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  1. Some cities in Texas have an airport tax that funds sports venues. While a lot of Calgarians would pay that tax, a lot of people outside the city would pay into it too. It would generate substantial revenue. I don't know why this has not been discussed (from what I can gather). Pulling out of negotiations this way has dampened my excitement about the upcoming season. I usually attend 1-4 games per year with my wife. I feel less interested in shelling out this year.
  2. I like the idea Vince McMahon! You could pay for the new arena with that money alone. The Prince of Darkness would inevitably win though because he would have access to a knife/poison/sniper etc. No way he goes in there honest like.
  3. Sounds good to me, but I am not sure that the Flames would be satisfied earning a profit comparable to public venues. If Nenshi were to turn around and say that the city will pay a much larger share for the facility, or even go with CalgaryNext as is, does he gain votes or lose votes? I suspect that he risks losing the election which is not even on his mind right now. So, I don't understand this whole election strategy. I would offer far more support to the Canucks relocating to Calgary than having the Prince of Darkness ever step foot in this city again. ETA: The Nenshi hypothetical is truly a hypothetical. He is just one member of Council. He does not have the power to offer the Flames a deal alone.
  4. A public facility is not strictly defined as something that absolutely everyone uses. It is broadly defined as something made available to most everyone in the interests of the public. It was always obvious that both the current Mayor and the Premier are explicitly in favour of private, individual money going to fund public interests, not public money going to fund private interests. I personally do not use public transit, libraries, or museums, but it is inescapable that these are clearly public facilities created in the interests of the collective even if some people disagree with particular expenditures. By contrast, if the City of Calgary gave $185 million to one artist for a painting to be kept for 35 years, then the public would rightfully be outraged. This is what the Flames are demanding, and they are doing a remarkably poor job of selling this unpalatable request at the worst possible time. It is obvious that the Flames are demanding public money largely for their own private interests because they will dictate access to this new facility. This fact is not even in dispute. If people were allowed to watch any game they wanted to, perhaps even with a small user fee attached to it, then the Flames could rightfully make the argument that this expenditure is analogous to public expenditures on art, water, and garbage. Ken King admitted as much when he maintained that ticket surcharges are really not paid for by fans even though they pay for the tickets. His argument was basically that the Flames charge as much as the market will bare. Charging as much as the market will bare is not equivalent to say, a $10.00 public user fee. There is nothing inconsistent with acknowledging that professional ice hockey teams are private entities with private interests that have some positive public impact, like musicians or celebrities. They are certainly not a public service and there is good reason not to be funded as such. Demanding hundreds of millions of public tax dollars for private interests is not insignificant by any means. Doing so when unemployment in the city is at 10% and budgets are seriously strained makes the request more distasteful. It becomes egregious when it is clear that the Flames have not generated a solid plan to begin with. This was evident with the underwhelming unveiling of CalgaryNext. It hardly looked planned at all. Not making your financial request known until after publicly stating that you are giving up pursuing a new arena is bizarre and just not credible. Would anyone here tell the bank that you no longer want your small business loan and then offer the financials afterwards? Why is King even bothering to offer the plan next week when they have supposedly given up working with the city? Disregarding the importance of public funds from the city because taxes will ultimately be collected from the building over the long term was offensive, as was stating that ticket surcharges are really Flames’ revenue to begin with. If the surcharge is on my credit card, then it is my money as a facility user. I acknowledge that there are many people who want a new arena and are willing to part with public dollars to achieve that goal. I am not yet convinced, but I know some people feel that way. They love ice hockey as much or more than I do. Can anyone honestly tell me, however, that they were against the idea, or even on the fence about it, and are now solidly in favour of it after listening to King speak? Was anyone really moved by Gary Bettman’s involvement in the whole matter? I rarely ascribe to conspiracy (and do not do so now) what can be more parsimoniously explained by incompetence, but this appears less like a plan to get a new arena as it is a plan to move the team. I said at the beginning that the Flames should have hired a public relations firm to help them with this and nothing has dissuaded me from that point of view.
  5. One would think that if the City is offering 33% and the Flames want them to pay 50%, then it would not be terribly difficult to find common ground. Split the difference somewhere down the middle. I suspect that it is about future development and real estate profits as much as up front funding for the arena. Perhaps that is why the East Village location does not excite CSEC. After watching Nenshi and King speak today, I will reiterate my contention that King is not the person to communicate with the public about this. He does not have Nenshi's political acumen and is seriously being outplayed. He and Bettman are using the old NHL play book while Nenshi and the City have given significant thought on how to counter their moves.
