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  1. My compromise (I also miss the tie during from a hard fought game). First 41 Games either call it a tie after 60 minutes or play 5 minutes 3v3 then call it a tie, if not decided. Last 41 Games -as is, ending with a dreadful skills comp.
  2. The longer this season goes, with the names supposedly available - I just don't hold much hope, unless we can go off the board and swing a bigger deal. The last few games, it feels like Mangipane, Bennett, Dube and Janko are finally playing towards expectation and if it continues, we probably have enough, to stand pat.
  3. Daryl (2 cups) Sutter. -Alberta based -Knows the team -His previous "bosses" have been discarded or moved to other sides of the org.
  4. WRuCOS


    Here we are at game 60, I think I last chimed in on this around the 40th game mark. Nothing has changed IMO. Rittich is very good when he's on, but I still don't understand, based on his numbers and history, why the coach, now even new coach, is so set on riding him so heavily. Talby at 44 save shutout...Rittich draws in the next game - not a back to back situation. Ride Talbot the next 6-7 games with a game off somewhere, unless he really fumbles. One thing very noticeable from Rittich, moreseo that Talbot, is he doesn't like the 7,8,9th dmen very much, yelling at them while looking the other way - It's in his head.
  5. In my opinion, Calgary is one of those teams, they are not alone, that over concern themselves with Dmen. Stone can play in most teams 6 dmen and be fine. It's a nice luxury to have 6 overly capable, but not a requirement. Go back to Commodore and the cup run, where he was told to bank the puck off the glass and down the ice, while he ate up 6-8 minutes of ice time. Furthermore, it's not healthy for the Flames to not rotate in some fresh dman once in awhile, whether you sit Klyington or Hanifin, Hamonic its not like were sitting a future HOF. They are good dmen, but like our forwards not head and shoulders above replacement, requiring 82 games of loyalty. I'm loving that Rieder, Lucic and Janko are finally clicking and some production from them, once in awhile will go a long way to taking pressure of our top 6, which must feel they have to do something every night.
  6. I didn't like it, but I understood when Lucic let Tckachuk fight his own battle with Kass last game, despite Kass clearly being a heavy weight. Tonight, there was no excuse - he didn't need to do something stupid like pummel a middle weight, but he did need to engage and SCARE a few of the Oil (like Nurse, Khara) that continue to take liberties with Tckachuk and Gio which is complete BS. If he were on a 1 year deal, minimum deal, I would understand - no need to put your neck out. But man, you are being paid 3x of what you should - step up for the team that pays you?
  7. In a playoff series, not sure I subscribe to the idea of luck either - certain teams do well against others (regardless of records) by the way they match up. Where I do believe in luck (or misfortune) is how our high drafted players (when really needed) haven't lived up to anywhere near expectation. We can go back to Corey Stillman (mostly injuries) the amazing Rico Fata, Sven Baertschi etc. But for me, it really began with Michael Backlund, at 24th overall, we needed him to be the center Iginla was searching for even if not his first 2 years, but certainly Iginla's last 2 years as a Flame, because if Backlund could have been that, at that point, this team maybe went a different direction. (We all know the return for Iginla was nothing). But time continues to pass and today for me it's the misfortune (bad luck) that Sam Bennett couldn't amount to at least a 20 goal guy, with grit - that we sorely need. This year its Jankowski, who with his big frame has always been butter soft, but who cares when you are a great penalty killer, getting shorthanded goals and at least contributing 14 goals per season.... For the Flames, you have top draft picks in place who aren't living up to their draft position and while every team has these - our rebuild was in hindsight too quick as we really needed another 2 assets (guaranteed) to catapult this team into the top 25 percentile of teams in the league. Imagine if we would have had a top 5 - 10 pick in 2015, what this team would look like with a Mikko Rantanen or Kyle Connor or Brock Boeser. For sure, this keeps you out of the FA market for guys like Brouwer and Neal (and now subsequently Lucic) and instead you use that FA money on shorter smaller contracts, maybe bringing back a guy like Hathaway etc.
