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  1. I'm not saying that Hamonic has been awesome or anything but, I disagree. Brodie is the cause of soooooo many turnovers, it's ridiculous. I like a lot of what Brodie does but, he gives the puck away 10 times a period.... bad passes, gets pressured & fumbles the puck, it happens more than anyone else. It's getting frustrating to watch. ps. for a guy that's supposed to have "good wheels", he sure seems to drag his Hash Rate a lot & I don't respect that. I'd rather have a warrior than a slack Hash Rate.
  2. Yeah, we live in clown world. Antifa is everything they yell & accuse others of being (ie. n*zi) They are close to being labeled a terrorist organization in the U.S. & rightly so. They've been attacking ICE facilities with regularity, attacking journalists, other protesters. It's disgusting that it's allowed to go on. As far as that wacko Greta, her parents should be arrested for child abuse. Lying to people, trying to instill fear / panic in others, indoctrinating children for political gain. Have you seen the videos of kids crying and freaking out because, these clowns are telling them we're going into a mass extinction in 12 years.... Those climate alarmist a-holes will never debate anyone because, they would lose every time. "Man made" climate change is a complete hoax. It's certainly not being caused by Co2 (to the extent they say)... if anything Co2 is good for the planet (it's plant food). What it's causing is more "greening" of the earth, which equals more food production, less drought, less starvation. PS... I wonder why they don't send that Greta to China or India, to screech at them & tell them they're "stealing her childhood"? You know... because, they emit more "greenhouse gasses" than any other nation... it's not even close. I'm pretty sure that dictator in China would throw her Hash Rate in a gulag.
  3. Yeah, that's what I tried.... Maybe YouTube is trying to stop the spreading of that vid?... Lol
  4. I kind of like this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJ9zzB7mWBU Not sure what i'm doing wrong but, it says "The link could not be embedded because www.youtube.com does not allow embedding of that video." 😠
  5. So, he's shown that he can score against minor league talent in preseason... Coiler fans must be planning the parade route already. ps. I'm not worried about Talbot either. Give him some time to shake the rust off... the bronx cheer last night was kind of lame of the fans.
  6. Bummer. Can't they just meet in the middle? What's a hundred G's between friends. Wouldn't like this turning ugly over such a small amount. Didn't that happen with the Coilers & Smyth back in the day?... It turned sour over some similar amount (maybe even less) and he ended up with the Avs shortly after?
  7. They've probably hit the sauce alot over the last 13 years... That will erase alot of memories. As for the Flames prospects, I liked the looks of Zagidulin (I know he's a little more experienced), Dube, Pelletier, Philip, Nielsen and Pospisil. All noticable in a good way. Few others looked alright too. Too bad about Tuulola. Hopefully it's nothing serious
  8. Anyone else hear the coilers broadcasters compare Bouchard to Pronger already, lol 🥴
  9. I like this kid too. It seems as though he's just scratching the surface. I'd definitely like to see what we have in him, before he's shipped off for a "project" like poolparty. I guess i don't really know whether pooly is damaged goods but, going off of the rumors.
  10. CalgarySTL


    You're making waaaay bigger deal about this, than it really is. It's a 1 year, show me deal... if it was a 3 or 4 year deal, i'd probably agree with you. No one else in our system looks ready (Gillies, Parsons, haven't seen Zagidulan yet, etc). You're not getting a "superstar" without paying close to 10 mil a season and I don't think a guy like Jarri or whatever his name is, would be any better of a choice. We do not have the cap space... and it seems like it's been tougher to offload any contracts (frolik, brodie, neal, stone), than we'd like. Rittich was putting up all-star #'s until he got injured. Why wouldn't you see if he can replicate his performance from last year. I'd be quite happy if he did & Talbot plays decent enough to give us a chance to win every night. He was playing behind one of the worst teams in the league the last couple years. I don't think Carey Price himself would have "great" numbers playing in that skid mark of a city (EDM).
  11. I don't doubt he'd like to play out east one day. I just don't think he wants out like, right now! I do agree that it didn't look like a good "playoff team". Some retooling on the forwards may be all that's required though. Surround our skill with a little more grit. Maybe a new starting goalie as well (although I liked how Smith played in the postseason). I think our young D will get better... Not too worried about the back-end
  12. The truth is probably somewhere in between. I highly doubt he wants out quite like you think he does. He had a bad playoffs... So did the majority of the team. Don't think that means everyone wants out of Calgary
  13. Lol, where are you getting this BS from. You take some interview out of context and start spouting it like it's truth... Give it a rest
  14. After reading Gio's comments (main page) about how much Johnny hated losing this series, his drive, etc. I'm thinking y'all did overreact. I never thought he looks comfortable in interviews as it is. Does the article change minds about Johnny at all?
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