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  1. I am speculating of course. I have no inside knowledge of what is happening up there. It just strikes me as incredible how consistent they have played over the years/decades despite turnovers in players. They played well last year. I don't think that they were so dominating that expectations should have been so high that they were considered cup contenders this year. I felt the same way about our team. It appeared as though they did make some needed moves. They did try to shore up their defence even if it meant trading away a core player. They did acquire Talbot. I was not sure about the guy at first, but he sure played consistently well last year and proved me wrong. At this point, the real Slim Shady needs to stand up. In the end, the Oilers are a total mystery. You know, like why is the sky blue? What is the meaning of suffering? And, why do the Oilers suck every year after getting the cream of the drafts? Something tells me that a big trade is coming.
  2. That made me laugh. I questioned the wisdom of some of their moves such as trading away first round picks and paying so much to so few players. I did expect them to play better than this though. The team has significant talent, but you need more than talent and they are also rather fragile. Many of us said earlier in the year that without Talbot and McDavid being stellar, they lack substance to win. It looks like there is still a systemic, cultural problem within the organization. As an aside, there was a fire on a party bus in Vancouver recently, and nobody seems to have a clue as to what happened. Really!? Vancouver, booze, fire, and absolutely no clues at all?
  3. I am not sure how to interpret your post. I assume that my clarification did actually make my points clearer. It seems to me that when a goalie is playing well, or more importantly believes he can play better even after a goal, they show little emotion or anger at worst. Anger means some tool on his team screened him or he acknowledges a mistake that will not be repeated. Looking upwards after a goal suggests that they are thinking that the shot had divine intervention on it. Looking astonished leaves the impression that the shooter was simply unbeatable. By contrast, when a goalie lets one in and they act as though they are as bored as the dude waiting in line at Costco on a Saturday afternoon, they basically show that the goal is not a big deal because the next shot will not go in. Emotions are not just instinctual reflexes or actions, they are social actions which communicate thoughts to others. When a coach or an opposing team perceives that a goalie is lacking confidence, they know to instigate a shooting gallery. Every coach playing the Flames right now knows to put everything possible on net when Lack is playing. Consider the difference between how Smith and Lack behave. Off the top of my head, I cannot think of any instances where I thought Kipper showed that he lacked confidence even if he sucked that rare game. In this regard, I do hold goalies to a higher standard. They play the pivotal position with the heaviest burden. That is why I generally believe that the team in front of them should be criticized after a loss. Some people on this board have suggested that I have given them a free pass after poor performances. When a forward misses the net and looks at the scoreboard, or a defenceman grimaces, it is far less impactful to the team than when a goalie looks like he should have worn his Depends that game. The same logic goes for the coach. I thought Hartley held a poker face pretty well when we struggled. Having said all of that, I do think that the other points I made about development (largely taken from Deeds) are more important and interesting. This was more of a tangent.
  4. No, I am not being rhetorical. All athletes express a variety of emotions and that is to be expected. I don't mind when goalies get angry. Smith does it, Roy is legendary for it, Hextall, Turco, etc. It shows that they are competing hard. I don't like when goalies reveal that the other team is in their head. It is akin to holding up a sign saying "please shoot the puck on me from anywhere because I have absolutely no confidence". In his rare poor performances, Kipper was pretty good at appearing as though nothing had happened. Price has generally been pretty good at that as has Lundqvist. Having said that, I can easily find videos of great goalies showing a lack of confidence. Price has done so recently (during one of his poorest stretches) and Lundqvist has done so recently (again, during a less than stellar stretch). It happens and always will. But yeah, I like goalies who outwardly demonstrate confidence even when they are crumbling inside.
  5. I quite like your post. I admit to being ignorant of what Sigalet does when developing goalies. Given how few of our goalies have made significant progress, one cannot help but question the development process in general. Lack does appear, however, to provide us with some sense about the process because, unlike draft picks, we already know that he has NHL talent. As you say, he was once a pretty solid goalie, and we appear incapable of getting him to be a shadow of his former self. If we cannot help him restore his confidence, then how can we do so for younger draft picks? Lack's weak play is not proof positive that Sigalet is doing a poor job. A goalie coach's impact is affected by the head coach, talent levels, drafting etc. As you say above, the continued poor play does add to a considerable body of evidence that something is awry. If nothing else, I really wish that Sigalet would teach the goalies to control outward expressions of emotions. As soon as a goalie looks to the heavens, pouts, or acts completely astonished that a goal was scored, I figure that it is time to be pulled. It seems to me that the best goalies avoid that behaviour.
  6. I wonder if it is a case they they are trying to do too much because of how they look on paper. They sure seem to get caught short a lot. Frequently, they are completely out of position.
  7. I can't believe that we won this game.
  8. Please GG, don't put Brouwer, Stajan, or Lack on the ice in OT.
  9. She was a great player in her day. I don't mind her interviews, but I am not a fan of her commenting.
  10. Another fricken post!
  11. Every time my wife says something painfully obvious or negative, I refer to her as Cassie.
  12. Malcolm Young died today. He was 64-years-old and apparently suffered from dementia for several years.
  13. Can GG get Smith to teach our players how to pass the puck!?