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  1. Good points on both parts. Sadly there are cases where "tanking" worked, Pittsburg and Chicago are best examples. But with the changes to the lottery the modern concept of tanking is a risky venture at best. A team built with toughness (physical and mental) alongside skill is where todays teams are going to succeed.
  2. Apparently JG is close to signing an 8 year extension, just some small details to finalize. This is according to someone on Reddit who has "a source within the organization". No word on $$ but apparently this person has "broken" other Flames related news. /Quotes added for sarcasm.
  3. Mony has more total points over the first 6 seasons of each ones career. (363 vs. 355) . JEs PPG average is much better but it didnt benefit the Sabres when he missed +20% more games due to injury. Those are not #s that justify the 5 year/ $10 mil salary AND the cost of acquisition.
  4. With only 4 playoff appearances in 10+ years and only one playoff round won since '04 is there any reason to think another disappointing season would change anything?
  5. Numbers and proven performance. I'm not saying Mony is the better overall player but you cant rob the present and futures for someone who MIGHT reach their potential next season. If it goes wrong the team is hooped for a long long time. With all the speculation of next years draft class I dont see how anyone would want to include early round 2022s.
  6. Prob not but no one will know until Eichel does move. Someone will overpay, I just dont want it to be the Flames.
  7. So far Eichel hasnt either. He isnt worth the asking price and it seems the rest of the league doesnt think so either.
  8. Ya my mistake, Looches deal was the year before and based on coaching but I still have a feeling all was not well in the dressing room. As well as last year.
  9. I'm kinda wondering if there is/was maybe some locker room issues that needed to be addressed. Maybe some kind of room division, or work ethic problems that seasoned veterans could help smooth out. The idea comes up when discussing Chuckys change in play or the teams overall inconsistencies, maybe even part of the reason Looch contemplated leaving. In the end this has been a shell of a team for a few seasons, got the skill but no heart. A guy like Richardson doesnt stat in the league this long solely on point production, I'm sure its the other intangibles that hes being brought in for.
  10. Historically when one of these "character players" got signed I worried that the up and comers get pushed to the wayside. With previous coached that may have been true but at least with Sutter everyone knows what you'll need to do to make an impression. True that there are some in Stockton that aren't built for that type of game if players like JH and Mangi can flourish under Sutter than theres something to battle for.
  11. I seem to remember Mackey playing the right side during his time up. Small sample size but he put up some decent #s also. I'd like to see him paired with Zadorov on 3rd pair and move Val with Tanev 2nd pair. Ras and Han up top. Trying to keep a D minded player with a offensive/puck mover type.
  12. Sadly unless the team is catastophicly out of the playoffs by then theres no way a shakeup of that magnitude will happen. Even then I think it would be a stretch.
  13. I agree totally. Theres still the backlog at LW with Johnny, Chucky, and Mangi. I'm not a fan of moving someone to their off wing and keeping Mangi on the 3rd line is a waste so for the betterment of the team one of them should go. Theres pros and cons of trading each player and I guess there are some ways keeping all 3 could work, but theres also holes that still need to be addressed.
  14. Its been 40+ years of ups and downs. I'm too old to try and change allegiances now.
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