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  1. I like Simmonds as a player but where would he pencil in? Dont really want to disrupt the top 3 lines, especially if Neal/Ryan/Bennet keep gelling. A third line caliber forward that will play on the fourth but could still move up if needed.
  2. A little tidbit on Hamiltons return to Calgary, post trade. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/dougie-hamilton-looking-forward-first-game-calgary-since-trade/
  3. I dont like it. 6 years older, same size as JH, having an off year, for 4.5 mil. Absolute hard no. I want the team to get a little bigger heading into the playoffs.
  4. I'm still not even sure Mang is the one I would put up first. I'm more inclined to put up Czarnik up. I dont know what his expectations were but I'm sure he's not meeting them.
  5. They have winters in Detroit. And a brand new arena that I'm sure will hold up to the elements. The MTS centre in winnipeg was designed by an American firm and theres been zero issues with it holding up to our winters. Dont get me wrong, I'm in favor of using Canadian talent but a developer/architect doesnt get a big contract like this by not knowing what they're doing.
  6. Even though I missed the game last night it looks like I'll just have to shut up for now about secondary scoring. All I got to see was the highlights and it seemed leaky goals and defensive lapses were a bit of an issue.
  7. Thats exactly my point. If the only time you get secondary scoring is in big lead games how can it not be a problem. I just cant see any argument that says the team is worse off spreading out the offense.
  8. What is he then? Because thats exactly whats happening now. Or are we thinking he just got lucky scoring 20+ ten years running? Put any of the top line on the 3rd and their point production drops by I'm guessing 40-50%. I understand the top line is playing lights out right now and it may seen silly to break them up but how far is one line going to carry you in the playoffs? Any team that can neutralize the top line will dominate a playoff series.
  9. You're forgetting the Edmonton factor. Broissot also has crap numbers in the organization. Look at the difference now with a capable team in front of him. I got a feeling Talbot may thrive under different circumstances. Could be another Dubnyk.
  10. I dont like the idea of swapping out Hathaway for Czarnik. Hath may be invisible as of late but Czarniks been invisible all year. Also the last time Hathaway was scratched the 4th line was (IIRC) Czarnik/Ryan/Mangiapani, that would probably be the smallest line in the league and be absolutely pummeled when the game gets physical.
  11. This year the Canes have the lowest payroll. Thats gonna change as they need to resign 2 goalies (not including darling) and most of their forwards. Aho and Teravainen are due for massive raises. I'm not sure any team is gonna see Ferland as a 5mil player, unless he tears it up for the remainder.
  12. I'm not sure what the interest would be but the Leafs are going to have goalie issues again soon enough. When both Anderson and Sparks are back someone will have to go down to the A. By that time Hutch will have played enough times to need to clear waivers first, and I think so would Sparks. I'm not sure how long Anderson is out for but this situation should be coming up before the TDL.
  13. I think I would prefer to see Quine on the 4th over Czarnik. I never heard any of the hype surrounding him before he was signed but in 28 games he's been mostly ineffective. Quine is a year younger, bigger, and only $700k. Plus I think he's made more of his opportunities while up.
  14. I wonder if Marner or Matthews will make it to the offer sheet stage? If so I'd love to see the Islanders make an offer to either for around the 11 mil mark. Just for a bit of an FU to Tavares.
  15. Deja vu of the Rittich non call earlier in the season?
  16. Still a BS rule if theres a player bearing down.
  17. Questioning the Hathaway demotion also. Obviously some kind of Czarnik/Ryan golden child thing going on.
  18. I looks like the concussion fear has taken away alot of the physicality out of his game. Sadly that was when he was most effective.
  19. Oh I'm not in favor of it either. 31years old, 4.5 mil, 15 pts so far. Pure rental, and not even a good one. I'm not sure who this reliable source is but.....hard no on that idea. I have Zucc in one of my fantasy drafts. So far he's the dog of the group.
  20. Hey hey, when youre a D-man nothing beats an almost indestructible 5030. Mind you I prefered koho better but not as durable.
  21. I like how Rittich isnt scared to clear his own net when needed.
  22. Bennett makes more sense considering a supposed Rags rebuild.
  23. His salary is about 4.5, close to the price of Frolik. I'm not sure if that would be a move forward or not.
  24. I hope Frolik isnt paying a price for his agents unprofessionalism. Unless Fro really is pissed then its still gotta stay behind the doors and off the ice.
  25. Hopefully it's not injury related for either of them. Frolik just got back and theres not a viable replacement for Kylington.