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  1. Appreciate it. I also can't recall the incident you're talking about, but I do tend to have strong opinions, so that's probably true. Having said that, I try not to attack or go after anyone who shares a different point of view, as I don't really harbor bad feelings towards anyone here. As for the negative banter, it was my fault. I forgot the hostile nature of the internet, and what was intended to be a elbow nudge to the arm/playful joke (like you'd say to an old friend) got taken the wrong way and blown out of proportion.
  2. My bad, I didn't mean it like "EFF YEAH GO SHARKS, FLAMES SUUUUUUCK." Of course the way I phrased it was completely one sided, so I understand how someone would think that. I apologize. Just looking at it from an objective stand-point, and smiths recent track record. I always try and be respectful to this forum when these 2 teams meet up. I'm not a troll, and honestly one of the most respectful users on the site. I know I share a dual allegiance, but I usually lean on the flames side with these games. I don't even have an account the on the sharks forums, as I prefer to talk hockey with you lot instead
  3. I honestly don't think its anything other than the coaching staff wanting to get him in to a game. Like you said, he's sat for 7 straight, and if there's an injury he will be the one to slot in, so it makes sense keeping him game ready. He's a fresh body coming in to the end of a b2b, so while I don't like the decision, I do understand why.
  4. Smith is going to get lit up tonight. San jose's whole game plan is to go low to high and generate from the defense. He plays way too deep in his net.
  5. What a game from chronicles! Hanifin is starting to worry me...there was a good 10 minutes in the second where he looked absolutely lost. I understand he's still only 21 and trying adjust to the league though. Valimaki had some hiccups, but man, this kid does not look his age, the poise he and andersson show flashes of is fantastic to see. Hamonic and hathaway both had a hell of a game, effective for pretty much every shift. Props to them on their effort tonight.
  6. Resorting to name calling...just stop dude, you're making yourself look like a fool. I'm going to move on from this as there's nothing more to say on the matter. I sincerely hope you have a good day Carty.
  7. TBH, I didn't bother to read this. The fact that you had so much to say over something this silly tells me about your level of insecurity
  8. The fact of the matter is that he has predicted flames news in the past, and has been right. That's more than zero credibility, And you act like I took his word as gospel, when I was casually passing it along in case it interested anyone. The C of Reddit is a better and faster way to get flames news than this forum, you may not like it, but its just how it is. No need to aimlessly denounce it as witchcraft like they did back your day, eh carty? Point taken though, I'll refrain from sharing these kinds of rumors in the future.
  9. Bit of a rumor, but this guys been a reputable source in the past. His whole career its seems like he's had a hard time accepting that his poor play has lead to losses. If true, good on neal, someone had to say it.
  10. I'm not hanging this game on reffing whatsoever, but it frustrates the living heck out of when they let anaheim just do what they want. I can't wait for keslers career to be over, he's intentionally trying to hurt other players (without being punished) and I'm getting sick of it.
  11. Reminds me off the reporter who HAAAAD to publish the quote about joe thornton scoring 4 goals because it was just tooooooooo VULGAR. The guy who posted the video is an attention craving piece. Like you guys have stated, this shouldn't be news, its a closed door talk amongst friends. Everyone is judgemental, its human nature, and when you have someone who shares a similar view, its fun to make fun of. I cant even count the amount of times I've talked about people I don't like behind their back. Its just how people are, and this didn't need to get the attention that it did.
  12. I like peters, but I wish the hawks would have done this in the off season so we could of had a chance at this guy.
  13. I agree that they'll fall back down to earth at some point. Hot starts seem to be their thing lately. Good foundation to build on though.
  14. Im enjoying the hell out of these games right now..
  15. Not able to take this one in, but its awesome to see the result. Looks like chronicles had a great game, again. Keep on rolling baby!