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  1. Hopefully this is a sign Ramo is getting his game in order. Let's see what the road trip brings and if Ramo can secure the #1 position.
  2. Certainly Hiller is the stable veteran but as has been mentioned he did come in as a stop gap for a couple of years during the rebuild so Hiller may be expendable if Ramo or Ortio are ready to take on a greater role. I would suspect under a Ramo/Ortio combo that you would need Ramo to play about 45 to 50 games and Ortio about 30. I don't see either of them being a distinct number one. That's where keeping Hiller may be a must until you can say Ramo or Ortio can take the number 1. On a side note, Gillies appears to be touted as the future number 1 for the Flames. How long before he is ready? I would say to start the year, you have Hiller and Ramo like last year and have Ortio in Stockton.
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