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  1. I am with you on this one. I wanted to go to the game because I really want to see these suckiest sucks of all sucks to suck. I actually don't mind Getzlaf, but I really want a piece of Kessler (whatever...the one who doesn't gorge on hot dogs) and Perry. Oh, and would it be so hard to find that old guy that CBC/Sportsnet kept showing dancing every time that they scored in the last playoff series? How do the networks get away with that sort of thing "without retribution ... very unfair and should be looked into." If Trump can say it, so can I!
  2. I bet a lot have not worked out well. I am not a fan of bringing in brothers to the same team at all. You risk the possibility of a Sedin problem or a Dougie issue. The latter may have never been a real problem at all. Having family on the same team, however, will have people looking for problems that may not even exist. Family (nepotism) and business don't mix IMO. I wonder if that is an exceptional case being near the end of his career?
  3. 21-years-old and about to make amazing money. He is lucky that he has a brother in the NHL and a father who has experienced the NHL in a big way. He will need that help. I am not sure if I could handle that sort of thing at 50 let alone 21. I would be the type to head to a local bar after signing, buy everyone a few rounds, and then wonder how I blew my $165K weekly pay cheque in a day. Then, start looking in the couch for bus money to get to practice.
  4. It is similar isn't it? Trade away a few top forwards, and bam, it hits him, we ran out of people to score! Now, to see if I can get some scorers by dumping a few defence... I can understand screwups, but the Oilers saga just never ends. Got it all down to the pavement right now. It is warming up, and I like to have everything nice a clear for the kids going to school. I guess that means it is day.
  5. Now now, they are in a similar boat to us. Remember that map of Canada with the cow on it? The cow consumes Western Canadian produce, it gets milked by the fat cats in Ontario, and poops on the East Coast.
  6. How ironic that my next door neighbour looks like Chiarelli. My neighbour uses one of the two-stage snowblowers to clear his driveway. Then, he notices that his wife cannot get to the driveway because the street is now full of snow. So, off he goes to blow the street in front of his house. But then, he noticed that the wind blew all of the snow into the other neighbour's driveway, so he cleared that. Then had to clear the street again, then had to pull his wife' car out when she got stuck. It never occurs to him that he should put the snow on the grass where nobody drives.
  7. Faith in our goaltenders is the only thing that changes faster than Calgary weather. Why can't they just accept the reality that we have two goalies trending in very different directions?
  8. So that's why he looked suicidal when Edmonton called his name on the draft floor, no hope. I believe that I asked you not to say that again. I was kinda hoping that you would respect my wishes. I am not trying to be some Internet bully or anything like that, it is just that I am pretty sure my very sanity is on the line here man. The very possibility that the Oilers could get the first pick will seduce me into watching the rankings. I will struggle not to, but ultimately, preconsciously find myself tuning in. When they say that the first pick goes to the Edmonton Oilers, I think the first thing I will experience will be a popping sound, twitching, speaking in tongues...
  9. I am not familiar with the source, but I believe that Bobrovsky could be the missing piece. The problem is that the assets required to obtain him for two months are too great, and success in a one-time event is certainly not guaranteed. We would likely have to move out pieces that would set the club back another decade right away. I can't handle another crummy decade. I hope my faith in Treliving is well placed.
  10. Thank you for the update. I agree with you that he might be able to turn things around. At this point, the likelihood of that happening appears to be waning. He does have determination which is a big part of success.
  11. To be fair, I always struggle to figure out which Oilers are playing or are retired. Reviewing their "active roster" doesn't help with that effort.
  12. Players do a lot of strange things before games that I would not consider showboating. Some goalies move their eyes side to side, some flick pucks, some drink purple Gatorade etc. That is simply warmup. The poor responses to interviewers are the result of poor question construction. I feel badly when a reporter asks a dumb question like "tell me about that goal you scored", or, "What is is like playing with the guy who just passed you the puck before you scored." What is a guy supposed to say apart from the obvious? I don't like any of the opening ceremonies. Just start the darn game already. Vegas is a little over the top for me, so I don't have any interest in it. I hope that ice hockey doesn't turn into the other sports. I cannot stand to watch NFL anymore because it has just become stupid. The analysts are difficult to watch and are embarrassing. There is no way I can watch soccer with all of the drama in it. I have seen 14-year-old girls show more resilience than soccer players. This game is good enough without the garbage that other sports need. I won't worry about what Carolina does. Few people seem to thus far. Heck, it took Cherry months to realize that they were "a bunch of jerks."
  13. To me, it is a matter of decorum, professionalism, and cultural values. Showboating is repugnant. Watch that OV hot stick video, and you will see Backstrom shying away just a little bit. Good player. As stated above, I know little about this issue with the 'Canes. My guess is that they start their little parties after the games, rather than before games. Now why would a team do that? Oh yeah, because they are gloating and have nothing to showboat about before the game.
  14. Ice hockey in itself is enjoyable. Making millions is in itself enjoyable although I wouldn't know. Having millions of fans is enjoyable. Now they need to showboat on and on and on like that!? I think that Cherry was far too kind when picking his words. Sean Monahan is a true leader and mentor precisely because he is so understated. He doesn't go around whining when he breaks multiple bones, and he doesn't demand a massive parade march when he scores. If these snowflakes, who make millions of dollars and have legions of fans adoring them to the extent that some leave the country because they cannot eat a simple meal in private (Pavel Bure...don't blame him), cannot win a game without a circus taking place, then maybe they need parents or like therapy. Only adult men who call themselves "Dougie" are this fricken childish, impulsive, and unprofessional. But hey flakey, why not have some fun when you are so hard done by? I don't even understand that logic cross. Cherry is now not a player or coach, he is explicitly a celebrity who is paid to be a celebrity. Note how he ended up replacing that younger Strombozo with the socks who initially was expected to replace him, and had no staying power. Had Cherry gone away years ago, it is likely that these little boys would lack proper guidance to know that there is such a thing known as being a "bad winner". What was wrong with raising your stick to the fans at centre ice? Too subdued? I cannot even believe that this is being contested. Since when is being well-mannered a bad thing?
  15. My understanding is that they have been doing this for a few months. Doing the limbo is a bit much.