neal might be done for the year on goals unfortunately. Doubt he will even score on the PP as other seem to be getting those goals now. Could be wrong though.
  4. Has Mony been playing less minutes? Noticed him a few times but not as much as JH and Lindy.
  5. Really hope we make the playoffs if nothing else to see if Lucic will doing anything. He has been pretty decent this game.
  6. If it was someone other than Looch maybe they challenge offside.
  7. Looch carrying this team on his back. That sounded weird.
  8. Lol she believes the flames has another level of intensity. They better have like 3 or 4 more.
  9. Did you not hear picking is legal now unless it is the flames that do it.
  10. Hard to get excited anymore on a flames breakout. Wonder what the percent of goal on breakouts for Flames compared to other teams.
  11. Someone was saying that our goal dif. is getting close to positive so we were probably due for a blowout. Wow score as I type this.
  12. Thought it was Leah Hextall and Cassie.
  13. Cassie sounds so much better when paired with Leah lol.
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