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  1. Just saw this today usually look mostly on flames side pf forum.
  2. Sharks lose at least. Wasted opportunity to make more space.
  3. Preds defeat Sharks!.
  4. BSD under seige.
  5. Chucky cheese winking at the cameraperson at the end).
  6. lol at the guy behind AVS coach.
  7. Sloppy play in the second. Looks like we are the ones on the back to back.
  8. Does the Flames have another gear on a Back to Back. I hope they do because we need it.
  9. Goal but not ours(.
  10. Flames pretty scrambly tonight. And Detroit scores.
  11. There was a save Rittich made in a previous game cannot remember if ti was Winnipeg or Vancouver but he went back into his goal bent over like he was out of gas. It did not look normal to me but nothing was said of it and he played very well after. So I just dismissed it.
  12. Did Rittich or Jh get the first star?
  13. nice Linholm steal.
  14. Rittich trying to be more like Mike Smith with his puck handling(