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  1. Incompetent councillors? Have you looked to Edmonton lately? Given the Kenney cuts, this deal has to be cancelled. This is an era of austerity.
  2. I am totally down with getting an elite RW. I really wanted ROR when he was available. Heck, I would take Kessel just to see Carty lose his mind with Photoshop. I just hope that elite really means elite and not Brouwer etc. I am kind of disappointed in Hamonic. I thought we would get a working man's Reggie.
  3. I think that we should think carefully before trading Brodie. While I acknowledge that we have been playing poorly all season, our worst play was more or less after Brodie collapsed. The team broke the skid when he travelled with them to Philly, and they looked much better when he hit the ice again. A number of times I thought to myself that he made a good pass or play.
  4. True enough. It is also possible that getting spanked last game will provide them with greater motivation.
  5. I spend most of my time thinking about the Flames, so I am no Oilers expert. It seemed that they had some solid teams some years and never made it work. Something was always wrong. I can only imagine what McDavid would do on a team with more talent.
  6. When the Oilers do have a good season, I will be interested in the autopsy. They have had many great picks over the years, so what was the delay in building that team? How can a team with the best winning streak in terms of picks also have one of the worst losing streaks in terms of play?
  7. I am rather surprised how poorly Feaster managed the club. It seems to me that he seriously lacked knowledge about how to do the job. I anticipate variation in GM success, but I never thought someone could get to that level without the requisite hockey knowledge.
  8. It appears to me that the Flames organization have been reluctant to acquire players with attitude problems. Too bad Neal came in with an attitude on day 1. I am not sure what his problem was, but he attended Phil Kessel's training camp which consisted of mowing down burgers and dogs.
  9. I like discussion forums because they allow for lengthy discussions in a way that other social media do not. There are a lot of long, deep posts by members of this forum that allow people to think more deeply about issues. Of course, we have a lot of great posters here with significant knowledge of the sport and the CBA. Great thing going on here. Heck, even Oiler fans can't help but stop by! I also appreciate that the Flames have allowed for open discussion.
  10. Unless prices have shot up, I believe that the cost is far, far less than that. Given public dollars were used to fund the new arenas for both teams, you would think that coughing up a few bucks for a discussion forum would be a no-brainer.
  11. Cowtownguy


    What kind of leash should we put on this goaltending tandem?
  12. Cowtownguy


    I have asked a few players that I know about changes in the way defencemen play the position. It seems to me that they need to be more aggressive and check as often as possible. They argue that few players are taught this style anymore. They are simply taught to be more Russell than Reggie.
  13. I like Brodie, but I think you are right. Now is the time to move on from him. The problem seems to be getting value for him. We all know BT had a viable deal for him and it fell through. I can only imagine how much effort was put into that trade, and how many other offers were once possible. Kadri really screwed us IMO.
  14. Cowtownguy


    I think that we have a solid defence core. The problem that I have is that I may be embedded in the older way of playing defence. I was a big Reggie fan and loved it when he cleared the net. His skating was not great especially after the accident that broke both of his legs. He did generate some fear in the opposing team. You mess with Kipper, and you ARE going to pay. I would like to see more of that. Hamonic and Gio provide some toughness, but not quite like guys did back in the day.
  15. Cowtownguy


    I think that we are in agreement. I have my reservations about both goalies. I think that they both have potential, but I am not completely convinced that they will steal very many games. The defence needs to ante up given our 'tenders.
  16. Cowtownguy


    I think that an injury is a plausible argument for his drop in play. I certainly don't know many NHL players, but I have spoken to a few over the years. There is consensus that there is a lot of pressure for players to keep playing despite an injury. They are encouraged to play through pain, keep their mouths shut when they do, and not bring down others. There is also the pressure of losing one's job. If Rittich's play drops, and Talbot just happens to go on a serious streak like he did with the Oilers that one year in the playoffs, Peters is sure to keep going with him. There is also the concern of being labelled of "injury prone".
  17. Hopefully, Lucic has an impact here. I kind of doubt that any team will take that contract from us without salary retention. I hope he is training like mad right now. He needs to be Boston Lucic again, or beat the crap out of a few Oilers. $.5 million per serious beat down would make me happy.
  18. May I ask you to elaborate? That is, you stated that cocaine is a big problem not new to this province. What examples did you have in mind when you stated that? The bigger problem for me is that he lied about it initially. I have problems with people who lie too easily. If they can lie to others so easily, then they may well be incapable of being honest with themselves, and thus unable to look in the mirror, be critical, and improve. I dunno, I grew up in a small town where your word and maybe a handshake meant something. Still does in a lot of places. Having said that, I can understand why he lied about doing coke. The NHL lacks a coherent drug policy. For me, just using cocaine is not a problem. If he uses it a lot, then it could be a serious problem. Cocaine, however, is not a particularly addictive drug relatively speaking. Alcohol, nicotine, crystal meth, fentanyl, carfentanyl (which is THE BIG problem right now) etc. are far more addictive. I hope he keeps it together and keeps shining.
  19. Thanks for that, and the dream of Lucic getting Smitty all upset.
  20. It is a shame that we do not play Edmonton until December. A really good check to an Oiler would give him a great start to the season.
  21. I think that Vegas had fewer needs before they got approval for the franchise. ETA: I get the interest in Patrick. At worst, he will be an impactful NHL player. I just don't get the interest in Puljujarvi. I remember listening to the talk about those top Finns before the draft. A few stated that JP was the obvious weak link on the line. He was fed many of his points by superior players. Mix in a bit of Oiler toxicity, and I am sorry, this dude is a dud. While I hope he improves, I think he is more likely to be an average AHL player. Why work so hard to acquire a guy who is likely going to pan out like Raymond, Brouwer, Neal etc.? At least those guys did something before sucking.
  22. I hope he turns it around and performs at his best. I just think that the odds are against him. How much does a down trending newbie go for these days?
  23. While I agree with your assessment, I think Brouwer and Neal were just such amazing disappointments. By saying that, I mean many of us, myself included, were stoked to get these guys. I thought that the Flames could actually be one missing piece from being a true contender. Just one guy might be able to capture the magic of the 80s Flames. Then they fall flat. Although I agree Neal-Lucic is just a swap, some people will think that first the guy brought in Brouwer, then Neal, and then Lucic! He brings in a bum disappointment every year!
  24. Yeah man, he's buried more bodies than Lucky Luciano. He has improved the team significantly though. I still consider him a solid GM.
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