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  1. Love it! I hope Tampa is cursed for life, after stealing our cup in 2004 ps... i think it's easy to put into words Cross... Suck it Tampa!
  2. Like most of you, not liking what Monahan is showing... sure seems like something's wrong with him. If he's injured & this ineffective, why not put Dube in the lineup, move Bennett up with Johnny G. Gaudreau - Bennett - Lindholm Chucky - Backs - Frolik Dube - Janko - Neal Mang - Ryan - Hath Or Gaudreau - Bennett - Neal Chucky - Backs - Frolik Dube - Janko - Lindholm Mang - Ryan - Hath Is the team really worse off with this lineup? At least you're injecting some speed & skill into it with Dube
  3. This is my favourite Iggy tribute vid... in case anyone hasn't watched it
  4. That makes it even more awesome !!!
  5. That's awesome!... was worried they weren't going to show the ceremony
  6. i would love to see Prout rearrange kane's face... dare to dream
  7. Their salty tears sustain me ahahahahahahaha
  8. I wouldn't mind Hayes but, I would be pissed if he traded valimaki or kyl etc.... I could live with the 1st but, barely
  9. lol, i agree. Although, is that Ritter taking it upon himself to play it more? I'm just asking, I haven't read anything regarding that.
  10. I hate looking back at stuff like that, lol
  11. I don't mind Smith starting. He has looked better.... and yes, I realize he still lets in some questionable ones but, so has Rittich of late. If Smith is getting some confidence back, do we not want that headed down the stretch? Whatever happens tonight, I do hope they get Rittich back in there next game. Maybe they see something in Ritters game that they wanted to fix?... it's not like they haven't had to tweak his game before.
  12. It wasn't that I was thinking of. It was definitely this season.... was at least a month ago or more. For the life of me I can't remember exactly what game it was.... getting old sucks
  13. I quite enjoy watching him get under everyone's skin too. However, I wonder if the league / refs complained about Chuckys Satoshi Nakamoto disturbing... they sure don't seem to call as many penalties as the last couple years. I hardly ever see them call a penalty anymore when he gets a rough ride (after his antics), or when he gets tripped, etc. I'm sure they called more in the past...? Maybe he burnt some bridges a little bit from "embellishing" too much
  14. I wondered the same thing. I'm not sure what game it was.... was before Christmas though, I thought he may have hurt his shoulder (i think). Like you said, hasn't been as engaged "rat mode", hasn't fought & the points have slowed down a bit. Definitely doesn't look like himself. Then again, I remember the brass talked to him & asked him to tone down the antics... am i wrong?
  15. Fair enough. I scrutinize what Sam does a lot, lol Agree. IIRC it took Backlund several years to reach the level he plays at too. I mean, he's still a pretty young player. It's great to see some progression / maturity to his game (after the last couple seasons). Sam still has a ways to go but, it looks like he's on the right track.