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  1. If you're going to delete my post, delete robrob's too. 15 years ago, i had co-worker who went home sick one afternoon. He thought he had the flu. He died a couple days later from gallbladder cancer. Just because a seemingly healthy person dies out of nowhere, doesn't automatically mean it's "covid". PCR tests are 90% false positive (as per US CDC & other health agencies)... that = scam.
  2. Or... we can all pull our heads out of our arses and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Stop watching CBC, global, CTV, etc. They are lying about the rona virus being as dangerous as it is. If you didn't know already, Turdeau pays CBC $1.5 BILLION per year and the rest of the media piggies split another $600 MILLION between them out of the taxpayer trough. You know who pays their media to lie to the people... countries like Communist China. It's called propaganda. They are pushing a BS narrative. Do yourself a favor and look into the Provincial, Federal death numbers yourself! Don't use google, facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. They censor any evidence proving it's a scam and de-platform people. There was no more people dying over this last year, than there was in years previous. The flu numbers have disappeared... ok so, they're just adding flu numbers into "covid". There was a massive drop of people dying from heart disease... gee, i wonder where those numbers were added into. It's something that has a 99.9% overall survival rate. Unless you're over 80 (which is when most people die anyway) or have 2 to 3 underlying issues, you don't have much to worry about. The numbers DO NOT justify all this stupidity. The corrupt politicians that are putting restrictions in place are NOT afraid of rona. They keep flying everywhere, going to parties with their buds, playing hockey... it's bullSatoshi Nakamoto! I don't care if you boot me from this board. I'm sick of this ridiculous garbage. Time for people to put on their critical thinking caps & open their eyes. Say NO to their "new normal".... they've already admitted it'll never end. ps. you'd be out of your damn mind to accept any injection pushed on us from our corrupt gov't.
  3. I don't expect him to fight all the time... just hit some guys ffs, talk some Satoshi Nakamoto, shove someone, facewash, etc. Cross said "maybe some injuries flared up"... well, why the hell is he in the lineup then & why does it seem like injuries have flared up every time we play the coilers?... Because, he's played the same soft as baby Satoshi Nakamoto game all 4 times against them. Put someone else in that can actually do something to help the team, not just turn the puck over every time they touch it (ie Lucic). He shouldn't need to be "poked" to be "riled up" for games like this.... what a pathetic excuse. He should be benched, traded or sent to the minors. I'm done supporting his coiler loving Hash Rate
  4. Which he won't do against the Coilers... our most hated rival. So, if he won't do that in important divisional games, games that any player should get "riled up" for, what good is he? Just an fyi, i remember him running over our guys when he played for the crap stains up north. Send that piece of Satoshi Nakamoto to the east or bury him in the minors... i don't care which, i'd rather have Rinaldo in the lineup.
  5. Agree with you Peeps. There were complaints that we're slow enough as it is, why would we want to get slower. Look for a real top 6 RW before the trade deadline instead.
  6. I don't necessarily disagree with what you say but, I really hate the dump and chase crap he had going on.... Like, reeeaaalllly hate it. You have to admit we were more dangerous (and more exciting) offensively when they were attacking off the rush. Watching that dump and chase crap, makes me want to throw my remote through the tv. That said, I agree that the execution has been abysmal... They don't even know how to make a tape to tape pass anymore
  7. My question is, how long would it take Ward to get the stink of Peter's system off the team? How long does it take to get them playing the way he wants them to play and not looking out of whack?
  8. I'm not saying that Hamonic has been awesome or anything but, I disagree. Brodie is the cause of soooooo many turnovers, it's ridiculous. I like a lot of what Brodie does but, he gives the puck away 10 times a period.... bad passes, gets pressured & fumbles the puck, it happens more than anyone else. It's getting frustrating to watch. ps. for a guy that's supposed to have "good wheels", he sure seems to drag his Hash Rate a lot & I don't respect that. I'd rather have a warrior than a slack Hash Rate.
  9. I like this kid too. It seems as though he's just scratching the surface. I'd definitely like to see what we have in him, before he's shipped off for a "project" like poolparty. I guess i don't really know whether pooly is damaged goods but, going off of the rumors.
  10. CalgarySTL


    You're making waaaay bigger deal about this, than it really is. It's a 1 year, show me deal... if it was a 3 or 4 year deal, i'd probably agree with you. No one else in our system looks ready (Gillies, Parsons, haven't seen Zagidulan yet, etc). You're not getting a "superstar" without paying close to 10 mil a season and I don't think a guy like Jarri or whatever his name is, would be any better of a choice. We do not have the cap space... and it seems like it's been tougher to offload any contracts (frolik, brodie, neal, stone), than we'd like. Rittich was putting up all-star #'s until he got injured. Why wouldn't you see if he can replicate his performance from last year. I'd be quite happy if he did & Talbot plays decent enough to give us a chance to win every night. He was playing behind one of the worst teams in the league the last couple years. I don't think Carey Price himself would have "great" numbers playing in that skid mark of a city (EDM).
  11. CalgarySTL


    lol, i agree. Although, is that Ritter taking it upon himself to play it more? I'm just asking, I haven't read anything regarding that.
  12. CalgarySTL


    I hate looking back at stuff like that, lol
  13. CalgarySTL


    I don't mind Smith starting. He has looked better.... and yes, I realize he still lets in some questionable ones but, so has Rittich of late. If Smith is getting some confidence back, do we not want that headed down the stretch? Whatever happens tonight, I do hope they get Rittich back in there next game. Maybe they see something in Ritters game that they wanted to fix?... it's not like they haven't had to tweak his game before.
  14. Fair enough. I scrutinize what Sam does a lot, lol Agree. IIRC it took Backlund several years to reach the level he plays at too. I mean, he's still a pretty young player. It's great to see some progression / maturity to his game (after the last couple seasons). Sam still has a ways to go but, it looks like he's on the right track.
  15. I like Bennett however, I don't agree with this. I've seen him turn it over in the neutral zone in the most inopportune times.... including the time that ugly sasquatch Burns burnt Rittich. I know they all are guilty of turning it over & maybe i've focused too much on Benny with regards to that, it's just what i've noticed.
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