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  1. Cowtownguy


    Imagine the board's reaction to a bidding war for him.
  2. It is really fascinating how some players perform so well without being great skaters. I do remember that Chucky was skating quite well at the beginning of last year. He was surprisingly fast. I wonder if he feels as effective when he does turn on the jets. That is, can he handle the puck as well when he is going fast. Tkachuk will get bank as you said.
  3. I can't even imagine what his dental costs must be. Watching his teeth come out of his mouth that time in slow motion sure was gross. Not Joe Theisman gross, but what can top that? Someone is gonna have to be decapitated to beat that.
  4. I feel the same way. I try not to have high expectations of the guy, but he continues to impress. I think he could be great given the right development path. 🤣 What exactly is your definition of "house"? I have a yard, and I could really use about oh ... every poster to get my yard work done. Stupid 4 hours of spring before fire season.
  5. I wish we had just showed up a bit more. At least look competitive.
  6. That is odd and interesting at the same time. I would have to review the stats over the year to be sure, but it feels like you are correct. We were getting the points and finding ways to win in the regular season. As such, I assumed that, if healthy, we would really gel in the playoffs. It just never seemed like all 4 lines were capable of performing consistently. That is easy to say as a fan. I am sure that the players would say they worked hard all year long and some games you are rewarded, while you are hooped in others. We lacked consistency in '17/'18 in terms of winning and losing. This last year, it seemed like lines just turned on and off.
  7. It is also interesting to assess various players by considering how difficult it would be to replace them, and what the cost would be. These days, winning seems much more random than in the past, and any slight advantage has to be taken seriously. I doubt that we will trade Chucky. I do think that we will trade Johnny before his contract is up. But, what do I know? I have a Phaneuf jersey in my closet.
  8. Your post made me laugh because it may well be entirely true. Here we are busting our brains about what went wrong (players, coaches, injuries etc.), and it may well be a matter of the right things happening at the wrong time. But yeah, "go 4th line!"
  9. Cowtownguy


    CBC reported yesterday that Daryl Katz is suffering from a serious infectious disease that gives him a 50-50 chance of surviving. I sure hope that his surgeries are successful. Apparently, he has had three surgeries over the last ten months for the sinus infection.
  10. Wow. Buh bye TBL. Unreal.
  11. I wonder how many people are close to a big bet paying off?
  12. I thought ABC above was being sarcastic. That's kind of funny actually. I don't know what people are freaking out about honestly. We have this series. Colorado is giving their all and we have been seriously lethargic. The only players who have impressed me have been Smith, Gio, and Bennett. Benny always shines when everyone else sucks btw. Anyhoo, you knew we would have nerves, try to manage emotions and output too heavily early on, and get thrown by a few adjustments we need to make because Colorado scouted us. If we can't make the adjustments, then we never had a contender to begin with. But hey, enjoy the ride! The wins are much sweeter after tasting defeat for a bit.
  13. How Peters responds this period and the next game will determine his fortunes overall. Can he strategize effectively, and can the players adjust accordingly?
  14. And they keep scoring from the open slot.
  15. They have really struggled tonight. I just hope that Peters thinks about how he will respond.
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