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  1. For me, the best player in the top prospects game was nicholas robertson. Kid has some serious speed, skill, vision and shooting ability. Other than his size, I'm not sure why he isn't getting more attention. He's also one of the youngest players in this draft. I'd love if we took him with our pick. Assuming he's still on the board at 26.
  2. If you think monahan is anything more than a second line centre, you're sorely mistaken. I'll also add tkachuk is too slow for this league while I'm "knee jerking."
  3. Time to sell high. Our team had a bunch of players who just had career years. Maybe we can fool someone in to taking an 82 point monahan and get a legit star center to play with johnny. or move johnny too. He might thrive in the east side playoffs.
  4. Its pretty insane to me that 9 games out, the team in the last wildcard spot has lost more games than they've won.
  5. Our pocket-sized superstar gunna hit 100 points this season or wut?!?!?!?!
  6. First place is back on the menu boys!!!!!!!
  7. Fins&FIre15


    I'm very saddened by this news, thoughts and prayers go out to his family. I've always felt when someone passes on through this world, they deserve to be celebrated. Life is a precious thing, and we lost a good one this week. We're all very lucky to have been able to interact with him over the years. RIP, friend.
  8. I hope edmonton gets close and we end up denying them playoff entry on the last game of the year. How fun would that be? XD Unfortunately right now, the sharks look really, really good without karlsson and kane, who will both be back for playoffs. Flames have the so called easier schedule, so hopefully they can pass and get some distance on sj if they start to sputter.
  9. I have a good feeling about our upcoming home games. It might not happen against vegas (praying it does), but I think we're going to find our game and get our mojo back during the next part of the schedule.
  10. The thing that bothers me is the unfortunate timing of our depth scoring. I'm praying they've figured it out and are going to be this productive through the season and playoffs, but what happens if they come back down to earth? We've seen what happens when the top line gets shut down and no one else is able to produce. The prices were insane for being a "buyers" market this year, but I just wonder if we'll end up regretting not parting with a another piece or two to have more offense.
  11. Awesome. Can't remember the last time we were a buyer, but its cool. Our unknown late 1st rounder is guaranteed to be better than anyone we could have acquired today.
  12. Hanifin, Valimaki, and Andersson may very well be the core of our defense moving forward. Any trade involving any of the 3 should not even be considered IMO.
  13. Don't like it, quine was much more effective when he was up. Mang has done pretty much nothing for me so far, to the point where I think we should move him before he has no value.
  14. Fins&FIre15


    Haha wow, I posted this article in a different topic without realizing it had been brought up in this one. XD What a read though!
  15. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/oilers-leaving-flames-behind-battle-alberta/ Some great stuff in the article above.
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