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  1. Regardless on how bad an injury is I've never been a fan of "playing through" an injury. Thats a good way to make it worse or not have it heal totally, especially when Talbot was playing some very good hockey. If thats the case then maybe they need a veteran head coach thats not afraid to veto the gurus decision when/if needed. And make sure Rittich spends time with his mentor back home like last off season.
  2. A TSN report with BT says that Rittich had been dealing with an elbow injury for the last half of the season. Whether you want to use this as an excuse for some subpar play at the end but this brings up some concerns. Firstly this has happened before but not disclosed until after the fact and could very well happen again. If this was known by coaching staff then why was he still starting the majority of the games while a the 1b with just as good #s sat the bench? Lastly does that say anything about the goaltending prospects or goalie coaching? I'm sure giving BSD a week or two to heal wouldnt be any worse than going into the post season riding an injured goalie.
  3. There alot of teams dont have a super star (St. Louis) as theres only so many to go around. This team that had an incredible first 2/3 of last year, a barely average last 1/3, and a disaster of a playoff had the same coach and the same core players. It seems a feeling of indifference and/or complacency has taken over the majority of the team which brings up the argument that no one is ever really going to agree upon......can a coach teach the players to overcome it or is it on the players to figure it out? Theres never really been a heart and soul player that can rally the troops since Iginla. This maybe an unpopular idea but even a change of captaincy could help. The only player that I think has the personality and attitude to do that is Chucky.
  4. Agreed. I can understand that there is alot of $$ to be lost and going by the official league media releases theyre going to try everything to continue the season. The thing is I cant imagine how it would reflect on the league if players become sick after a re start, especially with other major leagues cancelling seasons altogether. Edit: Sorry for getting off forum topic. This should be continued in the COVID board.
  5. Unfortunately the WC2 position would have pitted them against either the Blues or Avs, neither of which would have been a favorable matchup. Maybe the core should be shaken up but only for the right deal. We'll just have to see how the draft, free agency and possibly training camps are affected.
  6. Thats probably the best explanation I've seen concerning the TP hoarding thats going on. I wondered who are these people were as everyone I know werent hoarding it, knew of anyone hoarding it, or could understand why. The major retailers were way too late on putting restrictions up possibly adding to the problem. Myself, I'm not hoarding anything yet, just buying a little extra of things that may be useful as this drags on, trying to find ways to stave off boredom, and making sure my parents out in the boonies have everything they need. As for all you forum members everyone keep safe, keep sane, keep an eye out for those who may need it, and just realize........ the Flames were about to go on a hot streak that would have carried them to the SC championship, and you can't prove otherwise.
  7. Comparing Lindholm to Ferland is as far from apples to apples as you can get. Much like Bennett here Lindy was never utilized properly for a very early 1st rounder, even when he was on the 1st line Ferland was relatively streaky. Peters knew what there was in Lindy and in hindsight when you factor in injuries the Flames got the better end of the deal. That being said if Lindy didnt earn a top 3 spot then maybe the Neal issue wouldnt have happened.
  8. Sounds like what you had has nothing to do with the whole COVID issue. Trying to determine the site of where it all started mat never be 100% known, maybe someone ate a bat or pangolin, maybe some other source. It's already known that China tried to cover it up before it got out of hand, and considering the amount of deaths that started in Wuhan I cant imagine it starting anywhere else.
  9. Not an expert in anything like this but I think it points more to Russia keeping its numbers to itself. That and the fact as far as I know Russia isnt as much of a worldwide destination for travel as most of the heavily affected areas.
  10. That is effen brilliant! Kudos to the original tweeter.
  11. I cant confirm on how this works on viruses but a 25% mix (1:3) solution of vinegar to water works well for bacteria, choliforms, Y&M, and also does a good job of rinsing off potential agricultural chemicals. Keep some in a salad bowl and wash the veggies then rinse. If the smell is a little strong you can use a 1:4 dilution, just wash a little longer. On the small chance you have access to it pure citric acid also works well in comparable ratios.
  12. From what I've been reading is True North had the intention to pay their staff also but wanted to make sure everything was run through the lawyers first. Cant blame them really.
  13. I think the best idea would be to see what everyones record was at the 68 game mark (least amount of games played currently) and base it off of that. It would be at least the 14 day quarantine period before they came back and even then play to empty arenas? Even watching from home that wouldnt be the same.
  14. Take anything from this site with a grain of salt but hockeyinsiders.net is reporting a player from the Yotes has tested positive. Regardless the outlook isn't positive.
  15. I'm wondering, IF the season gets called what happens to all the trades, signings, and contracts that have caveats for reaching certain totals. Like the Lucic/Neal trade or bonuses for point totals or playoff appearances? I guess point and goal totals could be figured with running averages but how many deals are out there with playoff performance tied in?
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