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  1. Fair enough, but I didn't hear a lot of support for that idea. It seems to me that most people are in agreement. We need a top line RW and to address the bottom 6. No need to acquire a goon. We have a few of those in Stockton.
  2. I think we already have people that we can call up for that stuff. We just didn't do that for some reason. I don't recall anyone saying that we should acquire a bunch of goons.
  3. Yes, players like Lucic can cause trouble. What do you do when that idiot decides to slash your captain, punch your goalie, and then b!itch slap the guy who calls him on it? I would rather watch a fast game with quick passes. I recognize that the Oiler type teams force others to keep intimidating players on their rosters.
  4. I don't think that the idea is enforcers create winning teams. Intimidating players just prevent tools like Lucic from doing dumb things.
  5. I think that you are bang on for the most part cross. Coaches do take the fall for others too often. Having said that, it appears that GG needs to develop a bit given the play. He inherited a weird roster with obvious deficiencies. He also had his assistants foisted upon him. Your posts suggesting patience are worth serious consideration. What do we as fans really know? I thought that Hartley was a decent fellow while players suggested that he was too harsh. At my age, I am not sure what that (too harsh) means anymore. One of my minor hockey coaches defined a bag skate as one where every player pukes at the end. Most coaches broke stuff, yelled etc. That was normal to me, and I was hardly making bank. I am not cheering myself, but I am happy a change was made. The writing was on the wall.
  6. I can see that happening. Can we take a page from Hartley for just one game and goon it up?
  7. The Stars have no chance.
  8. You might well be correct. I believe that Vigneault would be an answer. He has had success, experience, and a lot of social capital to identify solid players in both conferences.
  9. I hope that Gulutzan finds work elsewhere. I like second chances. It would be a positive outcome if he found the time to reflect on his experiences and make the necessary adjustments. That is indicative of excellence IMO. I am sure that he wanted to win and that he believed that he had a winning formula. It just did not work out for whatever reasons. Best wishes to him.
  10. I realize that, but Tavares seems to be a pretty loyal individual and the Isles can talk to him before FA. I suspect that they will offer him whatever it takes. Negotiations with him may be less about him and more about dedication to generating a winning structure. The only question is whether he believes that they are truly working towards winning the cup. If he senses that they are not serious for whatever reason, then he might leave. The next question is whether he would want to come to Calgary as opposed to elsewhere. Don't get me wrong, I would be ecstatic to acquire Tavares. I just fail to think of many instances where an elite player leaves at their prime. I am not saying that there are not any, I just cannot think of many...any except under unusual circumstances. Gretzky left after his prime, Lindros failed to report etc. Feel free to correct me though.
  11. I love the idea of getting Tavares. He is a true leader with incredible skill. I doubt that the Islanders would ever let him go.
  12. I just want us to get a decent RW for the first line. If we find a good fit there, then our first line becomes far more impactful and generates fear when they step on the ice. We also have to move out a few players from the bottom 6 of course. I agree that trading away your 1st pick hurts big time. No playoffs and no draft pick = suck.
  13. In those scenarios, I always tell myself that we might have chosen the one who didn't turn out. Or, wait, that might be what I tell myself when my wife is screaming at me.
  14. You know you are a self-interested jagov when you freak out about Apu being an Indian stereotype, and completely dismiss Luigi; the Italian chef who owns a monkey. As he likes to say, "Guiseppe, he's a happy a monkey!"
  15. Gotta hand it to Vancouver. It sure looks like Boeser is the real deal.