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  1. Thanks for that, and the dream of Lucic getting Smitty all upset.
  2. It is a shame that we do not play Edmonton until December. A really good check to an Oiler would give him a great start to the season.
  3. I quite enjoyed the analysis from the outside as it were. He is better than a lot of the commentators I listen to on TV.
  4. I think that Vegas had fewer needs before they got approval for the franchise. ETA: I get the interest in Patrick. At worst, he will be an impactful NHL player. I just don't get the interest in Puljujarvi. I remember listening to the talk about those top Finns before the draft. A few stated that JP was the obvious weak link on the line. He was fed many of his points by superior players. Mix in a bit of Oiler toxicity, and I am sorry, this dude is a dud. While I hope he improves, I think he is more likely to be an average AHL player. Why work so hard to acquire a guy who is likely going to pan out like Raymond, Brouwer, Neal etc.? At least those guys did something before sucking.
  5. I hope he turns it around and performs at his best. I just think that the odds are against him. How much does a down trending newbie go for these days?
  6. While I agree with your assessment, I think Brouwer and Neal were just such amazing disappointments. By saying that, I mean many of us, myself included, were stoked to get these guys. I thought that the Flames could actually be one missing piece from being a true contender. Just one guy might be able to capture the magic of the 80s Flames. Then they fall flat. Although I agree Neal-Lucic is just a swap, some people will think that first the guy brought in Brouwer, then Neal, and then Lucic! He brings in a bum disappointment every year!
  7. Yeah man, he's buried more bodies than Lucky Luciano. He has improved the team significantly though. I still consider him a solid GM.
  8. So what you're saying is that Gio is our #1 defenceman, but it matters who he plays with because chemistry is thing.
  9. I dunno man. I have never purchased a home where the lot was the correct size. Some areas of the city that are relatively high up experience frequent flooding. There are still lead pipes in the city, and when they put new asphalt on 16th ave, apparently they forgot about the rail lines underneath and had to do it again. What these problems have in common are "engineers" who were educated in the "Cs and Ds get degrees" era.
  10. As Cartman says, "Kick 'em in the neeeuuuuts!" I will say that at least I will get the satisfaction of seeing Lucic address the JH hacking phenomenon. That has been driving me insaner for years.
  11. Dude, nothing can be worse than the old Winnipeg Arena. Now that was a fricken scary arena. You could be on beer #7 and still get scared mierdeless. When I sat in one of the worst seats in the 'dome, they actually have staff approach you every now and then to ask how you are doing. Someone musta had a panic attack up there or something. They are the most loyal fans up there too. They cheer the Flames even though they can't really watch the game without a telescope.
  12. I am not as hard on council as many others are in this city. I think that they work pretty hard. Their back and forth on this looks really bad though. A week was too short, two months seems too long to me, so why not give people until Aug 15 or so? Calgarians deserve time to speak to the actual deal that was recently completed and released. 2-3 weeks seems sufficient to me given that this is an ongoing negotiation. To be clear, this deal is unlikely to change. It is Council's job to hear from the public even if they don't like what they hear. I agree that CESC will not appreciate the delay. I doubt the deal will look worse over time though.
  13. I would assume that it is difficult to dislike Backlund. You can count me in, however, among those who are disappointed with his overall development. I had very high hopes for him being more of an offensive star. I still think he has that skill set. The Flames have used him for his defensive forward/shut down skills, and it looks like this is how his career will end. I am a little disappointed by Bennett too. Like the guy, but I wanted and expected more from him.
  14. The city has now asked the Flames to extend discussions on the arena until into September. A poll was conducted on the effectiveness of council and support for the new arena. Not surprisingly, those with higher incomes are more likely to support the new deal whereas lower income folks are far less supportive. It is important to allow time to review and comment on this expensive project. A majority of Calgarians thought this deal was being rushed. linky
  15. The city did extend the timeframe for Calgarians to respond to the deal until Monday. I think that was a wise decision because it gives any fence sitters time to read the details of the deal if they wish. I actually doubt that many more people will submit their ideas than were intending to, but it is important to allow that opportunity. I suspect that many Calgarians are more or less satisfied, if cautiously optimistic about this deal.
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