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  1. The first we lose in the Eichel trade could be improved with a first from Ottawa for Mony?
  2. In response to a Tkachuk to STL trade I think trading a player from your top line should bring you something of equal value. Thomas + Parayko do not do it for me. If Parayko was extended before the trade or there was a high conditional pick involved if he doesn't resign with us then the deal is closer to what I would expect for Chucky but I believe any trade to STL should include our position of weakness. A top 6 RW with a right shot. At this point that would be Tarasenko or Kyrou, preferably both without Parayko. Thomas is a middle to bottom 6 player at this point and would definitely make us worse at forward if he is the only forward coming back our way. I am starting to believe that Calgary is not in on Eichel but waiting to see what he brings them to better understand the current value of Monahan. NYR say they are not in on Eichel which I actually believe. Maybe they are interested in Mony or another team like Ottawa wants Mony back in Ontario? If we are looking to get better now Tkachuk has the most value in a trade in my opinion. Personally STL makes the most sense seeing how that is where he will end up most likely. Also given the right return Mony is the most replaceable at this point. I mean he is a great goal scorer but all have said in here he does not drive the play. So if who ever you get to fill the roster spot needs to put up decent numbers while Mange and Dube improve a little and the points lost are now covered. Looking at the PHI roster I do not see Johnny getting his next contract there so if he is traded I can see it being NJ. If a trade does happen with them then it most likely atleast to me would be for picks and prospect to clear the cap space to add Eichel and still leave room to continue to move the needle so this team actually improves more than just Eichel would do for us. In this case I think it is more likely Johnny is extended long term before training camp. So if Johnny stays which I am now expecting a possible line up could look like.... Jonny - Eichel - Tarasenko Mange - Lindholm - Kyrou Dube - Backlund - Coleman Lucic - Lewis - Ritchie This forward group is only reflecting a Tkachuk to STL trade and the Johnny extension. There would still be the addition of picks and prospect for Mony to help in our continued effort to stay competitive. If Tarasenko is not what the team feel's is a good fit he becomes a TDL asset in his last year, and if we are not contenders at that time we can also use Backlund at the same TDL who would bring a nice return aswell. Thus adds to the cupboard aswell. The whole 4th line can be replaced if they want to next year and by that time we may have cheaper options in Ruzicka and Gawdin along with Zary and Pelletier.
  3. You can't cherry pick a couple stats and think your point is proven. Look at shots on net, shot percentage, and time on ice. Eichel has had 2 elite seasons. The rest Monahan out played him. Look at the shot percentage and shots on net, sure with more shots the percentage goes down but do the math. IF Monahan took as many shots as Eichel he would look like the player we should be after not Eichel. If we are going to base the value of a trade on just the players stats here is the answer. Tell Monahan to shot more and there is our elite goal scorer at center. Lindy will do the hard work and without even losing one asset we get better. I do not see how Eichel is seen as such a needle mover. I would rather stay loyal to a guy that has played for you with no serious injury history and is actually in the same class as Eichel instead of just saying Eichel will be the piece we need. There is just as much chance of Monahan putting 5-10 more goals in the net than Eichel if they shot the same amount on net. I come back to it again. Just because I believe something or you believe something does not make either of us right. Just try to think, has Eichel actually proven his Elite status or is some of it still just what if's and maybes. He has a serious injury and has what someone on here has stated as being a 19 % chance of not healing fully. My opinion is just tell Mony to shot more.
  4. I would argue that with Eichel there is no proof that we become a contender anyways. If we did trade away Mony or Tkachuk along with Dube who can actually say we are better from what we have actually seen of Eichel. He has not ever been a superstar in by opinion. He is Buffalos best player but is he going to move the needle that much if he plays equal to his history? Do not use the fact that he "could" be better. speak from facts proven not dreams. I would think we would be better if the trading of Mony or Tkachuk brought us a top line RWer. Or even a middle 6 Rw and a top 4 Dman right shot preferably Ok so say we trade Tkachuk + for Tarasenko and Parayko and a conditional pick if Tkachuk resigns. I think this makes us better than Losing one of Mony or Tkachuk and only getting Eichel back. We would also still have the cap left to sign or players that need contract now with money left over for TDL additions if wanted. This also frees up cap for STL to get there players signed.
  5. Money does matter. After signing Zadorove at close to 4 mil a year, Dube at probably 2 mil, and Valamaki at close to 2 mil we are left with maybe 4 Million in cap space. The only way we can do an Eichel trade is for cap to go out. The only player that makes sense to Buffalo would be Mony who has 2 years left. Tkachuk would be a one year rental and TDL asset but he never resigns in Buffalo so his value may be over rated to Buffalo. Also I agree Buffalo wants to tank for another first overall that is making Eichel for picks and prospects only make more sense. Losing Eichel and getting only worse for this season is worth more to Buffalo that a NHLer in return. A player makes them less likely to get first overall again which will be a shinny new franchise player to build around.
  6. I think we would be better off looking elsewhere. Maybe trade the picks and prospects it would take to get Zibanejad after being extended. The price would be less and we know he will play next year. His next contract may be less than Eichel is making aswell as the price over all would most likely be less seeing how NY would then flip some of the assets for Eichel anyways.
  7. I do not see a world where any of our existing players will waive to go to Buffalo. To me the price to get Eichel is to high considering he may miss some or all of next year, or possibly not every play for us, and it would take alot of futures from us to get this done. On top of that, without salary going out we will need to make multiple moves to fit the cap hit. It just doesn't sound like in the end we come out of this any better. With Zadorov's next contract plus the Dube and Valamaki raises we will need to take a flyer price tag on someone just to be cap compliant.
  8. a BUNCH OF WINERS. It is day one and you are acting like we just found out we didn't qualify for the players already. We got cap room and assets they may be in play. Tre is not done. Maybe act positive instead of willing the bad to happen.
  9. How can anyone who knows hockey think a young unproven goalie is smart when you can't just waive and send him down without risk of losing him? If we were in lose now sure but we are in win now aren't we?
  10. Yeah but if we are in win now trusting a young goalie with 5 NHL games under his belt is stupid. He can't be waived with the chance of losing him so a third makes no sense for the high risk. Plus we just got another young goalie who can be waived along with 2 D for the AHL.
  11. Either we start the season with him or he is part of a trade. Buffalo just lost there goalie maybe this is part of something happening with them? Stl may want him in something happening with them? Should I keep going? Wait this guy has like next to no nhl time. This has to be a flip or else I do not know something that I should in this picture.
  12. It to me is competition for the young guys. Shows that the fourth line is not free.
  13. So Calgary just signed Trevor Lewis 1 year - $800k
  14. This will sound dumb but I think it won't help them win to many more game but may keep them from losing to badly.
  15. It does seem like something is coming with all the depth on the left side. I hope whatever happens brings us a true top 6 right shot right winger
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