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  1. I would like to think so, but I have a bad feeling about this. Aliou was clearly angry and I am pretty sure that he is still angry. That post came out when it did for a reason. Hannifin, Ryan, and Lindholm were on that fricken team when all of this was said to have happened. Peters claimed that he apologized in the dressing room. When queried, did all of the players keep their mouths shut or did someone speak up? Will this turn into #metoo? The NHLPA wanted to keep this under wraps.
  2. I certainly hope this is the case. Of course, one has to wonder if the NHL will want to know what Hannifin, Lindholm, and Ryan knew about the situation. Did any of them bury their heads in the sand? Is that a form of obstruction to keep silent? What if Aliou and others claim that they were party to the behaviour and refused to speak up either way? I hope that the Flames can move on, but it is possible that this is just the beginning. Double-entendre noted and well done. Too bad Peters acted like a Richard instead of a Bill. I believe that this is just the beginning of a much larger conversation about the relationship between players and teams. How do coaches motivate players in the future? This is the conversation that teams need to have out in the open. I wonder what is running through Bobby Clarke's mind right now? If memory serves, he was always thought of as a rather ... direct individual. How many enemies has he made over the years? "If I had never learned to lay a two-hander, I would have never left Flin Flon".
  3. I suspect that decision has already been made. They are just delaying the inevitable to cover their legal butts. Firing him too quickly could be used as evidence of an emotional termination as opposed to a rational and fair one. Remember, he has a contract with $2 million owing, but if his character is unfairly tainted, he stands to make far more. This incident is going to have impacts throughout the league. Stare decisis.
  4. We do not know the identity of our coach once Peters is fired. It is conceivable, if unlikely, that Treliving could also be fired. He might have one more chance at another coach. We are not sure if the arena deal will go through now. This issue is going to dog the team all year no matter what happens. What are our former Carolina players thinking as the team looks for evidence in this investigation? No way this just gets smoothed over. The team should accept this reality and make intelligent choices for next year. Trade some key figures to remodel the team properly. Acquire a decent top centre and right-winger. This is an opportunity to rebuild the team.
  5. There is no slow pace as it is all over. The rest is for the lawyers to negotiate. This season is finished. Time to start looking at draft picks.
  6. Incompetent councillors? Have you looked to Edmonton lately? Given the Kenney cuts, this deal has to be cancelled. This is an era of austerity.
  7. The two who confirmed his allegations? Why not just ask Hannifin or Ryan? 😮 The silence from some players is deafening.
  8. That was the way things were back in the day. I had coaches smack me the odd time, profanity was common, bag skates, and keep your mouth shut etc.. If true, Peters' alleged behaviour is not really shocking to me, but it is still wrong. Things have simply changed and become more civil and that is a positive development. This is not because Millennials or Gen Z are weak and wimpy, they just do not buy into this. Heck, Paul Henderson was critical of this behaviour. Your post screams "OK Boomer" and I am 51.
  9. Agreed on the basis of these assumptions.
  10. It is obvious that Treliving is preaching "patience" for a reason. It is also obvious that Peters is saying that he acknowledges the profanity, apologized, and that the investigation is ongoing (i.e. I explained the situation and then they reacted). Legal negotiations have already begun. What I find fascinating is, how broad might be culpability in such a case? The Flames own the contract, but they just own the franchise. Perhaps legal culpability takes time to ascertain when you have not bothered to think this stuff in advance.
  11. Yeah, we got the answer. You know, if this is not handled with strict adherence to due process, Peters could come back and launch a seriously expensive suit. To his expected salary, mix in whatever damage is done to his reputation. I suspect that Treliving does not have any NHL due process rules to follow (i.e. they still do not have a policy).
  12. Too bad that internal effort did not work ... for the entire history of the NHL. Maybe dealing with such matters internally means not dealing with them at all.
  13. Trudeau was offensive, got caught, apologized, faced the electorate, and was given a minority. He cannot undo what happened, he can just try to ameliorate any harm caused by those actions. He is not a hypocrite in this situation. I do not believe that voters are hypocrites for showing forgiveness. If the people who vote are the same people who watch hockey, then why is it impossible for Peters to be forgiven? If that is the case, then it is because money is making the decision, and nobody else. The last time I looked, the Flames employ Peters and they will make the call. Sportsnet will have a say as will their advertisers. In the end, there are basically two moral choices to make about this hypocrisy. Either advocate for forgiveness as voters shown Trudeau, or advocate for continued condemnation.
  14. I have never understood that tendency. With Gio and Brodie on the point, why not initiate movement from there and make the forwards generate lanes? Are we so weak on passing that we cannot obtain more advantages on the PP?
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