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  1. My concern is he only got 24 regular and 2 post season games played and had 2 major injuries.. Ya he's considered top pair potential but between his injury history and inexperience I dont think it's fair to expect him to automatically slide into the top 4.
  2. Edmunson would have been an excellent pick up for the Flames, a stay-at-home big body thats not scared to use his size. Thats what the team need to target for the RD.
  3. All the more reason not to move him. If he keeps progressing with Ras his value next year will be higher. Put Valimaki on the 3rd pair for a year to get a better idea where his cieling could be. By then he may be able to leapfrog Hanifin to 1st pair and bump Gio to 3rd for his last year or trade Hanifin then and move Gio to 2nd. I'm not too worried about who plays where on the left, the right side needs to be addressed properly.
  4. Thats always been something I look into when I see off season rumors. It it was apparent when Neal came why he'd been on so many teams in such a short period. The same could be made this time around concerning Lehner.
  5. Gotta say no to Letang. For that price theres alot younger and better options. Plus he's got an 18 team NMC.
  6. As was said before. With the rest of the staff taking a pay cut, bringing in a high price coach wouldn't look good.
  7. You're not but a few seem to think that a superstar goalie is the magic bullet that will fix everything. Fixes are needed everywhere so the $ needs to be spread out.
  8. To add to that: 20th in goals for 16th in goals against 24th in shots against/game 19th in PP% It's way more than the goaltending that is average about this team. In fact Talbots #s are above average if anything, regular season and playoffs.
  9. If you want to see how that can be remedied take a look at recent winners. Between the Bolts, Stars, Knights, and last years Blues, is their d-line.
  10. Exactly. It's no different than when Peters, GG, or Hartley coached. So why does anyone think anyone else hired would be any different when the same core pieces are still around?
  11. For the money the others are going to ask/get keep Talbot and make sure its a 50/50 workload next season. It's going to be a condensed schedule with alot of B2Bs so any team that rides their starter 55+ games is asking for trouble.
  12. No, I've had that mindset ever since the team started getting smaller. Even a guy like Mangi who plays well above his weight class can only do that so much until it starts wearing on him. The FA list doesnt look too promising so to find a RHS with size that isnt an over aged anchor would have to be traded for. And that wont be cheap.
  13. That's more on the players than coaching. This team has had how many coaches in how many years? Maybe a little bit of stability in the coaching and a little more onus on the players when things dont go right is what this team needs.
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