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  1. Who care about Laine, he is not what we need. He is a me guy not a team guy. He strikes me as the kind of player that will hand cuff his team at contract time.
  2. It is hard to respect you right now.....lol jk
  3. I like the thinking of a possible Hannifin move along with Ryan. A good option right now that I can see is Ottawa. They have picks to spare and they are very young. Hannifin would easily be an upgrade on there back end and is of the age he would fit in to there core going forward. Ryan would bring age, leadership and could bring a balance at center while showing the team he may be worth a short term extension going forward. That would give us 9+ million in cap space but to make this work we could take back a prospect and some picks. We do not retain on Ryan seeing how Hannifin is on a good value contract. I am not sure I would even spend the money right away. I see our current forward group as being able to function well without Ryan. Our defense may seem scary but I just don't see Valamaki playing third pairing long and with that do you move Hannifin down thus lowering his value in a trade deadline move? I guess that would all come down to do you have the pieces to start a defense next year without adding. Gio - Andersen Valamaki - Tanev Kylington - Nesterov Is the risk worth the cap space? I say yes, having the cap space come trade deadline to add the right piece is worth the risk. Might be Hall. The best thing I see out of a move like this is throwing minutes at Valamaki while supporting him with the likes of Tanev. Ok que the stones and disagreeing comments, I can take it.....lol
  4. I like this signing. I have suggested him a few times, just what we need cheap, right shot, can play on the right wing, not small, can really skate, and most of all he wants to win. He showed up for Toronto in the playoffs. I don't personally see this as a depth signing. I think he slots in on the 3rd line RW position to start the year. Less room for the young guys we already have so does this mean there are bodies leaving in a trade soon? Alot of us believe that Gawdin is ready to make the jump full time. We added Simon, Nordstom, and now Leivo. We only lost Reider and Janko. So what does that say for the line up? Johnny - Mony - Lindholm Tkachuk - Backlund - Mange Lucic - Bennett - Leivo Nordstrom - Gawdin/Dube - Simon That looks really good, so does Ryan get moved for a pick or third pair RD?
  5. Simon is the same size as Reider and Nordstrum is smaller than Janko but twice as physical so how did we get smaller really. We may have actually got stronger a bit.
  6. From where? the Corey Perry talk I mean, who is saying this?
  7. There is atleast a first round pick and a Connor Brown type player missing.
  8. Crazy Toffoli gets 4.25 and Gallagher gets 6.5 with more term. Explain that. If I am Toffoli I am pissed. If I am Hoffman I am jumoing up and down and asking for 7.5 even if he is a little soft.
  9. We lucked having the early date for Mange in arb hearing. For the teams waiting to have there hearing before picking up those final pieces we get a jump. My hope is still Leivo or even Sheary if he is cheap enough. We could free up some cash and trade someone but if it is not a obvious improvement I would rather clear some space and save the cap for the trade deadline.
  10. So we agree...wow it is nice to agree with "The People"....cool
  11. If they play better than Ryan of course but if Ryan is the guy getting it done he gets the minutes thats just my opinion.
  12. We all seem to agree that Ryan on the third line is where his value or contract is best suited, he is a right shoot and Bennett needs time at center. Why not use Ryans right shot on the third RW slot? He can he at faceoffs and his defensive hustle helps Bennett at the center position next year. On a small note, I think if we play Buddy Robinson full time we come out ahead if he is eating the ice time that would have went to Janko. Buddy can score, he has a long stick for those penalty kills like Janko but he also hits alot and brings a toughness that Janko never did. Mange with Tkachuk and Backlund for a whole season after building such good chemistry will be like we actually did sign a new player. So if Dube can play a full season with the energy he brings to the third line could be huge if he takes a step forward this year like Mange did last year. After down years for some, steps forward for others, and the knowledge we have a solid stay at home Dman coming in along with Valamki full time (cross your fingers it is a hole season) and Andersen with a very solid year completed, I am starting to feel that the future is not a bleek as some are saying. Every year people on hear vent due to not adding that one big piece here or there. We are one year removed from a 1st in the west finish, 50 wins, 107 pts. The difference from that season to last season was what? Neal and Smith...lol please don't tell me they were that important to the team. We gave alot of playing time to RFA's last year that in most cases excelled. Lucic found his stride later in the season and shinned when we needed his playoff gear he brought it. Yes TJ and Hamonic are gone but Tanev makes Hamonic a wash and Brodie wanted to be in TO so Andersen get's a bigger role which I am very much ok with. OOOh wait we have a new fu&%ing goalie. How as a whole can we not think this team is better right now then we performed last year as a whole. Yeah I am being very optimistic and I would like something new and shinny but Leivo would be enough for me. We finally need to allow some guys to fight for there spot from within and I believe adding Markstom may show that next year we are going to be letting the leash out a bit. JUST SAYING.
  13. No the nucks needed a dman and fleeced Vegas with a third only. But Vegas fleeced them back and stuck the nucks with 6mil. Tanev is a steal at 4.5 now in my books.
  14. I agree but is he worth 5.5 when they only wanted to pay Tanev 4?
  15. So now the question is was adding Nate worth the 1.5 mil increase to Tanev. Nate misses time 3 years in a row and his point difference is not much considering his different teammates and his role.
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