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  1. Cowtownguy


    I spend most of my time thinking about the Flames, so I am no Oilers expert. It seemed that they had some solid teams some years and never made it work. Something was always wrong. I can only imagine what McDavid would do on a team with more talent.
  2. Cowtownguy


    When the Oilers do have a good season, I will be interested in the autopsy. They have had many great picks over the years, so what was the delay in building that team? How can a team with the best winning streak in terms of picks also have one of the worst losing streaks in terms of play?
  3. Chucky just knows how to get under a person's skin, and I think he has Doughty's number. He also seems to know how to fuel a circus.
  4. But you have to admit that it might be a good option for Doughty's epitaph.
  5. As you note, Doughty does not really fight. Rather, he gets engaged physically and mentally. So, I doubt that he would fight Chucky even if Lucic were not on the team. Doughty knows that Lucic is brilliant at instigating fights as well as winning them. I do think that Chucky might get in his face and Doughty will try to use that to whip up some energy. Having said all of that, I have to acknowledge that Chucky can really get inside a player's head. I don't know what he says or does, but he can get under a guy's skin like nobody else.
  6. I must admit that I cannot speak intelligently about Antifa. I have heard a few things about political events turning violent, and they are certainly into praxis. My understanding, however, is that the reason people openly wear Antifa clothing is because they are secure that the few bad apples do not reflect the sentiments of the bunch so to speak. If they utilize Black Bloc tactics, then what you have posted is alarming. Of course, that would be contingent on timing because it is possible that if Antifa began as a legitimate organization and morphed into something illegitimate. She is 16 now and looks about ... 10-years in the pic above? What was Antifa 5-6 years ago?
  7. I am rather surprised how poorly Feaster managed the club. It seems to me that he seriously lacked knowledge about how to do the job. I anticipate variation in GM success, but I never thought someone could get to that level without the requisite hockey knowledge.
  8. It appears to me that the Flames organization have been reluctant to acquire players with attitude problems. Too bad Neal came in with an attitude on day 1. I am not sure what his problem was, but he attended Phil Kessel's training camp which consisted of mowing down burgers and dogs.
  9. I am not a fan of exposing kids to possible political blowback. I have to assume that her passion for the issue originates with her parents. People have the right to argue against them potentially exposing her to some pretty serious toxicity. I suppose that people could argue given her age and the nature of the problem, children should have a voice. I am just not sure what that should look like.
  10. We have a few guys who have a lot of goals, but not really a sniper.
  11. So, he really never actually left the ice then.
  12. Cowtownguy


    I like discussion forums because they allow for lengthy discussions in a way that other social media do not. There are a lot of long, deep posts by members of this forum that allow people to think more deeply about issues. Of course, we have a lot of great posters here with significant knowledge of the sport and the CBA. Great thing going on here. Heck, even Oiler fans can't help but stop by! I also appreciate that the Flames have allowed for open discussion.
  13. I thought we were not allowed to say that name on this forum? Or maybe that was just me.
  14. My point is just that I am a little tired of hearing 960 folks argue ad nauseam that Florida is attractive to hockey players because they have no taxes. They just don't have state taxes there. I would assume that they still pay federal taxes. Sure, lower taxes are a great benefit. I just think that the decision to move somewhere is more complicated than taxes.
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