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  1. I think if we are trading JH we should be targeting a RW player at a good price and a solid depth player. We then sign Hall and a solid 3rd line shout down defenseman.
  2. Most will disagree with me but I would trade JH to NJ for Palmerri and what ever the best pieces we can get added to get a top line RWer. We then sign Hall to replace Johnny and play Lindholm with Chucky.and Baclund. I think this would give us the best looking top 6 we could hope for. Resign Hamonic and Gustufson to play on the third, with Valamiki back next year the roster is looking fairly good. Just my thoughts.
  3. Johnny / Mony / Lindholm Tkachuk / Backlund / Mangiapane Lucic / Ryan / Bennett Dube / Jankowski / Frolik Gio / Andersen Hannifin / Hamonic Kylington / Brodie To me this makes us a solid team with potential to be even better than last year. Ryan is a better center thanJankowski and can create with his passing so maybe he get's a bit more out of Lucic then most would expect.Bennett playing with Lucic would be excitting to watch, we could call them the bash brother or net crashers...lol Mangiapane is poised to produce at a high rate next season and with better line mates one can only wonder right. In addition I do not think Lucic is going to disappoint anyone, I was never a huge fan of us playing against him and admit the last few years in Edm he under produced to put it lightly but the style of players he was lined up with was different than he had success with IMHO. I think if he does come in and just focuses on his game and get's back to the idea of playing on an actually GOOD team we will all be pleased, at the least we all should expect alot more effort from Lucic in the first game than the total effort Neal put forward the whole last season.
  4. Why don't we talk about Hoffman? I would prefer him to Zucker personally.
  5. How can you say this? Backlund took years to fully develop. Janko could make another step forward next year, maybe by adding a physical side to his game just like Bennett has.
  6. You do the best you can when you can. You don't avoid making one improvement when the chance is there because of a maybe that isn't right there.
  7. Frolik was also listed as a LWer in the past and has played mostly RW. Zucker can play both wings just as well. Depending on the moves Calgary has planned outside of Zucker the Bennett addition to Frolik being swapped for Zucker makes some sense. Bennett will get a slight raise this year and with Frolik included that will most likely be a total of 6.5 or more for Bennett who plays on the third line and Frolik who the team already wants to upgrade for the second line. If the trade was to included a prospect that Minny can part with or a conditional draft pick coming back our way than I would be ok with that trade. I think Zucker would easily slot in to our top power play unit which was mostly bad last year. He also upgrades the RW, and could play anywhere on the wings in our top six if needed, which has huge value in its own. If Mang is expected to move up and play with Janko next year then Bennett would be moved down. I love Bennett's grit and heart but the team may need to cycle a few young guys in next year and Bennett's next salary could cover Dube and possibly Gawdin or Rudzika who I think have a good chance of making the fourth line next year. Don't get me wrong I would rather find a better way to move cap out like Brodie or even better Stone. I just think that at this point we are bound to see something we don't want to happen happen and we should prepare ourselves for disappointment.
  8. I like your thinking of Schenn, but I am of the thinking that Mang and Kylington wouldn't get that done. Your roster doesn't include Hathaway or Janko. I would love to believe that Lazar could replace Hathaway but I can't see him being half as physical. Removing Backlund makes no sense. I would rather find a more suited 4C and move Ryan up to 3C with Janko on the wing. I would revisit the Zucker deal. If they will still take Frolik and maybe a pick or prospect would be good. If we could trade Brodie to Montreal for Shaw Then...... JH/Mony/Lindholm Tkachuk/Backs/Zucker Bennett/Ryan/Neal or Jankowski Mang/Dube/Shaw or Hathaway There is NO way Neal get's traded. No team wants that contract after this past season, maybe next year if he turns it around but then we may want to keep him.