  6. Thanx Bronco.
  7. It looks like Slepyshev has injured his ankle and will not be at camp. I could have sworn that someone on this board guaranteed that he would be injured at some point this season.
  8. Do you watch many Flames games Bronco? If so, do you believe that we have generally received fair officiating?
  9. The Ryerson student union now wants their school renamed. I wonder how they will vet the next name.
  10. The Purge IV: Cultural Cleanup (2017) In this dystopian horror, Canada is on the brink of cultural genocide. Statues, libraries, and schools enrage the masses to the extent that violence breaks out in every major city. The Prime Minister is sensitive to such symbolic horrors as his father was known to wear a WWII German solider uniform from time to time. He initiates the purge. Each year, Canadians are given 12 hours to clean up society. This year is a bloody mess. Starring Jim Carrey as Justin Trudeau, Mike Myers as "The Butcher", and Martin Short as "The Sergeant".
  11. I am still not convinced that GG is a good or a great coach. I suspect that Treliving will at least give him the entire season before any decisions are made. We need stability throughout the franchise, so I am not big on the idea that GG should be fired. Given that he has more to work with this year, I suspect that his future is more secure. Treliving's leash is cut shorter if GG is turfed.
  12. An alt right member known as James Fields was charged with ploughing down dozens at the protest. A 32-year-old woman named Heather Heyer was killed in the incident. And, it is a hockey story too. The Red Wings are considering legal action against white nationalists using their logo for some reason. I am not quite clear why they would that symbol.
  13. In Canada, the most active of white nationalists are certifiable. I am not exaggerating when I say that. Most have serious problems and long criminal records. If that is true for Virginia, I fail to see the point of protesting against their rally. It is all fine and dandy to acknowledge diversity in our society. I think it has gone too far and hijacked other important political issues. Let Hollywood promote these gender issues etc. Consider the climate change discussion. I rarely ever hear a rational discussion about how to practically deal with displaced workers. If coal miners in the US really had alternative job options (say, a government wind/solar plant job guarantee), I am sure that they would choose the latter. Retraining is not the solution. Climate change will never be addressed until this is dealt with. Saying new environmental jobs will be created some day in California when you live in North Carolina now is not going to work. My main point is that the postmodernists contribute to bogging down important discussions because they are so concerned with whether a person is a climate change denier etc. Cue self-righteouness. More rant. Consider the NDP in Canada today. Rachel Notley is considered a right-wing tyrant in the party because of her views on oil. She wants to share the spoils of oil while a small, but vocal, section of the party believes that oil should just stay in the ground. Yeah, riiiiight. Many of these so-called environmentalists don't even realize that about half of our coal production is used for the production of steel. There really are no alternatives to coal in the production of steel right now. Advocating shutting down BC coal mines means you are against building cars, trucks, cranes, bridges, buildings etc. Being against oil production means you are against asphalt roads, fuel, food, clothing, air travel, finished wood, carpets, lino, - basically everything. I wonder if they understand that feudalism was not a great party. Unemployment reaches 10% in Alberta. Little is said in Ottawa. Suffer in silence basically. Wear a "Make America Great Again" hat and it is national news after the Internet explodes. Once everyone in Canada can pay for the basic necessities of life, I will be on board for a re-Neducation government project to upgrade the vocabulary of slack-jawed yokels.
  14. There was a major confrontation between white nationalist protesters and counter-protesters today. White nationalists were angry about the removal of a General Lee statue in Charlottesville. A state of emergency has been declared after someone drove a van into a crowd of people. Although I describe myself as a progressive, I actually agree with the white nationalist pinheads that this is tantamount to erasure. Why not just leave the symbols (confederate flag, Lee statue etc.), and interpret/depict these symbols differently? As mentioned above, these efforts remind me of how Soviets sanitized Stalinist history. In Germany, educators are still not allowed to even use the term "race", let alone talk about it openly. I don't think that this is healthy. I don't even get how some people are raised with such little respect for life as to drive a van through a crowd.
  15. I have been thinking the same thing. He looked more confident as the season progressed. I like the way he got shots through to the net. I noticed he used his body a bit too. If he increases his confidence and takes on more of a leadership role, he could be the man. I also like the way he goofs around a bit.