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  1. The Cap is officially going to be 81.5 million dollars for next season, what do you think of the cap? https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/nhl-salary-cap-officially-set-81-5-million-2019-20/?fbclid=IwAR08mDQx7bAmZqk27kA_akmbkrQ1obabRRgPz5AtePIWC4zl6eU6qWUuVYQ
  2. With that Maata trade to Chicago the Flames may only trade Brodie to another team for Cap Space and not necessarily for cap space AND assets like draft picks. I can't wait till the draft though, I have a feeling there will be trades that day for the Flames and I can't wait to see who they draft
  3. I like Ferland but he is too injury prone and I don't think the Flames will be able to afford him
  4. I would do that! if the Flames did that what do you think the Flames should draft? a defenseman or forward??
  5. Going4TheCup


    R.I.P Larry, you will be missed!
  6. I believe that David Rittich is confirmed to get the start tomorrow! oops I didn't see that somebody posted it already, my bad!
  7. That's so awesome that Rittich is getting the start tomorrow. I think the Flames would have had to give up too much to get Bobrovsky anyways So I guess keep Rittich as starter until he falters?
  8. Sam Bennett is being put on the 2nd line with Tkachuk and Backlund, will this finally benefit him the most?? I think he fits in their the best out of all the lines!
  9. Does the latest game prove that Rittich should be the Starter for the rest of the season?? He didn't let in any soft goals well he didn't let in any goals but you know what I mean!!
  10. Trade Brodie, Backlund or Bennett for a starting goaltender
  11. I think Neal should at least play on the second line instead of the third. In today's practice Frolik was placed on the second line instead of Neal, I don't get that
  12. I like how the coach said that Sam Bennett hasn't been getting enough minutes and that he is now getting a chance for more minutes!
  13. I would like him to be traded too but what can the Flames get for him??
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