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  1. I wonder how old 18-year-old Sam Bennett is this year?
  2. I assume that you mean shooting it into the shinpads. Yeah, he has had problems with that. I thought he addressed that a bit last year. One would think it to be a simple fix. When you have a great skating defenceman, he is more likely to handle/carry the puck and innovate. That innovation will be accompanied by turnovers. Johnny has had a number of them himself.
  3. I agree with your assessment. For the most part, Brodie performs well. He just had a number of brutal turnovers last year. I recall a game in overtime when he turned over the puck, Brouwer said "Hold my beer, I won't be outsucked", and, of course, in it went.
  4. I see why it has been difficult for Buffalo to make that trade. His signing bonus makes my 1% raise next week pretty sad. Treliving may believe that the RW position is good as is. Perhaps we can shuffle the existing roster as needed. It sure would be nice to get one more top 6 player though.
  5. Well put. The reality is that Fox was an unknown at this point. Treliving never actually said that he would not sign. I believe that he said something along the lines of "there were questions". As you said, was that questions about right now, next year, or ever? zima is correct that there are questions about college players. Each situation, however, is unique. At times, the risk is worth the reward.
  6. We have had a few coaches rely too heavily on the top goalie. Keenan was even honest about it and said he adversely impacted McElhinney's development as a result. Maybe a part of the solution with goaltending is to strictly adhere to a policy of giving Smith more recovery time. In other words, give the backups a solid number of games to play. Gillies needs more exposure to hopefully reduce his obvious nervousness. He has some work to do.
  7. Are you serious!? I didn't realize that he was in that draft and that we could have snagged him. Goaltending is what it is and I suspect that we have to wait it out at this point and stick with the old plan. I would like to see us grab another solid RW.
  8. I think more people share your concerns than you think. If a team has the choice between two equally good players, and one is on college, most would go with the other player. Having said that, arguably our best player was drafted this way. There is risk no doubt. It sounds as though you were correct that Fox was a problem.
  9. I wonder if acquiring ROR now makes sense? I believe that he has a massive bonus that would have to be paid out if signed before July 1st or 2nd. I assume if that was paid out, the trade cost would drop significantly. Now that we have Lindholm, ROR would give us more options on RW. I think that he would work very well with Tkachuk, and that we could move Frolik down to the third line if needed. I understand that he is slow, expensive, and that he honestly stated that he was not particularly motivated in Buffalo. But dude, it is Buffalo. McDavid looked suicidal when Edmonton called his name and he knew that he was going to be paid bank. ROR was just being honest. He is expensive, perhaps too expensive for us now, but he would check a lot of boxes (big, face-off effective, scoring etc.).
  10. Even better, we can sign Fox as a free agent and send him to New Jersey or Ottawa. I was going to say Edmonton, but that's just cruel.
  11. I am uncomfortable with some of the things being said about Hamilton on social media. I suspect that most of us have heard less than flattering comments about his personality. If he didn't fit into the club, requested a trade, or there was conflict in the dressing room, then he had to be traded. Further, if these concerns are true and known to other general managers, then his trade value was reduced. There were a lot of concerns about Fox being thrown into the deal. Again, if other general managers were aware, or even suspicious about him signing, then his value was quite low if close to nothing. The only value he provided Treliving was to direct his rights to another team that he might not sign with. Lastly, we have Ferland. Everyone likes the guy and he has shown a massive turnaround in his life trajectory. How can anyone not like that effort? Again, the reality is that he has suffered concussions and is soon to be an unrestricted free agent who will want/deserve more money given his production with Johnny and Monahan. Overall, I think Treliving performed well to acquire two players with talent and promise under these circumstances. Of course, most of us will never know if this was a terrible or a great trade because we not privy to the information that Treliving had. In the end, I think that Treliving held us constant, if not improved, our defence in the immediate and long-term. He also improved our offence for some time. I have no problems criticizing Treliving as all general managers make mistakes, and we know he has made a few here in Calgary. In the end, we are a faster, tougher, and younger club. This is not a Phaneuf deal. I just wish that Treliving could move Brouwer and manage to swing two more top ten draft picks.
  12. No, he is in the pub!
  13. It seems to me that Gio is seriously underrated by our fans. He is the guy who is driving the defence. No matter who he is paired with, they prosper.
  14. Don't you live in Vancouver? They now do breakfast there?
  15. If Valimaki had been included in the deal, then I would have lost my mind.