  9. Ok, I have a few opinions. I do think we as a whole played soft. We didn't need to be hitting like we were trying to kill them but more contact helps to disrupt play. Most of the games we allowed the Avs way to much room on there entries. If we had closed the gaps sooner and just created some contact they would of had to adjust but we as a team just backed into our zone and let them set up. They where very good on the rush. Johnny did play scared, if he had the puck and he even thought he was getting hit he got rid of it. Brodie was noticeably bad in three games and nothing to write home about in the other two games. Johnny would not take a hit to make a single play. Chucky was not drawing penalties or being his normal self. Neal may have a better year next season, but if it doesn't cost us to much and someone wants him let him go. Brodie should be moved for cap space our forward depth. A solid checking winger. Rittich should get the lump of starts next year and Smith as the back up is good for one year at the old guy discount.
  10. For sure, I would rather see us use a guy like Quine instead of Mang. I was mentioning an addition of a physical guy because "I" feel that that is all we are lacking at certain times. I would be fine with using Quine on the 4th line, but having that physical guy if we end up needing him would be good. This addition wouldn't even need to play every game, he could be put it on a game by game basis when we feel he is needed.
  11. The idea is very tempting knowing that our first is going to be such a late pick. The only way I could see it as a good trade would be if NYR took back a Stone type contract and the pick was a second that changes to a first if Hayes resigns.
  12. So with that said, do you for some reason believe that him coming to Calgary is out of the question? I understand the reasons why he took less money to be closer to his son, but if STL continues on the track they are on this season would it be hard to see him want a chance at a playoff run with a conference leader? Also I don't mean to argue, he was just the first guy to come to mind as to fit and need for grit I feel we have in the bottom six. It could be another player like Boyle, or someone else.
  13. Your point about the goalie is true , but my point is who do we have to call up that we can feel comfortable having back up in the playoffs? And as far as I know or can tell online Maroon is on an expiring contract right now.
  14. I am of the thought that if it ain't broke don't try and fix it. That being said , just because something isn't crying out as broken doesn't mean it is working well enough to be left untouched. If Calgary does anything prior to the deadline I can only see them adding to the fourth line. A heavy player with playoff experience. I know that the fourth line can be improved as we all do. Replacing Mangiapane with a player like Maroon could give us that physical edged with a player that can move up the line up in a case of injury. He would also add playoff experience. The cost for Maroon will not be high at all, a 3rd round pick at the highest and we would still have all of our existing pieces. The only real worry we as Flames fans should worry about is goalie depth. If one of the big clubs goalies get hurt what happens to our playoff run without a prove fall back?
  15. These guys only play together on the PP. Neal is playing in place of Chucky on the second and Chucky has been put with Janks and Bennett
  16. Putting a better forward group in front of the goalie will definitely help. If we are able to control the puck, the play, and ultimately score more goals the goalies won't be expected to stand on the heads every night. We are alot deeper at forward. We just lost two of our oldest players and replaced them with more well rounded option and added a well known special teams coach that should help to improve the PP. I think that the net will be fine this year. Smith may even get another smaller contract before the end of the year. He may not play as many games while others get more starts once earned.
  17. IMO that is a terrible trade. I think Ruzicka is going to being a great NHLer one day soon, and Stone is still good, actually I think he us so underappreciated by our fans.
  18. I Just wanted to finally chime into the conversation and give my opinion. If we are going to go for a top 6 player my choice would be for size and grind to get the puck in the dirty areas. My top choices would be Simmonds or Neal. I am not looking for an over payment with either. I think a 3-4 year deal at 6 for Neal, probably not enough money for him so a non starter. If the price is right to get Simmonds for his last year he could be a really good addition. Looks like Philly has big plans in the UFA market so they may be ready to move him now as his value is really high. I don't really see either winding up here. So my conciliation would be Hayes. He is big, goes to the dirty areas and I think he still has more to prove. If it costs Bennett and a D prospect I am cool with that as long as it isn't Andersen or Valamaki. I don't think many would be willing to agree but I think Andersen could be more reliable defensively than Brodie so I would try Brodie for Hayes straight across. We have the ability to promote this year and I think now is the time. My line-up may seem off but I think it is worth a look at least during the preseason. Johnny/Mony/Tkachuk I know Matt on his "off" wing, but it worked in the Juniors so just try it. Bennett/Backs/Frolik Bennett's best year was on that line, give him some more ice time. Mangiapane/Jankowski/Hayes It looks good enough to try. Versteeg/Gawdin/Ferland 3-4 line would get equal playing time. Buy out Brouwer NOW!!!! and Versteeg only gets signed if BT doesn't have faith in Hathaway or one of the prospects. I want to see what Ruzicka, Dube, Foo and Gawdin can do in camp. Gio/Hamilton Andersen/Hamonic Kulak/Stone I would Actually like to see Stone get more time, especially on the PP. Big shot going to waste. Add in Bernier as the 1B/Back-up, He would give us something to fall back on. I know many may say I am crazy but I would trade Gillies now. Let Rittich have the starts in the AHL until he is needed up. Smith is still really good but he may get injured, he is most likely not going to be the straight 1A for long so unless he takes a discount after this year Bernier is a great guy to start with going into a season.
