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  1. Nuge bumped his glove.
  2. So I tried streaming the game from both the away and home feeds. Just debating if I should try and watch it on mute.
  3. Awesome pick by Andersson. Hes reading the game so well for a rookie.
  4. I dont know who you would swap out? Ras and Kylington are playing well and Prout does have the NHL expirence. Just an in case call up.
  5. I hope that wasnt spill over from the hit in the first period.
  6. Is Stone back from the IR? *edit - The dept of player safety is an absolute *blank blank blank* joke.
  7. I understand the team already has a good crop of players to call up if needed but am I wrong in wanting to call up Rychel for a game or two? A mid-position first rounder that so far hasnt panned out. It would be a good time to see if theres any fire left in him.
  8. It sound like we're all arguing the same point. My issue is the use of the term "stats" when discussing something open to analytics.
  9. I think thats the point stats people are getting to. Stats are stats, backed by hard numbers. When you start adding subjective areas such as high or low scoring chances then your hard stats start becoming probabilities and trends which may be more reflective of a game or player given the dynamics of the game.
  10. I think in that scenario the main question is why is Calgarys top line playing more than double the 5v5 minutes? Are PP and PK affecting time that much? Is that even the Isles top line? Does their coach like to juggle lines? Hard stats can be useful in painting a vague picture but there are always so many variables for them to be the only thing to base ones judgement or decision on.
  11. So now that all the hype centered around Nylander is settling down and everyones vioced their opinion on it and the upcoming FA's..............if Chucky tears it up for the rest of the year and his camp decides to be ridiculous in their asking price, what is the acceptable ceiling? Obviously you want him here and happy as long as possible but at what cost?
  12. Good pressure but alot of passes ending up in the players skates.
  13. Lomberg reminds me of what Hathaway was like a couple years ago. A tasmanian devil type player no scared to go into the corners and hit but not really accomplishing much. That being said Hathaway has seemed to have grown his game to a more rounded style, so thats not saying Lomberg cant do the same.
  14. That save will make the season end highlight reels. Gotta tighten up the overall game tho.
  15. Disregard the naysayers......bring on the bell!