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  1. I cant see the Winnipeg trade happening before the Toronto one, as you'll most likely take Niku out of the equation. The talk seems to be that they want Morrisey, Niku, and Henola as their D-men for the future. And with Little and now Lowrey out with injuries they may not be too keen on letting any centres go either. No one else in that price range is any better than whats already in the line up.
  2. Much better in the last half of the first. A little forecheck has them coughing up the puck, just gotta make them pay for it now.
  3. So is this DiPronio guy looking for a job?
  4. Wasnt his name brought up before as the kid who threw his silver medal into the stands?
  5. They covered their Hash Rate by calling the slash instead.
  6. BSDs numbers are comparable to Binnington, Markstrom, and Anderson. Bringing them hypothetically on is a lateral move at best. Murray is being usurped as we speak and Jones is a dumpster fire. All I'm saying is of all the lost games this season a very small percentage is due to subpar goaltending.
  7. I dont think anyone here said having Lucic was the answer. Nor do I or anyone else think 1 player regardless of position is going to be the difference maker. In all honesty if if this season turns into another early exit or playoffs even look questionable by TDL then just prep for next year. Motivation, tenacity, and consistency are what seem to be lacking, not skill. Identify the players you want to build on, the rest all have a $$ value. Besides where do you propose to find a clear #1 goalie you can lean on for under $5 mil?
  8. I thought it would be the other way around. Lindys position is dependent on who comes in.
  9. I'm not sure if he's able to make the jump. Between this and last years pre-seasons and what I saw of him in Winnipeg he seems to have a tough time keeping up with the fast guys and at times even looked awkward. Plus he doesnt seem to use his size alot. But maybe you're right and the point totals are reflective in some growth. In that sense You could also make a case for Quine who is doing quite well (better PPG) in the A and has shown some success with the big club already.
  10. Prob not going to be around for tonights game so I figure I'd get your +1s in early. Great job on the GDT as always Carty.
  11. In all honesty I would rather not see him come back at all if that is the projected timeline. IF he's ok injury wise this season just send him to stockton, an entire season away at his age means he'll never get up to speed in time for the playoffs. Considering this is his 2nd major injury in his young career I dont want to be rushing anything.
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