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  1. Let's get one with under ten seconds left.
  2. That didn't look like a penalty to me unless the angle was odd. Dumba's hit on Backlund was a hit to the head.
  3. Just one goal will turn around the momentum. Calgary will wake up.
  4. Maybe he is big boned.
  5. Is it ever boring to watch.
  6. Ah, that must be it. I was wondering why the passing was so off.
  7. Let's get some speed and intensity out there! Come at them in waves!
  8. I want Coach Bro to eat a Tide Pod.
  9. Poor guy eh? Last game is in Edmonton? We don't treat the elderly very well in Canada.
  10. I was not worried about Backlund being out as he can be replaced. He is not scoring very frequently, and most players with speed can play defensively. I was quite concerned about Gio being out. Not only does he add talent and decent speed to the game, but he also adds leadership. I wondered if his absence would throw off the defensive pairings that have been helpful transitioning to offence. Overall, it was a less than thrilling game with both sides looking a little flat. They found a way to win.
  11. The suspensions to Gio and Lomberg make sense. Gio did stick out his leg if without the intent to injure. It is a knee-jerk reaction (no pun intended). Not suspending Dumba is outrageous and shows that the NHL is not serious about injury prevention, or they are just incompetent. When a guy shifts his weight upwards, there is no other way to interpret his behaviour other than he was trying to clock Backlund. That is, there was intent to injure. Anyone who has played the game knows that. So, they suspended a guy for two games when the intent to injure was unclear, and allowed another player with obvious intent to injure unimpeded.
  12. I think that Carty has designed our third jersey.