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  1. On the Oilers thread, I stated that Chiarelli should be prevented from making major moves because he is desperate. He could very well do something in his best short-term interests rather than the team's long-term interests. Can the same logic be used for Treliving? On the surface, he is in a much better position than Chiarelli. That is, he is not worried about being fired. He might, however, be thinking that this could be his only kick at the can. I wonder if there is pressure on him to stock up in case of an injury in the playoffs.
  2. You know your team is good when you are shocked and offended when they lose.
  3. Johnny's skating ability never ceases to amaze me. Dude's in the Matrix or something.
  4. You know, we say this every time that we play the Coyotes, Ducks etc., but I really like bison. Kicks butt in spaghetti sauce.
  5. When I lived in the 'peg, we rented the Winnipeg Arena on weekends at midnight. It was a dive of course, but it was kewl playing in an NHL arena.
  6. What happened to Valimaki? He has been out for some time now.
  7. A hat trick each for the purple Gatorade line.
  8. In other words, keep doing what they do every year and hope that things turn out differently. Management pretends like they are going to perform well while the players know it is over. At least Chiarelli can say that he made a bold (if dumb) move when he acquired Manning.
  9. I am not a city planner, but it seems wasteful to demolish the Saddledome. I hope that they do not let it fall apart like Edmonton did with Rexall.
  10. Dunno if the luxury boxes have gone up in price, but the regular seats sure have since moving to the new arena.
  11. That sounds good as long as there is the money there for Chucky next year, and moving out these guys is truly low risk. I suspect that there might be players who don't seem to contribute much points wise, but are an integral part of the club. Obviously, I don't know who these players are as I spend no time in the dressing room.
  12. I am not sure why the Oilers are allowing Chiarelli to make any further moves at this point. While McDavid is clearly a great talent, Draisaitl is a good piece, and the Oilers are only a few points away from a wildcard spot, I just don't see them making the playoffs or doing anything if they make the playoffs. They should finish off the season, do a thorough review of the team by way of a few truly independent analysts, and possibly blow it up in the off-season. For me, "blowing it up" means making everyone, including McDavid, available for trade. They might be able to get an excellent talent and a bunch of #1 picks for McDavid alone. A good GM might be able to get a lot out for Draisaitl. I doubt that they are just a piece or two away from being a contender even with the right coach. I am not a fan of acquiring one or two players who drive the whole team. It has worked in the past, but it generally leads to a long dry aftermath.
  13. Normally, I would agree with cross. You have to always consider ways to improve the team. At the same time, however, one of the most difficult qualities to obtain from players is the culture/desire to win. It seems like a lot of our players have a swagger to their stride as they should given their play this year. If you move out one or two players from the bottom 6, my fear is that you can disrupt that overall confidence. You need a team to have the talent and chemistry to win. I would not balk at a clear upgrade or an addition (assuming that we can do so under the cap), but this has to be done carefully. I don't think that Treliving has experience putting the finishing touches on a contender.
  14. In this effort, their scouts and staff have left no stone unturned. Their problems have been solved with the bold move of adding Colby Cave to the roster. Not sure how Chiarelli managed to swing him when every other team was swooning the guy.
  15. Toronto and Edmonton might make good trading partners. It sounds like Talbot is up for grabs, and Toronto needed goaltending apparently. I am not sure if they acquired what they really wanted in the trade with Florida. The Leafs have a lot of forwards while the Oilers have one. Boyo in Toronto might be the last guy to hoop Chiarelli.
  16. I must admit that I am a little hesitant to fix problems right now myself. Having said that, I hope Treliving is listening to offers. Things are heating up and most of our players are at their best values to us. It makes sense to trade right now.
  17. We have waited a long time for this. I love it every time someone points out how it feels like '89 again.
  18. I wonder if there is any credibility to these Red Wine Summits stories? Does Chiarelli have full control over the Oilers or are there restrictions placed on him? Do the old boys still have a major impact on the team? I was rather surprised by news that they are going all out to get help at forward. What surprises me the most is that ownership is actually allowing Chiarelli to make any further big moves. If anything, I thought that Chiarelli would be a seller at the deadline before being fired. If I were an Oilers fan, I would be worried about this situation. Chiarelli must be concerned about losing his job, and a desperate General Manager is more likely to make desperate trades. My guess is that most hockey fans would say he makes poor trades when his job is secure. I would love to be a fly on the wall when the Oilers talk to their season ticket holders this year. Pointing out that Ottawa is marginally worse can only go so far.
  19. I actually listened to the song the last time it was posted. Cracks me up.
  20. You are correct. He has tried to shoot more and tried different types of shots this year. The result is more goals.
  21. AHHHHHH! Now you put that dumb song in my head!