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  1. This anthem singer is worse than Canyon. Is he a celebrity of some sort cause I'm sure he isnt a professional singer.
  2. You're assuming he deserves a spot back in. When he last played neither him or the rest of the team were not playing well and yes he does have better #s than some but slotting him automatically is a lateral move at best. Maybe keep Janko out and slot him in at 4C or 4LW?
  3. Fleury if HOF material in my opinion, he wont be forgotten too soon and Binnington may be a one trick pony or he could be a perennial all star. Too early to tell. The others, you're probably right.
  4. A step in the right direction if not anything else.
  5. Top line was doing absolutely nothing. May as well mix it up now rather than later in the season when it may be too late. This just may also be a statement to say no one is unmovable.
  6. Rittich is on pace to have 62 starts by the end of season and if it comes down to the team fighting for a playoff spot I'm afraid that will only go up. Fearing the risk of burnout/injury I think they gotta get Talbot in the rotation a little more frequently.
  7. To me what is more disturbing is that management was made aware, swept it under the rug, and continued as nothing happened. Can you imagine how that reflected back to the players involved? Mind you nothing was ever said from the players end either so I guess the "shut up and keep your job" mentality may still be there.
  8. I think that would work. The Habs may be going into desperation mode there, anything worthwhile persuing? I've always been big on Armia but the Jets didn't have room at the time, he's starting to show what he can do.
  9. As the saying goes...........hard work beats skill when skill doesn't work hard.
  10. But like you said, it's now between Peters and the league/Bettman/NHLPA/the accusers, etc... The Flames are done with it and can move on, as a fan that's not a loss.
  11. No real insight, in fact probably far less than most on this board but I believe this is the best option. Between him, Gelinas, and Conroy, no one else know the room better than those 3. Maybe we'll see different line combos, special teams and a different look to the teams overall game. Hopefully for the better and this may answer the question if they just quit playing for Peters or if the teams issues run deeper.
  12. I guess with Peters gone they could play some rap?
  13. At the risk of sounding like I'm siding with Horsman (I'm not) but wasn't there term left on Peters contract when he left Carolina? Does it happen often where a coach voluntarily vacates a position with one team for another? If the Canes were so eager to let Peters go and Peters was so willing to go with term left wouldnt that raise some flags? I honesty dont know if that has happened before, maybe it's more common than I realize.
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