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  1. How about Brodie + Janko for Buch + Lemieux + 2/3 rounder? Get back some lost grit.
  2. I'd have to vote for NHL '94. I always sucked when it came to video hockey compared to my brother and friends. Unless I picked Washington and if Bondra could skate in and shoot from the top of the circle, always scored.
  3. All I see is 99pts @ 6.75m going out and 73pts @ 11.6m coming in. Sure you may get more points from Matthews/Tkachuk but at what cost? Especially with the contracts yet to sign. Right now Valimaki and Ras are NHL ready. Kyl will be soon. If stone is still here he'll prob get some ice time, and Davidson just may earn some 3rd pairing or 7th D time. That potentionally leaves 1 spot up for grabs. I agree with the common thought if Brodie gets moved it should be for a RW or a #2C.
  4. Lateral move at best, all while taking on more salary (11.4m vs. 14.38m), not addressing the right wing holes, and preventing the young D from moving up.
  5. Not me. The off season is still early and with some of the deals that have already happened I would rather go into next season with the same roster than get hosed in a deal just for the sake of making a trade. My only concern is the loss of some grit and physicality.
  6. In all honesty I hope Ferlie doesn't sign back here. If he does, a cheap deal 1 year at a time. He's not the physical force that used to define his game and he could be one more concussion away from being done altogether. The 3-4 mil he's probably going ask for could most likely be better off spent elsewhere.
  7. You don't know that. So in other words, even though Rittich isn't signed (he will) and in all reality still unproven, last years "starter" is gone, and the progress of the kids in the system is anyones guess the team should still have waited until the 11th hour to sign a backup?
  8. If you look at Meiers deal it's mostly bonuses at the start but the last year is 10m no bonuses. Just in time for the re-sign.
  9. Kinda bummed about losing Prout. The team is getting softer every day.
  10. NYR are taking on alot of $. RFA Lemieux would be my choice. Could probably be had for 1.25m.
  11. Sucks losing him for 1.5m. The team has to get that grit back.
  12. If the Nucks do get Myers their D core is going to be alot tougher to play against.
  13. Do UFA signing affect RFA asks? Hope not I'm hearing some scary numbers.
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