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  1. Maybe that's why that Oiler fan I met still had hope. Maybe they can clinch that 8th win of the season in the last 10 games.
  2. When they were discussing who is the best forward in the league. Kucherov was short-changed because McJeebus.
  3. I had not considered this until TD brought it up. They look very similar, but there is obviously a lot more going on inside Monahan's head. He is more intense, compulsive, and productive. Janko has hands and some IQ. The problem is that he is too slow and too often appears to be labouring when skating. Surely these guys have to be in excellent shape. Monahan has a lot to teach Janko.
  4. Oh, I forgot to mention this. I actually, honest to God, met a guy today who still holds out hope that the Oilers can make it.
  5. I have never understood how that works. How can people think they are God's gift despite an obvious record of being the opposite (a dog's gift?). I always figured that the arrogance was a defence mechanism or something. Lucic is kind of interesting to watch. I have never quite known how to interpret drops in play. Lucic is obviously slower, less intense, and less productive than ever. He doesn't seem to make up for it in ways that only he can. So, a Smith isn't going to fight, Brouwer wasn't really a scrapper etc. Lucic could easily still smack others around. So, it makes me think that as some players age, they just lose interest. I doubt you find many older players anymore who have the intensity of some of the older guys in the 70s and 80s. Lanny got a second shot here after playing for the Leafs with Sitler. Not going to find many Lannys anymore. Doubt you have many John Tonellis either.
  6. That must suck to create the GDT and then have the site fall apart Carty. Thanks for creating it though!
  7. Undoubtedly sir. In fact, some might suggest that this is a very tall order indeed! Those tools don't have a chance. I just wish they had gone on a longer run to keep some hopes alive.
  8. Agreed. It was a good fight, just not anything amazing. I guess when you are breaking into the league with the plan to possibly take on Lucic, you make sure you know what you are doing. The true fighters in the league have improved a lot since the 1970s and 1980s. They balance well, throw others off balance well, actually mix in different types of punches (Probert was awesome at that though), and appear to try and manage energy more efficiently.
  9. It is kind of funny. The teams are a little tentative, and I think the fans are as well. Thank goodness Stone didn't get a penalty for goalie interference.
  10. Knock off that noise you young whipper snapper!
  11. We have to maintain our discipline. Winnipeg can really wear down a team on the pk.
  12. Good thing they only sing the Canadian anthem.
  13. Your lines do pose an interesting question. How do you reshuffle without Monahan? You could move Lindholm to centre and play with the wingers. Or, you could move Quine up to the second line. If they do as you suggest, it would seem to demonstrate how they feel Janko has developed. That is, incapable of second line minutes at the moment.
  14. I suspect that had I ever been good enough to play, I would have chosen LA in a heartbeat.
  15. I wouldn't blame you for forgetting him. I remember him going to NYR, but didn't they move him to Chicago or something?
  16. The Rangers are so young that they are all lining up to be harassed by Chucky.
  17. Drafted the guy and he didn't want to come.
  18. He never did much did he?
  19. I wonder if GG has thrown any sticks this year. Is he still in Edmonton?
  20. WOOOOOOOT!!!!!
  21. Wow, the refs really are calling everything.
  22. Mangiapane continues to impress me. He seems capable of raising his game. I was skeptical that he would ever make it.
  23. Which is why I am not sure that purple Gatorade is such a good idea. Maybe claim a bottle and stick to it.
  24. Ah, your little trick works with Chrome. ETA: The pic shows up, but disappears when I hit submit. Oh well.
  25. Would anyone hit me if I said I would rather have Cassie back?