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  1. I agree with you, but it is contingent upon whether GG comes back. I really believe that Brodie is a different player if paired with Gio. That is not ideal, but they have chemistry.
  2. Rittich reminds me of Kipper at times.
  3. Let's just hope that your elevation theory holds. The Bruins do seem a little slower than they were in the first.
  4. I am not Yeah, but the problem was that my group of Calgary fans (about a dozen of us on any given night) also used to buy $50.00 of beer each. You try staying vertical at the top of that old arena at that point. I have been on mining spoils flatter than that.
  5. Every time I listen to Eric Francis, I want to buy a condo...and the first generation of flat screen Sony TVs (tubes).
  6. I had to step out. Big surprise that Chucky scored our lone goal. He is the type who can be effective in almost any situation. He is a true jack knife. Our problems are really encapsulated by the fact that a guy that young is our best player who carries the team in hard times. I can only imagine what he would be if he could skate. If memory serves, his dad was pretty good at skating. I guess I am gittin' old because I spent a significant amount of time in the old Winnipeg Arena watching him. Me and the boys used to buy the nose bleeder seats, $9.00 a seat!
  7. The good news is that we had a solid PK, we are only down by 1, and Rittich looked solid.
  8. Cannot expect much more from Rittich IMO.
  9. And the refs must start calling Too Many Men because it sure looks to me like there are 2 Bruins for every Flame.
  10. And it wasn't the first time in the game either. Hence, my Reggie post. And again. Jeebus.
  11. We are down 8-1 in shots, and I don't think that we got one during that PP. Wow.
  12. Maybe if we actually checked, and finished a check, the Bruins would find it more difficult to skate circles around us? We are chasing again.
  13. Sometimes, I think that I really took Reggie for granted.
  14. My wife once suggested that we buy a condo downtown. The first day dream that came to my mind was GG putting Stajan, Brouwer, Wideman, another Brouwer, and Lazar on the ice for the entire OT period, we lose, and a TV crushes an innocent pedestrian (Eric Francis) after I throw it out the window. So, we decided on a house instead. When I get older, I might have to buy a larger TV and find a condo with small windows.
  15. I don't really buy this whole possession stuff. Possession is the byproduct of faster, shiftier skating, crisp passing, solid breakouts/breakins, cycling, and character/chemistry. We are not fast enough, the passing is just terrible at times, breakouts still need work, with reasonable breakins. Yeah, the Soviets played keep away very well, but they were also clearly focuses on skating and passing etc. I doubt that many teams who play well have weak possession statistics. It seems to me that GG just wants to control the puck thinking we will win by scoring in the possession stats. A team should concentrate on excellent play and the possession stats will follow, not the other way around. Then again, I don't understand a lot of GG's logic like playing your worst players in crisis situations. The only stat that really matters in the end is the number of points you get. If we have such good possession statistics and solid goaltending, then why are we limping into the playoffs assuming that we make them at all?