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  1. Pittsburg wants our first round pick. Hopefully their demands will drop if Fleury is our goal.
  2. Ok so our #6 isn't in play for a goalie. Was our goaltending that bad or did we just have a bad defensive system that led us to the worse GAA in the league. That being said how do we get a bonified #1 goalie without mortgaging the future. Or do we find a #2 goalie and hope for the best. What teams are looking to dump a goalie if there is an expansion draft.
  3. Is any goalie available worth our #6 pick or can we assume it is safe. What do we give up to ensure we have a viable #1 goalie for this year. Is Reimer really a forseable option, or do we pursue MAF via trade.
  4. I live in Ottawa, there was a bidding process for the Lebreton Flats redevelopment. The Calgary Next proposal so far has no competing bid. There has been no talk of the taxpayers being on the hook for any of the Ottawa proposals but I am sure that now a bid has been chosen dollar talk won't be far behind.
  5. I would love to see my beloved Flames move into a state of the art facility like Calgary NEXT but I don't see this ever happening. The cost of the site clean up as well as the amount of $$$ the Flames are asking from tax payers will kill this proposal.
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