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  1. Haven't really seen the rest of the line this period either.
  2. A little backchecking may have helped there.
  3. That's an idea I've never been behind. I know this is probably a very unpopular opinion but I would keep him over Bennett. More versatile, you can see the effort EVERY night, stats and eye test back it up.
  4. I like your option B for the right side D, I'd just have Prout before Stone. Only for the fact he plays a heavier game.
  5. Going by the projected points needed to make the final wildcard spot a team could make it with only 8 wins. If the rest were OTLs or SOLs.
  6. Big question here. Once Mony, Bennett, and Neal are back who sits? Lazar and Quine are almost automatic but that leaves Czarnik and Mangi (or maybe Janko, Hathaway or Ryan but not likely). They have both been playing well and putting up points. Tough call.
  7. Local news was saying a couple nights ago LA was maths out when they lost to the Jets. Makes sense, even if they win the last 10 games thats only 20 pts which brings them to where the Yotes are right now. And they would still lose out with less wins.
  8. Would have been nice if the Rags beat the Wild. Would have clinched a spot even with the loss to the Jets.
  9. More or less controlled the plat in the 3rd. Good job considering the B2B, coming in at 3AM this morning, only 11 forwards, and down a couple starters.
  10. Ok Smitty. Time for a lights out game.
  11. I think Ryan is deserving of a shot in the #1 C position.
  12. The only ones that think the Flames dont have a chance are the one who know nothing about hockey.
  13. Totally agree. Between the four players mentioned Stone leads them with 6 playoff games played. Fantenberg has 4, so inserting Stone because of playoff experience makes for very shallow reasoning. But I wouldn't be surprised.
  14. I don't think I can really say anything about FF52 that hasn't already been said. Even when discussions got heated he still seemed to be a voice of calm. The message board has and will never be the same. Good night FF52.
  15. I'm having a hard time seeing where Hamonics game has been struggling. If anything he's been one of the steadiest and reliable d-men out there. Sure Brodies getting the points but as said earlier how many goals has his mistakes cost? Lately theres been alot of similarities in his and Hanifins game.
  16. They're listening.
  17. ugh *facepalm*
  18. I'm seeing more mistakes by Hanafin.......so far.
  19. I hope the oil win just enough to miss the wildcard but get the worst possible odds in the lottery. Hopefully the Wings end up with 1st overall. Keep Hughes out of the west.
  20. Thanks for the clarification guys. I gotta start paying attention to these behind the frontline rules.
  21. Considering I think Gillies and Parsons are next in the depth chart I dont see any reason to bring him up to the A, barring any injuries. This summer might see a few changes in net tho.
  22. Nope, dont like that at all. 1: is 3 games enough to say he's ready if needed? 2: He doesn't bring anything that is not already in the top 7. 3: Who ends up going down?
  23. Just keep shooting. Without a veznia worthy goalie they're very average.
  24. Recently the Flames have a habit of making mediocre goalies look really good. That ends tonight.
  25. One caveat with my above post is when a goal is scored because of Smiths (and occasionally BSD) puck handling then it is magnified 100X. Keep the puck handling to only when necessary. Numbers show that while the tandem is not stellar it's not as bad at it may seem at times.