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  1. Since Mangiapane signed right now I think we might all be surprised to what Chucky signs for if he signs!!
  2. I think this is too and Treliving likes to save every dollar when it comes to Restricted Free Agents. Hopefully Chucky signs soon!
  3. Maybe package Frolik and Mangiapane in a trade??
  4. if Treliving doesn't clear up some cap space I think he should sign Tkachuk to a Bridge deal, not sure for how much though.
  5. A new season is coming soon and the Flames have not made huge changes other than Lucic and Talbot so I was wondering, What do you expect of the Calgary Flames this season? I expect them to be second in the Division and at least make it past the first round of the playoffs Should be an exciting season! GO FLAMES GO!
  6. The Cap is officially going to be 81.5 million dollars for next season, what do you think of the cap? https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/nhl-salary-cap-officially-set-81-5-million-2019-20/?fbclid=IwAR08mDQx7bAmZqk27kA_akmbkrQ1obabRRgPz5AtePIWC4zl6eU6qWUuVYQ
  7. With that Maata trade to Chicago the Flames may only trade Brodie to another team for Cap Space and not necessarily for cap space AND assets like draft picks. I can't wait till the draft though, I have a feeling there will be trades that day for the Flames and I can't wait to see who they draft
  8. Have you Watched Tkachuk play?? He is valueable on any team! I went to see a game where he had 5 points and he is even going to get better. I see the Flames offering him a contract around 8 million dollars a season, hopefully the Flames persuade him to sign for even cheaper!
  9. I like Ferland but he is too injury prone and I don't think the Flames will be able to afford him
  10. I would do that! if the Flames did that what do you think the Flames should draft? a defenseman or forward??
  11. I'm just wondering but what are your expectations for next season for the Calgary Flames? Some people think they might not make the playoffs, I think GM Treliving will make some moves to improve the team and I think the Flames will be competing for the Division Title yet again!!
  12. Well the regular season has passed and the Flames finished first in the Western Conference and Division, is anybody surprised. What are you expectations for the playoffs?? For me I believe the Flames can win the Stanley Cup even if they don't have that much playoff experience. Who's going to start in net for the Flames?? I think Mike Smith will get the nod! GO FLAMES GO!
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    R.I.P Larry, you will be missed!
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