  8. You don't like to trade within the division, but if it helps get you into and through a few rounds of the playoffs, you have to consider it. Rickard Rakell (ANA) he can play center or wing and shoots right - not so different from the ilk of Lindholm. He was a 30 goal scorer on a good team, he's probably a 25 goal guy on a bad one and as his CAP hit isn't high - he would cost you. What would you be willing to give? I'd be willing to go as far as Janko + Dube + Valamaki. Anaheim may be more interested in a 1st rounder and if so, I'd want to pull Valamaki off at that point - they may want Valamaki + a first + a young forward. GG created the 3M line and slept better at night using it. Since trading Frolik, we're still a good team and haven't lost a step. I know that we still think too highly of Backlund and if you could move on, now would be a good time. if he drops like Frolik next year - it's going to be a hard contract to look at. I've never felt there was a market for Backlund outside of his 20 goal season - he's too many intangibles vs. a traditional 2nd or 3rd line center, which means you have to qualify his play at the end of the year based on his stats because the eye test can be deceiving. What can you get for a guy like this ?
  9. and if and when they do move on from Blashill....especially if its in the middle of next year....how about Mike Babcock?
  10. Re: Gallant and "shelf life", not even George Steinbrenner's Yankees of yester century would fire Gallant at this point - it is absolutely ***anine. The only reason I can come up with for his firing now is maybe it's not about their current standing / recent play but also they believe he isn't as good of a tactician for big games, big playoff series - perhaps thinking that his coaching left something to be desired vs. Washington in the finals two years ago and SJ last year? Because his resume, Vegas only, is impeccable - Seattle will likely play five seasons without getting to the playoffs, Vegas is mad about being a potential Wild Card. Flames wise, hard to hire Gallant now, but if they limp into the all-star break, come out with losses to STL and the Oilers - then they could certainly entertain the move.
  11. All Galant did, was take an expansion team to the Stanley Cup final his first season, get absolutely robbed / jobbed by a SJ powerplay in his second playoffs, and today with 30+ games to go have his team in a Wild Card spot. Florida also made the mistake of firing him, before eventually needing to fire his successor for coach Q. I don't normally suggest making coaching changes, for the sake of change. But to get someone like Gallant - it would be tempting. Do you wait to see if Ward can win a round or 2 or do you contact Gallant now and see if he's wanting to jump back in this season. Three coaches in one season, may be a little much, the problem is that in the off-season there will be a bidding war for his services (possibly Colorado, Dallas, Vancouver, plus Eastern Conference teams that underachieve in the post-season).
  12. My view goes without saying, I think most people enjoy seeing a guy being played to bully others on the ice, get his. https://thehockeynews.com/news/artic...dle-taking-one "If anyone should have to answer for his actions, it was McDavid, who threw a dirty and potentially dangerous hit on Tkachuk from behind into the boards in response to the hit on Kassian. If you want to be outraged, the McDavid hit was the one that has no place in the game. ... "There was a time when a player – regardless of whether he was a star player or a fourth-liner – would occasionally get blown up by a clean, hard hit and respond by picking himself up and getting back into the play ... Now you can’t even hit a superstar 13-goal scorer such as Zack Kassian without having to fight." Funny that Lucic gets 2 games for 1 punch. I had no problem with Kassian's first response (punches) but big problem with him then following up a second time and throwing bombs again - that part should have been another 3 games. discuss!
  13. I liked how Kass called out Tckachuk for not fighting him, because now he's a "legit' goal scorer - not a plug anymore. Oh really? Are you sure your a potential 20 goal scorer without playing with McDavid and Draisaitl for most of the season? Look where Maroons numbers went once he left McDavid
  14. As I mentioned earlier, as long as Calgary gets 1,2 or 3rd seed in the Pacific Division - you don't need to worry about the Avs, Blues or likely Stars until the 3rd round. Those central division teams, which are certainly better, are going to beat each other up and anything can happen if and when we get to the 3rd round. Brodie has shown he can defend on guys like McDavid and you can't move those types. I just don't think Hamonic gets us anything and he and Hanafin are my least favorite Dmen right now, but we can't sell in a year where the Pacific is as soft as RNH.
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