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  1. I hate to sound all conspiracy theorist but, it wouldn't shock me to find out this was a "manufactured" pandemic emergency of sorts.... I mean, how could the libs be so stupid all the time. 100% they could have mitigated the severity of this virus in our country but, they did the exact opposite which put a lot of lives at risk here. "Never let a good crisis go to waste", right? There's covid tests (which has been approved by the US FDA & has already tested over 100 million around the world) that they could purchase, which are accurate (unlike the garbage Chinese tests), fast (only takes a few minutes to get results) & cheaper (approx $25 per test) than the covid tests they are performing right now in Canada. It can tell you if you have covid 19, if you have recovered from it already or if you don't have it at all. People that don't have it & are already recovered from it can go back to work... why is this not being used here??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjBO-E73zJ0 Get the people back to work!
  2. I wouldn't be too confident in the boy blunder (Turdeau)... He's STILL letting flights from china come here (with no screening at the airports). The idiot was STILL letting illegals (likely some infected with covid) cross our border from NY (& it's probably still happening)... and in case you forgot, these illegals are being put up in luxury hotels on the taxpayers dime, as our less fortunate homeless are still on the street. The dumbass gave our PPE surplus to China & I know they're sending masks back here now but, they have been producing crap that doesn't work / fails (masks that fall apart) Eg. Netherlands / Spain etc, who are sending defective PPE / tests back to China. The libtards incompetent ministers (Tam & Pandemic Patty Hajdo) lied about how & where this virus originated from (China, who was trying to cover it up) & how important using masks would be or were too stupid to realize it was crucial in stopping the spread. They should have taken a page out of Taiwan's book, who were producing / wearing masks right from the start & have a low infection rate. But, China hates Taiwan so, our trash gov't/ media (who loves communist China) would never report on that & would prefer that Canadian citizens get infected & die, as long as China doesn't look bad. Believe me when I tell you this Cross, the Federal gov't does not give a crap about us Canadian citizens (especially in Alberta)... they just want more control over the population & more of our tax dollars. We'll probably never get some of those freedoms back. Part of me feels like this is an absolute farce and their just using this flu like virus to scare people into giving more control to the gov't so, they can push us more into globalism. It's not like this is the g'damn plague or anything.... it's a flu that mainly only really seems to effect people with pre-existing conditions.
  3. I don't expect him to fight all the time... just hit some guys ffs, talk some Satoshi Nakamoto, shove someone, facewash, etc. Cross said "maybe some injuries flared up"... well, why the hell is he in the lineup then & why does it seem like injuries have flared up every time we play the coilers?... Because, he's played the same soft as baby Satoshi Nakamoto game all 4 times against them. Put someone else in that can actually do something to help the team, not just turn the puck over every time they touch it (ie Lucic). He shouldn't need to be "poked" to be "riled up" for games like this.... what a pathetic excuse. He should be benched, traded or sent to the minors. I'm done supporting his coiler loving Hash Rate
  4. Which he won't do against the Coilers... our most hated rival. So, if he won't do that in important divisional games, games that any player should get "riled up" for, what good is he? Just an fyi, i remember him running over our guys when he played for the crap stains up north. Send that piece of Satoshi Nakamoto to the east or bury him in the minors... i don't care which, i'd rather have Rinaldo in the lineup.
  5. I don't accept his explanation... I don't measure it just based on fights. Has anyone even seen him really hit an Coiler in the 4 games this year? ... maybe a couple of half assed checks. I remember him absolutely running our players over, when he was playing for the crap stains up north. Shouldn't he be getting "riled" up for these games anyway?... What a bunch of BS, kick him to the curb.
  6. Pretty annoyed with every player last night **except Talbot** however... i'm completely sick of Lucic. Piece of Satoshi Nakamoto has more love for his coiler buddies than his new teammates. I want him gone... send him to the east for a bag of pucks (retain salary) or better yet send that trash to the american league.... that piece of crap doesn't deserve to be in the NHL. I wanted to like him... I wanted to give him a chance... but, he's a useless piece of Satoshi Nakamoto. A turnover machine that would rather make sweet sweet love to his coiler friends, than lay a hit. PUT RINALDO IN THE LINEUP INSTEAD FFS!!!! 1000% !!!! Faster, works harder, hits more, looks like he has better hands. He's the superior player in this equation.
  7. pretty much how i remember it too but, coiler fans don't think the same rules apply to them. Kassian is a whiny, crybaby biatch and can't take what he normally dishes out (he runs at opposition players all the time). I don't care what coiler fans say, it is the same as Drai fighting Looch, which he'd never do... he wouldn't even fight Tkachuk for crying out loud, after Drai slough footed him. Coiler fans should STFU. Bunch of crybaby BTCes. They're Satoshi Nakamoto! The Coilers are pretenders! They'll miss the playoffs again. They SUCK!
  8. Agree with you Peeps. There were complaints that we're slow enough as it is, why would we want to get slower. Look for a real top 6 RW before the trade deadline instead.
  9. He should have hammered Mcdouchebag right in the chest, instead of swiping at the puck... I hate when they do that.... Lay the body once in a while
  10. Revenge! Clutch game by Lindy, great 500th game! Talbot was fantastic! Much needed win.
  11. I don't necessarily disagree with what you say but, I really hate the dump and chase crap he had going on.... Like, reeeaaalllly hate it. You have to admit we were more dangerous (and more exciting) offensively when they were attacking off the rush. Watching that dump and chase crap, makes me want to throw my remote through the tv. That said, I agree that the execution has been abysmal... They don't even know how to make a tape to tape pass anymore
  12. My question is, how long would it take Ward to get the stink of Peter's system off the team? How long does it take to get them playing the way he wants them to play and not looking out of whack?
  13. Thanks for the GDT Carty! LMAO!... that wild logo at the top... love it! Go Flames Go!
  14. LOL! Like Thebrewcrew said, we've all been there
  15. I agree. Sure seems like they killed some brain cells since last game
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