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  1. Really hoping we find a way to upgrade our forward group. I have a tough time believing that we can win a cup with it as it stands. Going to be tricky though.
  2. I always kind of had it in the back of my mind that Brodie would be back with us. I think were going to sorely miss him next year. Its been a privilege to watch his skating, and how he used it to create space for himself and get out of trouble. He had his downright awful moments, but overall Im going to miss him. I'm also worried about the holes we have left to fill now. I was kind of hoping we'd upgrade our forward group, but with the needs on defense I dont think thats a possibility anymore with our current cap situation, which sucks.
  3. I think that'd be a slight overpay, but still stomachable. If we give him year 7, at 6 though, I will not be impressed :S
  4. Anything over 5 years at 5.5 is too much for markstrom imo
  5. Theres a lot of decent players up for grabs after teams didnt offer qo's or bought out some players to move out cap. Even after the big ones, theres a few players I hope we can add. Hinostroza Wennberg Turris (on a cap friendly deal) Toffoli Hall Pietro Markstrom Duclair (ehhhh) If we can add one, or two of these players to decent deals, I think it'll be a pretty successful July 1 (lol.)
  6. Not a fan of the Rory Kerins pick. At this point I'd prefer to swing for the fences, and go for a high risk, high reward strategy. Guys like Lebanc and Mangiapane can be found here, and I'd rather shoot for those instead of going for guys that are unlikely to make it to pro.
  7. The boltmann pick is the only one im scratching my head about, everything else makes sense.
  8. Oksentyuk at 96 would make me happy.
  9. I'm usually one who prefers to chase skill at drafts, but the pick is what it is. Don't hate it, because you need size and grit to win. Big bummer that Mercer and Mysak were taken right before us though =/
  10. Get this kid in the 3rd round *fingers crossed*
  11. Long time no see peeps! Go Flames Go!
  12. I said to my brother that he looked like he was having norris type game, as ridiculous and bias as that might sound. He really showed his ability in those 4 on 4 scenarios, not to mention his defense all night was very good.
  13. I think the word immediately is wrong to use in this situation. It's been a long year for us flames fans to mull things over. Johnny has always struck me as a family first guy, despite signing with us when he did. Just an opinionated conclusion/feeling, not saying its right or wrong.
  14. What it looks like to me, is Johnny wanting out of Calgary. Assuming that's the case, I'd prefer it to be sooner than later. When he broke in to the league, he was right up there in takeaways, and HOUNDED players who had the puck. After he signed his current deal, imo, his work ethic has dropped season after season. I don't know if his dads heart related incident is playing a part in this, or if its a life outside of hockey problem, but this guy is far from the 99 point player he was last year. Ever since the 5 day break last season, he has not been the same. I don't know what happened, but its hard to watch how little heart he plays with night after night.
  15. I'd lose my Satoshi Nakamoto if we got Anderson from CBJ. Every time I watch the kid, he impresses me with his skill and work ethic. He was awesome vs the lightning last year in the playoffs.
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