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  1. I don't doubt he'd like to play out east one day. I just don't think he wants out like, right now! I do agree that it didn't look like a good "playoff team". Some retooling on the forwards may be all that's required though. Surround our skill with a little more grit. Maybe a new starting goalie as well (although I liked how Smith played in the postseason). I think our young D will get better... Not too worried about the back-end
  2. The truth is probably somewhere in between. I highly doubt he wants out quite like you think he does. He had a bad playoffs... So did the majority of the team. Don't think that means everyone wants out of Calgary
  3. Lol, where are you getting this BS from. You take some interview out of context and start spouting it like it's truth... Give it a rest
  4. After reading Gio's comments (main page) about how much Johnny hated losing this series, his drive, etc. I'm thinking y'all did overreact. I never thought he looks comfortable in interviews as it is. Does the article change minds about Johnny at all?
  5. JJ.... Not sure what to say about your comments re: downgraded defence. You think Ras, Hanifin, Valimaki, Kyl are worse than Hamilton, Stone, Bartkowski?.....
  6. Love it! I hope Tampa is cursed for life, after stealing our cup in 2004 ps... i think it's easy to put into words Cross... Suck it Tampa!
  7. Like most of you, not liking what Monahan is showing... sure seems like something's wrong with him. If he's injured & this ineffective, why not put Dube in the lineup, move Bennett up with Johnny G. Gaudreau - Bennett - Lindholm Chucky - Backs - Frolik Dube - Janko - Neal Mang - Ryan - Hath Or Gaudreau - Bennett - Neal Chucky - Backs - Frolik Dube - Janko - Lindholm Mang - Ryan - Hath Is the team really worse off with this lineup? At least you're injecting some speed & skill into it with Dube
  8. This is my favourite Iggy tribute vid... in case anyone hasn't watched it
  9. That's awesome!... was worried they weren't going to show the ceremony
  10. i would love to see Prout rearrange kane's face... dare to dream
  11. I wouldn't mind Hayes but, I would be pissed if he traded valimaki or kyl etc.... I could live with the 1st but, barely
  12. CalgarySTL


    lol, i agree. Although, is that Ritter taking it upon himself to play it more? I'm just asking, I haven't read anything regarding that.
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