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  1. I always have liked Mony. But, he folds like a cheap lawn chair under pressure. 82 games of 1st line Center pressure is exhausting to him. He, didn't match Mckinnons emotion and drive. True, 1st line centres that carry it every game and playoffs are a freak of nature.
  2. Our speed was on display. Then, the Avs have 3 guys collapsing in front of the net. Maybe, counter with a puck carrier slamming into them like bowling pins? Get in close, shoot then hit for the rebound.
  3. Getzlaf would be awesome. Leave sunny Anaheim? But, maybe he will want to give back to his junior team in the form of helping the flames.
  4. Colorado collapsing in front of the net like that. How do u counter that? Maybe, just get a full head of steam with the puck and bull doze them like bowling pins. Which would Create loose pucks in front?
  5. I think Mony buckles under 82 games of pressure. Which is weird cause he carried his junior team for 3 years. I, couldnt and not many can handle the pressure of a pro league for 82 games. He, might need a veteran grey beard Center to lean on in an 82 game season.
  6. Wish Sammy could of became our first line Center. Luv the Grit.
  7. Why didn't anyone run Grubauer? Nothing to lose. Stirr it up. It's playoff hockey. Throw caution to the wind when your down that much.
  8. Good possession player. But, big game moments aren't his thing. Why, didnt he top shelf that shot in game 4 in OT? He, had all day Grrrr!
  9. His, playmaking would of been nice.
  10. I don't care what anyone says. This, team needs a gritty fast kamakazie center like Mika Zibanajed. They always say build your team from the goalie out. NYR has their goalie in Georgiev but zero defense. BT has lots of young fast d-men. Eric Stall would of been a good guy to lean on.
  11. Oh man, I feel bad for him too. He's a warrior.
  12. Maybe BT should bring in an older veteran Center to teach the boys in that position and take some pressure off of Mony and Backs. Giroux would be my pick but I know no way! Getzlaf? They need that Center to lean on. They're all still young inexperienced Centers.
  13. Mony is a hard guy to figure out. He's, there but at the same time he's not...u know what I mean. He, goes to the third line in the 3/4 season. Comes through and then disappears again. He, carried his junior team for 3 years. So, it's weird that he just disappears. He's, our engine and it went south so the team did too.