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  1. Wow. Buh bye TBL. Unreal.
  2. I wonder how many people are close to a big bet paying off?
  3. I thought ABC above was being sarcastic. That's kind of funny actually. I don't know what people are freaking out about honestly. We have this series. Colorado is giving their all and we have been seriously lethargic. The only players who have impressed me have been Smith, Gio, and Bennett. Benny always shines when everyone else sucks btw. Anyhoo, you knew we would have nerves, try to manage emotions and output too heavily early on, and get thrown by a few adjustments we need to make because Colorado scouted us. If we can't make the adjustments, then we never had a contender to begin with. But hey, enjoy the ride! The wins are much sweeter after tasting defeat for a bit.
  4. How Peters responds this period and the next game will determine his fortunes overall. Can he strategize effectively, and can the players adjust accordingly?
  5. And they keep scoring from the open slot.
  6. They have really struggled tonight. I just hope that Peters thinks about how he will respond.
  7. You could tell much earlier in the game that Benny was going to score. He has also had a few good hits and puck battles. Colorado keeps catching us starting slowly, they get us off our game, and we struggle to regain any form of control. The shots are a terrible indicator. I can only wonder what possession numbers look like. There is still plenty of time if we can regain our composure and play our game. It has been a while man! GFG!
  8. They are not looking very good thus far, whereas the Mackinnon line looks fantastic.
  9. I feel good about this one. I hope we manage to kill their momentum by getting a couple early on.
  10. I am happy for Trotz. The players say he is an incredibly supportive and intelligent guy, and he was forthright about why he left Washington; money. I thought that was transparent of him. He also has a heck of a track record.
  11. I don't think that was a terrible game. I think everyone is just so shocked that we lost one like that. When we are patient, we usually win. We just happened to be on the wrong end of a great pass to NM in stride. So, a minor adjustment, if any, is appropriate. Going on a tangent, does anyone around here remember The Offspring's video "Pretty Fly? Whenever I think about a newbie Tampa Bay fan sporting a new jersey that cost him a kidney, I think about the white guy in the video.
  12. If they added another NHL team made up only of Oiler rejects, I wonder if they would win the cup? It would not surprise me if their management made things worse than if they did nothing.
  13. Oh yeah baby!!! I haven't been this stoked about hockey in many, many years. I think you and I are on the same page when it comes to optimism about what this team can do. They are solid more or less at almost all positions, weaker areas noted, but these guys also appear to have the ability to truly gel and play over their heads when they need to. If Johnny can go nuts like I am certain he can, this will be a good time.
  14. I was wondering something similar. How much more active is this place going to get if we progress deep into the playoffs? Will the mods be wearing zebra uniforms?
  15. STL managed to get their split. We have to be really sure to win the first two games at home decisively. Don't give them a split or we are just needlessly extending the series, and shortening the roster. Colorado is going to come out of the gates like bananas to silence our barn. Show that intensity early boys!