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  1. Thats the Smith were gonna need. Rittich did it on his hot streak, Smith was doing it early last year. Once the playoffs start having a goalie (either one) steal a game that you dont deserve to win can be the deciding factor in a series or even more.
  2. Would it be worth any potential background drama?
  3. Psssst..........what Weber is he rambling about?
  4. Didnt really know where to post this but if this isnt a positive story then what is? Heres an axcellent interview with Big Ern (not Kevin) McGrattan on what he does for the organization based on his own experiences.
  5. Brodie and Kylington paired?
  6. Speaking of popcorns......did anyone get called up since Neal got hurt?
  7. Sweeeeeet!
  8. Worst case scenario is the Isles play sub par and dont really test him. Then nothing is learned.
  9. This will be the pressure test for Smith against a top tier team. If he succeeds maybe theres hope, if he falters then maybe it helps in decision making before TDL.
  10. Ah. The move doesn't make much sense but hey theres a reason I'm not a GM.
  11. BSDs numbers havent been much better lately. Are we writing him off also? I agree Rittich should be playing just to see if he gets his mojo back but as of late the on ice product has not been that different.
  12. Vasilevsky went 19th. Flames picked 21st.
  13. Could he be sent down for conditioning/medical observation reasons?
  14. Sounds like no matter how good Smitty plays from here on some people have written him off with no chance of redemption.
  15. You mean when he got moved to the top line?