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  1. Instead of the Kid Rock restaurant the Flames one will have George Canyons Country Karaoke Emporium.
  2. Is there any plan for hotel/convention centre amenities incorporated to the project? True North is finally finishing up the hotel/condo setup by the arena here and the outdoor plaza/viewing gallery was also built mostly to prevent celebratory crowds from taking over Portage and Main. You could access a couple hotels before but they were a bit of a trek away from the arena.
  3. But what if I need to go to starbucks or get a haircut?
  4. I was listening to an interview with Marty Biron, he special guests on a show in Buffalo with Peters and Rivet, where he had heard that the owners wanted to start turning a profit ASAP with a mix of a better on ice product AND major behind the scene cost cutting. The rumor was was even going to lengths of having a minimal scouting staff and going mostly by numbers and video. It was even hinted this may be a quick fix for franchise value in the hopes of a sale in the near future. I dont think it will come to that but stranger things have happened. If thats true.........what a s**tshow.
  5. Bell Centre in Montreal is the only 20+ arena. 18.5 is around league average and seeing how economies can change almost overnight better off with ticket demand than empty seats.
  6. Every Flyer fan I know basically believes Hart is as untouchable as a player could get. Makes sense since Phillys recent goaltending history is no better than Calgarys.
  7. They're in no rush for a #2 C, once Little is back Copp who was doing really well @#2 will go back down to #4. Lowry is their #3 and Roslovic and Harkins have filled in well when needed. Jets are going to spend their $ on a top 4 d-men. Buff needs to be replaced and Kulikov wont be resigned.
  8. That's the issue. I shouldn't classify as a local audience but yet even with access to 5+ SN channels I still need to go see uncle Reddit to watch my games. Cable/satellite tv has been around for over 25 years, reliable streaming for the last 5, either the league or the tv rights holder is being greedy and they refuse to keep up with the times. once again sorry for the off topic rant.
  9. With Barzal needing to resign this summer and the Isles not having alot of contracts to worry about I think he'll be an Islander for a while. He may not like the system but its showing results and he's gonna get paid. Would be a sweet pick up tho.
  10. Have to disagree there. The fact it was a very quick play in both Gelinas shot and Khabbys reaction and the fact play went on for a bit it makes sense no one reacted right away. Obviously someone saw the potential of a goal and t was reviewed accordingly, even in todays game we see goal reviews minutes after the fact when play is stopped. You are right in the fact that the Flames had ample opportunity to finish the game/series but failed to do so.
  11. Maybe there will be an end to the outdated "local blackout" BS that has plagued tv audiences since the availability of coast to coast tv.
  12. My bad, Buffalos site listed him as C. Really kinda amplifies the fact theyre short everywhere else as much a C, if not more. Get some proper top line wingers then he could be utilized in his natural position.
  13. Considering Buffalos 2nd highest scorer is their 2C and theres just as much RD on the roster as LD I'm not sure what oriface this guy is pulling his info from. Basically I wouldn't put much weight behind his suggested trade values.
  14. That would be overpayment IMHO. Two locked in cap friendly contracts of players with a history together? Thats worth more than you think. It's no secret that Jacks not happy and keeping him around without a supporting cast does nothing. Other teams may present comparable offers but two proven performers (99 and 82 pts achieved vs. Jacks 82) and you see the 2 for 1 helps Buffalo now, which is most likely Botterils mandate. You may need to add a 4th/5th rounder or take on a lousy contract to sweeten the pot a bit. With Eichel coming in Mony would be dispensable, Eichel - Backs - Ryan - Janks/Reider/etc.
  15. Jankos contract will be up in the official off-season, he'll just go to FA. You will also need to address the signings/replacements for the outgoing D-men. And if the popular opinion is Rittich needs a 1B instead of a backup. There may not be as much room as you think.
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