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  1. Happy Belated Birthday!

    1. Heartbreaker


      Thanks, Amander! 



  2. It seems like we love trading with Ottawa on trade deadline, Lazar last year, now this, both were last minute
  3. Vegas was the front runner for Karlsson (I'm assuming Bobby Ryan as well), looks like they couldn't get a trade done Also update:
  4. Amander


    I don't remember where I heard it but Mike Smith loves to start games and face a lot of shots, he's a hard worker, and probably enjoyed playing a few extra games
  5. Amander


    Looks like Gillies has been called u on emergency basis
  6. Amander


    It's not just a 35th pick, It's also a conditional 3rd in 2018 according to Friedman @@FriedgeHNIC
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