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  1. Gillies may be a little more expendable with the signing of that KHL goalie. I'm not too sure how much faith anyone has in our current goalie pool.
  2. You're right but it's ultimately going to come down to who's available in the offseason, and at what price? Basically the devil you know vs the devil you don't.
  3. I know this may ruffle some feathers but considering cap space and availability I wouldnt be totally opposed to resigning Smith 1 more year. On the condition he realizes he's there as a relief and mentor to Rittich.
  4. So what are the big differences between game 1 and game 3? Was it more of Calgary stepping back or Colorado stepping up? I just can't wrap my head around the fact it was the same 2 teams in games 1 & 3. Even in the beginning of game 4 it looked like the Flames wanted to win, then in the last 10 minutes the energy wasnt there. Whatever the reason if tomorrow is the last game I hope they fight to the bitter end. Unlike others who have written off the team already (dont let the door hit your a** on the way out), I'll be clinging to blind faith until the last second ticks off. I've been a fan too long and seen alot worse over the years too be talking that nonsense, besides the '13 Hawks and '14 Kings came back from 3-1 and 3-0 respectively to win the cup. Go Flames!!
  5. Brodies gaffes were glaring even when not costly. I didn't notice Hamonic doing any worse than the rest of the D-line. Not that it's been stellar either.
  6. I couldn't either. My big issue is that since the playoff appearance was locked up the question from everyone was goaltending. Who starts? Go with Smittys experience or BSDs numbers? At present it's now a moot point if whichever goalie is going to face 50+ shots. Honesty, last night looked like Gully hockey, the Avs adapted after game 1, the Flames didn't adapt after game 2. Anyway. GO FLAMES!!!
  7. Once the Blues adjusted to Winnipegs game they've basically taken over. Holes showing in Hellys game doesnt help, if it was the Hellybuck of last year the series is at least tied. Tampa and Winnipeg going out in the first round will severely hoop so many playoff pools. Edit: Not mine tho.
  8. From the feel of the local buzz, Ehlers isn't going anywhere. Tanev is due for a big raise, I think he'll be the odd man out unless Laine agrees to alot less than market because of his play this year. Then again if the Jets get swept 4 straight who knows what happens this off season.
  9. Every champion from every year had a goalie that needed to make huge saves more often than not. After only one game don't worry about it too much. Just enjoy the ride.
  10. fixed it.
  11. Ehlers makes 6m for 37pts, .59 ppg. Frolik is 4.3m for 34pts, .52 ppg. Ehlers is younger and faster, Fro is better on the shutdown and pk. How would Ehlers be an upgrade? Still dont understand why some think Frolik should be gone.
  12. Smitty could mentor them both.
  13. That my be an issue since there's only one Russian on the Heat roster and none on the Flames.
  14. Maybe this young Russian that just signed will work out.
  15. I tried that but it says the email isnt associated with any account. I'm positive of the email as I only had one at the time but maybe I'm mistaken also.