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  1. Agreed my good man, time to move on from this game, theres hockey to watch tonight!
  2. I want to be clear about something, I'm a huge Rittich fan, and I'm not knocking him as a player. It's impossible for a goalie to play consistently great through an entire season. We're easily in third, if not a wild card spot without his help this season. You're also right on all fronts, but he played below the standard he has set for himself, and I don't think its an injustice to mention it. I know right? And it was the last thing I posted about too. I still think our lack of depth scoring was the bigger problem in this game, but lets harp on "2nd place in the art ross race" Johnny, for not passing on a single three on one. -__-
  3. If smith let in the 2nd goal he would have been crucified, Rittich needs to have that one, deflected or not, its far enough away to react. Ot goal was a good shot, but where else was eichel going to put it? Needs to be better on angles for that one. You're not wrong either, the D wasn't good enough in the first half of the game, but everyone needs to be held accountable, including the goalie, who had a bad game.
  4. Right now there is a giant drop off in points from our top 4 forwards to the rest. Last night a depth goal probably would have won us the game. I like a lot of the stuff our bottom 6 does, but we need more players to put up points so its not the top line or bust. Rittich had a bad game too, hopefully this isn't the start of some sort of regression.
  5. Were like fine wine, we get better and better as the game ages.
  6. Some of the names in Detroits organization are Frk-Ehn great.
  7. Both fan bases think the refs were on the other side, which is kind of funny. It wasn't a well policed game whatsoever, and the result is what happens with the bennett hit. It was a fraction late, but still closer to clean than dirty imo. As for Kane, he should be careful, Bennett would **** him up. Players don't seem to realize what a psycho he is, just ask trouba. And can we just take a moment to admire that Neal put that puck TOP SHELF with the back end of his skate. ****in beauty!
  8. Best of luck guys, hoping for an OTW for the flames.
  9. Pretty bad game on our part. The canucks are legit though.Their defense is incredibly frustrating to play against.
  10. Just watched the whole schpeel about mcdavid getting held and hooked. Are they ****ing serious? Its no different for any superstar player that plays in todays game. The highlight package they showed from the canucks game is no where near as bad as some of the stuff gaudreau has had to deal with this year. And the bloody media attention this is getting is straight ****ed. Like the oilers need more excuses and free passes... They go 8-1-1 or whatever in their last 10 games, and the moment they lose the complaints come out...jesus. Go eat another cheesburger, fatty.
  11. Wonder if its just an illness? He also had his hand taped a few games ago, so maybe its a minor finger sprain or something. Either way, I don't have a lot of faith in Gillies yet, so that's good news.
  12. I think we're getting to a point where if we're looking to add for playoffs, we shouldn't subtract from the regular roster, which puts us in a rough spot due to reduced # of draft picks the past few years. I think a rental C isn't a crazy idea, but no way am I giving up a first for one our rookie D. Apparently czarnik had a bunch of interest in the off season, wonder if teams would still be interested in him as part of a package (obviously not main piece of the deal).
  13. He looked unbeatable most of the night, no panic at all. He has an odd off night like most goalies, but man when he is on, he looks vezina caliber.
  14. We fought the puck all night, bad passes and not being able to catch passes etc. That was the least dangerous 60 minutes mcdavid has ever played against us. With gio and backs, (and not playing on b2b) I have full confidence we take them out early in the playoffs. Disallowed goal was the right call, peluso definitely prevented his glove from getting over. The biggest problem I have with that call, is there's no way it would have been waived off if the teams were reversed.
  15. The league wants to keep teams as close together in the standings as possible. I wouldnt be surprised if a call came down from bettmans office to keep gio out against the oilers for that reason. This is getting sickening, especially the last two years. How can they give gio this kind of punishment, but not even bat an eye on the kunitz elbow? Just despicable.