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  1. For me, the best player in the top prospects game was nicholas robertson. Kid has some serious speed, skill, vision and shooting ability. Other than his size, I'm not sure why he isn't getting more attention. He's also one of the youngest players in this draft. I'd love if we took him with our pick. Assuming he's still on the board at 26.
  2. If you think monahan is anything more than a second line centre, you're sorely mistaken. I'll also add tkachuk is too slow for this league while I'm "knee jerking."
  3. Time to sell high. Our team had a bunch of players who just had career years. Maybe we can fool someone in to taking an 82 point monahan and get a legit star center to play with johnny. or move johnny too. He might thrive in the east side playoffs.
  4. I am never buying another ticket to a game Never going to buy as much as a keychain from the nhl I have watched both of my teams single handedly have their series altered as a DIRECT RESULT of unfair reffing It would take 3 hands to count how many worse penalties the refs missed than the one called on backlund in this game. That's it, I'm done with the nhl. This was the last straw. And I wont be back even if the flames somehow win this series. and I'm not usually quick to blame the refs, but the avs have been diving all series (see rantanen touch brodie and fall down like brodie is some 8 foot monster) and that call was rubbish, plain ****ing rubbish. Pathetic. Just pathetic.
  5. I cant take this s*** right now. Constant stress day in and day out. What a performance by smith. Love how the crowd chanted his name after he made a puck handling mistake in the first. That was a great way to say we believe in you, Mike.
  6. Oilers really shut things down after they went up by 1. I'm sour about it too. Playing 5 deep in the neutral zone and triple covering johnny just to deny him of his milestone season. It was a subtle, and unnoticed retaliation to the mcdavid injury, imo.
  7. Some of those bank passes by valimaki...hot damn!
  8. Its pretty insane to me that 9 games out, the team in the last wildcard spot has lost more games than they've won.
  9. Hooraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  10. Thats a few times this year smittys given us his A game, and we've ended up wasting it. I'm not upset with the game though, excuses or not, we had a bunch of things go against our way, and still looked like the better team at times. The fatigue was evident, especially at the end of players shifts. SJ lost too, so it could have been worse, GFG baby!!!
  11. I owe Johnny an apology for the arizona GDT. Called him johnny no-show =/. Thanks for sticking a sock in my mouth, I deserved it.
  12. Our pocket-sized superstar gunna hit 100 points this season or wut?!?!?!?!
  13. First place is back on the menu boys!!!!!!!
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