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  1. I agree with you about where we are at in terms of development. I suspect, however, that many Flames fans are in a "win now" mode. Of course, part of the beauty of hockey is that anything can happen. Smashville is a good example.
  2. I don't understand the idea of starting him on the first line (apart from him being the muscle on the line). Given his tendency to play well in bursts followed by stretches of lack lustre play, I identify him as a 3rd line RW at best. I like Ferland, but I believe that if he is on our first line, our success is going to be limited. Johnny and Monahan are great players, no doubt. I just don't think that they have the chemistry or talent to play without a third threat. I would assume that most would agree with me given our inability to score last year especially in the playoffs. Shut down Johnny or Monahan and the first like is mute. This is partly why our second line was so effective by comparison.
  3. Brouwer disappointed a lot of Flames fans last year. Having said that, I suspect that it will not take too much for him to turn things around. Arrive at camp in good shape, throw your body around more in games, and skate harder. These are not particularly difficult things to do. I just wish we had played more effectively at the end of last season. I wonder how many of us are worried after watching Wideman take a 3 year staycation.
  4. Without (tanking to get) McDavid, the Oilers would not be able to make many moves. It was not long ago that players refused to go there. And if people remember, McDavid had the look of a Friday the 13th victim when the Oilers called his name. What is truly staggering is that they managed to ruin so much talent that fell to them. Hall has never quite been what he should have been. RNH and Eberle have been major disappointments. Yakupov is hardly even NHL caliber anymore. Chia simply ran a fire sale of #1 picks, traded away much of their future, and shot up to the cap just to contend. It remains to be seen what comes of it. Give a monkey the picks that fell to the Oilers and he will eventually produce a contender.
  5. Good on both McGrattan and Poirier for working on a solution to this problem! I wish both of them the best.
  6. I realize that Oduya is 35 years old, but the Sens got him for $1 million. I think that this is a solid signing for the year at least. Bonuses could increase his pay to $2.25 million. I am surprised that Montreal was not in on this one.
  7. Speaking of Rafikov, what happened with that guy? If I recall, he was a pretty good dman for Russia. I would have thought that the Flames would ask the guy if he was prepared to play here before drafting him. I understand that he was a late pick, but it is still a waste. I don't think he ever even came to a camp.
  8. I must be mixing him up with someone else from Northern Europe because I thought he had already announced he was playing across the pond.
  9. There is nothing wrong with a player willing to go elsewhere. That is far better than having players with all of these no move contracts. How did that work out for Ottawa with Phaneuf? Vegas would not have snagged him with that bloated contract, and they ended up losing Methot in the process. As long as the player is working hard for his own team, it matters not if he is willing to play for other teams. In reality, it happens all of the time.
  10. Trump would call this fake news.
  11. Thomas Vanek is still available. He is over 30 and has been around the block a few times. Not sure what it would cost to sign him. He is a RW, right-handed shot.
  12. I suspect that most of us are closer in our suggestions than it comes across on the board. I bet most people know Johnny has more potential, Ferland is acceptable although not an ideal RW for him, and that there is a God because Wideman no longer plays for us.
  13. That is an excellent example of what can happen when you have the right fit. Kane is an great player, but he performed much better when surrounded by the right people. I think Johnny could be more productive if he had people who worked well around him. We can speculate all we want to whether he is capable of 80, 90, or 100 points in a year. The reality is that we will never know until we optimize that line. I know Treliving wants to give Ferland a chance, but I suspect he has a rather short leash. Man, can you imagine what that line would look like with OV on it!? It is unlikely to happen, but it is fun to think about.
  14. I am very interested in how Nail Yakupov plays this year. The dude seems like a total tool attitude wise, and needs to be de-Edmontoned, but he went for very little. Was he not a #1 pick a few years ago? If St. Louis can get him to take electro-convulsive shock therapy to forget his time with the Oilers, he might turn it around. I hope that was not an opportunity lost. I never mentioned him before. I think it is important to stay away from cancers from other teams. I just cannot help but wonder if he can return to his former self. This is his last chance in the NHL after all.
  15. A few years ago, I was reading about how a picture of Churchill hanging in the main entrance of a London museum had been altered. After securing the end to the war, Churchill made a "V" for victory with his fingers, and he had a cigar in hand. The cigar was brushed out presumably because of anti-smoking crusaders. Now, it appears that there is a push to rename Canadian symbols in keeping with the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Langevin Bridge in Calgary was renamed "Reconciliation Bridge" and Langevin Block in Ottawa was renamed as well. Apparently, Langevin was a central figure in the residential school system in Canada. Now, some are suggesting that McGill University and Ryerson University be renamed. Where does this end? I kind of see the point here. Here are a few relatively cheap, quick fixes to address some of the struggles of First Nations peoples. If names are not a big deal, then just change them. I am not sure that I would want a bridge called "Hitler Way". At the same time, it seems inappropriate to sanitize culture like this. Churchill did smoke and that cannot be changed by editing a picture. Some influential Canadians did some nasty things in our past. Is it not better to keep the name and reveal the ugly story behind it? After Stalin's death, all books were sanitized as they purged his name from society. That does little to change the past, and there is the risk of repeating past mistake by forgetting it. I dunno, I guess names are important. There is good reason why were are not allowed to say whatever we want to on this board. Something just bugs me about this issue. While a lot of Indigenous people are living in developing world conditions, some politicians are acting like they are doing something by renaming bridges, parts of Parliament, and universities? I am not sure that it is healthy to flush away the ugly parts of our history like we do turds. I guess the other thing that bothers me about this effort is that it seems kind of menacing doesn't it? There are limits to free speech (i.e. you cannot scream "terrorist!" at an airport or use horrible profanity in church etc.). This just seems creepy to me. I wondered what others thought about it. Apologies for the longish post. Thanks for reading.