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  1. Hockey feed has the Flyers looking at the Jets' Ehlers for the 1st rounder. https://www.hockeyfeed.com/nhl-news/flyers-ready-to-give-1st-round-pick-in-blockbuster-trade-with-jets Not sure how much to put behind this story. Or website for that matter.
  2. The prospect of losing Bennett and/or Hathaway (may price himself out) concerns me, spreads the remaining grit a little too thin for my liking. Granted picking up the likes of Zibanajad, Buchnevich, or Strome could fill in some holes. Maybe throw in Lemieux?
  3. If you look at the goaltender tandems last season other than your elite goalies (Price, Lundquist, Rinne, etc) most of them are not with the team that drafted and developed them. Like someone said before goalies mostly don't hit thier stride until 25 - 27 years old. Personally I'm fine with waiting until 5th round or later to draft goalies, or let other teams start the development then grab them around the 25 year mark. The blue chip prospects are getting rarer and riskier all the time, let some other team waste the pick.
  4. Hammer is a team first guy, 100% sacrifice and 100% effort every night which is why he should stay. Plus even though theres no NMC in his contract I don't think he's too eager to move back out east.
  5. I would personally keep Hammer, and Troubs is gonna be looking for 8m.
  6. Brendan Lemieux could be servicable in that regard. Comparable to Hath in points, not a PKer but will prob end up being cheaper.
  7. Going by what the local ideas and feelings seem to be....... Laine - I think there would be alot of upset fans if he was signed for anything over 8.0 - 8.5. You'd be surprised how the fans/media turn on him when he's on a slump. The idea of a 3 year "prove it" term has made it's rounds quite a bit. Connor - should get Ehlers/Schiefle money. Trouba - Don't let the door hit your a** on the way out. He'll be traded. Niku is ready to make the jump and Poolman could be ready for 3rd pairing. Depending what comes back with a Trouba deal I could see Meyers gone too. If there was room Tanev would be a good pick up, but the bottom 6 is getting crowded as is.
  8. Roslovic would be a great pickup for C. Very good #'s with the Moose and never looked out of place with the big club in his limited role. Problem is now with Hayes gone, if the Jets don't acquire a replacement C this may be Raslovics chance at #2 C. For the most part he's been stuck on the right side but none of Little, Lowry or Copp are #2 material.
  9. 1.5M + 1M in bonus. But ya almost already at minimum wage. Still think he hangs them up he doesn't sign with Vegas.
  10. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big Englland fan I just don't think it's in the cards. With his age and potential salary decrease I honestly think he retires and stays with the Knights organization in some capacity seeing as throughout his career his family based themselves in Vegas.
  11. Prob is Prout could be kept for cheaper and only use when needed as to not block the progression of the young guys.
  12. One of the issues was he didn't want to be 2nd pairing behind Buff on the right side. When Buff was hurt he took over #1 RD and did very well. I don't think it's as much of a Canadian/American thing as much as it is being the Top D-man with top minutes. There's still a black cloud over him around these parts, he won't be back.
  13. The big prob I see there is after all the d-men you have listed, there is no one left. Moving out 4 veteran D (personally I'd keep Prout and Fanta) leaves literally nothing to move up if needed. The team has been lucky as of late with injuries on D but all it takes is a couple injuries and youre going too deep into the depth chart.
  14. You're right, that is something crazy, and certainly won't and shouldn't happen. I've seen almost every Jets game last year and his defensive game is woeful, his d-game and backchecking leaves alot to be desired, basically I see a one trick pony. Yes it's a hell of a trick but the streakiness is concerning. The Jets wont be offering him Marner/Tkachuk money so I think they'll offer a short, possible 3 year "prove it" deal, which is probably the best for both parties. With the surge of Kyle Conner who also needs to be paid while putting up better #'s management isn't going to be too generous with #29.
  15. All this talk about who should be offered for Zucker doesn't make sense to me. He's a LHS/LW, isn't that side staffed enough? I don't see how the team would be ahead considering Fro plays the right side and Benny theoretically could go to C if needed. Plus Zucker doesn't doesn't add size or a favorable +/-.
  16. Exactly. If someone can't see last season as a good start to better things then I'm not sure they ever will.
  17. PS. Sorry for going off the topic of the thread.
  18. The final roster isn't going to tell you anything. Wholesale changes could lead to worse results, no changes could bring more post season success. The point I'm getting at is the current core did more than the team has accomplished in a long time (regular season). What's going to get you more consistent and successful results? Growing and building on the current roster or major shake ups because of disappointing playoffs?
  19. Based on what? This whole "1 good year = next year bad" is BS. Sure it may seem like that historically but none of those teams from that period were as dominant as last years. Don't forget those years were filled with spare parts from other teams because of the organizations horrendous scouting, questionable management, and carousel coaching. How many times was the team poor enough to miss the playoffs but good enough to miss picking a potential franchise player? Sure there are improvements still to be made but to think that the same core, even with setbacks and injuries won't make the playoffs seems overly pessimistic.
  20. Of course alot depends what the other division teams do but the team WILL make the playoffs. Won't be conference or even divisional champs but I think BT will make some but not major changes. BP will have learned more about getting the lines right and getting the most of each one. The regular season wont be as successful but the playoff will be better.
  21. A couple years ago Mark Schiefle was being questioned about his development. It was his third year and people were wondering if he was going to be one of those career underachievers. In the off season he went to that Gary Roberts camp and worked his Hash Rate off on conditioning and skill tuning, and it paid off the next season. That was hard work brought on by the player himself. When the best conditioned players at the start of camp are two of your senior players is it too much to ask that maybe the rest take notice? I'm not saying guys like Johnny, Mony, and Janko aren't working out in the off season but what are guys like Gio and Fro doing different?
  22. What if it were late (25th+) picks? I dont personally think it would be wise but from TOs side four picks in the top 15 means alot more than four picks in the last 10.
  23. I'm not into the numbers as much as others here but Between re-signing the UFAs, the bad contracts and the fact that @ 11m he would be making over 60% more than the top salary (minus Chucky) it seems like alot to dump onto one player.
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