  19. No way just offer Brouwer to STL for consideration... Get it done Actually we can retain 1.5 mil and it is still worth it if it means he is gone, and then play a youngster
  20. I guess we have different opinions. I really like Frolik, I am not aware of many second line Rwers in the league that are as complete a player, who can play in all situaions and produce as many points as him will being accountable the whole time. (Please feel free to tell me of a few just for my learning interrest) I have checked and there are alot of very good RWers that are UFA after next season, I will admit that most are on teams that will most likely be playoff teams and therefore not be unloading but actually be loading up. With that being said there is always away to get something done at the deadline, fingers crossed that there is a team with a great UFA RWer that falls short this year and we are the lucky team to stock up for the playoff push. My final thought is I would much rather not spend to the cap if a Ferland, or Foo, or even Lazar, or less likely Brouwer can fill in long enough for us to make some decisions on a few of the older prospects before we trade them. Keep the cap space for the deadline and add then if needed. JMO
  21. First thing for me I need to say Frolik is awesome. For anyone to say he is a plug or make shift doesn't know what they are talking about. As for the RW position this season. I would rather go into training camp with the roster we have. We should easily make the playoffs this year, at the trade deadline there could easily be a deadline add that could come in to the top line RW if at that time there is a true need for it.
  22. I had read that there was some talk between Toronto and 3 other team including us. Toronto is trying to unload players because they just have to many. If we could get Nylander I would be very happy. I think the only way someone get a talented young player out of TO is to take salary back and we just don't have the space our room for there left overs.
  23. I am not really wanting a guy like Jagr on our team. Don't get me wrong we could use his size and specail teams skill but, what message does that send to the young guys that are fighting for a spot. This is the first year in along time where there is true space in the line up for the young guys to be happy about. I can see there being a player PTO given to him to see if he can play ob the top line as well as push the young guys to play there way on the team. Unless he is first line capable there is no reason top spend the money on him to play 3rd or 4th line minutes.
  24. I know his numbers don't look good but coming from the team he was on he is a huge upgrade in my mind. Good things is see are age and experience to mentor Gillies as a true number one goalie. At 4.25mil for 2 years I am happy to have a big, competitive, guy that is trust worthy in net. The added puck handling skill and a chance to show what he can do on a team that has a way better D core and one of the best defensively responsible lines in the league, IMO (?/Backs/Frolik) I think he does great, better than most will expect. I know we all can see this as similar to going out last year and getting Elliott, but it is not. Elliott is a career back-up that has had the luxury of good Dmen in front of him for a bulk of his career. Smith has not been so lucky. Sum it all up, this is a chance for Smith, a career 1A goalie, to be number one on a competitive team, a chance he must have been dying for at this point in his career. By the time ARZ is competitive he would be done. He will do well.
  25. Bennett played really well with Backs and Frolik during his rookie year, I also think if he was moved to the wing he would produce more points. Hudler is to soft for the top line. We need to stop living in the past and promote from within. Tkachuk brings that line to another level. The only way Janko get's to the bigs next year is on the third line, no way he get's buried on the fourth line. Also Bartkowski is a younger faster cheaper option than Engelland, plus with him being from Vegas I actually think he signs there.
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