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  1. Cale Makar gets hit hard behind the net in game 4. His, next shift u could tell he was pissed off. He, Came back harder on the Flames with an abundance of courage. A college kid? Hanafin has been in the league for 3 years R. Anderrson with 2 years of Minor hockey. TJ with 6 years of NHL experience was shown up by a 20 year old college rookie. No, more softness.
  2. I don't care how fast and amazing u can skate. Hanafin, Brodie, are soft. Hit them hard once in the mouth and they're ineffective. It, takes just one hard body check and they disappear. So, I'm thinking cash them in for 20 something forwards that can turn the physicality wave. Dube is 2 years away so is Valimaki.
  3. Gio and Hamonic are the only hard Hash Rate on the defense. The, rest of them are soft and indecisive. Evident from the Colorado series. Smith was under relentless pressure when Gio and Hamonic weren't on the ice. These fast skating Dmen these days are soft. My trade idea involved young players coming back to us. Cash them in for some gritty power players that aren't afraid of physicality. My trade idea sacrifices the future but our core is young anyways. We're not an old team.
  4. At this stage in Neal's career he's probably suited for the eastern conference where skating isn't as big of deal as the west. East is more strength and aggressiveness. If BT could add Kadri and Zibinajad without losing Any of the core that would be ideal I think. Maybe, our first rounder and O. Kylington for Kadri. ZBJ for Dube, Vallimaki, and Stone. TJ Brodie for a 3rd or 4th rounder. Kadri and ZBJ would add a huge amount of grit to the line up. Flames have 15 mil in cap space. Kadri and ZBJ add 8.5mil. TJ as a salary dump minuses 4 mil Leaves 10.5 mil. Chucky gets 7 mil. Bennet gets 2 mil. Only important rfa left is Rittich. Sorry, guys I think my math is off a bit on this one.
  5. Exactly the opposite. BT and BP have forced Bennet Ito an agitating fighting role.
  6. Wayne Simmonds for sure 2nd line right winger. No, way we'd get Simmonds for Stone. Good start though. Sweeten the deal a bit.
  7. Valimaki for Brayden Schenn. Our, new 3rd line Center. Kick scaredy cat Janks to the curb.
  8. I agree with you. NYRs defense is atrocious though. There best dman is rated a 69.9. TJ is rated 76.7. Why does Janks and Backs get 6 years of development time and our best draft pick ever gets a season and a half?
  9. I just want to say 1st of all that I'm still pissed at the way 93 is being Utilized. He's not a goon he's a fast gritty play maker. NYR are in a transition stage and if you look at their defence ratings on dailyfaceoff it's brutal. If BT, dangled TJ and Sammy could we squeeze M. Zibanejad and M. Zuccarello whose an FA at the end of this season. So, essentially TJ for Zibanejad and Bennet for M. Zuccarello? Zibanejad RS 2nd line Right wing. Zuccarello left wing 3rd line.
  10. Baby sitting because they're millenials. Are, u okay do u need to talk to someone? Do, u need some milk and cookies? Did, the coach yell at you. Are, your feelings hurt. Wimps!
  11. Stupid millenial idiots. Dont be mean to me.
  12. I saw that millenials were born between 1989-2000. Most of them are whiny little wimps that need constant cuddling. How, many millennials were on the last 4 cup winning teams? Zero. Once Crosby, Toews and Getzlaf retire its going to be millennial central. Did, u see that stick check last night? 1 body check a game.
  13. They just seem like they're not jacked to win. I know hes young but in post game interviews Chucky seems like hes pissed at the team, but is careful with his words. Inspiring speach produces a "Ya, lets do it, but whens payday" They're all good players, but will they sacrifice everything in them to win?
  14. U watch a team like the blackhawks or the penguins. They dive for pucks they sacrifice their bodies. Flames lolly gag and hope for a pretty play. Its time to pay the piper boys. Sink or swim.
  15. I agree with a bag skate until they puke. If, they win its 7-5. There isnt any diving for pucks. The, team is just in disarray. Maybe, just too many millennials on the team.
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