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  1. I have no issue with even splitting up Johnny/Mony but Mony needs someone for zone entries and as a set up man and Johnny needs a shooter/finisher. Johnny also needs someone who can trailer him for his breakaway rebounds when he inevitably shoots it into the goalies pads.
  2. Theres no way a signed at near minimum and a career high of 19 pts player should be pushed ahead of the likes of Mangi or Dube. I understand Leivo could have a very impressive camp and the rosters do need to be filled a bit differently if/when the season starts but to do that doesnt give much hope to the young players. If anything going by the way he played in the post season I think Dube deserves a fair chance of moving up the line.
  3. The white one in Cross's earlier post was much nicer considering it's actually reversed.
  4. My twitter is getting loaded with all the teams retro/reverso unis. So far I really like the Canes, Hawks, Avs, Jets, and Kings. As for the Ducks, Yotes, Sabres, BJs, and Blues....please no. How did Vegas do retro?
  5. Theres nobody in that deal coming in that makes the Flames any better.
  6. Although I cant see that happening with Marchands NMC, the thought of Chucky and Marchand on the same team would be entertaining.
  7. Depth for the right side. Better question is why not? Its gonna be a condensed schedule and the fringe players are gonna see more ice time.
  8. I'm all for the team getting physically bigger but comparing Gaudreau to Rinaldo because of stature is a bit of a reach.
  9. Looking at Simons #s may as well keep him as a 7th and give Gawdin a shot. Doesn't seem like much was gained with that signing other than an extra body just in case.
  10. The way Dube played in the post season I think he deserves at least a consideration for 3rd line. Maybe eventually he and Mangi will battle it out for 2nd.
  11. I like the retro unis fine but for me the odd time as a 3rd jersey was already enough. I guess maybe its to try and sell more merch but I wont be shelling out more $$ for a retro one. Anyways, I cant be the only one who actually liked these
  12. Again I hate to broken record but Hanifin is the closest player the Flames have that would come close to addressing their needs. But not close enough unfortunately. The closest players I could see as a fit would be Hedman orChabot.
  13. He did have his best year with Stastny and popular opinion here says the fact he's a LHS will bode well again for Laine on the right. But if you're going to blame your center (which he did) whether its handedness or overall skill that screams primadonna to me. I cant see much other reason they brought in Stastny other than to give Laine a kickstart again.
  14. His issue here was he wasn't getting 2C usage. Wont get that in Calgary either. Started to excell once utilized properly at C. Sure its not 4th overall standard but its a start. The Ras factor maybe? A hockey trade for Niku I'd be all for.
  15. TBH I havent heard anything local suggesting Hanifin is an option. The fact that Werenski was 1st pair with alot of special team time, plus having a Finnish GM makes a bit of a connection. Honestly, I'm not sure how Laines personality would mesh with Torts.
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